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The characters from the Family Issues series are continuing.  Brian and his father, Kevin, open Legacy Center for LGBTQ teens that need security and guidance in their lives.  Come along with their new adventure.

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Brian Kinney and Justin Tayler had been married two years. They live in Britan with six year old Gus, 18 month old Aaron, and six month old Jessi. Extended  friends and family lived with them, helping with the children and the compound.  Gus’ mother had just returned to the states and was rebuilding her relationships after a year's absence.  

Their friends, James and Emmett, lived in another house  on the property. James was in charge of security and managed the property. James’ mother, Ronni and her husband, Dante, lived on the third house on their property and Ronni managed the house staff but in the next six weeks she would be giving birth to her first grandchild for James and Emmett.  She hadn’t realized how much harder it would be to have a child at her age but it would be worth it when she held her son’s baby in her arms.

Brian’s father, Kevin, would be moving out very soon.  He was moving into Brian’s childhood home. He also was going to open a new shelter. With Brian’s help Kevin, along with friends were opening Legacy Center.  It would be an escape for teens that had been thrown out or mistreated because of their sexuality.  Kevin had run a similar place in Atlanta but he left that in the care of friends.  Tom and Natalia, as well as his ‘adopted’ daughters, Brandy and Sally, would do a good job keeping the place running smoothly.  Brandy and Sally were also about to be parents so the family was growing.


Life at Britan was full of life and love.  And although they may face the ups and downs of life, together this tribe can make it through anything.

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Brian and Justin have moved the family to Atlanta for the summer.  Justin planned to focus on his art students and his own work. J.Jay, his assistant, would be helping him at the gallery and with the other young artists that would come and go throughout the summer.

Brian had a couple leads for new clients he planned on working on this summer but his main plan was to spend as much time with his kids as he could.  He especially wanted to spend time with Gus.  Since Lindsay had come back to the states, Brian felt like he was missing out on so much more and Gus was growing up so fast. Henry had come along to take care of the kids. A housekeeper had been hired to do some of the cooking and to clean while they were there.  It was the perfect home away from home for the Tyler-Kinney clan.

Kevin had started the center years earlier and now had bigger plans for Legacy Atlanta.  Tom Butterfield had been running the place since Kevin had moved to Pittsburgh.His wife, Natalia, had been working with Brandy and Sally, Kevin’s adopted daughters and he couldn’t wait to meet his newest granddaughter, Kelin Cae, who had been named after him.  They planned to open a new, expanded Center that would be able to help more struggling, young adults.


Another benefit to the trip was to get away from Craig Taylor.  If it was the last thing they did, they were keeping full custody of Aaron. Craig may have donated sperm, but that was his only contribution.  He was still on parole so he wasn’t allowed to leave the state….or could he.

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