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Family Issues Series by Simply written
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A group of stories that are individual but have the same characters throughout.

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This was a plot bunny that was posted several months ago by Tatiana Rita Rampin.  I am sure it wasn’t exactly what she had in mind but it is what my imagination created after thinking about it.



This story is an alternative storyline for what happened after Chris Hobbs bashed Justin during prom at the end of Season 1 and what happens when Craig Taylor gets involved.


Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, Angst With a Happy Ending Characters: Brian, Chris Hobbs, Craig Taylor, Daphne, Jennifer Taylor, Justin, Molly Taylor, Original Character(s)
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Series: Family Issues Series
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We are returning to the Universe of a Father’s Hate.  Everyone had been told Justin had died from the bashing and Craig had hid him away for two years. Brian and Molly, working together, found and rescued him. Justin and Brian are now married and living in Britin with Gus and Aaron. Aaron is their adopted son who is actually Justin’s half brother.  Along with the help of Ronni, and her son James, along with Emmet, they have built a busy but rewarding household. But then Justin gets a phone call that will upend the peaceful home they have built.


Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION Characters: Brian, Claire, Cynthia, Emmett, Gus, Jennifer Taylor, Joan Kinney, Justin, Lindsay, Melanie, Molly Taylor, Ted
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Series: Family Issues Series
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[Report This] Published: January 09, 2021 Updated: February 14, 2021

A Father's Remorse by Simply written New! Rated: NC-18 [Reviews - 17]

May be an image of 7 people and text that says 'A Father's Remorse Father Kevin Brian, Justin, Gus & Aaron Ronni & James Bennett & Emmett Honeycutt'

Christmas is over and a new year has begun. Brian is going to start looking for more information on his biological father but before he has a chance to do much, Emmett is hit by a crisis of his own.

A Father’s Remorse- Will Brian find his father? Will Em and his father reconcile? 


No matter what every father has remorse at least once in their lives.

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Series: Family Issues Series
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[Report This] Published: April 14, 2021 Updated: May 15, 2021