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Why publish my stories on Midnight Whispers?

We have a global family of readers. We are averaging about 300,000 read hits a week with 35,000+ readers weekly and growing. Many of them have slow speed Internet and download a story to read it instead of staying online tying up their phones, tablets, or computers.

If you want your stories read this is the place to publish them. We are constantly improving MW for our writers and readers to create the most user friendly and unique experience in fandom. We plan to lead the way in the latest technological improvements for a fan fiction website.

It's very easy for an author to add a story to our site and to get comments from your fans.

Our very huge audience of readers are waiting for your new stories.

"Text code" knowledge is NOT required to post your stories here unlike other sites.

A story's chapter can be any number of words; no need here to break it apart like other publishing sites.

If you can copy your chapters and paste, you can publish your stories on Midnight Whispers.

If you have not already done so, please register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on Account Information and choose Add Story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story. Be sure and read the Story Submission Rules at the link below before posting your work.

Next go to Account Info > Edit Preferences, and make sure the tinyMCE WYSIWUG editor is checked. You'll need it to post your stories/chapters easily.

You must be a fairly good beginning writer to be accepted for publication on Midnight Whispers. If your story has major problems you'll be asked to redo it. We aren't that strict, but there is a minimum standard even for beginners.

All of your stories, chapters and review comments are professionally organized on MW automatically making it very easy for the author and readers to navigate. This is the best place to read online, and people can download stories to a computer, IPad or Kindle and other supportive tablets.

We're a basic site without the detailed skins trying to be too pretty - just a calm easy reading home.

Compared to other publishing sites, MW is the easiest--most user friendly fiction publishing site online for readers and writers, especially with our new mobile site getting better each day.

We have no pop-up ads at all to get in the way of reading like other sites do. Join us and learn why Midnight Whispers is our home.

Story Submission Rules

Click on the above link to see our requirements for stories submitted.