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What must I know to post a story?

Story Submission Rules

Your work must be original. Don't copy the work of another author and post it here as your own. No copyright infringements allowed.

You canít publish stories using characters from authors who have not permitted fan fiction; for example-Anne Rice. If you wonder if an author allows fan fiction check HERE. Public domain characters are ok to use. The vast majority of stories on MW are based on characters in Queer as Folk who granted us fan fiction rights.

If you can't be sure if a group of characters are allowed write us to help you find out. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is not permitted.

Twilight characters are permitted and very popular for romance stories.

All stories must be rated correctly for content and audience. Warnings must be given such as major/minor character death, violence, etc.

Your story panel, summary and banner should be no more than R rated. No extreme nudity is permitted. Make your story panel suitable for our audience to view.

Each story should have a good legal Disclaimer in the Story Notes. You only need to say it one time.

DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

SEXUAL CONTENT Rated NC-18: Graphic sexual plots must have this rating

Stories about older adults and underage minors having sex are forbidden. Describing matters like child sexual abuse for example are permitted but not graphically done in the present tense. There is a difference between writing to be descriptive or writing to promote arousal. Use your common sense.

Sex between underage minors past puberty is permitted. The age of consent in our stories is 16 years and a Romeo Exception with parental consent is allowed with two youths who are less than 3 years apart in age. A Minor's Sex warning should be given for readers who don't want to read it. For example some folks don't have happy 'coming of age' memories so let's be sensitive here.

(The difference between hard smut and adult prose is rich character development and a great plot added; most of our readers love all three)

SEXUAL CONTENT Rated R: Major Violence and/or no graphic Sex

Stories with the same amount of sex you will find on a cable TV show or R rated movie deserves this rating. This is for average sex scenes without graphic descriptions, no BDSM, and with major language. If your story is more violence than hard core sex this is a good rating for you.

Stories other than "Queer as Folk" or Brian and Justin are very welcomed.

This is a publishing website for any amateur story that follows our simple guidelines.

We don't discriminate; we even have a HETERO SEX category : )

All stories are expected to have excellent grammar and very few misspelled words. For your readers make all efforts to insure your grammar is correct and your story is easy to read. Some members will beta for you. Grammar and Spell Check are your friends too, but be very careful their corrections are right. Trust your feelings.

New authorís submissions will be validated before the public sees them. All efforts will be made to make this a quick process. Usually this is only required for your first submission. An administrator determines if a story is accepted and meets the minimum quality for MW. You must be a fairly good beginner to be published here and we certainly are not too strict for newbies.

For readers to like your work don't repeat too much canon, and try to give your chapters titles. We know the QAF canon by heart and it'll bore us to tears. (Very common mistake by new authors). If you just repeat canon in your own words that isn't writing. However, if you can dig into the canon's hidden meanings deeper than anyone went before that's genius. EXAMPLE

Non-fiction material is not permitted on Midnight Whispers. Advertising and/or spam is not permitted as a story or a review comment.

EXCEPTIONS: Banner Creators are permitted to offer their services for free, or for a fee on Whispers. And you can post asking for a beta, translator, or banner creator to help you with your story.

Any story is subject to be removed by Midnight Whispers for violation of these conditions or for content deemed inappropriate for our reading audience. Asking for third party donations or political postings are forbidden.


You should create a "Note from the Author" chapter for the story. Story panels are only for fiction.

If uploading a banner, size is limited to a height of 250 pixels maximum, and a width of no more than 600 pixels. Banners posted that exceed that size are subject to resizing by the Admin staff.† Rectangular banners are preferred; square banners will be subject to greater downsizing due to their configuration.

You cannot add a link for your writing to another website on the story pages. You can give a link on your profile page to your Live Journal or your private website.

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