Midnight Whispers
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How to use the Text Editors


If you have never used a text editor at first it may seem complicated but it's really very easy and a wonderful tool

NOTE: Make sure you have selected "Use tiny MCE WYSIWYG Editor" in Account Info > Edit Preferences of your membership account.

If you have checked this option and the editors don't appear for you; refresh your page until they do.

To add a new chapter just copy it from your computer and paste it in the editor box. Not all of the features work to keep our website uniformed and to avoid entries that will be conflicting with our software. The editor protects your work.

You can change the size of the editor box by grabbing and dragging the lower right corner of the editor box.

On the top line of options is the following:

B for bold type - highlight the text you want in bold and hit this button, or hit bold first and type your words in bold.

I is for Italic type - same instructions as above

U is for underlined text - same instructions as above

ABC of for text with a strike through action on them

Next you have:

Align left (default setting)

Align center

Align right

Allign Full will space your paragraph words to fully reach both sides of the page.

Style - Paragraph - Font size may or may not work depending which text editor you're using

On the second line of emblems are the following options:

Unordered list (bullets) -Ordered list (numbered) - Indent -undo - anchor - Insert/edit image - Clean up messy code - Help - HTML

Paste from Word - Paste as plain text ( the W over a small clipboard)

NOTE: If your chapters are in WORD format, use the WORD feature of the editor to maintain perfect spacing. And you can insert next text using that feature too.

You won't need the anchor unless you know what you're doing with that.

Banners and Images:

All members have an image file on Whispers. To upload images from your computer, go to the menu below the header and click on Account Info. Next click on Manage Images. Then click on Upload Image. Once you have the images in your file. They can be accessed by any tinyMCE editor. The little green tree is the image option for each editor. Click on the little green tree. The first option is to list a URL address for an image like Photo Bucket but we advise against it. Sometimes the outside images don't load for you; however, images stored with Whispers will always appear for you.

The second line option is a pop down window with the list of all your images uploaded. Select the image/banner you want and insert it to the main editor text box. You can left margin or center a banner. We ask that no banners be over 750x300 pixels. We can help you size it if you need assistance. Banners are subject to editing by admins. Then complete your story summary and save it to the Whispers archive.

Accepted image files are jpeg, some gif and png. A gif animation that is too complex may not load. To add a You Tube video you must copy and paste the video HTML embed code in the next option. Never autostart your video except maybe on your profile and remember some readers may not get it streaming perfectly because it can take too long to load for them.

HTML opens a window of the current text and things you're doing with the editor. A basic knowledge of HTML is necessary to play in there. To learn html, try the free courses at Codecademy.

The Paste from Word button helps to maintain the formatting you have in a Word document such as the spacing you created there. This is the best way to add your chapters if composed in WORD. A popup window appears and you just paste your chapter in the window and insert it to your editor.

Rarely would you paste as just a text document. It will wrap your words to the margins and might screw up your spacing.

On the third row are the following options:

Insert horizontal ruler (break line) Note: This will center for readers with Mozilla Firefox but appear as a left hand index line for Internet Explorer

Remove formatting (don't use this option unless you know what you're doing)

Toggle guidelines (you really don't need this one either for our stuff)

Subscript: X2 and Superscript: X2

Ω is the Insert custom character from a new window of character options available to you

Horizontal rule

Here you can customize your break line: play with this feature to learn it's abilities if you wish to use it.

In the lower left hand side are the "Preview and Submit" buttons. It's good practice to first preview your work before submitting it online. Don't trust the submit button there. Go back in your browser to submit your loaded work.

Note the hidden emblems to the right of undo. If you want to add a hyperlink to your text, just highlight the word(s) for the link and they will appear for you. One is Add Hyperlink and the other is break hyperlink. Insert the hyperlink URL to the popup window and choose if you want it to appear in this window or a new one for the reader. Chosing a new window is the nice way to do it so they don't have to back step to your page.

The last line here has a bold hyperlink example in it.

Sometimes with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome it won't let you copy and paste to the tinyMCE editor text box. You can get around that by clicking off the "Use tinyMCE" check box and pasting in the bare box provided. Then click it on again and correct any errors in spacing, etc.

Also if you un-check the "Use tinyMCE" box, you will get spell checking on your text. Then click it again before publishing it.

If you have any questions about using the tinyMCE editor let us know with the Contact Us button found in the header menu bar.