Midnight Whispers
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Zero Tolerance Troll/Troublemaker Policy

Constructive comments are welcomed. Worthless ugly insulting comments about an author, another reader, administrator, or a story can get you a one way ticket off the website. Whispers is a very safe environment for readers and our writers to enjoy and grow here. We monitor the activity very closely and have a zero tolerance for troublemakers, trolls, flamers and very negative people. If you don't have constructive advice or something nice to say - don't say it and you'll be ok. Stealing stories will not be allowed. And we don't give warnings or second chances with rare exceptions such as helping newbies learn this community's standard of behavior.

If you want to flame go to where you can get away with it.

Insulting, flaming, and/or troll like behavior will not be tolerated by both members and nonmembers, on or off the Whispers website publicly.

Such comments will be removed on Whispers and the offender shall be blocked from being able to access MW again.

This rule applies to behavior both on and off the MW platform if we can determine who you are.

No member should attack Midnight Whispers, an author, reader, story, or an MW admin in any public social site outside of the MW platform.

Such behavior proves that member to be a troublemaker/troll attempting to hurt Midnight Whispers, and that member will be subject to deletion from MW without warning.

Admins of MW retain the right to modify these rules as they deem necessary and as circumstances require such changes.


Very rarely we might get a troll/troublemaker and they usually pretend to be more than one person.

The only power a troll has is what you give them by getting upset.

Hit the REPORT THIS link on the story trolled, and say TROLL or FLAME; we will see which story it is and handle it within hours usually at most.

Don't remove the troll's comment(s); let us investigate the person first. We'll take care of it very soon. We need to make a copy of the comments and verify his/her computer address. Negative emotional postings are not aways trolls; but after a recent very bad experience we are pretty sensitive to this stuff right now.

Do not answer a troll and feed their evil game (which is making people angry and upset).

Flaming and/or provocatively insulting comments will be removed and could result in the person being blocked off MW. At no time will personal attacks to an author, member or reader be tolerated. There is no excuse for vicious personal attacks and it qualifies as a troublemaker.

Constructive comments are welcomed; ugly mean comments against a story or plotline are not. We have ZERO TOLERANCE against anyone who insults. This is because we insist on a safe nurturing environment for our writers. If you don't have something nice to say or constructive, don't say it. If you do it, don't be surprise to find you're blocked off the website.

If you have a complaint about an administrator or author, professionally handle it by private email using our Contact Us link or the author's profile contact link. Do not insult or attack anyone in a public setting.

If you get a troll/troublemaker trust your MW administrators to handle it professionally.

In all cases, the best response to a malicious or destructive troll is absolutely NO RESPONSE.

Trolls will only stay where they are well fed.