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Hi - I am an 53 year old mother of 5, blessed with 10 grandchildren.

I love the way Brian and Justin love each other, and cause each other to grow.

Whether reading about them, or writing about them, the boys capture my heart.

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***Featured Story for April 2016***


3 years after Justin left to take the NY art world by storm, Brian and Justin encounter each other during a crisis with the one person, other than each other, that really rocks their world, their son Gus. 

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Brian and Justin live in different worlds. Brian is still based out of Pittsburgh, while Justin is in New York. Yet, they still have a great deal in common. Both are successful...both are respected in their fields...both are wealthy...both feel like they should feel on top the world….and...both feel like there is something missing in their life. It’s been five years since they have seen each other. Will a chance meeting bring them together, or will they remain as far apart as ever?

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You'd think it was a Christmas fic wouldn't you? If that's what you're looking for - best to just move on - ‘cause there is no Santa here...

...instead, what we really have is a series of snippets in which our favorite QAF characters happen to overhear the boys in the throes of passion - and can hardly believe their ears...

Some canon - some definitely not - some that could be - with timelines that work  for this story - all showing a ‘depth of love' that is only Brian/Justin - and for me, will always be!

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Rage Revealed by 4depthoflove Rated: GENERAL [Reviews - 26]


The first episode of season 3 was unbelievably off the mark for me - and for so many reasons.

First, Justin made the biggest mistake of his life by choosing Ethan over Brian, showing just how far he had strayed from the ability he once had to read the man who had thrown away his rule book, and was scrambling to write a new one as he went along.

Worse still, in my book however, is that while Brian had plenty to answer for to Justin regarding his behavior, it was his family that once again blamed Brian for all the wrongs in the world, never once considering the fact that hitting Michael was so far out of character for Brian that something really huge must have triggered it.

Once again the golden child could do no wrong, only Brian knowing how far out of line his so-called best friend's comments about Justin had been, and everyone quickly rallied around Michael with love and support, while directing nothing but anger and disgust at the one man who had always been there to pick up all the pieces in their lives.

Ok...so now that I got that off my chest...


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flower **Written for the "Spring Is In the Air" Challenge**

I don't own these characters, and the only reward I receive from my stories is the joy of sharing the 'depth of love' that for me always has and always will exist between these two.

Brian had been restless.  For the first time in his life he found that he was growing tired of the same old routine.  He wondered, with the change of seasons, if something -  or someone  -  new might be possible in his life as well. Still, he knew it was unlikely that the type of man who could make the difference that had been on his mind was actually out there - and he was quite certain that if he was, it was more than a little improbable that such a man would just simply drop into his life...

I would like to extend a very special thanks to Predec2 for an awesome Easter gift - my very first banner. It is beautiful and couldn't fit the story better. I am so excited and grateful. Thank you Kim for your consistent support and encouragement. You're the best!

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A Couple of Hints by 4depthoflove Rated: GENERAL [Reviews - 15]


Watching the Rise and Shine Convention on youtube, I heard Randy say that he pictures Justin still being in New York today, having made a success of his art. He went on to say that he pictures the relationship between Brian and Justin as completely changed.

So, after I got over my initial screaming fit, bellowing nooooooo at the computer screen, much to the shagrin of my family...this is where my muse went with this new stimuli...

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just a little story that I couldn't get out of my head...hope you enjoy!

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Ad man Brian Kinney meets talented young artist Justin Taylor at the gallery where the younger man lives...and works. Sparks fly leaving both men shocked and uncertain about their newfound working relationship. How will they ever be able to get any work done?

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Brian and Justin understand each other. The rest of the world does not, even though many of them think that they do.

This one-shot, set long after Justin has moved to New  York, shows that things in the lives of those around us are not always what they seem.

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Brian has been known to throw his friends off that now famous cliff, always with the best of intentions, but leaving the other party with absolitely no control in the matter. As much as I LOVE Brian, I thought perhaps he should feel the pain of being pushed off that cliff, with all the angst and heartache that accompanies the leap. 

Disclaimer:  I neither own, nor have financial stake in absolutely any property of Cowlip Productions, or any other copyrighted material included here. Any original characters and plot alone are mine. My stories are written for entertainment only, so that we can continue to hold dear all that these beloved characters have to offer us, and more. Enjoy.

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