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Real name: Edda
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My name is Edda and I live in Reykjavik Iceland.
I love reading the QAF fan fic stories and have found some really talented writers in this community. I've been through a bunch of less than great things in live and really identify with Brian even though I am a single more or less sober, mostly straight female in an under payed job. I guess it's the "sarcasm and hide-your-inner-pain-at-all- costs-avoid-relationships" kind of way of living.

If you ever come to Iceland you are welcome to contact me and if I can I will show you around town.

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Brian and Justin find themselves in Iceland on a spontaneous road trip. Why? Sometimes natural forces attract each other or perhaps they were summoned...

o ~ Thanks to Christie (clride) for helping me with the banner ~ o

I feel I need to explain my timeline. Not that anyone asked, but in this Universe of mine time does not really behave normal. This is supposed to happen a few months after the show ended, but it's 2014. I'm too lazy to to take changes in technology into account.... And smartphones make some things easier...

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[Report This] Published: June 17, 2014 Updated: July 13, 2014