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Real name: meriam
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I live in the north part of the Netherlands, am bisexual and in a relationship with a Scandinavian beauty from Finland,

The first time I saw Queer as  Folk was in the shape of a clip on Youtube, I think 8 years after the series ended. A few months later a friend gave me the entire series as a birthday present. Since then I'm absolutely hooked.

I'm also a big fan of Torchwood, Dr. Who (10 is to die for), Game of Thrones, Arrow and Shadowhunters and also a major Star Trek and Star Wars fan. Guess I'm a bit of a nerd at heart.

My hobbies:

I also like taking long tours on my bicycle. And I don't mind a bit of cold weather while on my bike. As long as it doesn't rain (too much).

Reading: I read an awful lot of books and stories.  In print as well as digital. Love reading Midnight Whispers (massive lurker, been here for years) and I also started writing. Although this is still very tentative. I don't know I will ever post a story here. I use writing more as a tool to work out the problems in my life. Favourite books: The Lord of the Rings Trilogie, the Game of Thrones series and the Shanarra books. Those men sure knew how to write wonderful stories. I also recentrly discovered Casandra Clare and her writings.

Music: ranging from Händel upto Rammstein and from Tudor choral music to musicals... I love it all. Favorite singer? John Barrowman! And I love, love, love the Irish choir Anuna. Their music and artistry is out of this world.

My work: Over here it's rather common to complain about your job but I love my job. I repair bicycles for a living. I'm one of the few, if not the only, woman who does this kind of work in my part of the country. I love the idea of being in a pioneering kind of function and showing  other women there is nothing strange about women working in a technical job. And I do love to get my hands really, really dirty. Guess I'm more of a tomboy then a lady.

Vintage clothing: Having to dress in jeans and old shirts for work left me with an appetite for pencil skirts, swing dresses and high heels when I'm not at work. The fifties and sixties gave us good music and even better clothes.




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