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I'm a twenty five year old pastry chef in Northern Virginia who spends way too much time writing fanfic. Seriously, I should probably be doing something else, like cleaning my apartment. But it's like I can't help myself! I'm like Debbie in that I love me some man love. And once I found QAF, I was hooked.

I started off writing other fanfiction six years ago. Now I'm in love with QAF and it's all I want to write, specifically Brian and Justin. I love writing AU stories, but am hoping to try a few canon ones as well that expand on happenings within the show itself. I enjoy including elements of history, the supernatural, the future, hurt/comfort, and even BDSM into my fics. My stories are almost always rated NC-18. I'm so excited but also nervous to start writing Brian and Justin. I hope I can do them justice.

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Stories by sarahyellow

Brian is a business man with few morals but much career ambition. He wants to make partner at his company, Vanguard Advertising, and to do that he needs to secure a deal with a lucrative new client. When he discovers a sneaky way to accomplish this goal and Justin-heir to the Taylor Hotels Empire-winds up being the key, will he decide that ambition trumps all? Or will he find that when it comes to love, all bets are off??

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Summary: Feature

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An unexpected and transformative trip arises when Brian discovers a forgotten tie to the old country. His surprising lineage, and the small town that falls into his hands because of it, will be the catalyst for an adventure that he never expected, and will certainly never forget. It will be: the Kilkenny Inheritance.

Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, FEATURED STORY, Off the Beaten Track Challenge 2014 Characters: Brian, Justin, Original Character(s)
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Too Busy to Fouk by sarahyellow Rated: NC-18 [Reviews - 19]

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Justin is working the graveyard shift at the diner (in that perfectly tight, white teeshirt, mind you) when an old trick walks in. What happens when Brian Kinney comes in for a late night snack, recognizes him, and wants to order 'something off the menu'? Why something delicious, of course.

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Summary: Feature

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When Justin is rendered hopelessly comatose after yet another life-altering accident, doctors are forced to employ the sole useful treatment option they have. Only thing is: Brian doesn’t exactly think that vampirism counts as a “life saving measure.” With his lover’s damaged memory, strange new social circle, and downright bizarre biological changes to contend with, will Brian be able to bring Justin back to what they once had? Will Justin even want it?

A story about love, loss, knowing what you want and exactly how far you'll go to get it.

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