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I watched Queer as Folk for the first time in 2012 and just cannot let go. I will forever be addicted to the incredible and one of a kind QaF. I'm so glad I discovered fanfiction, now I can continue to live through the QaF world even though the series has ended thanks to wonderful writers. I decided to try writing a story of my own and am having a lot of fun with it! Oh, and I agree with Justin - Gale Harold really does have the face of God. :P

                                                                                               May Brian and Justin live on forever in the QaF fandom. <3

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Stories by MeganElisabeth
Summary: Feature

***Featured Story for March 2018***

Justin gives Brian a taste of his own medicine.

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The Big Top by MeganElisabeth Rated: NC-18 [Reviews - 0]


big top banner

Brian is given the task of finding someone to teach his son, Gus, how to swim.

Unfortunately, the hot, young, Italian swimming instructor he hires is more interested

in doing the breast stroke with Justin. Which one will come out on top?

Written for the Summer Fan Fiction Challenge.

A big thanks to my beta Predec2. I also want to give a big thanks to urugwaj for the beautiful banner! 

Categories: Brian/Justin, Could be Canon, Drama, Humor, Jealousy, Romance, Summer Fan Fiction Challenge Characters: None
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Post 513 - Justin lives in New York with his son Bryson. Brian still lives in Pittsburgh and is extremely close to Gus. Brian and Justin haven't spoken to one another since Justin left with Ethan 18 years ago. Although time changes many things in life, there are some things that time can never change. When fate conspires to bring them together again, will history be rewritten? Or will history simply repeat itself? Ready or not, whatever may happen, the time has come. 

Categories: Family, QAF-U.S. FICTION, Abuse, Angst, Anti-Ethan, Brian/Justin, Could be Canon, Justin/Other-Relationship, Minor Character Death, Romance, What If, Alternate Universe Characters: Brian, Ethan, Gus, Jennifer Taylor, Justin, Original Character(s)
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