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Justin returns from working on Rage in LA and becomes depressed and must also face his largely untreated PTSD from the bashing. AU from 501. This series follows Justin and Brian as they navigate mental health diagnoses and treatment. Alternating first person POV with the focus always on Brian and Justin's relationship and their evolving dynamics - both as individuals and as a couple - as they navigate learning to manage chronic mental illness. Angst and Emotional Hurt/Comfort with themes of hope while challenging stigma around mental health.

Never in my life will I forget your presence. You found me torn apart and you took me back full and complete.
-Frida Kahlo



Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, Angst With a Happy Ending, Brian/Justin, Canon Divergence, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Real Life Issues, Season 5, Thoughts of Suicide Characters: Brian, Justin
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[Report This] Published: November 02, 2018 Updated: November 24, 2019


Brian reflects following the massacre at Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2016.


This one-shot is set in 2016. It is separate from the EXPOSURE ‘verse and is post-series. Brian and Justin are together and have been. What happened after Justin left for NYC and how they ended up where they are now is not important to this story.

Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, Angst, Brian/Justin, One-Off Fic, Post-513 Fic, Real Life Issues Characters: Brian, Justin
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[Report This] Published: November 15, 2018 Updated: November 15, 2018