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Real name: Jessica
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My name is Jessica Poitras, a twenty seven year old girl who is known for my abrasive humor, my intelligence and common sense. I find stupid people extremely frustrating and appear to have no patience, but that is only for people I don't care about. I am a loyal friend to those I deem worthy of my attention.


By blood, I have a sister, a half-sister and a brother; I also have a stepsister, and two stepbrothers, not to mention a foster-sister and three foster-brothers. However, through all that there is only one that actually matters; a sister whom isn’t related to me by blood, marriage or any legal means but one that means more to me than all the others combined. I believe we each make our own family and she is a central part of mine. Because of things in my life she is very protective and keeps me grounded, giving me a chance to rant, whine or even pretend nothing is wrong if that is what I need. This is the healthiest relationship in my life.


I am a clinical insomniac but this works for me due to it giving me the time I need to accomplish what would seem to be an inhuman amount of tasks that I complete always when I am supposed to. I tend to do everything I can at the last minute so I am always rushing around but I get it done, and do it well. Doing things perfectly or getting good grades or feedback on things that I do is extremely important to me. I constantly strive to improve in many ways.


I like to read and write, for that last few years that has presented itself in Queer As Folk fanfiction. I belong to an intense fandom that enables me to make friends from all over the world. Being able to connect with likeminded people is important to me and I seek other such situations in other aspects of my life. I have been told that I am a gifted writer although I never believe it but have been told that is common.


I attend college and find it very frustrating to have to communicate and associate with a group of people I didn't choose myself. I am antisocial but this has been a growing experience for me, one that provides hours of both frustration and enjoyment. I am a very private person that keeps a lot of myself from everyone but the few that count because they are all that do matter.


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