Midnight Whispers
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Sam and Dean Winchester (from Supernatural) have some work to do on Liberty Avenue. After hunting so many evil things they thought they’re prepared for everything. But what do they do in a place where hunting means a completely different thing? And what happens when they meet the biggest hunter on Liberty Avenue?

Rated: NC-18
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Word count: 11750 Read: 16109
Published: November 15, 2008 Updated: May 26, 2009
Story Notes:


I'm reposting this crossover fic;  even if you haven't seen a single episode of Supernatural before, I'd be glad if you'd give this story a shot. :) 

Million thanks to my fantastic beta Becky (scoobysnacks); and special thanks to Helen for the banner! :) Love you guys!!!

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I'm so sorry guys for not updating for so long - I had some RL issues. But I promise to go on with this story, and update much more often! :)  

5. Rendezvous by winky [Reviews - 5] (2900 words)
I want to thank Becky for the beta, and thanks to Helen for her constant support! :) You guys are awesome!