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Sometimes things happen that shouldn't, and change everything. What if Justin wasn't so lucky at the party in 214?

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Published: September 25, 2008 Updated: January 09, 2012
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1. Changes by Britin [Reviews - 28] (2315 words)

A/N: I know this has been done about a million times before, but the plot's in my head, and it's not leaving until I personally kick it out, so that's what I'm going to do. It's dark, and angsty, and a little outside my comfort zone, but I guess challenge is a good thing.

2. Stained by Britin [Reviews - 8] (4419 words)

A/N: This isn't exactly what I had in mind for this chapter, but I wanted this to be about what's going through Justin's head at the moment. He's in a really dark place, obviously, so this chapter was pretty hard to write. Also, I don't want to promise anything for sure, in case it goes differently, but I think Justin's first encounter with Brian should be happening next chapter.

3. Real by Britin [Reviews - 1] (3917 words)

4. Abstract by Britin [Reviews - 3] (6349 words)
A/N: So this one switches POV for a bit from Justin's to Brian's, then goes back to Justin's one more time. Sorry, I probably could have done it without Brian's POV, but when I was writing this it got a little messed up, but I liked the glimpse into Brian's mind so I kept it. This picks up right where the last chapter left off.

5. Wrong by Britin [Reviews - 9] (6873 words)

A/N: Okay, so this has two parts, one in Brian's POV, and the other in Justin's. It's pretty much what's been going on for the couple weeks afterwards at the loft. Justin is still struggling to deal, while Brian is trying to connect the dots and figure out what's wrong. Unfortunately, Brian is thinking more along the lines of an old problem resurfacing, than Justin having a new one completely.

6. Autopilot by Britin [Reviews - 9] (5354 words)

A/N: Kind of a big chapter for Justin. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

7. Broken by Britin [Reviews - 7] (6948 words)

A/N: Sorry, I meant to have this up last Sunday, but I had some computer issues, then some problems posting. It's all sorted out now, though, so...here's chapter seven.

8. Poison by Britin [Reviews - 8] (7680 words)

A/N: Major chapter here...hope it doesn't disappoint anyone.

9. Truth by Britin [Reviews - 7] (7064 words)

10. Rage by Britin [Reviews - 4] (6740 words)

11. Infected by Britin [Reviews - 5] (7269 words)

12. Dominoes by Britin [Reviews - 4] (7783 words)
A/N: Sorry for the wait, RL kind of got in the way. Lots of drama this chapter, though, hope it was worth the wait.

13. Memories by Britin [Reviews - 10] (8020 words)

A/N: I'm really, really sorry for the wait on this one. I actually started this the day I posted the last chapter, but I got sick, and I didn't feel up to finishing it for a while. I'm feeling a lot better now though, so here's chapter thirteen, a little later than I hoped, but here. And I know the rest of the group found out what happened last chapter, but they're only mentioned in this one. But there will be more with them in some of the upcoming chapters.

14. Storms by Britin [Reviews - 5] (9120 words)
A/N: So, this is probably going to be the last chapter for a little while. I'll try to work on the fic as much as possible, but with the holidays and everything, I might not get the chance. I promise I'll post the next chapter ASAP, though. Happy holidays to everyone :)

15. Free by Britin [Reviews - 7] (12354 words)

A/N: Um, well I finally got the next chapter done :) (Yeah, I know, finally.) But this one is extra-long, so hopefully it'll help make up for the three week wait. :)

16. Chance by Britin [Reviews - 7] (10585 words)
A/N: Sorry for the wait, RL has kind of gotten in the way lately. But the evil cliffy will be getting resolved, one way or another, in this chappy, so I'm going to shut up now. Or maybe I'll keep talking just to draw out the suspense a little more. ;)

17. Impossible by Britin [Reviews - 2] (10831 words)
A/N: Sorry for the wait...again. I really wanted to update last weekend, but RL kind of decided to interfere with that. At least last chapter wasn't too big of a cliffy, though, was it? ;) Hope this one was worth the wait :)

18. Reason by Britin [Reviews - 8] (10095 words)

19. Scars by Britin [Reviews - 6] (11780 words)
A/N: Sorry this update took forever, I was sick for a while, and I didn't feel like working on it much. Better late than never though, right? ;)

20. Survivor by Britin [Reviews - 10] (13816 words)

21. Choice by Britin [Reviews - 6] (12223 words)

A/N: Sooo sorry it took forever. I had some issues with this chapter, but they're all straightened out now. I promise I'll try to get the next chapter up quicker. It's actually about a third of the way done, so I hope it'll be up soon. :)

22. Awakening by Britin [Reviews - 6] (7937 words)

23. Time by Britin [Reviews - 10] (13487 words)

24. Promise by Britin [Reviews - 7] (13016 words)

25. Extraordinary by Britin [Reviews - 12] (11832 words)

A/N: After way, way too many weeks, the next chapter is finally here. That is, if anyone's still interested. My laptop has been unavailable for the last couple of weeks, and I was too stupid to back up all my files during the "impending doom" stage preceding "useless hunk of electronic crap" phase it ended up in. Fortunately, all is well now, I've got my computer back, and with it, the next chapter, for whoever is actually still reading by this point.

26. Trust by Britin [Reviews - 9] (11652 words)

A/N: So...was that wait a little better? ;)

27. Over by Britin [Reviews - 9] (11783 words)

A/N: *waves nervously* Um, hey. Once again apologizing for the wait. Though I did have good reasons, if you consider being unable to access any of the documents on my computer for more than fifteen seconds at a time a good reason. Fortunately, I managed to back up all my files, and hopefully now that I've wiped out my entire hard drive and started over, my PC issues will be no more. Also, this bronchitis thing I've got has been kicking my ass for a solid week now, (I know, more excuses) but I'm finally starting to feel better, and have access to my documents once again, so finally, here is the next chapter of Turning Points.

Also, because apparently everything to do with technology hates me, I've been having problems with the site. All of this combined has made for a pretty frustrating few weeks, but now that everything seems to be working properly again *crosses fingers* I promise I will respond to all the reviews from the last chapter. But it's been a long enough wait for this chapter, so I'll just shut up and let you read now. ;)

28. Enough by Britin [Reviews - 7] (14933 words)

A/N: Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! :D

29. Waiting by Britin [Reviews - 4] (10534 words)

A/N: *waves* Hope everyone had a happy holiday and New Years :)

And for anyone who is still following this story...no, I didn't abandon it. I was starting to feel a little burnt out working on this chapter, so I took a little break. In this case, absence indeed made the heart grow fonder, and I'm feeling pretty excited about the next (and--I can't believe I'm saying it, but last) few chapters. When I started this thing back in '08, I never thought it would be 2010 and I would still be working on it. I don't have a definite number in mind yet, but I'm kind of sad to say there's only a few chapters left, so this will definitely be the year this story finally ends, lol.

And now, the first chapter posted in the new year....

30. Risk by Britin [Reviews - 9] (18974 words)

A/N: I know, it took me forever to get this one out. But this chapter's twice as long to make up for it :)


31. Alone by Britin [Reviews - 6] (16358 words)

A/N: Um, I have no excuse. This chapter kicked my ass, to the point that I procrastinated my ass off and didn't work on it, then when I did work on it, I was metaphorically banging my head against the wall trying to get it the way I wanted it. All of this considered, I'm actually pretty pleased with how it turned out, but that might just be because it's finally done.

Also, I don't want to promise anything, because this can always change, but if I stick to the general outline I've got, there will probably only be about three chapters left. And I've been looking forward to writing this part for a while, so hopefully it will go smoother than this chapter did. I promise to do my very best to finish the story...after all this, there's no way I can abandon it :)  

32. Freedom by Britin [Reviews - 3] (14558 words)

33. Reckless by Britin [Reviews - 6] (13782 words)

34. Limitless by Britin [Reviews - 7] (12349 words)

A/N: Dear Anyone Who Is Still Reading:


So, okay....yes, I changed the name of the last chapter. Yes, I'd intended for it to be the penultimate one. Yes, I really should try to plan better, because obviously I have no idea how to do that. This was supposed to be the last chapter, and next was supposed to be the epilogue, but um...that's not working out too well. I'm making no promises, because I can't seem to keep them, but I will say that the next chapter will probably be the last one. I intend for it to be. But, clearly, my plans don't always work out.


I will say this chapter got away from me, but I'm okay with that because I think it works better this way. I figured I might as well do it right and make it the best I can, even if that means changing the name of a chapter and having one more than I thought I would.


So, I apologize, but hopefully it turns out better this way for me as the writer, you as the readers, and Brian and Justin as the characters, and everyone is happier with the finished product, even if the ending is just a little bit further off than it was originally supposed to be.


Also, just to let you all know, I've been having issues with the site with the last couple of chapters. The respond button doesn't always show up on the review page for me. So if you do review, I will reply, but it might be a bit sporadic depending on the availability of the respond button.




And now, the chapter:

35. Tomorrow by Britin [Reviews - 2] (15873 words)

36. Epilogue by Britin [Reviews - 15] (3598 words)

Thanks so, so much for everyone who stuck with me and the boys through this until the end! I know I've been absolutely horrible at updating, but this is it, the final chapter of their story. I hope it ties up everything nicely and gives everyone the closure I tried to give Brian and Justin.

Thanks so much for reading, everyone!!!