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Brian Kinney: CEO of Kinnetik Advertising Agency, but now a recluse and making a living writing screenplays: romantic thrillers. But these are stories that never have happy endings  ~~  Following circumstances that leave him scarred and guilt-ridden, Brian has retreated to his house and buried himself in his work  ~~  Justin Taylor: A struggling artist who is commissioned to paint a portrait of Brian's son, Gus  ~~  What happens when they meet?  ~~  Can Justin persuade Brian he's still as beautiful and desirable as he ever was and that there is such a thing as a happy ending and that they can live happily ever after?  ~~  Feedback welcome  ~~  Julia  ~~  (Note: For the purposes of this story, Vic Grassi is alive and well and working for Brian. I always liked Vic and see no reason why in this fic he can't still be around!)

Rating: NC-18

Originally posted: 10/03/2005 - Updated: 12/17/2005

Reposted Sept. 2008

Rated: NC-18
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Published: September 13, 2008 Updated: July 14, 2016

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