; Whisper Back Your Love by Galesgal
Midnight Whispers
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An Alternate Season Three.  A way that Brian and Justin could have gotten back together.  With a little pain and secrets bring a lot of love.

Rated: NC-18
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Published: August 14, 2008 Updated: October 30, 2016

1. It's Done by Galesgal [Reviews - 7] (1609 words)
This chapter is not NC 17 later chapters will be though.

2. The Search is On by Galesgal [Reviews - 2] (2291 words)
Okay this chapter is a little NC 18 because well things get a little steamy

3. Discoveries by Galesgal [Reviews - 1] (1567 words)
I've decided you've waited long enough.  This is a pretty good chapter and finally you learn what's wrong with Brian.

4. What We Need by Galesgal [Reviews - 2] (2455 words)
Finally Brian and Justin are together.  Will it be Happen reunion.  Get ready to pull out your hankies for this chapter i was going for the kill.  I want tears.  Also i love feedback.

5. A New Arrival by Galesgal [Reviews - 6] (2438 words)
Someone new comes to town, after this nothing will be the same.

6. Freaking Out by Galesgal [Reviews - 2] (2835 words)

Okay this is a good one.  Lots of drama, lots of pain, oh and it's a little NC 18 cause there's the sex.  I hope you enjoy it.

7. Being Normal by Galesgal [Reviews - 3] (2808 words)
The Boys try to get back to being normal.  It lasts but for how long

8. The Dinner from Hell by Galesgal [Reviews - 5] (2806 words)
This chapter is kind of short but the cat is outta the bag for some of our characters hope you like it.

9. Get A Grip by Galesgal [Reviews - 3] (4139 words)
Someone finally learns the secret and someone finally gives Justin a pep talk and realizes that he can do this because he loves Brian.

10. Let Go by Galesgal [Reviews - 4] (1846 words)
The surgery is done.  now it's time to let go

11. Secrets Revealed by Galesgal [Reviews - 3] (2726 words)
A Simple Chapter that i hope you guys like.

12. Secrets and Allegations by Galesgal [Reviews - 3] (5459 words)
More people learn the secret, and a tragedy happens.

13. The Awakening by Galesgal [Reviews - 4] (3521 words)

Mikey's outta his coma and brian shares his past cancer with justin.

14. A Quick Update by Galesgal [Reviews - 3] (321 words)

15. Stunned by Galesgal [Reviews - 2] (1276 words)

In this chapter 2 more find out about Brian.   Ben Bumps into his father, and someone learns that words can hurt far worst than any physical ache.

16. Samson by Galesgal [Reviews - 2] (1304 words)

Brian gets comfort from someone he hadn't needed in awhile, and someone he never expected.

17. The End? by Galesgal [Reviews - 3] (441 words)

18. Speechless by Galesgal [Reviews - 3] (2208 words)