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Justin is a vampire that lives his life killing his kind. He's angry that he was turned when he didn't want to. He killed his sire a long time ago but is still thirsty for revenge. Justin thinks that his real family are a bunch of monsters that he has to kill. His kind just thinks there is something oh so wrong with the blond.

Rated: NC-18
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Published: April 01, 2008 Updated: December 14, 2021
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None of these characters are mine.

1. The Only Thing Present In My Mind by Draccone [Reviews - 16] (2225 words)

2. He'll Always Have Me by Draccone [Reviews - 3] (2710 words)

3. Make You Wish You Were Never Born by Draccone [Reviews - 4] (4247 words)

4. A Power That Inebriates by Draccone [Reviews - 3] (3650 words)

5. As Good As Done by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (3401 words)

6. Winning So Far by Draccone [Reviews - 0] (4259 words)
Guys this chapter is very strong.  Brian and Brent fight and someone has to come up on top. If you can't stand what's happening just go by it quickly. 

7. Almost Feels Like I Can Make Him Do Whatever I Want by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (4349 words)
AN: I made something up called an ice bite. It practically feels like sharp pieces of ice is cutting you from the inside out and while there isn’t really any ice you do get rip open. You start bleeding everywhere and there is no stopping it. No changing it and no way to turn things back. The pain is unbearable and very cold. Hope you guys like this chapter. Whatever is in italics is something that already happened and someone is remembering.

8. The Stars Told Me So by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (2068 words)
This is Kevin's POV so try to bear with him.

9. The Little Shit by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (2916 words)

10. I Can't Be What He Wants Me To Be by Draccone [Reviews - 3] (3263 words)

11. A Sad Beautiful Story In Time by Draccone [Reviews - 2] (2658 words)

12. Nothing That Even Comes Close by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (3119 words)

13. Before I Forget by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (4478 words)

14. Slip Into His World by Draccone [Reviews - 2] (2921 words)

15. One Way Or Another by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (3663 words)

16. Good Planning by Draccone [Reviews - 0] (1010 words)

17. My Dark Prince by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (4510 words)

18. Searching For Answers by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (3438 words)

19. What Everyone Is Going On About by Draccone [Reviews - 0] (4176 words)

20. Helping Him by Draccone [Reviews - 0] (2856 words)

21. Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall Who Is The Ghastliest Of Them All by Draccone [Reviews - 0] (4491 words)

22. Everything That's Missing by Draccone [Reviews - 0] (2896 words)

23. When Things Get Worst Is All The Way To The Bottom by Draccone [Reviews - 0] (3114 words)

24. Magic, Sacrifices And Lullabies by Draccone [Reviews - 0] (2984 words)
Rena said she wanted an update and I bet you guys did too. Since I had a chapter to offer here it is. This might get confusing. He, he. No, it will be confusing. So sorry about that. At the beginning is Justin fighting with himself. So he's like talking to himself and answering himself too. So, good luck with that. I did get confused myself. He, he. No shock there. Thanks to my beta. Enjoy it guys.

25. See Mayhem At The Horizon by Draccone [Reviews - 0] (1760 words)

26. A New Life by Draccone [Reviews - 0] (3373 words)

27. The Things I Would Do For You by Draccone [Reviews - 8] (3922 words)

28. It's Been Quite Some Time by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (2378 words)

Thanks to the betas Helen and Sunny.  I couldn't do it without them.  Thanks to everyone that has been reading this.  I'm sorry it took so long to be updated. 

29. When Visions Don't Fit by Draccone [Reviews - 9] (2817 words)

30. All I Want by Draccone [Reviews - 4] (2266 words)

Just so you know is still five years after. So Justin is still five. I hope you enjoy this chapter. I want to thank my betas Sunny and Helen. Thank you so much girls, can't do it without you. Please leave reviews…I love those. LOL. In this it starts with Brian and his children fighting in New York, just so you know.

31. Revenge It Is by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (975 words)

32. The Decisions We Make by Draccone [Reviews - 11] (2123 words)

33. Banned by Draccone [Reviews - 5] (2924 words)

Hello everyone, so sorry for the delay. In this chapter we're jumping five years after Angela has taken the kids with her. Hope you guys enjoy it.

34. The Right One by Draccone [Reviews - 3] (1749 words)

35. Things Are About To Change by Draccone [Reviews - 5] (718 words)
In this Justin is fifteen years old. Everyone in the family has been looking for him.

36. Terrance And Thomas by Draccone [Reviews - 3] (897 words)
No one knows what is happening or which kid is Justin.

37. Wanting Freedom by Draccone [Reviews - 4] (765 words)
Time goes by at the estate. The kids are not happy.

38. Will Find A Way by Draccone [Reviews - 5] (1776 words)
Sorry it took so long. Let me know what you think.

39. Connected by Draccone [Reviews - 2] (2433 words)
I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

40. Lost Our Fucking Minds by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (2822 words)

41. Until The End by Draccone [Reviews - 3] (1523 words)
Sorry that I have been taking forever. This is a little bit of what's happening right now from Derek's POV. I hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know.

42. Full Circle by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (1399 words)
Justin makes a decision about him and Brian. No matter what Brian thinks.

43. A New Beginning by Draccone [Reviews - 1] (811 words)
So I wrote this a while back and thought that I updated it. So sorry I didn't.