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Wanting to change certain aspects of QAF led me to write this.  Maybe THIS TIME things go better.  Hope you enjoy these changes.  I plan to post every Sunday.

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Published: November 10, 2019 Updated: January 04, 2021
Story Notes:

At the end of the series Justin headed off to New York.  But after a couple of years there getting on the subway changes things.

1. Chapter 1 -Season 1 - Episode 1(Premiere) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 23] (2850 words)

And so we begin  stories/713/images/Deep_Down_2.jpg

2. Chapter 2 - Episode 2-(Queer, There and Everywhere) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 7] (1142 words)

Debbie doesn't play as big a part.


3. Chapter 3 - Episode 3 (No Bris, No Shirt - No service) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 10] (2702 words)

Knowing he's going to need money once his parents find out he's gay, Justin gets a job at the Diner.  Might come off as anti-Deb.


4. Chapter 4 - Episode 4 (Ted's not Dead) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 9] (2364 words)


This chapter is short since Justin wasn't as involved in it.  



5. Chapter 5 - Episode 5 (Now Approaching ...The Line) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 8] (1141 words)

Remember Jennifer taking Justin to a shrink.  Let's see how it goes This Time.

6. Chapter 6 - Episode 6(The Art of Desperation) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 7] (2153 words)


To Justin's dismay Debbie talkes to his mother.  Going to the GLC things go differently. 


7. Chapter 7 Episode 7 (Smells like Codependence) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (2036 words)

Studs and Suds, plus Jennifer tells Justin's dad.

8. Chapter 8 Episode 8 (Babylon Boomerang) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 1] (2222 words)

The timeline jumps when Craig beats up Brian before Justin was ready for it.  Justin meets Vic and Hotlanta show up.

9. Chapter 9 Episode 9-(Daddy Dearest(Sonny Boy) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 8] (1258 words)

Poor Gus ends up in the hospital and the girls do their best to talk Brian into giving up his rights.  Will it work?  Ted and Emmett do their best to turn Michael into My Fair Lady. 

10. Chapter 10 - Episode 10 (Queens of the Road) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 7] (1617 words)

Yep, the breakin happens.

11. Chapter 11 - Episode 11 (Surprise!) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 7] (1301 words)

Mikey's birthday and Emmett's worry about Ted.

12. Chapter 12-Episode 12 (Move It or Lose It) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 9] (875 words)

Brian and Justin are spending time talking and Justin learns of things that happened before that he hadn't known.

13. Chapter 13- Episode 13 (Very Stupid People) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 8] (1158 words)

Kit Thomas episode with a twist.  

14. Chapter 14 - Episode 14(A Change of Heart) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 11] (4154 words)

Big changes in the storyline are going to happen.  Hope you enjoy them.

15. Chapter 15 - Episode 15 (The Ties That Bind) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 7] (1373 words)

Lindsay goes to a teachers conference, Brian learns that Jack has cancer, then Mel shows up.  Will the outcome be the same?

16. Chapter 16 - Episode 16 (French Fried) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 5] (2117 words)

The gang meet Gui.  

17. Chapter 17 - Episode 17(Solution) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 8] (2881 words)

Mikey and David return from their trip to Paris.  Mel blames herself for the seperation with Lindsay and my favorite -  David and Mikey through a party for the Senator.

18. Chapter 18-Episode 18(Surprise Kill) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 7] (1406 words)

Michael is insulted that a guy tries to pic him up.  Brian sees David at the bathe.  Justin learns if he's accepted into PIFA.

19. Chapter 19 - Episode 19 (Good Grief) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 13] (2751 words)

Jack died.  Will things go differently?

20. Chapter 20-Episode 20(The King of Babylon) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 10] (1859 words)

The King of Babylon contest.  Will Justin win again?

21. Chapter 21 - Episode 21(Running to Stand Still) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 2] (1680 words)

The award ceremony.  Will Brian get a job in New York? 

22. Chapter 22 - Episode 22 (Full Circle) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 4] (1892 words)

Brian has his 30th birthday, and it's time for the prom.  Does it go the same way This Time?  You'll have to read to find out.

23. Chapter 23 Season 2, Episode 23(Home is Where the Ass is) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 7] (834 words)

Things have already been changed so this chapter will be shorter.  Justin being in the hospital last time missed out on most of what had happened.

24. Chapter 24 - Episode 24(All Better Now) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 7] (909 words)

Time flies and we see Gus 1st birthday 

25. Chapter 25 -Episode 25 (Hypocrisy: Don't Do It) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 9] (1134 words)

Since Justin wasn't bashed, Brian wasn't proclaimed a hero.  How does that change this particular episode?

26. Chapter 26-Episode 26(Pride) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 8] (2022 words)

This would have been Justin's first Pride parade.  Things are a bit different this Time.

27. Chapter 27-Episode 27(Wherever That Dream May Lead You) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 5] (1411 words)

Remember the episode with the Elvis impersonators?  They are back!

28. Chapter 28 - Episode 28 (Mixed Blessings) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 5] (576 words)

A lot happened this time that Justin wasn't aware of.  So it doesn't contain a lot.  It does deal with Zucchini man.

29. Chapter 29 Episode 29 (The Leper, Hath the Babe Not Eyes?) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 9] (2880 words)

Ben has shown up, but does he stick around with Michael?  

30. Chapter 30-Episode 30 (Love for Sale) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 7] (2237 words)

Even though Justin wasn't around the gang a lot during this episode, some things remain the same.

31. Chapter 31 Episode 31(Accentuate the Positive) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 9] (1041 words)

In the original series Joanie learned that Brian is gay.   But now that she's with Jack things are a bit different.  Michael tries to win Ben back.  Are things different This Time?

32. Chapter 32 - Episode 32(Priorities, Please(Beat the Time) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (1232 words)

Astro is Dead.  The girls are having problems arranging their wedding.  What sort of changes can we make.

33. Chapter 33 Episode 33 (The Wedding) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (1441 words)

Mysterious Marilyn shows up, same as she did the first time.  Will her advice cause the girls to change their plans.

34. Chapter 34 Episode 34 (One Degree of Brian Kinney) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (1980 words)

Mikey shows up and tries to make trouble between Brian and Justin.  Teddy and Emmett argue about A-listers.

35. Chapter 35-Episode 35 (It's Because I'm Gay, Right?) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 4] (1481 words)

While a good bit happened last time, some of it Justin wasn't aware of.  So what to do?

36. Chapter 36 Episode 36 (The Dangers of Sex and Drugs) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (1390 words)

In the original episode Debby found out the name dumpster boy and Emmett was furious when Melanie and Lindsay insist that Ted has become a crystal addict.  Since things have been changed this time, the time table has moved somewhat.

37. Chapter 37 - Episode 37(Rage Against This Machine) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 10] (1250 words)

Things take a turn as the timeline changes.

38. Chapter 38 Episode 38 (You say it's your birthday! I could care less) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (2930 words)

For some reason when I started rewatching this episode, I couldn't finish.  It was mostly Michael and Hunter's mother, yuck.  So it didn't figure into the storyline.  With the miracle of fan fiction Mel's hand magically got better fast, for those of you who were worried.

39. Chapter 39-Episode 39 (You Can Leda Girl to Pussy) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (1670 words)

This chapter originally featured the girls.  I've changed that.

40. Chapter 40 - Episode 40 (Sick, sick, sick) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (1682 words)

41. Chapter 41 Episode 41 Bowling for Equality. by YumYumPM [Reviews - 4] (1090 words)

42. Chapter 42 Episode 42 (Out with a Whimper) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 5] (2590 words)

This chapter and the next follows the Vermont Arc.  

43. Chapter 43 Episode 43 (Mad Dog Kinney) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 10] (3523 words)

Season 3 is here and boy have there been changes.  

44. Chapter 44 Episode 44 (House full of children) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 8] (2772 words)

Things are speeding along.  

45. Chapter 45 Episode 45 (Doctors of Dickology) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 9] (825 words)

Molly sets the record straight.

46. Chapter 46 Episode 46 (Brat-Sitting) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (2325 words)

We meet Claire and her sons.  Are they as evil as in the series?

47. Chapter 47 Episode 47 (There is nothing noble about being poor) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 3] (1717 words)

A little bit of Ethan and for those who are wondering about JR.  Mikey is having trouble coming up with enough sperm.

48. Chapter 48 Episode 48-(One Ring to Rule Them All) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 4] (2701 words)

Gus is up to something new and gains a pet.  Ted and Em find a home just for them.

49. Chapter 49 Episode 49 (Stop Hurting Us) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 2] (1493 words)

It's the season of Christmas.  A mental review of how things are going this Time around.

50. Chapter 50 - Episode 50 (Hunter for Love) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 3] (1786 words)

This begins with Teddy hurting his back and ends with learning more about Mysterious Marilyn.

51. Chapter 51 Episode 51(Big F*cking Mouth) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 5] (1765 words)

Brian reflects on what his life has become and actually shares his thoughts with Justin.

52. Chapter 52 - Episode 52 (Uncle Ben) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 2] (2247 words)

53. Chapter 53 - Episode 53 (Poster May Lead to the Truth) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 2] (1779 words)

Stockwell connects Justin to Kinnetic.

54. Chapter 54 - Episode 54-(Drugs, Sex, and Lies) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 1] (686 words)

Short since there was little of Justin in this episode but we get an interlude with Mysterious Marilyn.

55. Chapter 55 Episode 55-(Tweaked Out, Fucked Out, Crystal Queen) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 11] (1063 words)

This episode dealt mostly with Ben and Michael plus Hunter and Emmett and Ted doing things that this story has elimenated.  

56. Chapter 56 Chapter 56 (The Election) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 8] (1135 words)

The election is here.  Does Stockwell win this time?

57. Chapter 57 Season 4 Episode 57 (Just a Little Help) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 2] (1035 words)

(Emmett’s nightmare is analyzed.  Does Justin go down the Pink Posse Path?)

58. Chapter 58 - Episode 58 – (Stand Up for Ourselves) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (1757 words)

Seasons three and four were not my favorites. The direction this chapter went might or might not relate to the chapter in question.

59. Chapter 59 - Episodes 59 (Starting a Whole New Life) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 2] (735 words)

60. Chapter 60 part 1 - Episode 60 (Escalating Violence) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 6] (170 words)

My computer is acting up making it difficult to pull up this story and hoping that it's still on my hard drive.  lol.  This chapter is only part of the story.

61. Chapter 61 -Episode 60 part 2 (Escalating Violence) by YumYumPM [Reviews - 12] (4187 words)

We come to the end of the line.