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Brian and Justin meet in a different way. -  AU

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Published: January 12, 2019 Updated: February 18, 2022
Story Notes:

A new story.  I've always wanted to explore Brian and his drinking and my muse wouldn't leave me alone.  Hopefully, my readers will like this new story.

1. Chapter 1 by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (2583 words)

Here is the first chapter.  Comments welcome and please let me know if the premise holds up.

2. Chapter 2- All Dressed Up and No Place To Go by sfscarlet [Reviews - 10] (2818 words)

Here's the next chapter-  hope it doesn't disappoint

3. Chapter 3 The Hook Up by sfscarlet [Reviews - 6] (2953 words)

Thank you to everyone who has commented on this story.  It is a definite departure from my usual tales ( post 513)  I hope that I can continue to do the topic justice.  I work in human service but not in the addiction field.  I apologize in advance if I do not portray this horrible disease and its treatment correctly.  I am open to any education a reader would want to share to make the story more accurate. 

4. Chapter 4- Distractions by sfscarlet [Reviews - 6] (2427 words)

Thanks to BritinManor-  for providing additional information on AA.  I'm trying to post before the weekend as they seem to get away from me.  

5. Chapter 5- A New Monday Dawns by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (3950 words)

6. Chapter 6- The Beginning by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (3748 words)

Thanks for all the comments. As always, any errors are mine.

7. Chapter 7- Mikey's Lament by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (4183 words)

It looks like every two weeks is a little more manageable than every week.  I'm teaching again and that takes a lot of my free time.  Hope everyone is enjoying the story.  Thanks for reading.

8. Chapter 8- First Trial by sfscarlet [Reviews - 6] (2392 words)

9. Chapter 9- Two Weeks Sober by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (3461 words)

Went out of town on Friday so a little late in posting.

10. Chapter 10- No More Secrets by sfscarlet [Reviews - 7] (5130 words)

I'm trying to portray this as accurately as I can, but I'm no expert.  Suggestions and comments welcome.

11. Chapter 11- Conversations by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (4283 words)

Justin and Brian talk about Brian's life

12. Chapter 12- The Road Less Taken by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (2935 words)

End of semester and a foot injury got the better of me, so a week late in posting.  I have most of the next chapter written so hope to post in about 10 days or so.  Thanks to all the readers who continue to read and comment.  It means a lot that folks find my stories entertaining.

13. Chapter 13- My Son Gus by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (1957 words)

Short chapter this time.  Was too long and cut it down.  Thanks for reading.  

14. Chapter 14- 64,000 Dollar Question by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (3260 words)

The introspection continues.

15. Chapter 15- Camaraderie or Habit? by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (4161 words)

Vacation, still healing from foot injury and just life slowed me down.  Still writing and hope to finish the next chapter in the next few days.  I never leave a story unfinished but RL has definitely impacted my time.  Hope folks are still reading and as always, comments always welcome.

16. Chapter 16- Temptation by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (3085 words)

17. Chapter 17- Best Friends or Worst Enemies by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (3688 words)

18. Chapter 18- Progress by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (4336 words)

19. Chapter 19- Sharing His Success by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (3448 words)

Brian continues his examination of his sobriety

20. Chapter 20- Worthiness by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (3602 words)

21. Chapter 21- Support by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (5379 words)

Between Real Life and my beta RL, it has taken longer to get the next chapter completed.  For those of you who have been reading my work, you know that I never leave a story unfinished.  Sometimes, RL has a way of getting in the way.  I have about 1/2 of the next chapter written, but since I am going on vacation this week, I doubt I'll finish it and get it sent to my beta.  But know that I'm still writing and still loving this story.  Hopefully my readers are patient.

22. Chapter 22- Celebration Kinney Style by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (4805 words)

Time for a new chapter.  Thanks for reading and continuing to check in.

23. Chapter 23- Possessions by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (3134 words)

Happy New Year to my readers.  A new chapter for your reading.

24. Chapter 24- Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll by sfscarlet [Reviews - 0] (4973 words)

Still writing.  I hope you guys are still reading.

25. Chapter 25- A Free Evening by sfscarlet [Reviews - 2] (4036 words)

Sorry for the delay.  RL is just too busy.

26. Chapter 26- Finding Brian Kinney by sfscarlet [Reviews - 3] (3631 words)

Brian continues his journey

27. Chapter 27- Letting Go by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (2873 words)

Brian is starting to look at who he is.


28. Chapter 28- 1000 Lies and 1 Truth by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (3589 words)

I thought of the title of this chapter after scrolling through Facebook and seeing seeing a lot of memes showing 5 statements and people guessing which statement wasn't true. Brian is starting to see how many lies and truths there are to his life.

29. Chapter 29- Discussions by sfscarlet [Reviews - 6] (5491 words)

A new chapter-  Thank Stay at Home orders

30. Chapter 30- Pizza Night by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (4730 words)

31. Chapter 31- Explainin by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (4655 words)

Brian and Emmett talk about the aborted visit to Babylon

32. Chapter 32_Looking Out Over Pittsburgh by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (7701 words)

33. Chapter 33- One Foot In Front of the Other by sfscarlet [Reviews - 3] (4102 words)

34. Chapter 34- The Joy of Life by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (4906 words)

35. Chapter 35- Amends by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (5452 words)

Brian discusses amends

36. Chapter 36- Life Is Not Shades of White by sfscarlet [Reviews - 7] (4592 words)

Sorry for the delay-  I started teaching again in August and my free time is greatly reduced.

37. Chapter 37- The Accident by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (4069 words)

Fianlly, Another new chapter.  Still writing, but RL is super busy.  I always finish my stories.  Thanks to everyone who is still reading and continuing to comment

38. Chapter 38- Lunch Anyone? by sfscarlet [Reviews - 7] (4942 words)

To all my readers, I'm still writing. I never leave a story unfinished.  School will be over soon, so I should have some more time to write. Brian starts to tell the family.

39. Chapter 39-Aftermath by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (6034 words)

For those of you who might be interested, I have some statistics about AA at the bottom of the chapter.  This will be the last chapter I post this year.  I've already gotten the next one basically written and hope to write another one this weekend.   I'll be working on QAF gift exchange for the next few weeks.

40. Chapter 40- Messages by sfscarlet [Reviews - 8] (5264 words)

Brian and Justin listen to Brian's messages

41. Chapter 41- Progress by sfscarlet [Reviews - 8] (6022 words)

Brian picks up Gus.  I promise things are moving forward.  Please have patience.

42. Chapter 42- A Little Shopping Expedition by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (5648 words)

Gus and Brian bond over shopping.

43. Chapter 43- Actions and Reactions by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (4518 words)

Brian and Justin have a meeting

44. Chapter 44-Sunday at the Museum by sfscarlet [Reviews - 6] (6001 words)

45. Chapter 45- Meeting with Deb by sfscarlet [Reviews - 7] (6116 words)

46. Chapter 46- The Show by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (5917 words)

Brian attends Justin's show. 

47. Chapter 47- Court Date by sfscarlet [Reviews - 3] (7831 words)

48. Chapter 48- Moving Forward by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (5308 words)

Sorry for the delay.  I'm going to hopefully be back to bi-weekly posting, but it depends on RL-  

49. Chapter 49- Rebel Rebel, Where Art Thou by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (5942 words)

Another new chapter-  Can't promise an update in two weeks, but I will try!!!

50. Chapter 50- Amends 2 by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (5288 words)

Further exploration of amends 

51. Chapter 51- Conversations with Friends by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (6595 words)

Brian continues to make amends.  Sorry for the delay. If you read this story, last week I realized there were a lot of inconsistencies regarding Emmett's watching Gus.  I have deleted the original chapter and fixed the errors.  

52. Chapter 52- Relationships and Friendship by sfscarlet [Reviews - 3] (8604 words)

So happy to see MW up and running.  A new chapter to celebrate!!!.  Its a little long, but I doubt my readers will be troubled by that.  lol


53. Chapter 53- Dinner Party and Guests by sfscarlet [Reviews - 6] (6239 words)

The chapter has been reformatted.  I apologize to anyone who had difficulty reading it previously.

54. Chapter 54- Dinner At Justin's by sfscarlet [Reviews - 3] (5950 words)

Reposting chapter-  bad formatting

55. Chapter 55- Dinner Trial 1 by sfscarlet [Reviews - 3] (7418 words)

Gus tries cooking.

56. Chapter 56 IKEA Adventures by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (8266 words)

The chapter somehow got erased so I'm reposting it

57. Chapter 57- Fear of Rejection by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (7466 words)

Gus' dinner party gets closer

58. Chapter 58- Dinner and a Show by sfscarlet [Reviews - 7] (7034 words)

Brian continues to plan the dinner and attends Justin's show.

59. Chapter 59- The "Dinner" by sfscarlet [Reviews - 6] (8037 words)

Getting the latest chapter posted before the weekend!!! Gus cooks dinner.  What sparks will fly between the guests?

60. Chapter 60- What Are Best Friends For? by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (4120 words)

Michael seeks answers

61. Chapter 61- Nuts, Bolts, and Screws by sfscarlet [Reviews - 6] (5972 words)

Gus gets his bed.

62. Chapter 62- Oh What a Tangled Web Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive by sfscarlet [Reviews - 3] (5304 words)

Justin reacts to the Kiss

63. Chapter 63- Confession is Good for the Soul by sfscarlet [Reviews - 5] (7773 words)

Happy New Year!! Thank you to all my readers who have stuck with me as I write this huge story.  Let's finish the year out with another chapter.  

64. Chapter 64- Can The Truth Set You Free by sfscarlet [Reviews - 3] (5753 words)

Brian and Justin talk

65. Chapter 65- Moving Forward by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (7504 words)

Brian and Justin move forward

66. Chapter 66- You Can't Lie and Be Sober by sfscarlet [Reviews - 4] (7903 words)

Brian and Justin make some decisions.

67. Chapter 67- Exploration by sfscarlet [Reviews - 9] (8806 words)

This is the last chapter in this amazing journey.  I have started a sequel and hope that people are interested in reading it.  Thank you for all the comments and sticking with me as I wrote this large novel.