Midnight Whispers
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A 24 year old Justin meets a 36 year old Brian for the first time and introduces him to a whole new world.

Warnings: BDSM, Threesome/Orgy, Violence, Anti-Michael

Rated: NC-18
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Published: March 12, 2008 Updated: March 12, 2008
Story Notes:

I was told by someone I respect and admire greatly that I should turn this fic into an original work because the characters were no longer recognizable as Brian and Justin. Unfortunately, I possess neither the talent nor the inclination to write an original piece of fiction. I know that my writing tends to stray pretty far away from Canon, so I just wanted to put this warning right up front. This fic is OOC and contains some graphic descriptions of BDSM play. If you can accept the OOC part and give this fic a chance, you might be surprised. I did take my friend’s advice and changed some things which make the fic better and more understandable, so I want to extend my gratitude. I also need to thank Emily once again for all her suggestions, support, and time spent cheering me on. I had some people read this fic to give me feedback before posting, so I need to thank Nicky, Bine, and Miguel for their time and support. Finally, I want to dedicate this fic to my web-hubby Alexander aka adrtylilsecret. He was the inspiration and guiding force behind this story. This one’s for you Alexander!

** This isn't meant to be a representation of the BDSM community.  It's just my personal take on things. **

1. First Contact by elyxer [Reviews - 3] (4567 words)

2. With Friends Like That by elyxer [Reviews - 3] (3117 words)
Author's note: I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get this story ready to post, you guys know who you are. I'd also like to say a special thanks to my beta, Emily, and the inspiration for this story, Cookie. I also need to put a warning that this chapter does contain some lines from the show, but I only used them because I thought they added to the story.

3. First Lesson by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2816 words)
I want to thank everyone who helped get this chapter ready.  Emily thanks a million for putting up with me, and Cookie, well thanks for everything!

4. Call Me by elyxer [Reviews - 1] (2298 words)
I'm sorry I'm a bit late with the posting but I've been sick.  I hope you enjoy it.

5. Training Session by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2897 words)

6. Where I Belong by elyxer [Reviews - 1] (2075 words)
Here is my Christmas gift to everyone.  I decided to post an extra chapter of LB this week.  I need to thank the usual people...Cookie, Emily, Nicky, Bine, and Miguel...you guys ROCK!  I wish you all the very happiest holiday season.  Merry Christmas!

7. Doubts versus Desires by elyxer [Reviews - 1] (2479 words)

8. Make Me Believe by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (1986 words)
As usual, I have to thank the regular crowd of people for helping me with this fic.  Thanks Emily for keeping me focused.  I also have to give a very special thank you to C, LJ user badderhalf, for allowing me to use Cookie's body.  I realize Cookie suffered a bit from all the positions and the things I asked him to do, but he was perfect and gave me a lot of inside information to help write this story...so, thanks again to C and Cookie...you guys ROCK!    This chapter deals with a song by Godsmack.  I made a video using the song and you can find it on YouTube at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC_uxSlAEPY&eurl=  or on my  LJ at this link: http://elyxer.livejournal.com/19122.html...go check it out.

9. Art of Submission by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2216 words)
I have to thank Emily for not only doing an extremely terrific job of keeping my stories in line and making me look like a fairly competent writer, but also, for making me some intensely neat icons!  If I were the type to squee, well I'd be squeeing all over the place.  I also have to thank Cookie for coming up with the idea of these icons...he is brilliant!  Now, the only problem I have is picking which one to use because they are all so GREAT!

In regards to the story, I want to remind everyone again that this is just one aspect of the BDSM lifestyle.  In no way am I saying this is the only way or the right way...it's just one way.  I also want to say that I respect the lifestyle in all it's many forms and support all those who choose to live their lives by their own rules.  After all, live and let live is my motto.  I also want to thank everyone for the wonderful reviews.  I am truly honored.

10. The Talk by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2292 words)
I need to thank the people who help me with this story.  I'm extremely lucky to have such talented friends.   I'd also like to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment...you guys ROCK!

11. The Decision by elyxer [Reviews - 0] (3418 words)

12. Stressful Situation by elyxer [Reviews - 1] (2348 words)

13. You Don't Know Me by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2113 words)

Hey guys,

I'm not sure what is going on with my post.  I can't seem to get the bold off even though I tried rewriting the sections...uuuggghh.  Okay, that tears it!  I'm getting my program back!  I apologize for this, but I'll get it fixed before posting anywhere else.

14. Welcome Home by elyxer [Reviews - 1] (2312 words)

15. Simply Shocking by elyxer [Reviews - 0] (1937 words)
I’d like to thank everyone involved in helping me get this story out. You guys all rock and you know who you are. I’d also like to put a warning on this chapter because it deals with electric play and that might be something you aren’t interested in reading. However, if you’d like more information on the subject, you can visit http://www.medicaltoys.com/electric.htm it has all the information you could ever want or need regarding different devices used in BDSM play.

16. The Contract by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2074 words)
There are no steadfast rules on how to live the BDSM lifestyle.  It can be as individualistic as it needs to be to satisfy the parties involved.  Each couple decides how they want to pursue the lifestyle.  This story just shows one of the many ways a couple could decide to live.  I need to thank Emily for the great beta job...as always, Cookie for all his support and understanding, Nicki for her encouragement, and Bine for this beautiful drawing!  Thanks guys!

17. The Contract Part 2 by elyxer [Reviews - 0] (1276 words)
Here is a sample contract.  I tried to make it as realistic as possible, but of course it's different for everyone.  This is really just a basic contract that I found online and personalized to the characters.  So, it isn't part of the story...just if anyone is interested.  Thanks!

18. Another Perspective by elyxer [Reviews - 1] (2336 words)
I just wanted to thank everyone who helps out with this story.  You guys all know who you are, and I appreciate everything you do!

19. Insecurity Hurts More Than the Whip by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (3228 words)
I’d like to dedicate this chapter to a new friend, JW aka jwhelmers…thanks for all your kind words…you are most appreciated!

I also want to say that I’m trying very hard to show aspects of the BDSM lifestyle that aren’t the norm.  I am not trying to say that this is a model BDSM relationship…just that one like this could exist.  I’m trying to show the range and complexities that occur in just the normal everyday life of a couple who lives within the lifestyle.  Since this is a fic, I have taken some liberties, so I hope that everyone knows I mean no offense.  Just remember that I am trying to tell a story that is enjoyable with angst and drama while attempting to keep it as real as possible.

Finally, I appreciate all the support and comments from my regular readers…you guys are reason I’m still writing this!

20. The Punishment Begins by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2220 words)
I’d just like to remind everyone that I’m attempting to write an interesting story while keeping it as realistic as possible.  I am taking some liberties and no offense is intended.

21. The Punishment Continues by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2288 words)
Well, here is the next chapter.  Again, I want to remind everyone that I'm writing a story.  I am keeping things as realistic as I can, but understand that I have taken some liberties.  Things wouldn't normally happen this quickly, but hey, I need angst...right? LOL.  I hope you enjoy.

22. Bedside Manner by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (1844 words)
Okay, I was just reminded that today was Thursday.  It's been Wednesday all day for me...sigh.  I'm really sorry I'm posting this so late, but like I said, if V hadn't reminded me today was Thursday, I wouldn't have posted till tomorrow.  I must be more tired than I realized.  Who'd have ever thought painting a few rooms would wipe me out...LOL.  I'd just like to make the same little disclaimer...I'm taking some liberties and no offense is intended.  I hope you guys enjoy the fic and forgive me for being completely insane. 

23. A Fresh Start by elyxer [Reviews - 1] (2199 words)
Okay here's the next chapter. I hope you guys enjoy it.

ETA: I would like to dedicate this chapter to my newest characters. I based them on two very dear friends, Alexander and his partner, Chris. These guys are a great inspiration, and I love them so much. I also need to add that Jake and Miguel are both based on friends of mine. So, I'd like to thank them for helping me develop the characters and for allowing me to use them in my fic. I love you all!

24. There's a New Guy in Town by elyxer [Reviews - 1] (3059 words)

25. A New Dom Comes to Town by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2790 words)
Christian enters the picture.  Let me know what you think.

26. The Show by elyxer [Reviews - 1] (2267 words)
I hope you guys enjoy this one.  We are getting close to the end, so hopefully you'll all think the ride was worth it.

27. The Fame of it All by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (1978 words)
I hope you guys enjoy reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. I need to say a very special thanks to Jo clayzed  for making the wonderful pic that goes with this chapter. I also need to thank Alexander  ashmedai for being the voice of Dirk Le Secre. I want to apologize for the way this looks. I have no clue what is going on with my LJ. I post the same way everytime and I've tried posting and editing this chapter to death, and still it looks like this...sigh. I'll try to fix this mess, but I decided to go ahead and open it up...it is readable...barely. Gotta love a techtard.

ETA: I want to give a HUGE hug and kiss to Jake ktiger for fixing this post for me. Thank you, Sugar!!!

28. Deb's Dinner by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2155 words)
Getting closer to the end now. I just want to thank everyone for staying with me. I hope you enjoy this one.

29. The Dinner Continues by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2074 words)
Well folks it's definitely nearing the end now and I can feel it. I've never had such a hard time writing anything as I have trying to bring this story to a satisfactory end. I know there will be a sequel, but it just feels like I'm saying goodbye to a very dear friend...sigh. I hope you like the way I've decided to handle it.

30. Defining Moments by elyxer [Reviews - 2] (2213 words)
Well, only one more chapter to go folks.  I really appreciate all the great reviews and I've enjoyed getting to know you all.  I hope you like the way I decided to end it.  The next story coming up is called Slave of Circumstance.  I'll be working on Collar Bound as well.  Even though I know CB is a sequel, I'm still feeling a bit sad about ending LB...LOL.  Thanks for reading you guys!

31. Collared by elyxer [Reviews - 9] (2372 words)
Here it is...the last chapter of LB. It's been wonderful and I appreciate all the support and encouragement.  I hope you like what I did with this chapter.  Hugs to you all.