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Justin and Brian have just announced their pregnancy to the family, much to the joy of many, and the aggravation of a few. Celebrate their ups and downs, their joys and sorrows and surprises, as they make their way through the last five months of pregnancy and their first days of being fathers.

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Published: January 02, 2018 Updated: March 22, 2020
Story Notes:

This is again vignette style, where I will be sharing daily snippets of their lives throughout the end of their pregnancy and the first year of fatherhood. Or at least, it's my goal to post daily. We'll see how viable that is.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

1. January 1 by Ashita [Reviews - 12] (1592 words)

2. January 2 by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (1444 words)

3. January 3 by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (1589 words)

4. January 4 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (1760 words)

5. January 4 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (2031 words)

This vignette actually went longer than I intended, (I've been trying to shoot for less than 2000 words a day, and preferably no more than 1500), but I can't seem to cut anymore from it. Hopefully it doesn't read too choppy considering all the hacking I had to do to even get it to this length.

6. January 4 (Part Three) by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (1317 words)

So, my beta pointed out that by putting the dates on the drabbles, it might be confusing for some as they would think that date on top matched up to the date of the events. I have since deleted them and will be editing those to reflect the appropriate timestamp of the universe, rather than what day I am on.

7. January 4 (Part Four) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (1543 words)

8. January 7 by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (1845 words)

9. January 9 by Ashita [Reviews - 8] (1804 words)

Okay, first off, I want to apologize for my absence; while I have been writing daily for this story, I had an internet issue that couldn't be resolved until today when the money became available. So, to make up for it, I will be posting two vignettes today, tomorrow and Sunday until I am caught up to date. Again, my apologies on the delay.

10. January 10 by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (2620 words)

11. January 11 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (1826 words)

I have to admit, everybody's comments made LOL when they realized I wasn't disclosing Sunbeam's sex. And, yes, you read that right; I won't be telling you the gender because I'm evil like that. However, I am not completely heartless; so, let's play a game. If you can guess the sex and the day Sunbeam is born, I will write you something. This offer is limited to completely new one-shots or vignettes or chapters for my existing stories. A few things to keep in mind if you are going to make a guess - Justin's due date is June 11; BUT he will NOT deliver on that date. I won't tell you if he will deliver early or late, but I will tell you that the birth sign will remain Gemini, so no worries on a too early birth. (While I might mess with the boys a bit by adding some stress and intrigue, I won't do that to them.) And, if you choose to guess on multiples (I'm sure someone will), make sure to give the gender of each and whether you think they will be fraternal or identical. The last part won't really play part in the game, but I'm curious what people would think. Lastly, you CAN make up to three guesses, but I will only take guesses up to the end of MAY story line wise; which may not match up to the current calendar year. Hopefully, this will keep people from killing me for being a brat and not telling you. On with the show!

12. January 12 by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (1624 words)

WARNING: Things take a bit of a creepy turn here.

13. January 13 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (2364 words)

14. January 13 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (2681 words)

15. January 15 by Ashita [Reviews - 10] (1994 words)

16. January 16 by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (2800 words)

So, I was told that a mild tissue warning might be needed for this vignette. Consider yourself warned.

17. January 17 by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (1860 words)

18. January 18 by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (1673 words)

19. January 19 by Ashita [Reviews - 11] (2342 words)

Just a quick FYI: I ate something that made me ill today, and due to that, haven't really been ab;e to do much writing. I did finish today's vignette, but just barely. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and will be able to get the next one out; but if I can't, then I'll apologize now and will get it up asap. Thanks for reading and for all the wonderful comments. I've enjoyed reading them and they definitely go a long way in encouraging the muse.

20. January 20 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (2320 words)

Thank you for the well wishes; I'm not sure that I'm all that happy that it's turned out to be the flu, rahter than food poisoning, as both suck. But at least I no longer feel like I'm dying. Just half dead. Hopefully this next vignette isn't too bad off considering I'm drugged up on flu meds. 

21. January 21 by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (2085 words)

22. January 22 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (2057 words)



23. January 23 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (2249 words)

24. January 24 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (2318 words)

I just noticed that link for the Due in June shirt was actually showing the maternity jeans again. Usually I double check my links after posting, but I got distracted last night and only checked the first two. It has since been fixed; sorry for the mix up. Also, I will be posting a Bonus vignette later tonight or tomorrow as well.


25. BONUS! (January 24) by Ashita [Reviews - 8] (3582 words)

Two for one today!

26. January 25 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (1694 words)

27. January 26 by Ashita [Reviews - 10] (2311 words)

28. January 27 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (2650 words)

29. January 28 by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (2608 words)

AN: Sorry to have been posting so late these past few days; I typically try to post around 7 p.m. PST, but lately I've just been busy with other things that usually eats into my typical writing time. Hopefully it will be better this coming week.

30. January 29 by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (3257 words)

AN: So, this isn't the vignette I was planning to write today; I made an outline when I first started this story, with a day by day listing of what I wanted to cover for the first two months. But what I planned on for today, no longer inspired me like it did over a month ago during planning. So, I scrapped it for another day and just wrote. And this was the result. I hope you like it.

31. January 30 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (1942 words)

32. January 31 by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (2285 words)

33. February 1 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (2695 words)

So, I'm not too happy with this chapter. I had a hard time getting into the right mindset for it, so I'm hoping it isn't to disjointed.

34. February 1 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (3543 words)

Something a bit more light-hearted for you today after yesterday's nastiness. Saturday from Brian's perspective.

35. February 2 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (2355 words)

My sincere apologies for getting this update out so late; it's been a really busy day between grocery shopping, cooking and prepping for the Superbowl madness tomorrow. I haven't had much time to write until now.

36. February 2 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (3569 words)

So, this is again much later, (much,much later), than I wanted to post. But Superbowl Sunday, parties and all that. What can you do? Also, on a random note, don't you just hate it when you cook all day for an event, and within thirty minutes of serving said food, it looks like a swarm of locusts has been through? Seriously, you couldn't draw it out for even another half hour just to make me feel better?

37. February 4 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (2907 words)

Um...please don't kill me for this. I promise to make it up to you and them.

38. February 4 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (2897 words)

39. February 6 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (4187 words)

The chapter that everyone has been waiting for...

40. February 7 by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (4094 words)

41. February 8 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (4043 words)

AN: Sorry for not posting yesterday, but it was a bitch of a day for me first with being worried because my mother went to the hospital because she was sick, (luckily, while pneumonia sucks, it wasn’t anything worse as she’s a nurse and is exposed to all kinds of nasty shit). Plus, I was having a rough time with the direction of this vignette as the focus kept getting away from me, and then on top of it, my back had been hurting all day. Finally, I just gave up and went to bed, deciding to finish today, along with today’s vignette. So, two new ones for you today!

42. February 9 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (3248 words)

43. February 9 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (3898 words)

Another two for one!

44. BONUS! (February 11) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (1693 words)

So, this was originally supposed to be the next vignette; but, then the scene with Lindsay came to me, and I just had to write it. But, I also didn't want to scrap this one either, so you get two today.

45. February 12 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (2044 words)

46. February 13 by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (2704 words)

47. February 14 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (2901 words)

I was hoping to get this up earlier, but real life got in the way. Happy Valentine's Day!

48. February 15 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (3251 words)

49. February 16 by Ashita [Reviews - 8] (3130 words)

50. February 17 by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (2267 words)

So, yesterday I tried to post, but for some reason my net was down. Tried everything on my side to get it up and working, but nothing. I waited until about 3 a.m. last night to see if it would come back up and when it was still down, I went to bed. Thankfully, it seems to be functioning again. So, you get two updates today and sorry you didn't get one yesterday.

51. February 18 by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (3934 words)

You might need to suspend belief just a little with this one.

52. February 19 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (3166 words)

53. February 20 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (3229 words)

54. February 21 by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (2201 words)

I was trying to write this from another POV, but it just wouldn't flow. So, you get another Brian POV today, which is why it's being posted so late. He was being stubbornly vocal today.

55. February 22 by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (2628 words)

56. February 23 by Ashita [Reviews - 3] (2858 words)

So, again I have to apologize for real life getting in the way of our fun. While I did have this post ready to go yesterday, one of my cats got sick and did a fantastic Linda Blair in The Exorcist re-enactment and I ended up dealing with a sick cat all night. So, you get two again today.

57. February 24 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (4504 words)

An extra long one for you today to make up for yesterday's lack.

58. February 25 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (1808 words)

So, I have a short one for you today, as it is once again from our stalker's POV; and wearing his skin, even for the short amount of time it takes me to write these POV's, makes my skin crawl. Especially this one. So...

WARNING: This may be disturbing; it took me forever to write as I had to keep stopping because my skin crawled due to some of his thoughts. But, if you can't get through that part, (you'll know it when you see it), please do read the end as it gives you a little more information about him.

59. February 26 by Ashita [Reviews - 3] (3014 words)

A bit of a late update today as I was working on my other story Bottoms Up! Which, thankfully, I finished the next chapter and it's now just waiting for my beta to be available for an edit. Yay! :) And now, onto the next installment of Britin...

60. February 27 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (2560 words)

61. February 28 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (3430 words)

62. March 1 by Ashita [Reviews - 8] (2628 words)

Just an FYI: I'll likely be late in posting over the next few days as RL is a pain in the ass right now. I'll try to do so as early as possible, but it likely won't be until midnight or so PST if things keep up the way they have. Thanks for reading and all of your support! :)

63. March 2 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (2967 words)

So, I wish I had a cool reason for missing my posting yesterday, but the truth is...I fell asleep. Yeah, I know. Sadly the night before I had only gotten about two hours of sleep and as a result, I barely made it through half of the vignette before passing out. So, two again today.

64. March 3 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (2021 words)

65. March 4 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (2109 words)

66. March 5 by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (3989 words)

67. March 6 by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (3634 words)

68. March 7 by Ashita [Reviews - 3] (2686 words)

69. March 8 by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (2827 words)

70. March 9 by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (3325 words)

71. March 10 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (3298 words)

72. March 11 by Ashita [Reviews - 7] (2372 words)

73. March 12 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (4078 words)

So, the good news is, while RL is still making it difficult to get any writing done earlier in the day, the issue that I thought would take me away for a couple of weeks is no longer an issue. So, you'll get your daily posts, but they may continue to be late for a while. Well, late in my head anyways. Thanks for hanging in there and to those who extended well wishes. You guys are awesome!

74. March 13 by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (2456 words)

So, again I have to apologize for my abrupt departure. On Tuesday evening, I developed a migraine, which lasted through early Thursday morning, and then I spent all of yesterday catching up on sleep due to it. As a result, I didn't write a damned thing until today. So, my plan is to write and post two vignettes today (which I did), tomorrow, and Sunday in the hope of catching up to my outline. Sorry for skipping out on you. And I hope you enjoy the next installments.

75. March 14 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (2474 words)

76. March 15 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 3] (3690 words)

So this is a really late post, or a really early post depending on your view. Insomnia sucks, and this took me a really freaking long time because both parts are much longer than my usual vignettes. But it was necessary as so much has happened.

77. March 15 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 3] (5636 words)

78. March 16 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (4394 words)

So, I was going to do two today (now yesterday), but I ended up plotting on this story with my beta for most of the day, just squaring away details and taking care of potential plot holes. So, I only have one for you. I'll do two tomorrow (now later today) and that will have me all caught up on the outline.

Also, this is dedicated to SandiD; Happy Belated Birthday! I hope this is everything you hoped for in a 'March 16' vignette. :)

79. March 18 by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (3597 words)

80. March 19 by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (3329 words)

FYI: I have edited and added a bit to the March 18 vignette if people want to go back and reread it.


81. March 20 by Ashita [Reviews - 3] (5086 words)

82. March 21 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (4609 words)

So, I actually had this done hours ago, and then just before I hit save, the computer went down and I lost all my edits and changes and I had to redo it all. As a result, it's not as good as the first time in my opinion, but hopefully it's still fun. :)

83. March 22 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (5128 words)

So, you'll notice there are a lot of links in this one; sorry about that. I just couldn't resist grabbing pictures when I was looking for all those good things to eat. It's the foodie in me; I have a culinary arts degree, so food is an important part of my life. :) Hopefully you'll enjoy the pics as well.

84. March 22 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (4891 words)

Finally edited it to the best of my ability. If you see any mistakes or typos, feel free to point them out to me. Thanks!

85. March 22 (Part Three) by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (7332 words)

Oh my God; this is a monster. I never even got to the part that I was stressing about yesterday; the one that had me putting off this update until today because this got so freaking long with just the gifts and the nursery reveal. So that part will have to wait until tomorrow.

86. March 22 (Part Four) by Ashita [Reviews - 8] (5093 words)

You know the drill; for every bit of sweet, there must be a bit of sour. In this case, it was a case of sour grapes that needed stomping. Hopefully, you won't kill me for ending the love fest.

87. March 22 (Part Five) by Ashita [Reviews - 8] (7993 words)

Sorry for the delay on this; but when it rains, it pours. I'll be honest; I ended up having a minor allergic reaction to something, and between the itching, which was exacerbated by the heat wave we're having, and the lingering grogginess from the Benedryl I've been taking, I just haven't been in the mood to write.

However, I do want to say on that last chapter – wow; I was expecting a reaction to it, but not quite the reaction I got. Thank you. I enjoyed each and every review and reading them really made my day despite how miserable I felt. It certainly made agonizing over that chapter, and worrying that I was taking Justin's verbal bitch slap a little too far, worth it. Now, onto the next part; bear with me as this day isn't over yet. I'm about to make some, if not all, of you very happy. ;)

88. The Aftermath (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (6526 words)

Another long one for you; I got tired of calling these March 22 (Part Whatever) and renamed the next few The Aftermath. But keep in mind, everything still falls on either March 22 or March 23 in the wee hours of the morning.

89. The Aftermath (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (5167 words)



90. March 23 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (8837 words)

Sorry for the delay on this installment. Due to RL events, I've had an exhausting few days that led me to falling asleep pretty much right after dinner, which is when I usually find time to write. I do want to remind people that updates (barring any unforeseen circumstances) will only be every other day on this story for its duration. This will allow me to spend time on Bottoms Up and a few other things in the works. On a plus note, this is the longest chapter to date for this story; and, while I'm not entirely happy with the first part as Brian was everywhere, hopefully it will make up for my absence. Thanks as always for your support!

91. March 23 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (5767 words)

92. March 24 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (5629 words)

So, I tried writing this installment all day yesterday; for hours I sat there and stared and wrote and rewrote the first four paragraphs and just couldn't get the vignette to flow. Finally at 3 a.m., I gave up and decided to try again in the morning. So today (or well, Friday) I scrapped it all, and made one minor change to the scene in the first paragraph. In the first attempt, I had Brian leaning against the rail and Justin sitting. My muse did not like that all and refused to cooperate. As soon as I had them sitting together, it all came together. I guess my muse was done with their fighting as much as I was. So, sorry for the delay and I hope you enjoy this one.

93. March 26 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (6041 words)

94. March 27 by Ashita [Reviews - 3] (5654 words)

WARNING: There is a flashback in this one that may make some squeamish as it discusses bull castration in detail. There is a reason for it, but some people might not care for that and I thought put up a warning. 

95. March 28 by Ashita [Reviews - 2] (6305 words)

I feel really bad that I haven't responded to reviews lately; but I figured, if it came down to responding to reviews or writing the next chapter of my stories, you'd prefer the latter. I'm going to try to respond to as many as possible tomorrow, however. But, do know that I appreciate all of the comments; they really make my day!

96. March 29 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (6459 words)

This one took me a while as I wasn't really sure where I wanted to take it until this afternoon (Sunday); hopefully it turned out okay despite the lack of direction.

97. March 29 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 3] (4802 words)

98. March 30 by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (3348 words)

This one is a bit smaller than they have been lately; mostly due to the fact that I had a second section planned, but cut for the next one as this seemed to come to an organic ending. Also, sorry for the lateness of this post; I had another idea come to me yesterday and needed to write it down in my potential story ideas before I lost it, and it wouldn't leave me alone until I did. The muse is a tenacious bitch.

99. March 31 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (5624 words)

Sorry for the delay in getting this chapter out; unfortunately, I was unexpectedly called away on business and I didn't have a chance to write anything for several days. And then, when I did get back, I had to catch up on things, so that set me back even further on my writing schedule. But I'm back now, and I will hopefully not have to disappear like that again for a while. Thanks for your continued support.

100. March 31 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (6213 words)

101. April 1 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (7032 words)

It seems that I need to apologize for the delay in getting a chapter out again; but between work stuff, home stuff and general life stuff, life got unexpectedly busy. On a positive note, I'm hoping to have an update for you tomorrow as well as I have been busting my ass on these two chapters. 

102. April 2 by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (6091 words)

First, Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the moms out there. :) Second, I tried to get this out soon, but RL is still cutting into my writing time; which is also why I haven't had the time to respond to reviews. So, let me take this time to say I appreciate all of your comments and I will address them once things slow down again. And I hope this entry makes up for the delay in posting.

103. April 3 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 4] (5760 words)

Sorry for the delay again, but RL continues to be a pain; on a positive note, it's looking like things will start to calm again once I make it through this week. Or at least, I hope it does as I've been functioning on only about two hours of sleep per night for the past three nights. I really need sleep. 

FYI, this chapter is going be split in two; I didn't plan for this two-parter, but unfortunately it kept growing and growing and growing, and the next thing I knew I was over nine thousand words and I'm not even done. So, I hope to have the second part up for you tomorrow as it is mostly written; if not that, then for sure the day after. 

Again, thanks to all that continue to read and support this story despite my sporadic posting the past month or so. 

104. April 3 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (6401 words)

105. April 4 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (7010 words)

Okay, I'm finally posting this monster. First off, for those who missed the notes I made on the Facebook message boards, (either because you aren't part of the board, or the site doesn't have one), I apologize for the delay in getting this chapter out. This particular POV has always been difficult for me to write from the beginning as I just find the characters thoughts repugnant; but then to write over seven thousand words from that POV is...I don't have the words. I had to take frequent breaks in order to get this out because I honestly felt ill to my stomach due to some of the stalkers thoughts. So, as always, a warning for a repugnant person being an unfeeling, repugnant person. And once again, please forgive me for the delay.

106. April 4 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 3] (7732 words)

Okay first off, I wanted to apologize for my disappearance to those who aren't on the boards and thus still have no idea why I disappeared. Unfortunately, I unexpectedly had technical issues that didn't get resolved until last Friday. But I am back and still working on this story.

Secondly, for those who did see the message - sorry, but it took me an additional week to get stuff into the computer. I really wanted to post last Sunday, but what an you do.

Third, I have recently checked my schedule and this story will now be posting on Sundays and Wednesdays as I'm really busy at this point in time. I would love to do it more often, but at this time, I can't commit to more than that and still work on my other stuff.

Fourth, this part is unbeta'd as my betas went to bed before I was done; hopefully I'll have the beta'd version up tomorrow.

And finally, as always, thanks for your support and I hope you continue to enjoy the story. 

107. April 5 (Part One) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (3735 words)

So, this chapter is on the short side as I cut it in half. Sadly, an old back injury has decided to flare up the past two days and it makes sitting for any length of time uncomfortable. But I also wanted to get something out today, hence the half chapter since I came to a decent ending place. I'll post the rest on Sunday.

108. April 5 (Part Two) by Ashita [Reviews - 6] (5925 words)

My apologies for the delay in getting this next chapter up. Unfortunately, I am still dealing with health issues and it means that I haven't really been up to writing very much. I'm hoping that I'll be more up to writing as time goes on, but I do want say that I can't guarantee a posting schedule at this point due to these lingering issues. But, I did want to say I haven't abandoned the fic and I do plan to continue to work on it as time allows. Also, this chapter is not beta'd as mine are MIA at the moment and I really wanted to get this out asap. Please do forgive an errors and feel free to point any out. Again, sorry for the long delay in getting this out and I hope you enjoy this next installment. It is very flashback heavy, but people were wanting some history on Justin and Brian's relationship. And thank you for your continued support.

109. April 6 by Ashita [Reviews - 5] (8195 words)

I was hoping to get this up earlier; unfortunately, my first chemo teatment is tomorrow (or really later today Monday]) and I've been busy cleaning the house and preparing for the visit just in case I end up feeling ill afterr it. Nonetheless, here it is and hopefully you'll enjoy it despite the long hiatus.

110. April 7 by Ashita [Reviews - 9] (9422 words)

I meant to get this out earlier, before my chemo treatment; but life got in the way. So, I'm posting this in celebration of my final chemo treatment instead. :)