Midnight Whispers
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Brian Kinney’s life wasn’t supposed to end so soon, but on that fateful night, everything changed in a split second.


Rated: NC-18
Categories: FEATURED STORY, QAF-U.S. FICTION, Alternate Universe, Angst, Brian/Justin, Drama, Romance, Suspense Characters: Ben, Blake, Brian, Carl, Daphne, Debbie, Emmett, Gus, Hunter, Jennifer Taylor, Jim Stockwell, Justin, Lindsay, Melanie, Michael, Original Character(s), Ted
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Published: September 06, 2017 Updated: October 06, 2018
Story Notes:

* Canon divergent (season 3) *

Warning: This is not a death fic, although it’s dark, angsty, and suspenseful - with a large dose of romance as well as a sprinkling of humor.

And, oh yes, did I say it’s dark? Read at your own peril!


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1. Chapter 1 - The night Brian Kinney disappears by Alois [Reviews - 3] (2887 words)

* This fic simply wouldn't exist without Karynn, aka eureka1. She's been essential ever since I started working on this, and is making my writing so much better. Most of all, she is an amazing person. I love you, dear half brain *

2. Chapter 2 - The photograph by Alois [Reviews - 6] (4213 words)

* As always, my eternal gratitude to my wonderful beta, Karynn *

The story continues...six years later. :) 

3. Chapter 3 - Lakevallée by Alois [Reviews - 10] (4995 words)

* I'm worshipping my beta. You didn't notice already, I'm sure *

This chapter introduces the real setting of this story, as well as multiple characters. Is Brian one of them? 

4. Chapter 4 - And so it begins by Alois [Reviews - 11] (4074 words)

* As always, I want to thank my beta for being so awesome *

Justin meets a few people in Lakevallée. Will he meet Liam?

5. Chapter 5 - First lesson at Dove Point by Alois [Reviews - 11] (5021 words)

* As always, thank you Karynn for bearing with me. *

Liam and Justin spend some time together.

6. Chapter 6 - Trying to make sense of it all by Alois [Reviews - 8] (4772 words)

** As always, a huge shout out to Karynn for helping me with this story, and to the readers, for sharing their thoughts with me **

(the chapter is named after one of my favorite fic, by Kachefolen. If you haven't read it yet, you definitely should)

7. Chapter 7 - Rendez-vous at the chalet by Alois [Reviews - 8] (5005 words)

* Again, a huge thanks to my beta for editing this chapter with me (it was a tough one to write, and Karynn is truly the most patient beta ever for bearing with my constant changes). Also, my deepest gratitude to the readers for their encouragement *

8. Chapter 8 - You can stay here by Alois [Reviews - 5] (4135 words)

* Karynn, you're the best *

A new update a little earlier than usual, although they might slow down soon. Thank you for reading.

9. Chapter 9 - The truth is out by Alois [Reviews - 10] (4811 words)

* My endless gratitude to my friend and beta Karynn *

10. Chapter 10 - I should never have left you by Alois [Reviews - 5] (4603 words)

Edited, as always, by the extraordinary eureka1 :) 

11. Chapter 11 - Taking a step back by Alois [Reviews - 0] (4596 words)

* As always, a huge shout out to my beta Karynn *

12. Chapter 12 - A first time by Alois [Reviews - 3] (4632 words)

* Chapter edited by my wonderful beta Karynn (eureka1). Brainstorming can be a lot of fun for this kind of story, and she has been essential to improve the plot. Thank you my friend *

Notes: I have troubles editing the chapters on MW for some reason . I'm not sure you can read in bigger font for instance. And since I made updates on Word, the font are changing. I will try to fix it.

13. Chapter 13 - Not giving up by Alois [Reviews - 0] (4475 words)

* As always, all my gratitude goes to my beta, Karynn *

14. Chapter 14 - A souvenir by Alois [Reviews - 0] (3540 words)

* Many thanks, as always, to my wonderful beta *

For your information, I've decided to post all the chapters I have already shared in a private doc with some of the readers. So there will be lots of updates for the next week or so. Then, the updates will be slower (about once a week).

Thank you for reading. Reviews are deeply appreciated.

15. Chapter 15 - Colors by Alois [Reviews - 0] (3851 words)

With permission of the admins, I'm posting the following information: I’ve created a FB group to interact with the readers of my stories. If you’re interested in joining me, contact me via my name on FB - Alois Dfr - or directly in the group  «  Queer as Folk - Alois fanfiction ».

 * And of course, you know by now that my beta is fantastic. She really is. *

16. Chapter 16 - One last time by Alois [Reviews - 0] (4480 words)

* My many thanks to my dear half brain, Karynn *

I added titles to the chapters since I realized some readers might have skipped a chapter with my crazy updates. I hope it can help you find where you left off in an easier way.

Some of you might have been * ahem * waiting for this particular chapter... Enjoy!

17. Chapter 17 - Hello, Pittsburgh by Alois [Reviews - 0] (4537 words)

* As usual, this chapter wouldn't be what it is without my prodigious beta (I'm trying to come up with new adjectives to describe her since amazing, wonderful, marvelous, are not egough. Never enough. *

18. Chapter 18 - A shocking discovery by Alois [Reviews - 0] (3851 words)

* Yes, I know I'm repeating myself. But a beta's work is underrated. Thank you Karynn *

19. Chapter 19 - The letter by Alois [Reviews - 0] (3447 words)

* My eternal gratitude to my beta, whose support and help to brainstorm has once again been essential for all the revelations that are coming *

20. Chapter 20 - Jason’s testimony by Alois [Reviews - 0] (3481 words)

* Have I told you lately that my beta is prodigious? :D *

Warning: In case violence is a trigger for you, please be aware that the next three chapters contain graphic depictions of violence.

21. Chapter 21 - The game is almost over by Alois [Reviews - 0] (3941 words)

* My deepest gratitude to Karynn, for supporting me, laughing with me, debating on every little details with me, and being the awesome person she is *

22. Chapter 22 - Everything is going to be okay by Alois [Reviews - 0] (5459 words)

* my beta has again helped me more than I can say on this *

And again, in case violence is a trigger for you, be aware that this chapter contain graphic depictions of violence.

23. Chapter 23 - Waiting for better days by Alois [Reviews - 0] (4002 words)

* My beta is a goddess at editing *

Thank you all for your amazing support on the last chapters. You're the best! 

24. Chapter 24 - Breaking news by Alois [Reviews - 0] (4214 words)

* a huge shout out and hug to my beta Karynn. I hope you feel better soon <3 *

25. Chapter 25 - Together by Alois [Reviews - 0] (4374 words)

* My eternal gratitude to my wonderful beta Karynn *

26. Chapter 26 - Father and son by Alois [Reviews - 0] (4117 words)

* My eternal gratitude to the most wonderful beta ever. I'm such a lucky girl *

27. Chapter 27 - Always be here by Alois [Reviews - 0] (4664 words)

* my eternal gratitude to my half-brain Karynn *

28. Chapter 28 - The trial by Alois [Reviews - 0] (5779 words)

** as always, I want to thank my wonderful beta for editing this as soon as she could. **

I said this would be the last update, but I realized I needed one more chapter, so, this is it :) I hope to have the epilogue up soon, but RL is really overwhelming lately, so it might take a little while. 

29. Epilogue by Alois [Reviews - 0] (3053 words)