; The Holiday Engagement by Galesgal
Midnight Whispers
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It's Christmas and Biran is expected by his family to bring home his new boyfriend. The thing is they broke up.   So his best friend Justin decides to do him a little favor.  The thing is Justin has a few secrets of his own.   Read a cute a funny story on how they fall in love at Christmas. 

This story was meant to be posted at Christmas but i didn't because i had a lot of stories here already.   I was told folks still wanted to read it so here it is.

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Published: April 03, 2017 Updated: June 15, 2017
Story Notes:

Galesgal would like her readers to know that she currently has some health issues.  She will update the story as soon as she is able to get back to writing.  5/24/2017 

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