Midnight Whispers
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Every time I look at her, I want to cry as I am so happy for her.  Not everyone in the family knows how much she wanted to have Faal’s baby and how devastated she was when it didn’t happen.


“Sweetie.  Can you just look…”  I trail off, watching her stroke her bump as she cooks and smiles.  I clear my throat and she looks up.


“Tell anyone and I’ll let Claude loose in your wardrobe.”  She gives me a menacing look.


“Your secret is safe with me senorita.”  I tell her, scooting behind and letting her lean back as I peer over her shoulder.  “Okay what is that?”


She reaches for a piece of bread and scoops it into something that definitely has cheese in it, then turns around so she can feed it to me before slathering a huge hunk for herself and almost purring.


“Oh my God, delicious.  So what is it?”


“Queso fundido.  Or spicy cheese dip with chorizo.  Seems that Bubble is okay with that.  So what did you want?”


She fights with herself to have another slice.  “No... going to be good.”  She sighs.


“Should I worry?”


The playful tones of Faal come from the door and he’s with Brian and Justin.  The latter immediately zeros in on the pan.  Within seconds, he’s got a plate in his lap and sharing with Brian, who despite his malevolent look at Zee is demolishing it with zeal.


“In answer to your question Faal, I wanted to go through the menu for next weekend.”


“Ooh goody!”  Justin mumbles round the last of the bread.  “Do we get to taste beforehand?”


I catch the pleading look from Brian and shake my head.  “Tasting goes to Kiki, Millie, Bernie, Arnold and Harold.”


“But…”  Justin protests.


“They helped us too so they get to taste.”  I reply firmly and he sits back, only pouting slightly.  “So Madam Chef, the menu...  I think it should be broken up.  First part canapés, the auction and then a sit down.”


There are nods of approval and we all try to hide our smiles as Zee pads back unconsciously tapping on her stomach.  She settles between Faal’s legs at the other end of the extra-large sofa we just had to purchase according to him.


“Okay, so canapés: cheese and onion empanadas, Louisiana crab cakes, rainbow spring rolls and mini steak and ale pies.  Obviously there will be…”


“Uh is that all?”  Faal asks incredulously.  “That’s all the canapés we’re having?”


I don’t look at Zee.


“Yes.”  She replies coolly.


“But…”  Justin looks aghast.


“Oh you clever devil!”  Brian chuckles and repositions Justin.  “How strong are the cocktails?”


“I can’t drink and love to live vicariously through others.  How strong do you think?”  Zee replies.


“So what’s the mop-up-the-booze menu?”  Faal shakes his head grinning.


“Well obviously once the payments have cleared we will serve…monkey Bubble cheese bread with smoky sauce, super-green pea and spinach soup or pan fried soup dumplings with pork as a starter.  For main, it will be mac and cheese with beef ragu, flat iron chicken with green sauce and all the fixings or vegetable curry.  For dessert, it will be chocolate, booze or fruit based…chocolate and pistachio babka buns, whisky and rye waffles and boozy clementines.”


“Stop it baby!”  I chide Justin as he turns on his full sunshine smile and batting his eyes.


Brian leans down and whispers in his ear and he just stares at him.  “Yeah I will do it twice with no break.”


“They can taste.  No problem.”  Justin tells me firmly.








I still can’t believe what happened today.  I am still a bit sore but I loved every minute.  I’ve been in for about an hour after babysitting, yes babysitting, Gus and Jenny…when Gus called me grandpop. I almost cried.


I was surprised to get the call from Mel this morning as she was supposed to be off but got called in for an emergency hearing. So as well as looking after the kids, I was also tasked with sorting out Butch and Sundance.  Jenny and Gus are still being privately tutored; I still can’t believe what they did. Lindsay is totally her mother.


The morning was spent doing their school work in lightning speed. They are so smart! The rest of the day was spent on Liberty Avenue, dirt biking, walking the dogs and finally prepping dinner for Mel and Leda.  Despite their begging, I had to go home so I could have a bath and ease my sore muscles.  I also had to soothe my ego after I face planted off of the bike.  It went one way while I went the other.


I chuckle at the memory as I go to answer the door and it’s Nancy but before I can stop her she’s made her way inside.


“What do you want Nancy?”  I demand.


“I have been trying to get hold of you all day!”  She folds her arms and stares at me.  “Well where have you been?”


“You need to leave.”  I tell her firmly and she looks incredulous.


“Ronald!  Lindsay has been jailed for 4 years and that can be…”


“Extended if she can’t repay Talon Kho, I know.”


“You know?!  So what are you going to do about it?”


“Nothing.”  I reply calmly, knowing she won’t be.


“Nothing!  What do you mean nothing?!  She will have to serve more time if she can’t pay her!”


“Then that’s Lindsay’s problem and if you are stupid enough to try to solve it, then it’s yours too.  Now I would like…”


The door knocking again surprises us both.   “Open the door Nancy since you’re nearer.”  I order.


My jaw drops as Talon enters.  I recover in time to face the purple fury that is Nancy’s countenance.


“Well you certainly didn’t waste your time!”  She hisses before turning back to Talon.  “A piece of advice for you young lady…”


“I don’t need any advice from whoever the hell you are.  Ronald, I heard about your face plant, are you okay?  I know Gus promised to delete the video but we got his phone off him.”  She giggles as she scrutinises my face. “So here’s the other thing...  Lindsay’s debt has been paid so I thought I would let you know.”


I’m astounded and Nancy turns to me, beaming in relief.


“Oh Ronald…”


“How?  What happened?”  I can’t understand.


“Zee and Faal now own her debt so she will have to deal with them.  In four years or if she’s a really good girl, a little earlier.”


The strangled noise from Nancy has me standing on my foot.


“And of course, they will be fair and kind; exactly the same way she was to them.”  She turns around at the sound of excited yipping.


“Rocky, Bullwinkle smooches!”  She orders and Nancy presses herself against the wall as they bamboozle their way indoors.


“Down!”  I laugh as I find myself covered in Dobermanns.


“We’re flying back tomorrow so this is goodbye for now.”  Talon smiles at me as she helps the boys off me.  “And I couldn’t leave without letting these guys say goodbye after you spoilt them so much in such a short time.  You’ve got to come over to Canada. You’ll love what we’ve done to Rexdale.”


I dust myself down and hug Talon goodbye and can’t help the smile on my face as she leaves.


It is immediately wiped off my face as Nancy glares at me.  “So who was that?”  She demands.


“Who do you think Nancy?  That was Talon.”  I sigh.


“Oh I see.”  She sneers.  “What did she mean about Rexdale?  Isn’t that Lindsay’s house?  And how…”


“Nancy!”  She starts at my sharp tone and I take my chance.  Grabbing her arm, I haul her to the door, open it and push her outside.  “You want to deal with Lindsay and her fuck ups that’s down to you, but I don’t.  I told you before, I’m done and I meant it.  Now go away and don’t come back!”


I slam the door hard and I feel, as Jenny says, no pain.






I’m convinced that nobody is going to turn up!  We’re auctioning here before the place is cleared down and we eat on the stage.  How Brian and Faal got this agreed, I don’t know.


“Kiki!”  Bernie almost shakes me.  “People are coming!”


“They’re not!”  I whimper and wring my hands.


“No!  They really are!  Look!”


I look to the door as people stream in, chattering excitedly.  Costino Waiters flit about handing out cocktails.


“Now come on let’s get this started!”  She giggles, tugging me towards the throng.


An hour later, people are sitting holding their paddles excitedly. I had to remove a prom dress that Bernie and Millie missed…cough-cough!


“Ladies and gentlemen!”  Faal’s voice booms across the room.  “We will now start the auction in aid of the Vic Grassi Foundation! I present our auctioneer Mr Brian Taylor-Kinney!”


I knew that the clothing would be modelled but not by whom.  People laugh and joke as The Family struts across the stage, twirling and goofing around.  For three hours, there’s robust bidding and good natured arguing as people fight for pieces. By the end of it, I know we raised a lot but not how much.


“Ladies and gentlemen!”  Brian silences the crowd.   “As you know, this money is going to be going to the Vic Grassi Foundation and it is my great pleasure to let his sister, my-my mother and the Queen of Liberty Avenue announce the amount.”


Debs comes tearfully to the stage. She takes a breath and smiles.  “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much! Through your generosity, we’ve raised over $200K!”


The cheers are deafening and she struggles to get herself heard so Zee steps up and the whistle into the microphone silences everyone immediately.


“Jeez!”  Debs winces.  “Next time warn a girl!  Now ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served!”


Two hours later, we are making our way back home all grinning happily.






Mel, Gus, Charles and Solomon are in the office with Ted sorting out Vic’s foundation.  I’m startled by the door knocking and smile at the arrival of Rodney. He doesn’t say anything about Lilah being wrapped round my neck and I point him in the direction of the office.  Gus and Debs insisted that he be one of the board members.


I head to the lounge and shake my head watching in amusement as Faal, Ben and Drew move the extra-large sofa under Justin and Emmy Lou’s contradictory instruction.  The moment my bombshell sat down I knew he would be ordering one.


“Brian, can you please take him somewhere so that I can get this lounge set up the way it should be?”  Emmy Lou gripes, folding his arms.


“But this is my…”  Justin gripes back but I cut him off with a kiss.  


“Leave them to it twat and come with me.”


I take his hand pulling him into our bathroom.  “Brian.  Why are….mmm!”


He groans as I stick my tongue down his throat.  Ten minutes later, he’s gripping my shirt and whimpering.  I smirk at his slightly dazed expression.


“Alice is going to need a taster I’m sure.”  I murmur and do up his pants.


He just nods and wobbles to the kitchen and I head back to the lounge.  As usual, Emmy Lou has achieved perfection and is fluffing the cushions having adjusted the vase with our wedding flowers in the bay window. Emily and Francine send us a vase every month.


“Hey Emmy Lou.”  He turns, grinning at me.  “Thank you.”


“Oh sweetie my pleasure, I love organising your furniture.  You have such exquisite…”


“No. For hitting him. Thank you.”  I clear my throat.  “You’ve always had Justin’s back.   Always and…”  I trail off as he wraps his arms around me.


“….and I always had yours. You got me through the Ted mess. You’re one of my best friends Kinney-Taylor…don’t fuck that up.”


“As if Honeycutt.”  I give him a hug back and head to the cart.


“Don’t call me Honeycutt.”  He giggles.


“Lunch’s being served!”  Alice yells.


As we make our way into the dining room, I smile at the bustle and chatter of my family.  Lilah yowls impatiently at me to sit down so she can have her salmon…just for a starter.


Justin and I grin at each other as Zee glowers poor Zeus into silence when she puts a second slice of salmon on her plate.


“We’re free.  I mean it, we’re really free. He can’t hurt us anymore.”  I whisper.




I never thought in a million years that I would be thanking that man for this.  But if he hadn’t fucked up so badly then we would never have made friends with them.  I squeeze Faal’s hand under the table and hope that Brian is right.


“I wish to raise our glasses to freedom!”


“To freedom!”  They all yell back.


“I don’t see what everyone is worried about.”  Papa Bear sighs.  “It’s not as if Brian is going to do anything stupid.  Come on family, let’s just live our lives happy!”


And that’s exactly what we did…


…I had an adorable little girl, called Deborah Jennifer Carla.  It took awhile for her grandparents to work out that we had named her after them. So naturally she’s called DJ Carla…thanks of course to Jenny.


Hunter and Matt finally got to take Millie and Liddie home and they are, of course, spoilt rotten and Storm was swiftly done…Faal didn’t speak to me for a whole 2 hours when he found out.

Justin’s show was, naturally, a great success and even better his and Brian’s surrogate gave birth to Megan. She’s a combination of the two of them, having Justin’s smile and Brian’s eye colour.


Jenny did really well in her internship and all fears that she would be picked on because of her youth and the fact she was using him as a subject matter in her dissertation were allayed and she made some great friends.


We had a fantastic 2 years during which I made a suggestion while drunk, never thinking he would do it.  But a drunk Taylor-Kinney is an extra-competitive Taylor-Kinney so he did and that’s when we got the call that Tank was going in.  But we may be too late…




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So this is the end for now.  They will be back.

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