Midnight Whispers
QAF Brian and Justin Fanfiction







The thing that woke me is the scream.  Immediately I look for Justin but he is equally surprised.  We leap out of bed and run to the landing and are almost run over by Faal charging to their bedroom.


“Lig!  Lig!”  He shouts from the door.  “Wake up now!  Wake up!”


Zee sits bolt upright and gulps in air.  She runs her hand shakily through her hair and Faal turns on the light.  “Faal?”  She croaks.  “What the hell happened?”


“Jesus!”  He sighs and pulls her shaking form into his arms.  “You must have rolled onto your back.”  He strokes her hair as her breathing starts to regulate.  “Sorry guys, when she sleeps on her back she has bad dreams and only turning her over or shouting her awake stops it.”


“With Brian, it was my side of the bed.”  Justin smiles sadly. I sit down and pull him into my lap and he rests his head on my shoulder.  “Until I got better, he couldn’t sleep on that side.”


“I couldn’t?”  I look incredulous.  “I remember not being able to sleep well for a while but not why.”  He wraps the blanket around us.


“Which is why we spoon.”  Zee chuckles weakly.  “The times I’ve clobbered him when I’ve rolled over.”


“You guys can go back to bed, she’s fine.”  Faal reassures us and we start to head out.  “Guys!  Blanket!”


“Sorry!”  Justin giggles and throws it back at them and we walk back to our bedroom stripping our boxers off on the way.  It’s nice to hear Zee laugh.






As we spoon together, he pulls me tighter to him.  “Tomorrow is going to be tough.”


I nod and wait for him to continue. Filling in the silence sometimes puts him off.  “But I think we should be in court when Grady says what he says, not in the suite.  What do you think?”


“Me too.”  I sigh in relief.  “George is right.  The moment he thinks we won’t be around, he gets arrogant and says or does things that he wouldn’t normally do in front of you...not me, Brian, you.  Because at the end of the day, he still wants you.”


“Well he can’t fucking have me.  You’re it for me.”


“Good.”  I turn over in his arms, entwining our legs and tucking my head under his chin.  “You were it for me then and you always will be.”


The kiss on the top of my head was felt all the way down to my toes.








I watch Tank smirking at me.  I can’t wait to file my report which will wipe the smile off his face.


I look at the schedule for today and frown.  Grady Holster?  What the hell is he going to tell them?  I try and think back to what we could have discussed and apart from the money aspect, I can’t think of anything.


“Novotny out!”  Tank orders as the cell door rolls back. He snorts as I gather my papers.


“You keep just racking them up, don’t you?”  I snark, remembering what Zee said to me once.


“Seriously, you don’t have the anything to carry that off.”  Tank scoffs and chuckles behind me.


I walk through the doors and as usual I look to their side, fully expecting Boy Wonder to have used his ass to have persuaded Brian to not be here today. So I come to surprised halt when I spot them coming in to sit right behind their attorneys.


“Move Novotny.”  Tank orders but I keep still.  I want to add to his litany of charges and this time, I will have witnesses.


“Mr Novotny?  Would you like some help?”  A voice calls out and I’m surprised when Ronald Peterson approaches me with his hand outstretched. “I’d have thought you’d know the way by now.”


I glare at him and try to pass him but he grabs my hand, linking our arms.  “This way.  You see you sit here in the place of humiliation and guilt.  Have fun.”


He then pats my head and goes back to sit down to applause.


Melville comes in and looks around as the applause peters out.  “What did I miss?”


“Ronald working it like a boss!”  Someone shouts out.


Tank leans over and whispers in my ear.  “Now that’s how you do it.”




This man is highly dislikeable but looks so innocuous.  I note the way they are sitting so that Brian and Justin can only be seen from the front and that’s only by the jury.  That is going to infuriate him.


“All rise for Judge Paal.”


I hear Novotny grumble and my hand itches to slap a bitch.  He takes a beat or two afterwards to stand like he’s winning something or other.


“You may be seated.  Defense will start.”


Now that takes me by surprise and of course he looks smug.


“I call back to the stand…”  He pauses and leans against the stand.  He grimaces when he looks across and realises what he can’t see.  “Justin Taylor-Kinney.”




I wait for him to settle down and smirk.  “So why did you leave Brian around the time I got that punch?”


“Because he gave me the choice.  I chose wrongly.”


I roll my eyes.  “How did your affair end?”


“He cheated on me.  And I got Brian back by stalking him and presenting my case as to why he should take me back, before you ask.”


I snort and shake my head.  “In other words you…”


“Careful counsel.”  Judge Paal interrupts.


“At the end of the day Mr Novotny you and I, in fact the whole Avenue, know that Brian doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do.  If he didn’t want me in his life at all, I’d be you.  Although I’d handle the rejection with a lot more maturity and within the confines of the law.” He says.


“As I have repeatedly said, I was given the items and…”


“Objection, he’s counsel not the defendant at the moment.”  HB drawls.


“Sustained.  Remember which role you are playing.  If you wish to be the defendant; end the cross and take the stand.”


I take a deep breath and go back to my papers and can’t think of anything else to ask him.


“No further questions, your honour.”


“Prosecution to cross.”


“No your honour.”


“Right to recall?”


“No your honour.”  HB replies and I look at him in surprise.


“Mr Novotny?”  Judge Paal looks at me.  “Do you wish to recall the witness?”


“Uh no your honour.”


I sit down and try to work out what they are doing.




That hamster in his head must be exhausted!


“I call to the stand Grady Holster.”


When we first got the call from his attorney, we were surprised and even more so when he wanted to do it without a request for sentence reduction. The only thing he wanted was not to have to make a statement first.


Novotny is just frowning and for once, he’s going through his papers. I guess he’s trying to figure out what Holster’s going to say. To be honest, so are we.


“Mr Holster, how do you know the defendant?”


“We connected when he moved to New York after being deported from Canada with Lindsay Peterson.  Luther Stark reached out to them to assist in getting their case results reversed because he wanted to get back at his daughter Zaden Ugerstacht.”


“I see.  Continue.”


“Obviously because of Mr Stark’s wealth, he had them investigated.  He found nothing about Ms Peterson that wasn’t already known but for Mr Novotny, he found out a couple of things that were, let’s say unpleasant. Strangely, it earned him Mr Stark’s admiration for his enterprising nature.”


Okay here we go.


Novotny sits up and a sweat breaks out on his brow.  He’s almost poised to leap up.


“And what would those be?”


“He was in contact with the guy Justin Taylor-Kinney had the affair with just before he got married in an effort to get them to reconnect.”


“Silence in court!”  Judge Paal glares around the room and Novotny starts to make furious notes.


“Can you provide evidence of this?”


“Yes.  My attorney has a copy of the emails.  The guy wasn’t interested and told him to stop bothering him.  And my attorney also has a copy of the stuff relating to the other things.”


“Bothering him?”


“Yes, it seems he had tried to persuade a Mr Gold before when Justin Taylor-Kinney was in New York.  It was during the last year of him living there.”


“What’s the other things you mentioned?”


Holster shifts in his seat and grimaces.  “As well as the extortion idea, for it was his suggestion that Lindsay and he have a child, after he tried to engineer the pregnancy between myself and Lindsay.  He was a regular on some websites…”


“Objection!  Relevance!”


“The court needs to know what the witness is going to say although it’s clear Mr Novotny does.”


“Overruled.  The witness is to answer.”


“There are some websites that collect memorabilia from…”


“Objection!  What does my former collection have to do with this?”  Novotny looks a bit more relaxed.


For the first time ever, I find myself agreeing with Novotny.  I’m beginning to think we’ve been had.


“If I could finish...”  Holster growls.  “Your honour, this has nothing to do with his collectibles.”


“Get there quickly Mr Holster.”  Judge Paal orders after the nod from Supreme Justice Conway.


“The memorabilia sites are for people who have proven pieces relating to famous people…”


I’m getting a very bad feeling about this!


He swallows hard.  “…who were either injured or have died.  And he had made enquiries some years back about selling a couple of the items that he stole.”


“And who did he make enquiries about?”


“Justin Taylor-Kinney.  It was after their comic partnership was dissolved.  He offered the notepad and…and the scarf to a site but they rejected him on the basis that he wasn’t famous enough at the time.”


You could hear a pin drop.


I walk back to our side and look at Brian and Justin.  “Nothing surprises us anymore.”  Brian sighs.  “We’re fine.”  He plants a gentle kiss on Justin’s lips and although pale, he nods too.


“Mr Holster, why have you come here with this?”


He smiles wryly.  “I’m a deadbeat dad.  I fucked him twice…worst sex ever…I cheated on Lindsay.  And I’m a fraudster.  But when I read about what he did and it clicked to whom he had done some of the worse things against, I had to do something. I do have my moments of integrity.”


“Thank you.  Your witness.”


Novotny is too shell-shocked to say anything and just shakes his head.


“Witness is dismissed.  To be recalled?”


“No your honour.”  I reply and again Novotny just shakes his head.


“I call to the stand Michael Charles Novotny.”  I demand and turn to get my paperwork.


Out of the corner of my eye, I see a flash of lime green go by and there’s a thud and a squeal of pain.  I whirl around to see Emmett being hauled off of Novotny, his fists still swinging and feet trying to stamp.


“One more!”  He roars.  “Just one more fucking punch!”


“CLEAR THE COURT!  CLEAR THE COURT!”  Judge Paal yells at the top of her lungs as the gavel was having no effect.


After ten minutes, the court is cleared and we are all standing outside the courtroom, looking silently and incredulously at Emmett, who is examining his nails.


A police officer starts to approach him but he’s stopped by Carl.  “Let me bring him down.  Please?”  The officer nods and backs off.


“Ladies and gentlemen!”  Malcolm yells.  “Due to previous actions, we will be moved to Courtroom 2.  This is not as large as Courtroom 1 and therefore it will be counsel and family only.”


The groan of disappointment ripples through the crowd.


“I’m sure Kiki will catch you up.  So let’s go people!”






Holy mother of fuck, this is incredible!  And not in a good way!  As we retake our seats, I try not to laugh at the state of Novotny’s face.


He’s got the beginnings of two black eyes and a fat lip.  He’s been checked by the medics and they don’t see a problem with him continuing but I’m pretty sure he will.


I spot Malcolm talking to the foreman and frown as he nods vigorously.


“Your honour, Supreme Justice, a word in your chambers please?”






I knew this would happen!  Sometimes you get a case and this is it.


“They want to go to verdict.”


“Wait a minute.  Let me just get Supreme Justice Rausch.”


Judge Paal tells me and is about to go out when Justice Rausch comes in.  “They want to go to verdict, right?”


I nod.


“So what do I do?”  Judge Paal almost wails.  This has been tough on her.


“End this.  Enough is enough.”  Supreme Justice Conway says.  “Go to verdict.”






I’m so glad this is almost over!


“Ladies and gentlemen of the court, the jury is going to consider their verdict.”


“What?!”  Novotny and Charles both shout.


“Silence!”  I bang my gavel hard.  “The jury is excused.  As is customary, we will wait ten minutes and then dismiss the court.”


Novotny’s eyes never leave the door as the minutes tick by and it looks like we will be back tomorrow.


“Judge Paal, they’re ready.”  Malcolm comes in and the jury follows.


“The defendant will rise.”


Novotny stands and the foreman clears his throat.


“We, the jury, find Michael Charles Novotny guilty of the premeditated thefts from Deborah Horvath, Brian Taylor-Kinney and Justin Taylor-Kinney…”


He’s interrupted by an enormous roar from outside the door.  Jenny runs back and shushes them before returning to her seat with a small smile.


“We also find him guilty of will tampering in the estate of Victor Grassi, profiteering and attempting profiteering.”


“I wasn’t charged with that!”  Novotny yells.


“Silence!”  I snap and turn back to the foreman.  “Is this the decision of you all?”


“Yes your honour.  There were no dissenters.”


“Thank you, Mr Foreman.  The jury is dismissed and sentencing will be passed after lunch.  Court is adjourned for an hour!”


“All rise.”  Malcolm demands with a small smile of relief.




We head to the carpark and I’m surprised at how quiet everyone is.  I think we’re all in shock.


“Did you worry when they wanted to go to verdict?”  I ask Uncle Charles.


“Not really.  We knew he was guilty but it was the premeditation that we wanted and he kept bludgeoning that he was given it.”


I look to the coach and grandma is sobbing in grandpa’s arms and everyone is studiously ignoring it.  


“Auntie Ems!”  I cry and dash to him, relieved that he’s not in jail.  “What happened?”


“I broke a couple of nails and bruised my knuckles.  I need a manicure.”  He inspects his hands again.


“Auntie Ems!”  I glare at him.  “Dish!”


“Common assault due to mitigating circumstances.  Pay a fine.  No record.”  He smiles in relief.


“Thank God for that.”  Uncle Drew sighs.  “Now you and I need to go have a meeting on the 3rd floor.”  He pulls him back into the building.






Guilty!  Seriously?!  I look up across at Grady, who is smirking at me.  “Why?”  I call out, wincing at the pain in my lip.


“I was under oath so I told the truth.  What you were trying to do was nasty.  How could you even think of doing that?”


I roll my eyes.  “Oh for fuck sake!  It’s just things.  It’s not as if they missed them.  If it wasn’t for Talentless and Zaden, nobody would ever have known.”


“And that makes it okay for you?”  He looks incredulous.


“He already had a good fucking life!  He didn’t have to come in and take what was going to be mine!”  I yell.  “All he had to do was fuck off afterwards but no... he had to keep coming back!”


“As you keep telling people, Brian doesn’t do what he doesn’t want to do.  And he didn’t want to do you, so you punished him for it.”


I gape at him as he come closer to the bars.


“And that’s what this has been about… punishing them for not doing what you want.  You’re pathetic!  But at least you, like me, are going to pay.”


“No.”  I smirk.  “Unlike you, I’m going to appeal and win.”


“Yeah, like you won the last time!”  He laughs.


“Holster out!”  A voice I recognise calls out.


“Officer No-Name!”  I sneer.  “What a delight to see you.”


“Let’s go Holster.”  He completely ignores me and leads him out.




As I’m led into the back of the van, I look at Zee and notice her pregnancy. Surprisingly, I don’t feel any jealousy.  After all the shit I put her through, it was the least I could do. I lean back in my seat and smile at the irony.






I am relieved that Supreme Justice Rausch is doing the sentencing.  As Novotny stands up, he looks surprised and then looks across to their side.




I fix him with a cold stare.  “Michael Charles Novotny, you have been found guilty of will tampering, theft, profiteering and attempted profiteering and you will now be sentenced.”


“Your honour, before you start, I would like to tell you that I fully intend to appeal this and all previous sentences handed down.” He smirks.


“You can’t.”  I retort.  “The previous sentences stand and there will be no appeal process with this one as it was adjudicated during the process and found to be fair and just, despite your best efforts.”


He goes pale, mouth dropping open and he wobbles a bit.


“So I shall now proceed with the sentencing.  For the profiteering and attempted profiteering, you are sentenced to 3 years.  For the will tampering, you are sentenced to 2 years. For the thefts, you are sentenced to 5 years for the thefts from Deborah Horvath; 15 years for the thefts from Brian and Justin Taylor-Kinney, all to be served consecutively. This is on top of the previously handed down 17 and a half years, already ordered to be served consecutively.  Therefore, the totality of the sentence from the State of Pennsylvania is 40 and a half years. The severity of the sentencing reflects the premeditation and malicious intent. It also reflects the lack of remorse as well as the emotional distress caused to your victims.”


“But…”  He begins weakly.


“Do not interrupt!”  I bark.  “You will now be transferred to the State of New York, where you will be put on trial for the assault of Lindsay Peterson. It is there that you will serve out this sentence followed by any sentence laid down by the State of New York.”


The looks of incredulity and relief around the court make me smile inside.  “Before you are taken away, is there a victim statement?”


There is a moment of conferring and Justin Taylor-Kinney steps forward.  “Rot in hell.”


He steps back into the arms of his husband and I want to wrap this up quickly as he’s shaking so much.  Luckily, Novotny can’t see that.


“Take him away.”  I order.


It’s only when Tank starts to pull his arms behind his back that the reality hits him.


“No!  How is Brian going to visit me?!  Brian!  Do something!”  His ear-splitting screech pierces every set of ears within the courtroom, and quite possibly beyond it.


“Remove him quickly!”  I order and try to hide the smirk as Tank hoists him, still struggling, over his shoulder and strides out.


“Ladies and gentlemen.  Court is dismissed.”


The family files out in complete silence.






“Where are we headed?”  I ask.


“Home!”  Brian calls out his voice thick and holding a sobbing Justin.  “Just get us home.”


“Yes sir!”


An hour later, we’re back at Britin but unfortunately the press is there.  “Fuck!”  I hiss.


“We’ve got this.”  Ted calls out and goes to speak to the press. Miraculously, they part and both coaches go through without a single flashing light.


As we get them in, I spot Cynthia and Ted striding to the gates.


“Let me help you Mr K.”  Vince says quietly and picks Justin up and takes him in the house. Jennifer and Zeus get behind Mr K and help him in.






I open the door to Millie, Bernie, Arnold and Harold.  Ronald had called them.  “Where are they?”  Millie whispers, heading to the kitchen.  “Should we order food?”


“Please.”  I’m startled when Alice comes in.  “The last thing…”  She trails off.


“Nakama?”  Ronald asks.  “Gus and Jenny say it’s one of their favourites.”


“Yes it is.”   I sniffle and Millie immediately sweeps me into her arms.


“How’s Debs holding up?”  Bernie asks.  “Where is she?”


“Pouring drinks.  All cried out, passed anger and now at acceptance.”  Carl replies smiling.


“Did I hear right about Emmy?”  Bernie asks and Carl starts to chuckle.


“Seriously, never heard that voice before.”  He calls out over his shoulder pointing out items from the menu for Ronald.


“So is it over?”  I ask.


“Well there’s the matter of Lindsay’s assault trial.  I’m pretty sure she’s going to make that a tiny bit difficult for him.”


“And the money that he owes me.”  Ronald adds.  “I served him in New York so he’d have to pay there or if he can’t, time can be added on.”


“It can?”  I gasp.


“It can indeed.”  Harold laughs.


“So?”  Justin’s voice surprises us as does the grin on his face.  “We’re going right?”


“You bet that beautiful bubble butt we are!”  Brian growls in his ear before kissing him soundly.  



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