Midnight Whispers
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I feel so sorry for her. She’s right, she does have zeppelins on her chest.  Naturally, she’s blaming my genetics as she didn’t have them with Matt. It doesn’t help that everyone is staring at her.  But on her slight frame, even with my shirt, they are noticeable!


“Faal, Vince wants to talk to you.”  Brian hands me his phone and walks away with a smirk.


“Hey.  Uh yeah.  Really?   Are you serious?  Okay I’ll try that.”  I find Brian and hand him his phone and then whisper in his ear.


“Okay people let’s go!”  He orders and within minutes the house is empty.


I head upstairs and find her staring in the mirror.  “Seriously Bubble, can we just dial them back a notch?”  She mutters.


“They’ve all gone.”  She looks surprised and relieved.  “Need some help?”


“No, I’m good thanks. You’ve helped enough.”  She grins before lying on the bed.  “Not being able to see my feet because of my stomach is one thing. Not being able to because of my boobs is unacceptable!”


“Tender?” I ask and she nods and closes her eyes. Seconds later, her eyes fly open and she gasps.


“Faal, what are you doing?”


“Giving you relief.” I cover her mouth with mine and continue to stroke her breasts then open her shirt.  “A friend told me that this will help.”


“Faal, just...”


I push aside the lace of her bra and suck on her nipple, lashing my tongue across the flesh.


“Faal…”  She whimpers.  “Oh God!  Yes like that, just like that!”


I release her with a soft pop.  “Good?”


“Stop again and I will kill you.”  She groans.


I reach behind her and unclip her bra, then take her shirt. Taking the lacy material with it, I clear the bed.


“So beautiful.”  I mutter before taking her nipple back into my mouth and sucking hard. She arches and almost snatches me bald.


“Faal!  Don’t stop, it…feels…ohmygod…oh!”


She sinks back into the bed as I lash and suckle one breast, gently kneading and squeezing the other. She’s writhing under my ministrations trying to find something…anything to grab hold of.  But there’s nothing. All I want my darling lig to do is feel.


“Ooh fuck!  Faal, I’m…I’m…oh God!”  She yells and then bucks hard.  “Holy mother of…oh!”


I’ve seen her come before but nothing like this. To come from boob touching alone was as sexy as hell. I hold her until she gets her breath back.


“You need to pay the person who told you to do that a million dollars!”  She giggles and turns on her side, resting our hands on Bubble.


“A million dollars and the dry cleaning bill.” I smirk and cover us up before pulling her back into my chest and wait.


“You came in your pants?”


“Oh yeah.”  I laugh and then yawn.


“You’re the best, you know that right?”


“As are you.”  I kiss her shoulder and after a few minutes, we are sound asleep.








Today’s the day.  I have done my walk through to make sure that everything is set.  Supreme Justices Conway and Rausch have been watching the videos from yesterday with Supreme Justice Rudd. He’s from New York, and judging by the happy expression on Justice Rausch’s face, they’ve been given the all clear.


“Ready Malcolm?”  Supreme Justice Conway asks and looks into the corridor. “There’s quite a crowd.”


“The Avenue protects, right Malcolm?” Judge Paal remarks from her desk as she puts out her papers.


“Right your honour.”  I look up the corridor as it goes quiet.  “The family is coming.”


“Come on, let’s let them get settled and then let the rest in.”  I order. It’s not often I get to order judges around but when I can, I take advantage.


“Alright Bossy Boots.”  Supreme Justice Conway chuckles and leads them out.


I watch Debs settle down. This is going to be a tough day for her. The family has taken up six rows. People have crammed into every row, except the one directly behind him. They don’t want to be associated with him, I guess.


Tank pokes his head in and I nod. Novotny’s brought in and for reasons, best known to himself, he looks around the room and smirks.


No buddy, they ain’t here for you the way you think they are!


I wait for Supreme Justice Conway to take his seat and he adjusts his glasses then clears his throat.




I open the door and nod at Judge Paal and she nods back.


“All rise for Judge Paal!”  I order.


“Please be seated.”  She looks round the courtroom and sighs.  “Mr Novotny, please may I have your statement?” He hands it to me and I hand it to her. Then he waits.  “Yes, Mr Novotny?”


“I thought I would be reading it.”  He replies.


“Not necessarily.” She glares at him as he still stands there.  “Mr Novotny, you might need to sit down.”


“Actually, no I don’t.” He smirks at her.  “I have the right as counsel to read my statement. So I am exercising that right.”


She looks at him hard; it seems someone has been studying.  “Fine, Mr Novotny, read your statement.”  She hands it back to him directly, with a smile. He frowns as he takes it back and goes to sit down.


“Ladies and gentlemen of the court, today sees the start of the cross examination of Michael Charles Novotny. As is his right as counsel, he wishes to read the statement himself.  So Mr Novotny, the floor is yours.”


Novotny stands up and turns to face the jury.  “Working within the strict and unfair confines of the direction of the court, I explain my actions thusly: Yes in a moment of emotional weakness, I took the items from those people but with regards to the items removed with his permission from Brian Kinney’s apartment, he told me to take them. He most probably doesn’t remember because he was high at the time. He did a lot of drugs. The scarf, especially, he pointed out needed to be taken because it reminded him of a slightly disappointing time of his life. All other items were taken with the intention of returning of them. I, however, was wary of returning them when Zaden and Faal Ugerstacht came into our lives and turned Brian’s head.”


The courtroom is silent.  Supreme Justice Conway is mouthing what the fuck?


“Are you done, Mr Novotny?”  Judge Paal asks as the silence continues.


“Yes your honour.”  He smirks again and sits down.


“Defence to start.”


“I call to the stand Hunter Stark.”  He sneers and all I want to do is punch him!




I watch my former son make his way out of the seats. He pauses to speak to Jenny and whatever she says to him, earns him a hug and laughter.  I wait for him to be sworn in.


“What was that about?”  I demand.


“Family business. Which you are no longer a part of.”  He replies coldly.


“Your honour.”  I sigh.  “Please direct the witness to answer the question.”


“Mr Stark was anything that was said relevant to the case?”


“No your honour.”


“Then the answer is no, Mr Novotny.”  She replies brusquely.  “Proceed with your cross asking relevant questions.”


I notice the smirks from their side of the room and scowl.  “Why did you feel the need to investigate my garage?”


“Talon thought you were holding out on her after she had your former toys valued while you were in New York.”


I didn’t know that and I gape at him.  “She had my collectibles valued?  How much are they worth?”


“I can’t remember. I know that it was a lot.”  He smirks and I know he knows.


“Your honour…”


“And once again, they are no longer yours so their worth doesn’t concern you. She’s sold them anyway.”


“What?!”  I shriek.  “She had…”


“Mr Novotny!”  Judge Paal barks.


“But your honour, they were mine…”


“Finally you’re with the rest of us. They were yours; they aren’t any longer.  Move on!”


I huff an annoyed breath and turn back to Hunter. “So what right did you have to let them in my garage? It was a private…”


“As the owner of the company, I have the obligation, not right, as a law abiding citizen to advise the authorities when there is a suspicion of wrongdoing. Coincidentally, the guy who valued your collection recognised it and remembered selling you the car for $5K more than he bought it for.”


“Riley? This is his fault!”  I snap.


“So it was him that cashed in the insurance policy by fraudulently signing dad’s signature, was it?”  Hunter growls.


“I had his POA for…”


“Medical purposes, not to buy a fucking car!”  Hunter shouts. “Where did you get the extra money from? You weren’t working, so where did you get it from?”


“I ask the questions, you don’t.”  I rebuke him.


“Then do so or dismiss!”  Judge Paal orders.


“No further questions.  Your witness.”


I start to look through my papers making sure that it’s not there and it doesn’t seem to be.


“MR NOVOTNY!”  Judge Paal yells, banging her gavel.


I whip my head up and look at her.


“Take the stand!”


“But I’ve not finished…”


“Take the stand now!”  She orders.


I get up resentfully and take my papers with me. “Mr Novotny, return the paperwork to your desk. You don’t need it.”




“Return the papers Mr Novotny. No other witness has had them; you are no different.”


I slam them down and hiss as the pain of bashing my fingers on the table radiates up my arm.




“Mr Novotny, are you okay? You seem to have hurt yourself just then.”


“I’m fine.  What do I call you?”  He sneers at me.  “Are you a judge now or an attorney?”


“An attorney so the ‘your honour’ is not necessary but politeness is.” I reply calmly.  “Now let us begin. That was an interesting statement you made but let me continue where Mr Stark left off.”




“Where did you get the money from?”


“I had residual cash from my store and…”


“Do you know what a forensic accountant is?” He frowns and shakes his head.  “It’s an accountant who delves deep into a business or personal accounts of an individual to get down the bare bones of the accounts. And do you know what we found out about your business?”


He shakes his head again.


“Nothing.”  I reply with a smile and he relaxes…big mistake.


“Who paid your mortgage for the store?”


“Ben helped me for a while before I took on the loan from Brian.”  He smirks in the direction of Justin, who just stares back at him, unmoved.


“How much was your mortgage payment?”


“I don’t have the store anymore; why are you asking about it?”  He demands.


“Answer the question Mr Novotny.”  Judge Paal orders.


“$400 or thereabouts.”  He replies, starting to shift in the seat.


“And how much was Mr Bruckner paying of that?”


“Almost all of it.”  He grudgingly admits.


“For how long?”


“Almost three years until I took on the loan, which he was not happy about and…”


I take up a piece of paper and smile inwardly. “Your mortgage payment was $200. So for three years, you were pocketing $200 a month, which is $7200 in total. I call the court’s attention to exhibit 4J, which I suspect was what you were trying to find earlier. And that answers Mr Stark’s question as to where you got the extra money from, correct?”


He glares at me but nods. “You need to say yes or no, Mr Novotny.” Judge Paal orders.


“Yes fine!”  He snaps.


“Jesus fucking Christ Michael!”  A voice calls out, which surprisingly wasn’t Ben. It was Carl.


“Silence in court!”


“Let’s move on to the thefts.  When did you start stealing from your mother?”


“I didn’t steal. I merely took what was going to be mine and…”


“If, as you say, you were going to return them, why didn’t you?”


“As I said in my statement, I was afraid of…”


“That, and I use this word loosely, fear applies to the items stolen from Brian Kinney as you made clear. Why didn’t you return the items you stole from your mother and Mr Stark?”




“How much is the watch worth?”


“I don’t know. Ben got it for him.  Why not ask him?”  He snarks.


“Because I am asking you. It’s a TAG so it would cost a lot of money.  Did you resent that?”


“No. What Ben spent his money on is his business and what I spent Ben’s money…”  His mouth snaps shut.


“Interesting.” I smile. “For the benefit of the court, at the time Mr. Bruckner gave it to Mr Stark it cost $300 but because it is vintage, it has increased in value and is now worth conservatively $1400.”


There’s a gasp around the court and I look back at our side and take a breath. “It’s a shame that it’s damaged.”  My heart sinks as I know that I’m going to hurt Ben and Hunter.


“There’s nothing…”  He starts.


“The inscription had been scratched out. And since Hunter lost the watch that could not have happened whilst it was in his possession.  So how was it damaged?”




“Mr Novotny, how was the inscription removed.”


“I don’t know.”  He mutters.


“Yes, let’s go with that. Now onto to the loft theft at the start of the relationship of Mr Kinney and Mr Taylor.  Why did you take the items?”


“As I said, Brian asked me to take them and…”


“I draw the court’s attention to item 4K. This is the list that was found on your spreadsheet Mr Novotny. Here is your copy. Can you tell the court what this is?”


I hand him the piece of paper and as he reads down the list, he’s going paler and paler.


“Mr Novotny.  What is that?”


“A list that you obviously made…”


“When was the list last modified according to the date on the paper?”


“2009 but you could’ve…”


“No, Mr Novotny, we could not.  You sold an item of Mr Kinney’s in 2009. What was it?”


“I-I don’t know.”


“It’s on the paper, Mr Novotny.  Read it aloud for the court.”  Judge Paal orders.


“A picture.” He mumbles.


“Of?”  I prompt.


“Himsasababy.”  He mumbles.


“One more time so the court can understand.”  I demand.


“Him as a baby.”  He repeats.


“Who’s him?”




I turn and look at Brian. Although he is stunned, he doesn’t react other than to look at Justin and rest their foreheads together. I look back at Novotny and he’s scowling.


“So you took that after the initial burglary and the death of his father. I understand from familial sources that this is the only picture he has of him and his father…”


“His father abused him daily. Why the fuck would he want it? And like I said in my statement, he…”


“Was high when he told you to take them.  Even if that was true, which it isn’t, what gave you the right to sell them?”


“I…well…he…um.  Like I said, he was high and…well, it’s done now.”  He snarks.


“Not quite.” I smirk at him. Oh, I’m going to enjoy this. “It took a bit of digging. Remember that forensic accountant I mentioned earlier? Well, he has managed to find every single person that you sold stuff to. Although some of them haven’t kept the items you sold, the person who bought that particular photo did and he has returned it.”


There is a choking gasp and I know that it came from Brian. There’s murmuring from our side and it doesn’t take a genius to realise, judging by Novotny’s face, that he’s being comforted by everyone.


I look at Judge Paal and then at Supreme Justice Conway. “Court is in recess. We reconvene in an hour.  Remove the defendant and the court; counsel and victims to remain.”


“But I’m counsel too!”  Novotny argues and Judge Paal smiles at him.


“No Mr Novotny, you are not. Clearly you only read so far. As of the moment you took the stand, you are the defendant and until prosecution brings in another witness, you are only the defendant. Take him away.”


We wait until he is gone and I look perplexed at both judges.


“Mr and Mr Taylor-Kinney, are you able to remain in court?”  Judge Paal asks.  “I suspect that this is not going to get easier for you and should you wish to leave, I would understand.”


“We want to stay but want to go as well.  If you see what I mean?” Justin tries to explain.


“If I may make a suggestion?” Malcolm clears his throat and we nod. “How about they watch from the recording centre? That way they can scream, shout and swear to get it out of their system. Most importantly though, he doesn’t get what he wants, which is a reaction from them?”


Supreme Justices Rausch and Rudd choose that moment to enter. “I think that’s an excellent idea. Rausch, what do you think?”


“This is why Malcolm is the go-to bailiff.”  Supreme Justice Rausch grins at him.


“Are you absolutely sure he’s not imbalanced?”  Brian asks tiredly.


“We’re sure.” Judge Paal, sighs.  “Everything he’s done, he’s done on purpose.  Now go and have something to eat, grab some fresh air or something.  The rest of the day is going to be tough.”


“Mr and Mr Taylor-Kinney, will the meeting room on the 3rd floor be occupied anytime soon?”  Judge Rausch grins.


Brian and Justin exchange looks before shaking their heads. “Does everyone know what we do up there?  But the answer to the question is no, not today.”  Brian replies with a smirk.


“Fine. I understand. Now if you could all excuse me, I think I can squeeze in a quick afternoon delight!”  Judge Rausch chuckles and heads out texting on his phone.


For a few minutes, there is stunned silence before Jenny giggles. “Eww old people sex!  And I have to give him my dissertation!”


“I suggest gloves.”  Brian remarks dryly and within seconds the room is filled with laughter.



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