Midnight Whispers
QAF Brian and Justin Fanfiction







"Martha?"  How nice.  And how did you meet?"


"Not Martha, Mark."


"Mark? What kind of name is Mark for a woman?"  I can't quite understand this.  Must be a French thing.


"A man's name.  I'm married to a man."


"A ma...a -a wait I don't...but you hate my son!"  I whisper hoarsely.  "You tried to kill him!"


"I didn't hate him I envied him."  He stands up and puts his jacket back on.  "He was so brave even then.  Something he obviously never go from you.  Goodbye Mr Taylor.  Don't contact me again."


I grab his wrist tightly.  "You're father must be so ashamed of you!"  I snarl quietly.  "The shame you have brought on the family name!"


"The only shame sentence I got for trying to kill your son.  I would let go if I were you."  He growls at me his eyes cold.


"Does your Mark know about your past?"  I drop his wrist.  "I've got no problem telling him, in fact I could tell the world about you and..."


"Do that."  He replies calmly.


"I will expose you for the..."


"Mr Taylor.  My dad is dead, we buried him two months ago.  The only reason you managed to catch me here is because I was shutting down the house and will be heading back to Paris, where I live to be happy away from here."  He pulls his sleeves back down.  "As I said goodbye Mr Taylor.


He leaves without a backward glance.


I gulp down the rest of my drink and try to steady my nerves.  I cast a look round to see if anyone witnessed the altercation and it seems not and Jennifer still has her back to me.  I signal the waiter and settle the bill and head to my car sick to my stomach.


"May I be put through to Luther Stark?  Yes, Craig Taylor, of course it's urgent!"  I drum my fingers in impatience.


"Luther I managed to get hold of Hobbs, he's going to be no use to us, as he's gay too!  What do you mean no matter, what about our agreement?  Oh, oh I see.  Okay, no problem.  I can definitely do that."


I smile and take a deep breath.  The next thing I need to do is find out when its next opening is.  I'll arrange a nice little welcoming party.








Mark kisses me sweetly on the lips.  "Hey!  How are you, how was lunch with him?  Did he..."


"Awful and no he didn't?"  I sigh.  "Is there any wine open?"


"Here."  Mark hands me a glass of red.  "Did you expect anything else?  You tried to kill his son and..."


"He wanted me to psychologically finish the job."  I interrupt him.


He just blinks at me.  "Psychologically finish the...I don't understand why would he want you to do this?"


"I didn't stick around long enough to find out.  I thought that he wanted an apology but no...and he mentioned a friend."


"You must try and speak to him before we go!"  Mark stands up and heads to the computer.


"I'm not getting back in touch with him!"


"Not him, Justin.  Come we must find an address or something, you have to apologise and to warn him.  That is the only way."


I sigh and drain the rest of my glass, he's right of course.   When I first told him about my past he dumped me straight away and wouldn't take my calls for a year but then I followed him to France and he forgave me I can only hope that Taylor and Kinney can do the same.








"Where the fuck is it!"  I stamp my feet in frustration.  I hate it when Brian tidies up, he puts stuff in the most ridiculous of places!


"Is there a reason that half my closet is on the bed and you're on the verge of a queen out?"


"Two reasons.  One I just wish they would make their move already and two I'm looking for the photo album..."


"What album? The one of our wedding?  You know you're putting these back in the exact order in which you found them?"  He indicates the clothing.


"No not that album that album, you know the one that has the pictures in it?"


"At the risk of a Queen Princess meltdown what are you..."


"Queen Princess Meltdown?!  Are you kidding me with that right now!  Now help me look for it, have you been tidying again!"


"JUSTIN!"  I snap my head round and immediately my anger dissipates.  "Come here baby."


He carefully moves his suits and I crawl into his lap.  "I just want the fight to start..."


"I know but they need to make their move.  Until then there is nothing we can do?  Now what album are you talking about and why is it so important?"


"Remember the trip to P-Town about six years ago?"


"Oh yeah that was hot."  He massages my skull and I feel myself relaxing.


"Well those pictures, I have, as Zee would say, a burr about it and I just want to check something."


"Toy Room."  He replies kissing my ear.  I gape at him.  "Well where else would I put it?"


"Come on my anally retentive gorgeous husband!"  I tug him along to the Toy Room.




"Okay so where did you put it?"  Our room is filled with every sex toy imaginable and pride of place are the toys made by Zee.  And the new ones have swirls!


"Photo albums are here.  P-Town, P-Town, aha here you go!"  He hands it to me and I settle down on the bed and flick through it quickly and then gasp.


"Oh fuck!  Brian what do you remember about P-Town?"


"It was hot and we got seriously ripped on the trail mix.  Oh and the orgy in one of the rooms, it was called Light and Dark...now that was hot.  And oh we fucked that guy.  Well I fucked you and you fucked him.  Why?"


I gulp and show him the picture.  "I thought there was something about Zee that I liked..."


He takes a minute to scrutinise the picture.  "Oh Christ.  You fucked Zeon!"


"You helped!"


"How did I help?!"


"If you weren't piling into me I wouldn't have been piling into him!"


I begin to pace back and forth.


"What are we going to do?  We can't tell Zee!"  I wail and then am pissed when he starts to laugh!


"Brian!  It's NOT funny!  We have to fix this!"


"Justin it's not as if we can go back and un-fuck him, it's done.  What's the problem?  It's just sex..."


"With her brother!  Their dad is already after us what do you think is going to happen when he finds out..."


I pick up a pillow and start bashing him with it as he's rolling round the bed with tears running down his face holding his sides.  Ten minutes later he's stopped laughing and I've stopped hitting and am brushing the hair out of his eyes.


"QPM?"  I kiss him softly, he nods and grins again.


"But I do agree that we should at least let him know.  Though I do feel slightly slighted that he doesn't seem to remember us!  We're awesome!"


"Brian!"  I thump him with the pillow again.








I have had lunch with Lindsay Peterson and Michael Novotny and I think she and Grady would make an interesting couple.  It will stick in Zee's craw something good. From what she's said about the run-ins they've had, Zee was feeling threatened.  Though I am beyond pissed that she's got a plane and I haven't!


She would also come in handy to add some polish to Talon.  I'm not sure what I can do with the Novotny character, who turns up to a business meeting in a cartoon character tee and sneakers?  But they come as a pair.


Speaking of polish, I've been trying to get hold of Xanthe still but so far no luck, so I'm going to surprise my lady and turn up tomorrow at her offices, she should be over her snit by then.


"Malachy, Lindsay, Michael, apologies but I really do need to leave for my flight.  Let me know when the review is."  I nod at Malachy and smile at Lindsay and Michael.  "You're in good hands.  Now, remember when you finish here, you go to that address and make yourselves at home.  You hear?"


"Mr Stark...I mean Luther...thank you once more."  Lindsay gushes and Michael grins at me.


"It's the least I can do after all the trouble my daughter has caused you.  Now I really must dash."




I have been looking through the files ever since he contacted me.


"So Ms Peterson, Mr Novotny.  Can you tell me why you want these reviewed and retried?"


"Because we didn't win and..."


"Pardon?  Uh Mr Novotny can you repeat that."  I'm pretty sure he did not just say that.


"We didn't win."  He replies slowly and I have to resist the temptation to laugh.


"Okay, apart from that."


"That's it."


He responds folding his arms and rolling his eyes at Ms Peterson as if I'm the idiot in the room and she has the nerve to smile back.


I lean back in my chair and sigh.  "Mr Novotny, if I went to the board with this reason we would be at the back of a very long queue.  What I mean is was there anything that your lawyer did?  Did his misrepresent you for example?  Did you feel the judges were biased against you for any reason?"


"Well they kept sending me to jail for contempt and..."


"They?  And what's this contempt there's nothing noted in here?"  I look through the documentation again and nope nothing about contempt.


"Yes you see..."  Ms Peterson interrupts and explains all.


When they have finished I just stare at them, take a breath and stare again.


"Okay, what I'm going to do is let Mr Stark tell you the news once I get it.  Now I've got another appointment, so thank you."


"No thank you Mr Steadman, thank you.  Come on Michael.  Oh one more thing; about the lawyer who represented us can we report him too?"


I flick through the paperwork and on seeing his name nod.  "Yes leave that with me too.  Now goodbye."


I sink back into my chair and toss the files in the bottom of the drawer and relish the sound of it clanging shut with the force of my kick.  Then I make a call.






I look round the room it is huge and opulent.  Michael is in his element, we're currently trying to decide who gets which room out of the four king sized rooms here.


"Right first things first we need to get our stuff from Canada delivered here.  And..."


"Oh can you imagine how cool my collectibles will look in that lower office..."


"Uh Michael I don't think that would be a good..."


"You said that once we have a base I could..."


"Yes I know that but I meant a permanent based.  Let's just get our stuff here.  You call the letting agents and let them know we're giving them notice to quit, I'm going to dive into the hot tub!"




I watch Lindsay skip out and feel a little put out. I don't see why I can't have my collectibles out, he said make yourself at home.  Sighing I call the agency.


"Hello, yes this is Michael Novotny, formerly of Rexdale Avenue.  This is...uh yes I said formerly, we now live in New York.  Yes I mean as of now.  Look we've moved out but we need to come back and...you can?  Oh that's even better!  Great let's do that!  So our new address is..."


Twenty minutes later I yell through the bathroom door.  "Lindz the agents are all sorted!"








"Good afternoon sir how may I help you?"


I smile my best smile at the lady.  "Yes, I would like to meet with Ms Xanthe Collier."


"Do you have an appointment?"


"No, it's a surprise visit.  I'm..."


"She is overseas at present.  I'm sorry sir."


Overseas!  Over-fucking-seas!  I smile at her again.  "Can you tell me where she is, you see I've travelled a..."


"I'm sorry we cannot give that information out for obvious reasons, perhaps you should have called first."


"I did call."  I almost growl at her, causing her to narrow her eyes.  I immediately soften my tone.  "But unfortunately, I couldn't get through."


"Oh, maybe there is a problem with the system that I haven't heard of.  May I have your name please?"  She at least has lost the annoyed expression.


My best smile is out again.  "Stark, Luther Stark."  I adjust my tie and wait.


"Ah I see, yes I see."  She replies looking at the screen.  "Adam!  Could you show Mr Stark out of the building and if he attempts to come back in call the police.  Mr Stark au revoir."


I'm about to say something to her when I feel a hand on my shoulder, I turn to face Adam.


"I don't need your help!"  I snap shaking off his guiding hand.


Once I get outside I dump the flowers in the trash and want to scream with frustration at not being able to get the last word!






Justin and I look at each other and try not to laugh at the expression on Ted's face.


"Z-Z-Zeon as in Zaden's twin brother?!"  He squeaks.


We nod and he shakes his head.  "Why is this funny to you again?"


"Oh come on Ted..."  Justin grins at him as he starts to pace.


"It's just sex..."  I begin my reasoning.


"Which you metaphorically had with his wife."  Ted takes a swig of water.  "And by he; I mean, Faal.  A very protective as in he carries a gun, at all times, when it comes to her, Faal.   Because you know you tell her she'll tell him."


Suddenly it's not funny anymore and I didn't think it was possible for Justin to go that colour.


"Mr Taylor-Kinney, Mr Taylor-Kinney your 1100 is here."  Shala's voice comes over the intercom.


"T-thank you.  Give us a few minutes and we'll be in conference room 1?"  Justin replies.


"Uh Ted when you said..."  Justin begins


"The only time he takes it off is at home.  She's his everything."


"How do you know that?"  I ask.


"He never takes his jacket off when we're out.  So one day I asked him why."






The moment I saw him I knew, I just knew.  But I wasn't quick enough to stop him.


"Brian!"  Justin screamed at him as his fist landed firmly in the stomach of Chris Hobbs.


"Security!"  Brian bellows.  Immediately Frank and Austin burst through.


"Brian!  You've played right into their hands!"  Justin is yelling as Brian grabs Hobbs by the back of his shirt hauling him upright.


"Get Justin out!  Ted get him out!  What the fuck are you doing in MY FUCKING BUILDING?"  He roars into his face.


"Mr Taylor if you could persuade your husband to release my husband we can explain our presence here!"


Okay clearly I'm in an alternate universe, because the other guy, who I had completely forgotten about was here just said husband!


"Mr Taylor-Kinney..." Frank begins.


"It's okay.  We're fine but can you remain."  I tell him.  "Brian let him go!  Let him go!"


Reluctantly he does so and Hobbs crumples to the floor.  The other guy is immediately by his side.


Brian is taking heaving breaths and his eyes are almost black but he maintains a towering presence over Hobbs and blocks Justin from his view.


"Husband?  You said husband?"  I demand of the other guy.


"Yes.  My name in Mark Delphine.  And..."


"Do you know what he did?"  Brian snarls.


"Yes.  I know."  He replies quietly.


"So maybe I should bust you in the gut too!"


"No!  Please!  Please listen!"


"Listen why should..."


"Brian."  Justin's voice immediately calms him down, it's like air being sucked out of a balloon and he pulls him into his arms.  "I want to hear what he has to say."


"I'm sorry."  Hobbs manages to groan out.


"Well as Aunt Dee would say, you're a day late and a few fucking dollars short!"  Brian snarls.


"I know.  But...I was so jealous of you.  You were, are, so brave and sure and you didn't care.  And when you virtually outed me on Liberty Avenue and then kissed at the prom I knew you knew and I was so scared.  I would lose everything..."


"So killing the man I love was the answer for you!"


Only Justin tightening his hold kept him from smacking Hobbs again.  And my heart broke for Brian, how he must have suffered and we thought he didn't care.


"Yes at the time that was the answer for me.  And I regretted it every day.  Even more when you didn't kill me when you had the chance and..."


"Kill you?"  I question.


"Explain later."  Brian cuts me off.


"So what's this?  Reverse psychology?  We're supposed to become friends and then you and my sperm donor sucker punch me again.  Hearing how he celebrated your sentencing was a particular joy!"


"We fly back to Paris on Sunday, so you will never hear from me again.  I know it's not much but...when I met him I taped the conversation so if, if I can send it to someone..."


Frank clears his throat.  "Send it to me.  Give me..."


"I want to hear it first."  Justin's voice is strong.


We listen appalled as the recording plays.  Hobbs' husband is shaking his head muttering things in French.  When it finishes, he hands his phone to Frank without a word and nobody says anything until he hands it back to him.


"Goodbye Mr Taylor-Kinney.  I know it's not much but I truly am sorry."


"I'm curious about something?"  Brian stops their departure.  "How can you forgive him?"


His husband turns to us looking sad but taking Hobbs' hand.  "I haven't but I love him enough to try."


Brian nods at Frank and he makes sure he leaves, it takes me less than a second to hear the soft sobbing.  I close the door quietly behind me.








They're finally up.  We're having dinner instead of lunch with the family.  Lilah and Milo have been like little guards on the bed.  I've taken in coffee but they've just slept through.  I thought the showing was bad enough but whatever happened yesterday was worse.


"Alice.  Good after...hi."  Justin mumbles reaching for coffee.


"Justin, honey, I know you two are not okay do you want something special to eat now?  Can do the French toast you like.  Am already doing oxtail of course."


"No we're fine we're going to have a shower everyone will be here soon."


He heads back upstairs without another word.


Thirty minutes later the family arrive.  Debs and Jennifer immediately corner me with questions, we're all tearful and fearful.


"Look when they are ready to say let them say."  Carl orders.  "Let's at least get drinks sorted out okay."






Something bad has happened, that much is certain.  But what?  When they come in they look wrung out but still as much in love as ever.


"Just tell us for fuck sake!"  Jennifer demands at the end of her rope.


"Chris Hobbs came to see us yesterday."  Justin tells us quietly.


"Ted did you know!"  Ems shrieks.


"Of course I knew!  But it's not my place!"  Ted barks back.


"QUIET!"  Carl bellows.


"Once he could breathe properly he came to say sorry and to..."


"Sorry!  He came to say fucking sorry!"  Jen is incandescent.


"Yes.  And we've accepted his apology."




Brian chuckles.  ""No, if his husband can still love him and try to forgive him..."


"Husband?"  Ems whispers.  "He's married.  To a man?  But...to a man?"


They tell us what happened and play the recording for us.  "What did he mean kill him?" I ask.


"Not one of my finest moments.  It was after Darren got bashed..."  Justin explains without looking at either Jen or I, he knows he's in trouble!


"So let me get this straight you went round in pink tees and were skinheads?"  Zee clarifies, I think she's missing the bigger picture.  "And you called yourself the Pink Posse?"


"Uh huh."


"And what do you think everyone else was calling you?"  She quirks an eyebrow and Faal starts to chuckle.


I don't get it.  And apparently neither does anyone else except maybe Carl.  I nudge him but he won't look at me.


"The Pink Posse."  Justin repeats and even Brian looks confused.


"Oh no honey.  Take out the ‘o', replace it with a ‘u' and add an ‘i' and an extra ‘s' and that's what they were calling you.  Trust me."  She smirks and takes a sip of her drink.


"Oh God!"  Justin gasps.  "Really?  Did people really...oh God!"  He buries his face into Brian's chest.


"I always wondered who people were talking about..."  Ems mutters.  "But the very name was off putting."


"Hey!"  Mel throws a cushion at him.


And the room erupts with laughter.






"Hello is anyone here?"  I call out.


I hear footsteps and a blonde woman and dark haired man come down the stairs.  Oh so these are them.


"Your boxes have arrived."  I point to them.


"Okay, so they are clearly labelled.  So why don't you carry on with that after you make us some coffee and maybe breakfast?  Michael what..."


"You want breakfast then I suggest you find a restaurant or a maid to do that for you."  I glare at them.  "My name is Talon Stark-Kho.  You are Lindsay Peterson and Michael Novotny."


She colours up real nice this one, though bright pink is not her colour.


"I've been in this family for over 20 years.  And..."


"We know how you got here by..."


"Little man you would do well to zip your lip and realise that I can make your life very comfortable or...oh what's the word I'm looking for...not."  I walk round them carefully.


"For reasons best known to himself Luther has decided to help you and I'm happy to help him, help you to make Zee's life miserable.  She's always had a superiority complex and I hate her for it."


Suddenly blondie's disposition changes.  "Let us go upstairs and get changed and we'll be right down."


As they head upstairs I hear them snickering.  "Zee is not going to know what hit her.  And soon Brian will be begging us to stop."


I walk into the lounge and look round it truly is a nice place.  Tastefully decorated.


Ten minutes later they are back and I can tell he's itching to tell me what to do.  "So tell us all about your relationship with Zee."  Blondie smiles at me.


"Well she's a good judge of character, no matter how little of it there is..."


An hour later I'm driving back to the main condo.  Having listened to them spout stuff about Zee that I know isn't true I and pull over to the side of the road and put in a call.


"Zephaniah Stark."


"Zeph its Talon, don't hang up!"



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