Midnight Whispers
QAF Brian and Justin Fanfiction







I look at all them.  Harold doesn’t even look guilty. In fact, he looks amused.  


“So you have all had dealings with him and found him challenging?”  


Martyn snickers.  “I didn’t think he would do the TTPTR so soon though.  Thought he was made of tougher stuff.”


“TTPTR?”  I ask.


“Threat to pull then recuse.”  Solomon explains.  “Fair play to him though at least he should know where he stands.”


“Should?”  I question and they all nod.  “Explain.”


“You know when you have person who is an ad legum se?”  Harold begins and holds up his hand as I frown.  “Apologies, it means a law unto themselves, in Latin.  Well he’s that person.  I thought his witness handled herself very well.”


“Yeah.”  Adam smirks.  “She handled that alright. Never has an ass been spanked so hard!  I couldn’t look at Malcolm at one point.”


Even though I shouldn’t laugh, I do.  “Now on a serious note, the men he pointed out...you don’t think that…”


“Ah Brian and Justin.  A very passionate and loving couple.  It will be interesting to see him cross examine them.”


“Fine.  Now you reprobates scoot out, I need to prepare for Monday.”


“A word if I may Narda?”  Harold asks and sits down when I nod.  He waits for the door to close before tilting his head to one side and contemplating me.  “Be careful with him.  I know you are more than capable of taking him on but we had to advise Martyn to step back.  He will use everything and anything to get what he wants.”  


“Harold this is not my first gay momma’s spoilt little baby boy rodeo.  He will find that his is not the only game in town.”


“Oh I don’t doubt that for a minute.  You’ve not met the family!”  He stands and puts on his coat.  “They are fiercely protective of each other.  You come after one you come after them all.”


“Zaden Stark?  Is she the daughter of…”


“Yes she is.  And she put him there.”  My eyebrows shoot up.  “With a little help.  And between you and me, my Millie is absolutely terrified of her!”


“Millie, queen WASP? I don’t believe it!”  I chuckle but he nods enthusiastically.


“Zee has the ability to get you to do what she wants but makes it feel like your idea.  I think that’s why she, Brian, Faal and Justin get on so well.  Similar strong but honest and fair personalities.”


“So how on earth were Novotny and Kinney friends?  I still can’t understand when you look at the two of them.”


“Sadly, that is something that no doubt Novotny will air in court.”  He shakes his head in disgust.  


“Again, not my first spoilt boy rodeo.”  


“Go get him Tiger!”  He chuckles heartily and waves goodbye.






“Lydia, can you please take this off us?!”  Brian gripes as we lead them to where we have hung the painting.


“Hush.”  I chide him.  “Emmy move Justin a little to the right. He will appreciate the lighting.”


“I would appreciate having the short rib rolls I can smell more!”  Justin sniffs the air and right on cue his stomach rumbles.


“Oh for crying out loud!”  Brian snipes.  “Seriously, you had to do them?!”  He turns to Justin, no doubt glaring at him behind the blindfold.  “One piece of food on me after last time, a week, I mean it a week.”  Justin bites his lip and silently nods.  “Can we get whatever this is over with?”


I nod then Jen and Debs take their blindfolds off.  Justin rubs his eyes before staring at the picture in shock.  “Uh Mel?”


“Hear me out.”  She clears her throat.  “Seems Lindsay was saving this for a rainy day.  This was one of the things she had stored in her parents’ unit.  So I think this is the best place for it.”


Brian steps up to the picture and is looking at it closely.  “Mel, are you sure you don’t want to keep it?”




“Come here Sunshine.”  His voice is thick and Justin shyly steps into his embrace.  “Lydia, can you take this down?  We’re taking it home.”




“Can we borrow your office for a minute?”  Brian asks and at my nod, he leads Justin away.


“Great!  My desk is going to be ruined.”  I grumble.


Sara chuckles as she examines the painting some more and then sniffles.  “You can just feel the love pouring off it.”


“You can?”  Leda looks at it again and frowns.


“Yes.”  Sara clears her throat.  “This abstract is of the love that Brian feels for Gus.  See the leaves from the bottom of the painting and how they are swirling up to the sky?  If you look closely you can see that the colours morph into the green of Brian’s eyes, signifying the growing and unending love.  And then look at the sky, specifically the clouds.  It’s subtle but if you look you can see…”


“Brian.”  Leda starts to tear up.  “The clouds are Brian, he’s lying down.  Or maybe…”  She trails off embarrassed.


“No you’re right.”  I squeeze her arm.  “And Brian’s right. It needs to be taken down; it’s too personal.”






Oh God, this morning’s was intense but this is even more so, we’re on the sofa kissing.  I don’t think in the entire time we’ve been together, we’ve ever kissed like this.  It feels like he’s actually drinking from me.  Slowly he lifts his head but plants little licks on my lips and just gazes at me.


“Beautiful.”  He whispers before propping himself up on his elbows.  “Where are we going to put it?”


I take in some much needed air, much to his amusement, and they quiver as he brushes his fingers over my kiss bruised lips.  “In the family room?”


“As usual, you have the perfect answer.”  He growls before kissing me again.


We’re startled by the knocking on the door.  “You guys carry on!”  Emmy shouts through the door.  “Just letting you know I’m doing a basket for you to take home.  Oh and Liddie says to put the papers back in some semblance of order and then lock up!  We’re off now.  Toodles!”


“Should we?”  He gestures towards Lydia’s desk but then my stomach grumbles.  “Seriously, your beast needs to work on its timing!”  He gets up and pulls me to my feet.  “Come on, we can finish this at home.”








I drum my fingers on the desk and wait impatiently for her to call me back.  When the phone rings, I practically snatch it up.


“Millie!  How are you?  Thank you for ringing me back.  I was wondering what you could tell me about Justin Taylor and his art.  I know you’ve…sorry what did you say?  I see, well thank you.  Goodbye Millie.”  I almost slam the phone down in fury.


“Did you find out what you wanted?”  Ronald’s voice startles me.


“I was just…”  I begin before my fury comes to the fore.  “How can you abandon Lindsay in the face of the assault she’s suffered?”


“I got curious about that and called Harold and he told me about the assault.  Michael hit her because, she refused to have his baby so that they could use that child to get back in the family, but was more than happy to get pregnant by the father of Zee’s son…”


“See I knew she had changed!”  I smile proudly.


“That’s the thing.  She hasn’t changed Nancy and sadly neither have you.  You didn’t take on board one thing that Gus said.  I also asked Harold about the other cases.  Her pain over being slapped twice is nothing compared to the pain that she caused her own son, her daughter and the rest of the family.”


“Ronald, it is the way that we brought her…”


“Support her if you must but not from here.”  He interrupts.  “I still have those papers and will use them.  It will break my heart if I have to but I will do it.”  I start to tear up.  “I don’t buy those anymore either.  Not where Lindsay is concerned.  You said once that Lindsay’s avarice shines in her eyes.  Well so does yours!”


I am stupefied as he walks out closing the door behind him.








“Justin!”  I scream.  “Stop!  Just get some scissors.”  I sigh and flop back on the bed.  Not that I could go anywhere not with that there.  Justin comes back in trembling with laughter.


“You are not coming near me!  Give me them.”  I order, sternly.


He hands them to me and tries to stop laughing.  “Seriously stop.  Not funny.”


I sit up and walk bowlegged to the mirror and lift up my cock, which elicits another snort of laughter. I look down and there in all its glory is a piece of sour apple toffee stuck to the underside of my cock.  I don’t get waxed down there as it is too painful, so when he tried to pull it off…I was seriously considering divorce papers.


“Can you reach?”  He manages to gasp out.  “Do you need me to hold anything for you?”  His giggling is annoyingly infectious.


I shake my head and bite the inside of my cheek to stop the smile spreading and the laughter from bubbling up.  But I can’t help it…I snort, which leads to a scream of laughter and Justin rolling round the bed.


“Wh-when…”  I hiccup, leaning against the mirror with tears streaming down my face.  “You’re qu-quite finished, come help me cut this out.”


I’m still standing there 5 minutes later, my sides aching but at least Justin is standing up now.


“Come on before it hardens anymore.”  I kiss him softly and then spit.  “Ugh!”


“Hey!”  He looks affronted.


"Pubes, one of mine.  Yours are softer, I don’t mind them.  Think it has something to do with you either being blond or the fact that you put conditioner down there.”


He looks incredulously at me.  “Do you realise what would’ve happened before?  I mean, if that happened before?”


“That was then, this is now.  Get cutting!”  I grin at him.  “Oh and by the way, pack another pair of pants tomorrow.  Just pants…”


His looks up at me and frowns.  “Just pants?  Why?”


“If you had let me finish.  Just pants and a couple of paddles.  You are going to pay for this in the stall.”


His eyes light up.








I glare at the closed door and wait for Albert to arrive.  We didn’t speak at all on Friday with us being mad at each other, me more so than him. Just because I don’t have the legal knowledge as counsel, doesn’t mean that I am not owed respect and I’m going to make sure he knows that.


So as days went, Friday didn’t go as well as I hoped.  And he’s going to tell me exactly what he was thinking by letting them talk without saying a word!


Finally, the door opens and he sits down, painstakingly taking out his papers whilst I glower at him.


“Your next witness is Debbie Horvath?”  He doesn’t look at me.  “And she’s your mother, I believe?”


“Not how I expected your first sentence to be to me but yes and yes.”  I retort.


“And how did you expect me to start?”  He leans back in his seat and the guard snickers when Albert looks at him.  “Oh you are kidding me?  Is he serious?”  He asks the guard before turning to me.  “You expected an apology from me, didn’t you?”


“Of course I do!”  I explode.  “You had no right to just stay silent and let them poison the jury against me!”


“I am secondary counsel.  I only come in when I think you are handling something badly.  You were supposed to object if you disagreed with anything.  So the poisoning, as you put it is on you.”  He looks at his watch.  “I hope you have your relevant questions ready.  Let’s go.”


“But we’ve got another half an hour.”  I protest.


“Cell or court.  Pick one?”  He snaps.


“Fine.  I’m coming.”  I follow him out, glaring at his back.






He trembles as I slowly slide his pants down and off.  “Commando, good boy.”  I growl in his ear.  His breath hitches and he turns his head but he can’t see anything because of the blindfold.  “So how many letters are in sour apple toffee?  Think fast or…”


“15!”  He gasps out.


“Well done Mr 1500 SAT…”  I lift the hair off the back of his neck and plant a series of kisses and he starts to lean back moaning.  “15 it is.  Now which hand?  Left or right?”  I brush the paddles over his ass at the same time, one is wood and the other is leather and he groans.  “Would you like me to…”




“It’s a shame there isn’t as much room for my backswing.”  I grumble and despite his current position, he giggles.  I give him a swift tap and he gasps.  “Not counting that one.”


For the next ten minutes, he gasps, groans and quivers as I spank my favourite place on earth.  I make sure to take my time not allowing him to work out when the next one is coming or where it is going to land.  By the 14th one, I want to fuck him so badly but today is going to be about pain and restraint.  He’s going to spend the day with a tender ass and we’re both not allowed to cum as we normally do when I spank him.  He looks so good, I’m beginning to regret that decision!


“Last one…remember not to cum.”  I whisper in his ear and look down at his straining cock.


“So hard.”  He whimpers.  “Want to.”  He begs.


“Me too.”  I groan back.  “But we can do this okay?  Last one.”


I make it count and he sinks against the door.  I brush my fingers across his ass and I almost explode when he purrs as only he can.  “Come on you tease. Let’s get you dressed.”


I take off the blindfold and his eyes are bright, clear and full of adoration.  “Oh God.  Lunchtime.  Definitely lunchtime.”


“Yes!”  He growls and stands on tiptoes to give me a toe curling kiss and my cock a squeeze.


“Seriously pants back on or we’ll miss the show!”  I order, taking calming breaths.






Day two and there is definitely more people.  I do believe I can see Kyran sitting with the family.  Now that is an interesting development.  He and Novotny butted heads when he was transferred to Penn Upstate but I never found out why.  Tank is on guard duty today and he’s really just waiting for Judge Paal to say go and Novotny will be carried out.


The old lady and the heavyset woman is back but this time they’ve had to sit further forward as they seem determined not to actually share a row.


Novotny, when he came in, immediately looked across at the prosecution and his face dropped when he didn’t see what he wanted but I suspect he’s going to light up like the stupid fool he is as Brian and Justin have just come in.  People move to accommodate them and Justin looks uncomfortable and Brian gets up to speak to Ephie.  He in turn starts to laugh and then comes towards me.


“Malcolm, I have a slightly unusual request.”  He chuckles some more.  “Can we have a cushion?”


“A cushion?”  I repeat.


“Yeah, seems someone forgot to factor in the wooden nature of our seating and…”


“No more needs to be said. Be right back.”  I snort with laughter and head out to get it for him.




Albert is distracted and Novotny looks like he’s going to take a chance.  “Prisoner Michael Charles Novotny, sit your ass down!”  I bellow and the court goes quiet.


He unwisely remains standing.  “You can’t speak to me like that!  You’re just a guard!”  He yells.


“I’m a six foot four, 250 pound free guard.  And I will chain you to that chair if you behave like a flight risk again!”  I take a step towards him and pull the chains out.  “One last chance.  SIT DOWN!”


He slowly lowers his ass into the seat and Malcolm glares at him.  “Thanks Tank. The behaviour will be noted.”


“Oh you’re a tattletale!”  Novotny sneers at him.


“We don’t need to tattle as this place has surveillance cameras.  Do feel free to say one more word.”  Malcolm growls at him.


I see Judge Paal by the door and nod at Malcolm.  He turns back to her and leads her out.


“Not a tattletale, my ass!”  Novotny snarks and looks around, smugly.


“Just shut up, will you?”  Albert snaps.


Malcolm comes back in and nods at me and I smile.  Novotny’s eyes widen as I come towards him and take a seat directly behind him.  He turns to look at me and then at Albert.


“Just in case you want to play jack-in-the-box again.”  I tell him and make sure to sit close enough behind him so he can feel my breath on his neck.




I spent my weekend trying to work out how to strategize him so that he doesn’t delay things, which I think is another tactic he is going to try.  Luckily, I was ahead of the other court guards when Tank shouted. I had them stand down as this man is a nasty coward, not a dangerous criminal.  When Malcolm explained why he had left, I had to laugh, but did tell him that it must not happen again.  I can hear Malcolm announcing my arrival.


Okay Mr Novotny, let’s see what fun you are going to bring today.




“Thank you your honour.  I call to the stand Deborah Horvath.”  She looks a combination of angry and nervous but keeps Carl as her mark.


“Mrs Horvath, can you tell the court the nature of your relationship with the defendant?”


“I’m his biological mother.”


“Have you always had a good relationship with your son?”


“Yes.  I loved him very much and I still do but I don’t like him.  Not anymore.  What he did is shameful…”


“Objection! No proof that I did them without good reason.”  Novotny looked unjustifiably pleased with himself.




“How would you describe the relationship between Brian and Michael?”  She looks surprised as we hadn’t prepped her for this.  “I understand that Brian’s childhood was difficult.  Is that true?”


“Yes. He had abusive parents.  His dad would beat him to the point of breaking his bones.  His mom would ignore it and I’d patch him up.  They were thick as thieves.  Brian was protective of Michael always, especially in school.  Michael had a habit of running his mouth…”  She pauses and looks at Brian.  “And I will admit that I expected Brian to fix whatever fuck up my son created.  In fact, I expected it of all of them.  For that I’m sorry.”


No prizes for guessing where that huff of annoyance came from!


“When did the dynamic of their relationship change?”  I turn to look at Novotny and Albert.  He’s actually sitting there pouting instead of being the attorney he wants to be.


“When Brian met Sunshine…I mean Justin.”  She grins at them.  “He just kept climbing those walls until he got to that heart of Brian’s and slowly pieced him back together.”


“So you credit Justin with making Brian feel love and accept being cherished?”


“Yes definitely.”


“Good.  So let’s go onto the burglary.  Do you recognise these pictures and can you tell the court what they are?”


“Yes and they are some pieces that I had in my home.”


“Objection!  Our home!”


“Mr Novotny.”  Judge Paal sighs.  “Are you seriously objecting to that?”


“Yes, your honour. It is still my family home.”




“But it is!”  He argues.  “And it will be mine when she dies!  I have a copy of her will!”


“You stole my will?!”  Debs yells.


There is a stunned silence.


He’s standing stock still with his mouth open as he knows he’s just fucked up.


“Mr Novotny, you were asked a question and you will answer.”  Judge Paal orders.  “Or I will hold you in contempt.”


“Don’t bother your honour.  Unless it is dated last year then…”  Suddenly Debs stops and stares at him.  “If you had a copy of mine, did you have a copy of…oh my God Michael, tell me you didn’t do that!”


“Mrs Horvath?”  Judge Paal asks as Debs starts to take heaving breaths.  “Are you okay?  Mrs Horvath answer me!”


Debs is looking at him and he is looking at the floor.  “You fucking asshole!”  She screams and stands up to come out of the stand but Judge Paal puts a hand on her shoulder and that stops her.


“Mrs Horvath!”  Judge Paal.  “What is going on?!”


“How could you?!”  She turns to scream at Michael.   “You changed Vic’s will!  Didn’t you?!  He would’ve just given it to you or I would if you had just fucking asked!”


“Clear the court!  Clear the court now!”  Judge Paal orders.




I’m reeling, just reeling.  We all are.  It seems that as well as a copy of her will, he also had a copy of Vic’s will and amended the amount that he had left to him.  He turned the one to a seven.  Unfortunately, Vic hadn’t written down the number and the word equivalent so it easy for him to do.  We’ve been waiting for the last four hours for them to come out.


“I’m sorry Carl.”  Charles sits down next to me.


“What are you sorry for?  You didn’t do anything, you only got him to expose himself.”


“But still...”  Charles tries again.


“Still nothing.  Nobody has made Michael behave the way he has but Michael.  What do you think is happening in there?”


We’re back in court but Ephie and Meriam are in her chambers with Michael and his secondary.


“Adding to his charge sheet.  Hopefully getting him to accept blame and not have it proven.”


The door is flung open and they come in and Ephie shakes his head.  The jury is allowed back in and then the rest of the, let’s face it, Avenue.  Then Michael swaggers back to his seat and actually smirks in our direction.


“All rise for Judge Paal!”  Malcolm orders.


“You may sit.”  She orders then clears her throat.  “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please disregard the…”


Suddenly the door is flung open and Jenny is running down the aisle.  “Wait!”  She’s shouts.  “He’s coming!  Please your honour please?!”


“Who is coming?  And who are you?”  She asks in bewilderment.


“Jenny M-Marcus…one second.”  She takes some heaving breaths but before she can speak the door is opened again and Hunter runs in.  “Go!”  She waves at him.


Everyone is muttering and chattering.  “Court will come to order!”  She bangs her gavel hard.  “Who are you young man?”


“Hunter Stark.  Can you just look at this?  Please just look at it?”  He hands her an iPad and at first I don’t think she will take it but then she does she shakes her head.


“Counsel to my chambers.  Court is in recess for 15 minutes.”  She orders.   “And Hunter and Jenny come…”


“Uh excuse me your honour she’s 16.”  Ephie interrupts.


“Is there a parent or guardian present?”


“Yes your honour.”  Ben stands up and she indicates that he should follow.


We wait for another half an hour with him smirking at Debs specifically.


The door opens and their faces are blank.


“All rise for Judge Paal.”  Malcolm orders.


“Remain standing.”  She orders then nods at Tank.  “Michael Charles Novotny you are charged with will tampering with regards to the estate of Victor Grassi and attempted will tampering with regards to the estate of Deborah Horvath nee Novotny.  Please take him to bookings for processing.”


“What the fuck are you…”


“QUIET!”  She bellows.  “Remove him.”  She orders.


He is out of here in seconds.


“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we will be adjourned for the next two days to allow defense to prepare their case.”  She nods.  “Court is in recess, we will reconvene on Thursday at 1100 sharp.”


“All rise for Judge Paal.”  Malcolm orders and judging by that smile something good just happened!


We wait for the court to clear before rounding on Jenny and Hunter all talking at once.


“Papa Bear speaks!”  I shout and they are quiet and then there’s a snicker and I turn to see Malcolm quietly closing the door.  “So what the hell happened?”


“We need to get back to the office, we need to get them to make a statement.”  Meriam orders.








I know everyone wants to know what is going on but I promised her.


“Before they answer your questions.  Jenny you get to ask.”  I can’t believe how proud I am of her.


“Aunt Zee, Uncle Faal, can we spend Christmas in South Africa?”


“Yes.  Now spill.”  Brian orders.


“Hunter has always kept in contact with Rodney.”  Jenny beams proudly at Hunter, who goes bright red.  “And he had Vic’s original will but never opened it and when he did it clearly states that he left the entire estate to be split between grandma and Rodney with a small bequest to Michael.”


“Jesus fuck.”  Faal growls.


“So we’ve got another fucking trial to get through?!”  Debs explodes.


“Nope.”  Jenny grins.  “Can I write my statement now?”


“Yes of course, come with me.”  Meriam links arms with her and starts to lead her out.  “Ben, Mel seriously, get her into law school!”




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