Midnight Whispers
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I wipe my eyes and look at my bruised cheeks.  I still can't believe he hit me like that, let alone that he did what he did.  And as for Grady!  I head downstairs and was about to go into the kitchen when the door knocks.




"Yes...oh Det. Raft isn't it?"  I smile as best I can.




"Yes Ms Peterson, how are you?"  He asks, looking a little uncomfortable.




"Been better."  I sigh.  "Oh, please come in."  I step aside and he enters.  "Did you need me for something?  Do you need me to come to the station again?"




"Yes and yes."  He shakes his head before taking out his cuffs.  I just blink at him.




"Lindsay Peterson, I am arresting you for the act of fraud involving..."




"Fraud?  What on earth are you talking about?"  I stammer and start to back away.




"Anouk Kaden has pressed charges against you in respect of fraudulently claiming commission in respect of paintings sold from Kaden Galleries.  You have the right to remain silent..."




"But she fired me!  I didn't take the money; it was a simple mistake!"  I start to cry.




"He's talking about the $30,000 that you took before you were caught."  Dt. Sharp replies smoothly.  "Oh look, the tears have stopped.  Come on let's go."




"You don't understand. It was because of Michael and..."




"You can write a statement, again, when you get to the station."  Dt. Sharp interrupts.  "Coat, purse and shoes.  Now."
















I stare at Zander and Zephaniah incredulously.  "Can you repeat that?"




"I said..."  Zander is radiating fury.  "That this guy is dead, we should know we went to the fucking funeral!  I can't believe this!"




"Go pick him up."  DA Cooper demands.  "And get a forensic accountant to go over everything he has down to the last fucking dime!  Jesus that guy is a fucking piece of work!"




"Is that it?" Charles asks.  "Can we, and Ms Collier, go now?"




"Yes, yes of course."  Cooper smiles apologetically.  "You understand we had to check everything.  I hope this trip wasn't too traumatic. You live in Paris, I understand?  You didn't need to come all this way, as we could've done this by video conference."




"I had to visit some friends anyway and it's all worked out perfectly."  She smiles at him.  "It was lovely to meet you, and don't take this the wrong way... but I hope I never see you again."




Cooper chuckles.  "Don't worry I get that a lot.  Goodbye Ms Collier, gentlemen."




As we step outside into the fresh air, I look round.  "There!  Over there, that looks like a good place!"




"Uh Sol that's a bar and it's..."  Charles starts. We all stare at him.  "A fucking excellent idea!"












"What the fuck?"  I grumble and get up from the sofa and head to the door.




As I open it and I'm almost overrun by about 20 police officers.  "What the fuck?!"




"Grady Holster, you are under arrest for fraud and money laundering.  You have the right to remain silent..."
















I knew it... I knew my boys would come to me!  I stare at Zander and Zephaniah across the table.




"How's it going boys?"  I smile at them.




"Great.  Just great."  Zephaniah smirks back.  "So, why go after Xanthe?"




Not quite the question I was expecting him to ask.  "She knew about the deal and so a little bit of inconvenience to remind her of her place was good to do.  Besides, nobody dumps me!"




"Mom did."  Zander points out.




"That was completely different.  And I'm fine thanks so much for asking."




"So what's the latest?  When are you getting out of here?"  Zander stops whatever Zephaniah was going to say.




I scowl.  "Out of here... not until the trial, which is a bitch.  It's not for another 3 months.  But I have to be realistic.  Not for another 15 years at least but I'm not bothered I know what is waiting for me and I'm prepared to do my time."




"Oh what's that?"  Zephaniah asks. There's something off about his tone with me; I don't like it.




"Zephaniah."  I growl.  "Just because I am in this suit, it doesn't preclude you from being respectful."




"You're right.  Every nasty ass thing you have ever done precludes me from being respectful!  But mostly the thing that precludes me from being respectful is that I hate you with every fibre of my being..."




"Now just a minute boy!  You won't....OW!"




The white hot pain that radiates from my jaw reverberates round my skull.  I can taste blood!  My eyes are watering but Zander is just standing there, doing nothing.  I can feel something in my mouth and I spit. Fuck, it's a tooth!




"Did you see that?!"  I snarl at the guard.








"Feel better?"  Zander asks.




"What do you..."  I mumble.




"Not you asswipe!"  He snarls.   "Flex your knuckles; see if you've broken fingers."




Zephaniah does as he's told and there's a popping sound.  "Fingers feel fine and so do I.  You ready?"








Zander nods and stands up.  "Didn't know you could punch like that."  He chuckles.




"Faal gave me a quick sparring lesson. Never thought it would come in handy so soon."




"Hey!"  I snarl.  "You go when..."




"We fucking well please."  Zephaniah snorts.  "Oh two things.  That thing that you have waiting for you which Grady is holding for you.  Well, by the time the forensic accountants get through with him, he won't be holding it anymore."




I gape at him.




"That punch must have rattled to that one brain cell you have left."  Zander drawls sarcastically.  "Grady has been arrested and is on his way to the DA's office.  And you know Grady, don't you?  Won't be looking out for himself and securing the best possible... sorry the least possible jail time for himself?"




I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I knew I shouldn't have let Grady inside when we started this and it was only a couple of times.  He would invest and take the money and made a tidy sum.  He even invested for me and agreed to keep that safely hidden away.




"Oh and speaking of knowing Grady, I suppose he was acceptable because he also fucked girls?"




"What?"  I mumble.




"He's bisexual."  Zander chuckles.  "So at least, he'll be happy to get some where he's going."




Zephaniah snorts with laughter.  "Come on let's go.  I've had enough of his company to last a lifetime.  Thank fuck we never have to see this place or anywhere he ends up ever again."




Zander takes one last look at me and then hammers on the door.  The guard pulls me to my feet and towards the door leading back to my cell.




"So you and Xanthe?"  Zander asks as the door closes.
















"Ow-ow-ow the fuck ow!"  Zephaniah yells as soon as he's in the car.  "Man that fucking hurts!"




Zephaniah is clutching his hand to his chest and is trying to get into the foetal position.




"Zephaniah at least let me look at it."  I plead but he shakes his head curling in tighter.




"David is a doctor I can at least see if there are broken bones..."  I wheedle.




He looks first at Solomon and then at Zander; Xanthe is trying not to laugh.




"Okay but don't do anything that's going to hurt okay?"  He holds out his hand and I try hard to keep my reaction to the clearly dislocated finger off my face.




"I don't think it's that bad."  I smile winningly.




Sol is suppressing the urge to gag.




"So what do you....holy mother of fucking cunt dick!"  Zephaniah screams.  "What is wrong with you?!  My dad hurt you, not me!  Why would you do such a...wait what did you do?"




"Popped it back in."  Xanthe takes his hand and starts to massage it...he's practically purring.




"Just like that?"  I reach for the brandy and pour a generous amount and knock it back before handing Zephaniah a glass.




"Did my elbow and wrist as a child.  They pop in and out occasionally want to see."




"NO!"  We all shout.
















"Well the hits just keep on coming, don't they?  That was Lindsay. She's in jail in New Jersey for fraud."




"Seriously what the fuck?"  Debs explodes.




"What did she want?"  Justin gets up and settles back into my lap. He looks so tired.




"A lawyer."  I rub my temple and squeeze him tightly.  "We will get through this."  I whisper.  "I told her she and Michael were on their own."  I tell them.




"I have something to say too."  Jennifer announces.




"Oh now what?!"  Emmy growls and we all look at him.  "What?  I can get my butch on when I need to!"




"It's about the auction.  Word has got round about Michael's arrest and...it's postponed."




"What?  But why?!"  Justin is nearly in tears again.




"Listen.  Dear Queen of Liberty Avenue, son of her heart and his prince.  You have always protected and cared for us, yes Brian we know about what you do.  We won't enjoy it without you and you're dealing with enough.  So we all have agreed to postpone the auction until everything is over.  And when it comes to its trial, we will be there for you too. We will pack the fucking place.  He will really feel and see the love we have for you!  And besides, clearly someone hasn't looked through the clothing.  Three words Brian...Gucci 2010 leather coat - don't argue semantics mister ‘2010' is not a word!  Love and hugs Kiki, Millie, Bernie, Arnold and Harold.  PS: check the auction website, other people have had something to say."




"Honey what's my password again?"  Debs calls out to Gus, who is standing by the liquor cart.




"Carlsahot1 grandma."  Gus replies, shuddering.




"One as in the number or the word?"




"The number."  He replies and carefully pours me and Justin a Beam each. Although from that small shiver I saw him trying to suppress at the thought of why Carl might be hot, he might need one himself.




"Oh fuck!  Sunshine come and look at this."  Debs turns to him, her eyes glistening.  "Brian you too."




Sighing, we get up and read over her shoulder.




"Oh my God.  Brian.  Look!"  Justin sniffles.  "There's pages and pages of comments."




"Sweetheart.  Tucker, Kiki, Ben and Steve have been moderating them, looking to weed out the stupid and there wasn't one nasty comment."  Jennifer rubs Justin's back.




The door opening brings Carl and Zee back in.  And judging by the expression on their faces the news isn't good.




"Lig?"  Faal is about to hold her but she stops him.  




"Let me just say it while I still can."




"Zay.  Here."  Zeus hands her a very large whisky, which she inhales.




"Red come sit here.  Please."




"I need to say this as quickly as possible without interruption okay?"  We nod.  "Grady has been arrested because...because he knew what Luther was doing and cashed in on it, to the tune of $15mil.  And Michael finally made his phone call and I did something stupid."




Nobody says anything.




"Questions?"  She asks waving for another whisky that Jenny fills.




"He knew... had the money and came to us to fuck us over anyway?"  Matt whispers.




"Yep."  Zee gives a small smile.  "But for an unmitigated wanker of a cunt, he did do something good once... well twice."




We all look incredulous.  "What?  What did he possibly do?!"  Hunter snarls.




"Gave me your husband."  She replies, before turning to Faal who nods.  "And before he got sucked into Luther's World told us about the cancer gene he carries, which made him infertile soon after he took the money and ran.  So now you know why you are checked every year."








"Still fucking hate him though."  Zee spits.




"So, is there more before we get to his phone call and your stupid?"  Faal asks quietly.




"Michael... Michael has fired his lawyer and plans to represent himself at trial.  Luckily, his evaluation shows that he knew exactly what he was doing.  Meriam wants to prep you all ahead of that because she suspects, he will gun for Justin especially but they reckon the recording of his evaluation will scupper that..."




The ear piercing whistle from Zeus shuts us up.




"Thanks.  Michael made his phone call.  Unfortunately, it was to the press.  Luckily, when we were told about it Ephraim was able to put the word round the clerks and admin that people will be calling about it.  But that will only hold them off for a few days, as we know people can be bought."




"Fucking hell..."  Jen groans.  "Oh fucking hell."




"Someone will crack and there's nothing we can do about it.  Ephraim can't stop it from getting out.  And when it does all shit is going to rain down.  Which is why I got Mac to fly those in New York to Portland and then come pick us up on Sunday to take those who can go now over there.  By those I mean specifically Brian, Justin and the kids."




"I'm not running away from this!"  Justin is defiant.




"Nobody's running, we are merely regrouping.  When you need to deal with it and, more importantly, when you are able to without looking like a breeze would knock you over, then you come back and blaze those guns."  Faal states emphatically.




Justin looks round the room and as much as I hate pity, I know he needs this. The door ringing startles us and Alice rushes to get it.




"Please Justin, you are, we are, so tired.  We need this."  I beg.  "Just for a few days and we can come back?"




"And besides I didn't get on a fucking plane at almost eight months pregnant for you to not fucking come!"  Daphne waddles in.




"Daph!"  Zee gasps.




"You didn't do this?"  Justin asks, tearfully.




"No nothing to do with me!"  She sniffles and helps Daphne to sit down.  "So how?"




"Honey.   Two strong Black women both medically trained and one pregnant vs one admittedly granite man called Vince with a gun..."




"No contest."  Justin chuckles and we start to relax.




He sits next to Daph and strokes her hair.  "Want to lie down?"  He asks. She nods and manoeuvres her head into his lap.  "Tomorrow is the last time I can fly, so you two are coming with... end of!"  She orders.  "Ankles people!  Elevate the ankles!"




Jenny rushes to place her feet in her lap with a cushion and starts to gently massage them.




"And take all the furballs with you?"  Emmy Lou states.




"Yes Emmy Lou, we'll take them with us."  Justin nods




"Hang on you said stupid, I don't see the stupid part in any of this."  Blake looks round.




"Does your ass remember the last time Ted worked forensically or should I suggest he goes to New York to help?"  Zee growls.




"Yes and no."  Blake winces, eliciting chuckles.




"So my lig."  Faal pulls her tight to his chest and after a bit of a fight, tilts her head up.  "Look at me.  So where is it and how many rooms?"




"Blake, he flies tomorrow."  She threatens and then sighs.  "So I played a round of shop or kill and shop won.  We own a 20 room hotel on the beach in San Francisco."




"What the fuck are we going to do with a beach hotel?"  Faal groans.




"The same thing we're going to do with the place in Tuscany."




"Really Aunt Zee?  Really!"  Gus yells, trying not to cry.




"Yes really."




"Uh Faal.  You and I have something very important to do first thing in the morning."  I call out peering at the screen.




"What's that?"




"Send Kiki some flowers and then go through the stuff for the auction.  Seriously, Zee did you just hand them over?!"  I am full of fashion indignation as I look through the items.




"Uh yeah.  Why would I want to check the shit that Luther and his latest trollop had in there?  Oh by the way I fully intend to get toasted tonight."




"Because, my darling."  Faal takes the tablet from my hands and I smirk at Justin.  "This tan, suede slim cut suit is so you."




"Sunday, I'm getting toasted on Sunday.  Give me that!"




I don't think I have ever seen Zee drool before over something that wasn't food or Faal.
















I watch the screen avidly and... nothing!  I called the newspaper that the guard suggested when I was telling him my story and... nothing!  I look for him but can't see him, so I head back to my cell, luckily I'm on my own.




"Novotny?"  I look up, startled. It's the guard I was talking to last night.  "So how was it?  The news report I mean?"




"There wasn't one!"  I snap.  "I called the person and nothing."




"Oh I think I know what's happened."  He leans against the cell bars.  "They would have to verify it.  They can't just put something out there just because you say it's true."




"But it is true!"  I whine.




"Novotny.  Calm yourself. You simply need to make sure that whoever the press contacts confirms your case is going ahead and voila, it's out there."




"And how do I do that?"  I demand in frustration, he shrugs.  "Wait do you know anybody in the court system?"




"I know a lot of people why?"




My mind starts to race as I formulate a plan.  "I could make it worth your while to get confirmation out to the press."  I'm almost vibrating with excitement.




"How when you are in here and I get to go home at night?"  He scoffs.




"But I have a bank card..."  I smile at him.
















"Well am I answering it or not?"  I demand.




"Answer it."  Brian replies tiredly.  "Might as well start now."




I head to the door and as I open it, I'm almost run over by a whirlwind of screeching excitement to rival Emmy Lou and screaming for Mel!




"Ephie?!"   Mel comes out.




"Mel!  Where is everyone?!"




"In here!"  She pulls him into the lounge.  "Now, calmly, tell us what has happened?"




Ephie takes a breath.  "Michael tried to bribe a prison guard into getting someone in the courts to confirm his case is in the system to the press and the guard recorded it. So he's now being transferred to the upstate correctional facility as there is no solitary confinement here!"




"He did what?!"  Debs gasps.  "Seriously, how fucking stupid is that boy?!"




"And that is an additional charge!"  Ephie is now rivalling Emmy with the whirling arms.  "And I have a note for you Brian."




"For me? From whom?"




"The prison guard."  He hands it to him.




"Well fuck me!"  Brian gasps and he hands it to Justin, who just gapes at him.




"What does it say?!"  Ben demands.




"You didn't take my ass so I'm returning the favour by covering yours.  Brandon."




"This does not get you out of Portland!"  Daph yells from the sofa.



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