Midnight Whispers
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"Look, if you can just let me speak to Lindsay then..."




"Nope."  Is the curt response from the paper reading flatfoot.  I glare at him and am about to say something when he puts up a stalling hand.




"Right, let's begin.  I'm Det. Sharp and this is my colleague, Det. Raft.  Michael Charles Novotny, you are charged with the assault of Lindsay Peterson on the evening of the 2 December at your mutually shared residence.  According to..."




"This is bullshit!  I didn't assault her, I just lost my temper for a minute..."




"Enough to cause a bruise on both cheeks. That's evidence some considerable force was used."  Det. Raft interrupts.  "Why did you hit her?  We have her statement so let's have your side of the story."




I sigh exasperated.  "You're all, including that meddling Medea, making more of it than it was.  We'd had a long and stressful day.  We'd just had some distressing news from her now ex-lover and she took it out on me and I reacted badly."




"According to the statement from the meddling Medea as you call her."  Det. Raft glares at me.   "This isn't the first time you've had loud arguments but it is the first time you've struck her to her knowledge.  What was the distressing news?"




"She found out that he was sleeping around on her without protection.  He's gay and..."




"Don't you mean bisexual?"




"No I mean gay."  I state firmly.




"I see.  And you would know that how?"  Det. Sharp raises an eyebrow.




"I'm gay and I can spot a fellow gay man."  I smirk and cock an eyebrow back.




"I see."  They exchange amused looks.  "I can see how that would be upsetting to her but I'm not sure how you ended up hitting her and not him?"




"Because he had left by the time I had lost my temper."




"And she was the only source of release was she?"




"NO!"  I shout.  "You are reading the situation entirely wrongly.  Stop putting in scenarios that weren't there!"




"Right of course we are.  We've got a statement from Grady Holster."




My jaw drops.




"Which has been corroborated by Ms Peterson, regarding your conduct prior to the assault within the confines of their relationship.  So I ask you again, what was the distressing news?"




"She and Grady had been trying for a baby and they discovered that he's infertile and she has an ulcer and..."




"Mr Novotny, I have children I want to see graduate from university."  Det. Sharp growls.  "This will go a lot faster, if you are honest."




"That was the distressing news!"  I snarl.




"We know that.  What we want to know is who was it more distressing for, you or them.  And I'm going to go with you.  Because according to them, you took exception to her not being pregnant.  And if they were trying why would they use the condoms that you took the liberty of interfering with..."




"I didn't..."




"We took fingerprints, Mr Novotny.  Yours were all over the box and the contents." My mind starts to race.  "And as well as reproductive coercion, which is actually a crime in New York.  You will also be charged with sexual endangerment of Lindsay Peterson."




"Lindsay wanted..."




"I'm not done."  He growls.  "Sexual endangerment of Lindsay Peterson as according to Mr Holster, you knew that he was sleeping around since he slept with you before he slept with Ms Peterson."




"As I was saying!"  I spit back at him...how dare he talk over me?  "Lindsay wanted..."




"Nothing to do with having a baby with you and that's why you lost your temper and struck her twice."  Det. Sharp interjects.   "And it's not the first time you've swung at a woman when they've not agreed with you...although you failed spectacularly to hit Zaden Stark.  Didn't that lead to a restraining order of such severity, you had to leave the country?"




I open and close my mouth trying to think of something to say.




"So why did you want a baby so badly?"  He asks.  "And don't come out with bullshit that as a gay man blah-blah-blah since you have two children already...sorry had.




"So you're homophobic?!"  I scoff derisively.  "Thought so!  I..."




"Your gaydar is broken."  Det. Raft snickers.




"Where is my lawyer?"  I demand.




"On his way.  Court appointed ones are very busy as you can appreciate.  Now..."  Det. Sharp is interrupted by a knock at the door.  "Interview suspended at 1432."




He leaves the room and is gone for a good 30 minutes whilst we sit in silence.  He comes back in and Det. Raft leaves too.












"What's going on?"  I ask as I close the door.




"Read this."  Sharp orders and I take the papers and sit down.




"Christ."  I sigh.  "He has been busy.  So what do you want us to do?"  I turn to Lt. Stone.




"Pittsburgh wants this guy, so let them have him.  The charges stay on file until they are done with him.  Getting him out of state takes care of him staying away from her."




"So we play it like we're losing face?  He was squawking for a lawyer..."




"Hmm I bet he was.  But like I said, get him out of my precinct.  And when he comes back, we'll welcome him with open arms and a nice open cell."




All three of us exchange smiles.  It's a pleasure dealing with assholes like Novotny, watching the smug look fall off their faces as they exchange one set of bracelets for another.












"Let the records show that Det. Sharp and Raft have returned to the room.  Mr Novotny you are free to go."




"What?"  He looks at us suspiciously.




"You are free to go, no charges will be brought against you by Lindsay Peterson."




And there's the smug look as he stands and gives us his lame ass equivalent of the Manhattan Makeover Look.




"I've a good mind to sue you guys...I still might. I'll see how I feel in the morning."




We lead him to the exit and I nod at Langton.




"Michael Novotny?"  Langton asks him.




"Yes?  You must be my court appointed lawyer.  You sure took your time but it doesn't matter since they are letting me go without any charges being brought against me..."




"No, you've misunderstood us."  Raft interrupts.  "We said that Lindsay Peterson would not be pressing charges against you.  But there's this wonderful new law that's come into effect.  If the State feels that there is enough evidence to warrant criminal charges, they can press charges against the perpetrator without involving the victim. So the State of New York will be pressing charges against you...  as soon as you get back."




"Back?"  He asks.  "What makes you think I'm coming back here?"  He sneers.




"You won't have a choice if the State of Pennsylvania has anything to do with it.  He's all yours."




"What the fuck are you talking about?"  He demands belligerently.




"My name is Det. Langton. I work at the 57th Precinct in Pittsburgh."  He smiles coldly at him and takes out his cuffs.  "Michael Charles Novotny, I am placing you under arrest on the charges of insurance fraud, copyright fraud, theft and possession of stolen goods.  You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?"




"What the hell is going on?" He shouts, looking around wildly.




"Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?"  Langton repeats.




"No!  I mean yes I understand them but not why..."  He stammers.




"That's enough for me.  Place your hands behind your back."




He puts his hands in his pockets and I watch him eye the exit and then us.




"Sir, I repeat place your hands behind your back."  Langton orders approaching him.




"No!  I'm not going any fucking where with you!  I'm going back to my condo!"




He starts to push pass and that was all we needed.  Within seconds, we have him shrieking and struggling on the floor, bleating about police brutality.  But the cuffs are on and we haul him onto his knees.




"Do not fucking move!"  I snarl in his ear and dust myself down.  "Everyone good?  Nobody got bit by this fucking rat?"




Langton snickers and shakes his head.  "All good, no problem. Though I might give him the bill for the dry cleaning."  He hauls Novotny to his feet, he has tears in his eyes.  "You will also be charged with resisting arrest."  Langton states and waves to his colleague.




"Put him in the car and inform the lieutenant we're on our way back.  Just got a couple of things I need to sign off here and I'll be right with you."




Novotny is now snivelling like a baby as he stumbles out.




"Fucking hell! Did you read the shit that this guy did?"  Langton shakes his head as he signs the forms.




"Mmm, only briefly, Stone wouldn't let me read too much."  I sigh.




"That's because I know how you get when it comes to things like this!"  Stone shouts at me with a smirk.  "We'll get him back.  In the meantime, you've got some more fun to be had."




Raft and I exchange looks.  "Come with me and I shall explain.  This has just got interesting!"
















Those who wanted to were going to stay here but the heating has packed up, so we're all heading to the Treehouse.  Brian and Justin have asked me not to tell the family anything until after Michael is in custody.




"Coaches are here."  I call out and despite the situation shake my head because we have had to stretch to another coach.
















Zee gives me a small smile.  "Okay I've ordered from Nakama and Kaya, both should be here in about 40 minutes."




I can't get the image of the stuff laid on the table at the precinct out of my head.  Justin really freaked out over it and we had to give him a mild sedative to help him sleep.




I don't care how long it takes or who I have to hire, I'm going to make it my life's mission to make him pay for what he did!




Carl comes back in from his call and nods at me.  Showtime.




I wait for them all to be seated and take a large gulp of brandy. I look at Justin and he gives me a half beam smile from under the blanket and cats.




"So we went to see what was in there."  I pause as Justin takes a steadying breath.  "There was stuff from before I even met Justin.  Some stuff from the burglary.  Although we're can't really prove that he had anything to do with it..."




"But it stands to reason that he did?!"  Drew snarls and starts to pace.




"Jesus!"  Ted mutters and presses his hands together.




"Also he kept the pad with the original Rage drawings..."




"What?"  Ben hisses.  "He promised that he'd given you everything back.  He signed that document you prepared Mel!"




"That's not the worst of it."  I tell them draining the glass, which Faal quickly refills.




The sob Justin lets out gives me pause.  "I don't have to..."




"No."  He sniffs.  "They'll find out and I would rather it was from us.  It's okay, it's just so fresh."




I brush away his tears and he does the same for me.  I take a deep breath.




"Th-there was a scarf that I wore on the night of his prom that I used to s-s-stem the blood after the attack by Hobbs.  I wore it everyday, under my clothes, don't ask me why.  One day Michael saw me with it but being the best friend that he was, said nothing."




Tears are flowing down Justin's face and Milo kneads his chest in concern.  "Thanks Milo."  He whimpers and takes the box of tissues that Jenny hands him.




I clear my throat and wipe my eyes.  "When Justin finally allowed me to make love to him, he took it off me and we both assumed the other had disposed of..."




"No-no-no-no..."  Emmy gasps and Drew pulls him into his arms.   "Te-tell me he didn't take it.  Please Brian?!"




"He took it."  Justin whispers sadly.  "He took it".




"Carl."  I sigh.  "Can you take over?"




"Of course."  Carl clears his throat.  "There were photos taken of the remaining stuff that they didn't recognise.  Can you look through them and let me know if anything is yours?"




He hands out the folders and some tabs.  "Write a brief description of the item and your names on the tabs.  Then sign and date the back of the photo."




"That mother fucking cunt!"  Hunter explodes.




"What?!  What is it?"  Ben demands. It takes a few minutes for Hunter to calm down.




"Remember that watch you gave me?  The one that I lost?"  Ben nods.  "Page 10."




Ben quickly flips to it and drops his head in his hands.  "Christ!"  He reaches for his drink.




"I was grounded for two fucking weeks and he had it the entire time?!"




The rest of the stuff belonged to Debs and she had to get Alice to help her tabulate them.




"Uncle Brian?"  Jenny looks at me as she fills the glass for Justin.  "Want some more?"




"Please...as much as you can get in the glass."




"I'll just leave it here and..."  The doorbell goes she waves Zee back.  "We'll do it. Come on Gus, Uncle Tom can you give us a hand?"




"Is there any way Mel that he could claim he was bipolar, has ADD, kleptomania or anything like that?"  Blake asks, looking longingly at the cart.




I wouldn't blame him or Ted if they were to drink half the stuff on there.  Justin seems to be feeling a bit better, judging by the piece of lobster and salmon fritter he's snuck off my plate.




Mel shoots down her whisky and looks thoughtful.  "Good question.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if he tries that but Ephraim has already said he's going to be evaluated.  And as Charles said, the fact that the garage was in a false name would negate that and he even confirmed the contents as Astro Ladd."




"So what happens now?"  Debs has got some of her colour and chutzpah back.




"He's in custody being held at the Pittsburgh County Jail."  Carl replies, eliciting gasps of surprise.  "He was arrested yesterday afternoon in New York on another matter..."




"What other matter?"  Debs demands.




"Assault and reproductive coercion."  Carl replies.  "I don't know too much about it but..."




"Oh God, who did he hit and how bad?"  I demand exchanging looks with Zee.




"Lindsay.  He hit Lindsay."  We all turn to Talon in surprise.




"He slapped her pretty hard, twice. She's got severe facial bruising.  Turns out that he was tampering with their condoms like Ralph suspected."




Everyone starts to talk at once.  "Quiet!"  Ralph bellows.  "Let Talon finish, then she can answer any questions that she has knowledge of."




"Grady confessed to infertility and effectively dumped Lindsay by telling her that he's been fucking behind her back...in fact he's been barebacking behind her back. "




"Holy fuck!"  Mel breathes.  "Could she be...?"




"She's going to be tested but apparently he's clean as he only barebacks with one guy."  Talon scoffs.  "But that's not what caused the slap.  Michael suggested that she and he have a baby and her vehement rejection of the idea caused him to slap her."




"What the hell were they going to do with a baby?!"  Debs demands.




"We don't know but Medea said he mentioned signing over their rights to you..."




"And no doubt trying to get paid to fuck off!"  Matt hisses.




"Exactly!"  Carl growls.




"Again so now what happens?"  Debs stabs at a dumpling.




"He's arraigned tomorrow morning and then a date set for trial."




"Can we be there?"  I ask looking at Justin who nods through a mouthful of food.




"We will all be there."  Zeus decrees.
















I don't understand what is happening.  My court appointed lawyer has been held up and nobody is telling me anything!  




Why the fuck am I back in Pittsburgh?




The door opens and a slightly harassed looking man comes in.  "Novotny?"




"Yes and you are?"




"Birch.  Edward Birch. Walk with me."  He holds the door open.  "Wow you have been busy..."




"I don't even know what I'm supposed to have done."  I snipe.




"This way."  He calls out to me. I hadn't realised he had turned the corner.  "The charges were read out to you correct? You said you understood; this is to give more colour."




"Colour?"  I repeat, almost running into the back of him.




"You only answer to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.  With evidence against you, go with guilty."  He pulls open a door and we walk into the courtroom.








"Fucker!"  I hear someone hiss and turn and the entire family is sitting there.




I look beseechingly at mom but she just stares coldly back at me.  Brian doesn't look at me at all. Instead he stares straight ahead, stroking the back of Justin's head.




But it's the look on Zee's face that's causing me concern.  She looks murderous!




"All rise for Judge Carruthers!"




"Shit."  Birch groans.  "Remember plead guilty."








"Sssh and do as I tell you!"  He hisses.




"Where is the DA or prosecuting attorneys, I don't have..."  The door opens and in comes Ephraim Williams, Charles Phelps-Brown and oh fuck that can't be!




"Oh double fuck!"  Birch groans.  




Judging by the stunned expressions on their faces, this is news to them too!




"Uh can prosecution please approach?!"  Judge Carruthers is just gaping at them.  After a brief conversation, a document is handed over which he reads and looks at them again and then nods.




"This document will be placed on file.  Copy for the defence."  He clears his throat.  "Michael Charles Novotny, you are charged with the following: medical insurance fraud by claiming that your then husband Benjamin Bruckner had died; falsifying the signature of Benjamin Bruckner in respect of the same insurance; theft from the residences of Brian Kinney and Deborah Horvath nee Novotny; attempted copyright fraud of Justin Taylor in respect of the Rage Comic; theft in respect of Hunter Bruckner and finally resisting arrest. How do you plead?"




I stare at him and then look back at the family and the hatred is coming off them in waves.




What the fuck?




"Again, how do you plead Mr Novotny?"  Judge Carruthers repeats.




"N-not guilty."  I stammer.  "You see..."




"Your honour.  We feel that Novotny is a flight risk and should be held in jail until trial."




"I concur Judge Maa...sorry force of habit.  I concur.  It is so ordered.  Court date is set for January exact date to be determined.  Court is dismissed."




I am pulled out by the bailiff with Birch barking.  "What part of guilty did you misunderstand?"












We are all just staring in silence.  I've heard of it but never actually known a judge do it!




Judge Meriam Maatje is grinning at us.  "Yes it's me.  I had to go to the highest court to get special dispensation but yes, I am part of the prosecution team against him.  And we have an ally in Birch. He doesn't like it when his clients don't do as they are told!"




Holy mother of fuck, he's going down!   It's just a question of how long!



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