Midnight Whispers
QAF Brian and Justin Fanfiction

















Well I can safely say that I have completely pissed Bethany off.  She was gone when I woke this morning and hasn't responded to any of my attempts to contact her.




I need to take my pissy mood out on someone and I suppose Taylor's as good a person as any.




"Taylor, Luther here.  Fine.  So what's happening with investors and have you contacted my brother to say you agree to his terms.  No I'm not giving you more time for this.  In fact, I'm just going to buy the store from you for the $15mil that I gave you.  But it was worth $15mil and you still have the money that I wired before.  Oh stop whining and sign the contract.  What did my brother say?  Well at least it will be behind you and we can move on to upsetting your boy."




I put the phone down feeling much better.  And twenty minutes later I own about five electronics stores across Pittsburgh, which I have no idea what to do with.




"Your post sir."




I nod and indicate he should put on the table.




"Will you require anything else sir?"




"If I did I would tell you.  Unless it's family, I don't want to be disturbed."




"Yes sir."




I watch him depart and try Bethany again, still no response.




"Excuse me sir, Zander..."




"Did I give you permission to use his first name?"  I snap.




"Apologies sir.   Mr Zander Stark is here to see you."  He pauses.




"For fuck sake send him in!"




Zander comes in frowning.  "What happened to Ralph?"




"Fired him.  So to what do I owe this visit?"




"I want a goodwill gesture."




"Oh boy I taught you well.  Okay how about this, $15mil in bricks and mortar and the rest cash?"




"Bricks and mortar?  What are you talking about?"




"I've just bought this five and dime set of stores in Pittsburgh just to fuck with the guy.  You know how much I love sticking it to The Man.  Well you can have that and the rest cash."




"I'm not sure about that maybe...how about your condos those would..."




"No, boy you are not getting my homes.  Or my cars before you even think to ask.  I know you've had your eyes on those phantoms for years, not going to happen.  Yes, the stores, you can sell them on, which to be honest was what I was going to do.  Let's do the deed transfer now, get your lawyer to look at it and then sign on the dotted line the rest of the money will be at the December board."




Judging by Zander's frown, this is going to take some time.  But I know me; I can be very persuasive and what I want I get.
















Michael and I haven't spoken since yesterday and I'm actually not sure that he's even in the house. His bed wasn't slept in according to Grady.




"Don't."  Bethany's voice interrupts my thoughts.




"Don't what?"




"Start to change your mind."  She shakes her head at me.  "Wasn't this the same thing he did to his other friends?"




"Yes but..."




"And now he's doing it to you."  She finishes her coffee.  "You have to stop him before he gets worse. Look what happened in Pittsburgh.  Do you really think that he would've done anything without you and your parents' money backing him up?"




I shake and sigh.  "Enough of this.  So what plans have you got today?"




"None whatsoever.  What about you?"




"Freshening up my resume and taking it around again."




"Want me to have a look at it?  When you look at something enough you tend to miss stuff."




"Thanks and then after that maybe you could help me with my outfit for interviews. You really do have excellent taste."




"Done and done."








I slept down here last night.  If Lindsay and her nouveau riche bitchy friends think they are forcing me out they'll have to think again.  I handled Brian for years until Boy Wonder came along and I'll continue to handle Lindsay.  If that slut and that confused bottom boy think they have the drop on me, they're sorely mistaken. I come out of their bathroom and smile.




I'm determined to stay here and in a few months' time, I will prove invaluable.








Oh Michael, Michael, Michael.  You must take me for a fool.  I know exactly what you're doing.  And trust me it is not going to work.  But let's see what you come up with to get out of this when Lindsay finds out what you have done.












"Well of course, we'd love to but I would have to double check with our events planner but that does seem doable.  I will get her to call you back as soon as I can. Yes thank you for calling."




I leave the message on Cara's pad and head back to the kitchen.




"Who was that?"  Emmy asks




"Oh the PA to...oh my God oh my God!"  I start to hyperventilate.




"Thomas?  Thomas!  For the love of Liza breathe!"  Emmy yells and places a bag over my nose and mouth. "Breathe, just breathe slowly, in and out, just in and out.  Now sit down and tell me who that was."




Cara comes rushing in.  "Wh-who took this message and are you fucking kidding me!"




I raise my hand and shake my head.




"Someone tell me who the fuck called!"  Emmy yells.




"The office of Guy Tackler-Smith, as in..."




"Holy fuck!"  He says and immediately places the bag over his nose and mouth.




Zee comes in with a smug looking Faal, looks at us three and frowns.




"What's happened?"  Cara hands her the piece of paper with shaking hands.  "Oh he called did he?"




We all gape at her.




"Excuse me!  Oh he called did he?!  You mean you knew about this?"  I demand and then remember I'm still on probation.




"Not really. Melody said she'd recommended us to him but then I didn't hear anything so figured there no reason to get our hopes up."




"Who's whoever is on that piece of paper?"  Faal asks.  "What's in there and can I have some?"




"Spiced squash and help yourself."  I reply.  "Oh Guy Tackler Smith as in one of the foremost art critics in the world. Even I know about him.  Why does he want us?"




"Like I said Melody recommended him.  When does he want us?"




"Next Friday. It looks free and it's in New York."  Cara stammers.




"Okay, call Melody make sure it's legit and then tell him we'll do it."  Zee winks at Emmy.




Cara nods and starts to walk out.  "Oh Cara!  One more thing, you and Liddie will obviously need to book next Friday off."




"Really?!"  She squeals and hugs her tightly.




"You're doing a fantastic job and besides Liddie would kill me if we didn't take her.  Now phone first before you give her the news."




Once she's out the door, Zee pokes her head out and then ushers us to the larder.




"Well done Emmy Lou you were great!"




"Why thank you sweetie!"




I look between the two of them in confusion.




"Sorry Thomas let me explain.  It's Lydia's 60th in 2 weeks and we're hosting a party for her in NYC and this is a ruse to get her over there, without raising suspicion.  And we couldn't tell Cara the truth either as they are very close and she'd have blabbed."




"So we're not cooking for Guy Tackler Smith?"








"Oh that's a shame."




"But we will be cooking at his home for Liddie and he's hosting."












I'm in my office when I hear the dulcet but excitable tones of Cara and then find myself embraced in a gabbling hug.




"Slow down, stop and breathe."  I order firmly.  "Now what's this about?"




"Guy Tackler-Smith is hosting a party in NYC and has asked Emmy and Zee to cater and..."




"Guy Tackler-Smith?"  I echo.




She nods frantically.  "And they want us to come with us, I mean them, as the guest announcers!"




"Are you fucking serious?!"  I squeal and then take calming breaths.




"Yes, we have to go shopping!"




"Of course we fucking do!"  I chortle excitedly.
















I'm brought up short by the sight of Evelyn going through the safe, her coat and purse flung across the chair.




"What you looking for?"




"My credit card."  Comes the muffled response.




"What do you need that for?  You normally just use the joint one of the one from the No. 2 account."




"I know that sweetie but I want to use mine.  That's not a problem for you...aha got it!"




"Not at all.  What you doing today?"




"Going to Madison Avenue. There's a couple of things I've seen that I like the look of."




"Okay, you going to be long?"  I look through the papers on my desk.  "Evelyn?  Evelyn?"




"Sorry darling.  I should be out until early evening.  What are you up to?"




"Got a meeting with Luther at the club in an hour or..."




"Why at the club, why not meet here?"




I think about it, as she repacks the safe and grabs her coat, and nod.  "Good idea, saves me a trip across town."




"Great.  Okay darling I'll see you later then enjoy your meeting."




She heads out with a kiss on my cheek and I call Luther.  "Luther it's Elias. Instead of the club, let's meet here; it's a better place for our talk.  Well if Evelyn was going to be here, I wouldn't suggest it, would I? Okay see you in an hour."












"Hi Bethany it's Evelyn.  I'm fine, I'm fine.  Look I'm heading to Madison Avenue for some retail therapy after the sulkfest that has been Elias and...oh him too.  In that case can we meet at The Mark Bar on 77th Street in say an hour?  Oh that's a shame, what about tomorrow then? We could do lunch.  I've seen this adorable little place, which you might be interested in."




I sit back in my seat and for the first time since Sunday's revelations I smile.
















"...for goodness sake you've got to understand how I feel!"




"No Luther I still don't understand why you are upset about this.  Once again, Bethany is not Talon!  She's a free agent and, you were not and am still not, exclusive.  How is Lily?"




"Don't change the subject!"




"She likes the penthouse does she, which I believe Bethany doesn't know about?"




I snicker at this.  "She does.  So this thing between you and Bethany is definitely over?"




"For God sake it was over two weeks before she moved in with you!  And if you bring it up again, I will be severely pissed off and you don't want a pissed off judge as your opposition!"




"Excuse me you seem to forget that you are in the same position that I am!"




"Not quite.  Unlike you, I don't have a passport in Zebadiah's name but with your information on it should the need to leave the country be pressing."




"That's true.   But I will tell Evelyn what you've done and the fact that you paid the guys to beat up her lover to get him to leave her."




We both stare at each other as it dawns on us that we are irrevocably bound to each other. If one goes down so does the other.












I love this apartment.  It's perfectly placed just on the corner of 5th and Madison.




I throw my purse on the table and take a steadying breath and pray that this has worked and continues to do so.  Operation Rip Asunder starts now, I start my research.
















Grady and I have had a nice few days, primarily because we've been away but now we are back and I'm absolutely furious.  As Grady says, he wants to see a reaction.




While we were away, Michael decided to watch his rubbish upstairs and has left a mess.  I'm not sure where he is right now, Grady has checked the basement and he's not there.




I watched him check the post but leave ours there afterwards.




"Why did you leave our post downstairs?"




"So he'll think we're still out and relax a little more and we can announce ourselves when we're ready."




"Ah I see."




"You know he's not going to leave on Thanksgiving?"  Grady raises his eyebrows




"I know."




"So what are you going to do about it?"




"I honestly don't know.  Wait...sssh.  I think he's come back."




We creep to the door and open it a crack and yes he's come back and he goes through the post before calling out my name and I watch that smirk come across his face.




He heads to the kitchen and dumps his take-out before heading back to the door and double locking and dead bolting it.  I frown at Grady, who puts his fingers to his lips.




We watch him head back to the kitchen and then the lounge where he turns up the volume on the TV and the familiar tune of fucking X-Men comes on.




"What's he...?"  I whisper to Grady, he mouths at me to wait and slips surprisingly quickly and quietly downstairs and takes the locks off the door before rejoining me.




"Call him."  He whispers.  "And tell him you'll be home in 20 minutes.  Actually text him instead, and use the bathroom and then call Bethany."




I send the text and the next thing we see is him scurrying to get everything put away and then head to the door where he pauses and bites his lip, before shrugging and heading back to the basement but not before looking at the door one more time.




I call Bethany and Grady explains what's happened and I can hear her laughing.




"Come on."  Grady tugs at my hand and I start to giggle at the furtiveness of it all.








I dash down the driveway after hearing him put the locks back on and within 10 minutes Bethany has arrived.




We head up the drive and start to knock and grinning we call him.




She puts the call on speaker.  "Michael it's Bethany!  Open the fucking door!  How dare you lock me out of my condo?!"




"What are you talking about?  I have done no such thing!"




"Then why was it double locked and why are the dead bolts on?!  Come open the door or I will have my driver break it down!  And you will pay for it, not Lindsay, not Grady but you!"




"Are you sure you're at the right condo?  The door isn't..."




He quickly unlocks the door and lets us in.




"What the hell were you playing at Michael?"  I snarl.




"I-I-I don't understand how this, I mean I..."  He stammers.




"We're going into the lounge, you have some explaining to do!"  Bethany shouts at him.












Oh this is so much fun!  Over the last few days Luther has been behaving like a jealous husband and to be frank it is getting on my nerves. This I did not sign up for!




"So explain yourself!"  Lindsay demands.




"Hey guys what's going on?"  Grady comes in taking off his coat.




"Where did you come from?"  Michael demands.




"Car.  I sent Lindsay and Bethany on ahead as I needed to get something why?"




"Liar!"  He snarls.




"That's rich coming from you.  Now can someone tell me what's going on?"




How is Grady keeping a straight face?  Oh digging into his palm that would be it.




"Michael double locked and deadbolted the front door so we couldn't get in!"




"Seriously?  What the fuck Michael?"








"So are you trying to tell me that you were here alone and the door magically double locked and deadbolted and itself?"  I snarl at him.




"I don't understand...you're tricking me. One of you was here before!"




We all look at him.




"Michael you had to let us in by unlocking the door so how could we have been inside!  I'm so pissed at you!"  I rail.




"Oh for fuck sake!"  Lindsay explodes taking us all by surprise.  "Let me guess, it got lost in the postal service and just arrived, is that the excuse you are going to use for this?"




She holds up a box and Michael goes bright red.  "I have only just unpacked it and..."




"Why up here?"  She demands.




"The light is better up..."




"Get out of my sight Michael, go to your room just go anywhere but here.  You lied to me again, I won't have it anymore."




"Lindz, listen..."




"Michael.  If you have any regard for our continued friendship you will leave this room now."








I make my way down to the basement cursing leaving the box upstairs, I managed to click accept on my last bid before Bethany noticed.  I'm trying to work out how I managed to screw up the door when Grady starts to come down the stairs.




"I was wrong about you Michael."




I raise my chin defiantly.  "Of course you were.  I'm not a moocher and..."




"No you're not.  You're a fucking stupid moocher.  Goodnight."




I watch him go upstairs and curse him and Bethany.  Just like Boy Wonder with Brian, they've turned her head, but I'm determined that Lindsay and I will get back to where we were before them.  Fuck even Talon is better than these two!












Well my investigation has proved to be most interesting and judging by the phone calls I've been having with Bethany, Luther isn't letting go of her fucking Elias.




"Still not a happy bunny is he?"  I ask pouring her a martini.




"For crying out fucking loud.  It's so hypocritical of him.  No he's most certainly not.  I've never heard such drama.  I've done everything to give him all the space he needs to be Luther and..."




"Oh tell me about it.  He and Elias were talking and since I know it's in the past, he asked him what it was like dark vs light as he's never fucked a white girl before.   Elias told him it there was no difference and you know what Luther did, he snorted.  Actually snorted."




Bethany's expression is getting grimmer and grimmer.




"I have a Black mother."  She growls.




"You must love the penthouse though?"  I smile into my glass and wait.




"Penthouse?"  She pauses and takes a sip and I see the flicker of rage in her eyes.  "What fucking penthouse?"




"Ah I thought..."




"He has a penthouse, where?"




"I'm not sure...I just overheard."




"May I borrow your computer please?"  I slide my laptop across and soon she's tapping away.




"I can't find it anywhere. Are you sure he said penthouse?"




"Uh huh, he and his son Zebadiah jointly own it. Maybe it's in his name and..."




"Who's Zebadiah?  He has four sons and one daughter and none of them is called Zebadiah."




"Oh, well look under Zebadiah and you might find it."




Ten minutes later we are looking- well me for the second time- at one of the most gorgeous penthouses in Jersey. It's a six bedroom palace.




"Wow!"  She breathes.  "That is just gorgeous.  And where am I?  Don't get me wrong, I love the condo but I would move to Jersey for this!"




"Wonder why it isn't in his name?"  I pour her another martini.








"Well it says here, owner Zebadiah Stark. Luther's name is not on there..."




Finally, the fucking frown as the business woman comes out.  "Why the hell not?"




For the next three hours I drop hints. First steer her up blind alleyways and then lead back down the right path until she knows what I know.




We just look at each other.  "What the hell are you going to do?"  I ask.




"I can't believe this."  She whispers.  "I can forgive most things but not this. Using your late son's name to...oh God!"




She dashes to the bathroom and I start to feel sorry for her but not sorry enough to stop.




When she comes back in she looks a little less stricken.  "Can you help me Evelyn?"




"Of course, we'll handle this together.












"Holy fuck!"  I shout and fist pump.  "Zeus!"




"What's up?"




I shove the papers into his chest and watch as a look of incredulity spreads across his face.




"Let me call Ted, say nothing and I mean fucking nothing Zan!"




Two hours later we're just staring at each other.  "Ted, Tobias, are you both absolutely sure?"




"Ahem Zeus, I am nothing but thorough!  The money used did not come from any account but his own personal one."




"Ted, can you find out where Brian and Jennifer will be in say an hour?"




"On it.  Why not Justin?"




"Just not yet okay, just Brian and Jennifer."












I have my arms full of a sobbing Jennifer.  I have tears in my eyes too. I don't know how they did it so quickly but Taylor Electronics now belongs to my husband Justin Taylor.




"Guys I just don't know..."  Jennifer sniffles.




"She taught me well...he thinks I learnt my business skills from him but nope it's all Zee."  Zander smiles and hands over tissues and brandy.




"So this is actually legitimate?"




"Yeah amazingly enough he doesn't stiff family, unless..."




"Unless you're Zee."




"So when do you tell Justin?"  Jennifer asks me.




"Tomorrow morning and then we tell his sperm donor."  I grin at her.  "Naturally you will want to be there, along with Molly."




"Of course."  She giggles.  "I wouldn't miss that for the fucking world!"




"Seriously too much time with Debbie!"  Zeus laughs.
















Bethany and I still aren't back to where we were, so she's gone away for a few days with Evelyn on a spa retreat.




"Excuse me sir."




"I said I didn't want to be disturbed!"




"Well you don't have a choice!"  I look up and find three suited men in my office.




"Luther Stark?"








"We're from the FBI. We're here to arrest you for passport fraud..."




"What?!"  I demand




"Fraud, false accounting, property fraud, corruption, bribery, money laundering and failure to report a death."




"What in fucks name..."




"This is a warrant to search this property and the penthouse in Jersey.  Have at it boys."




"Before you go Mr Stark, you need to open the safe."




"No I don't."  I bluster




"This warrant says you do.  Now do it!"




Reluctantly I open the safe and try and think how the hell...Elias...well if I go, he goes.




"I want my lawyer..."




"Of course you do, let's go."
















"What is the meaning of this?!  I'm a supreme court..."




"Shut up and put your hands behind your back.  You're under arrest for fraud, corruption, assault and battery, accepting bribes and that's just the start!"




"You have no right to do this!"




"This warrant says we do.  And for every property under the name of Charles Schuman. Name ring a bell?"




I open my mouth to say something but close it again.




Luther you will fucking pay, I go, you go too!












Evelyn and I look at each other and tearfully raise our glasses.




"Rest in peace Charles and Zebadiah, rest in peace."  I sniffle.




"And may the fuckers rot in hell!"  Evelyn adds wiping her eyes.




"They are going to go down blaming each other for this."




"Shame that!"  I chuckle.  "Are you sure about this?"




She nods.  "Absolutely, if anyone deserves this, it's us.  Now come on let's finish this off and get going; we've got a 6 month cruise to shop for!"
















My hands are shaking.  "Mine? The stores are mine?"




Mom nods and Molly is grinning.  "What you going to do Jester?"




"Fire him first of all.  Let's go."  I pull Brian in for a scorching kiss and we head out.












I can't believe the stores are no longer mine but at least I'm still the President and get a salary.  I've not been able to get hold of Luther for a couple days. The last message I had from him was that his son would be coming in today to introduce himself.




"Mr Taylor, there's a Mr Zander Stark to see you."




I paste on my best smile and head out to the main floor.  We're currently closed as I wanted the team to meet the new owner and explain my new role.




"Zander a delight and a pleasure to meet you."  I gush, pumping his hand.




"Thanks.  If we could...?"  He asks.




"I will just make my speech and then you can do your bit."




"But..."  He tries again




"Attention everyone.  I have an announcement to make.  Effective immediately, I no longer own Taylor Electronics..."




There's gasps and murmurings.




"Taylor Electronics now comes under the control of Stark Securities, a company based out of New York and this is the new owner Zander Stark.  I want you all to make him welcome, introduce yourselves and treat him as you would treat me.  I will continue to be President of the company and will oversee the running of the stores on behalf of Mr Stark and..."




Zander clears his throat.  "Sorry Craig, I need to stop you there.  One of the things you have said aren't correct."  He clears his throat again.  "Stark Securities no longer own Taylor Electronics."








"That's what I was trying to tell you.  We sold it on.  You would need to liaise with the new owners about what happens to the stores.  I'm just here to introduce them. It's the only polite thing to do."




"So who are these new owners?"  I demand. I am so fucking pissed.




"Owner, singular and that would be me."




I whirl round to face him.  "What the fuck are you doing in my store?  Get out!"




"Uh my store and if anyone is..."




There is a loud banging on the door.  "Police open up!"




I nod my head to one of the salesmen and he opens the door.




"Craig Taylor?"  One officer demands.




"How can I help you officer? Actually you can..."




"You are under arrest for desecration of property with intent, threatening behaviour and vandalism, what you say..."




"What the hell are you talking about?"  I snap.  "I have done no such thing."




"Yeah you did in San Francisco, remember?  Come on let's go."








"Excuse me, Craig Taylor please?"  Another voice calls out.




"That would be the guy in handcuffs."  The cop points to me.




"Ah, my name is Schenk, Tobias Schenk, I'm here to do a personal audit."




"It's just not your day is it Mr Taylor?"








I look at mom and Brian in confusion.  "What the...?"




"Guys, Zee just called said to drop everything and come to the Treehouse now."  Zander tells us.




I turn to the also confused staff.  "Uh.  My name is Justin Taylor, I'm the new owner and the first thing we need to do is close down until next Friday. You will obviously be paid but right now we're closed.  So gather your things and be back here by next Friday so we can put a plan in action to pull this store into the 21st century."




We wait for everyone to gather their things and then lock up and head to the Treehouse.
















Everyone is here. We've got Adam and Solly on speaker as well as Uncle Luc, mom and Aunt Dee, but I still can't believe it.




"Okay what's going on?"  Brian demands.




I switch on the TV and they all watch agog as the news report plays about the arrests of Luther Stark and Elias Copthorne and the litany of charges.




"How the fuck?"  Menno breathes.




Charles shrugs.  "Nothing to do with us.  We were still working on our paper trail so we have no clue."




Faal comes back in with bubbles and a smile on his face.  "Had a word with a couple of people I know.  Seems like they were sent a video and went from there."




"Who sent it?"  I ask helping him open the bottles.




"An E Copthorne..."




"What?  Why?  A sudden attack of conscience?"




"No revenge of the wife.  The ‘E' stands for Evelyn but naturally the authorities are going to let them think that the other did it."




"Jesus!"  Ted grins.




"And of course all their assets have been frozen, including those in the names of Zebadiah and Charles Schuman."  Adam tells us.




"Fuck."  I sigh.  "So now what?"




"Well first we celebrate that and then we celebrate the fact that Craig Taylor was arrested today and Tobias Schenk is going to do a personal audit of him."  Justin giggles.




"Zeus Stark."  Suddenly he freezes and is waving his arms for silence.  "Dad, calm down and say that again."




He puts the call on speaker.  "I said I've been arrested on some trumped up shit.  My arraignment is set for Friday and I need to make bail..."




"How much bail?"




"Boy I won't know till my arraignment.  Can you boys get down here? All my assets are frozen...talk to your uncle he should help too.  And get Zander to call his sister.  She and her master can help me out too. None of this is true Zeus you have to believe me.  I would never lie to you boys you know that."




"Okay we'll be there. Don't worry dad we'll make sure you get everything you need.  Bye."




I stand up and start to pace.  "We need to call Guy and move Lydia to next week.  I want this out of the way and had done."




"Okay sweetie.  Let me call him."  Emmy Lou volunteers and bustles out.




"I'll get the plane sorted out, how many are coming?"




"All the adults, the kids have school."  Carl decides and at their groans, he smiles.  "We promise to tell you what happened when we get back."
















We're just staring at the TV in shock.  "Now what happens?"




"Well it looks like her sugar daddy days are over and she seems to have scuttled under that slut rock she came from!"  Michael says smugly.  "I think I will move my stuff back up."








"Michael, didn't you listen to the report?"  Grady looks at me with disdain.




"Why don't you give me the highlights?  At least we won't have to pay any rent now..."




"They are freezing and seizing of all their assets..."








"It means we can't live here anymore." Lindsay explains slowly.




"No Lindsay, we can because he signed this over to Bethany remember? That's what she said."




"Yes but to manage, not to keep.  It still belongs to him Michael."  Lindsay huffs angrily.  "You really should pay attention!"








Grady chuckles and Michael scowls at him.




"What are we going to do?  How long do you think we have?"   I ask.


Grady shrugs.  "It says he's being arraigned later today.  Michael and I will go to court and see what they say."




"Why am I going?"  Michael demands.




"Because we don't trust you not to do the locks thing again."  I tell him.












"...and due to their flight risk potential, bail is set at $5mil for Luther Stark and $10mil for Elias Copthorne."




"Your honour with all due respect, they are charged with virtually..."/




"And he was a judge and had a duty of care."




I keep checking my watch. They should be here by now.




"Is your client able to pay the bail now?"  The judge asks Copthorne's lawyer.




Elias whispers to his lawyer.  "Unfortunately, Mr Copthorne's wife is currently out of the country but is making her way back."




"Then he will be remanded in prison until such time his bail is paid."




The look Elias gives me was poisonous but I shrug it off.




"Can Mr Stark pay his bail?"  He asks my lawyer.




"His family are currently delayed but they will be able to make the payment."




"Again remanded in jail until..."




"The payment will be made today..."




"Remanded.  Take them both down."




Elias is hauled off first glaring at me and just as I'm about to be led away the court doors open and a slew of people come in some of them look familiar.  It's not until I look at Kinney and that husband of his I realise where I've seen them before.




"Get me out of here!"  I order the bailiff.




"Wait!"  Zeus's voice calls a halt to proceedings and I sag with relief.  "You need to see this dad!"




I turn round and see Zee being flanked by all of her brothers.  "What is...?"  I splutter.




"This is the last time you see us.  Oh and one other thing. Zee is the only Stark that owns Stark Securities.  Zan was never ever going to sign that over to you.  Come on guys let's celebrate. No more Luther and his lies!"




"But...you can't leave me here!  I've done nothing wrong; it was Elias!  I was framed. Don't you hear me?  FRAMED!"  I shout at their retreating backs.  "You know how White people can get when they see a Black man make it.  Dammit listen to me!"








As the door closes on his shouting, we all just stare at each other.  "It's over, completely over.  Well until the trial anyway. Let's go and get hammered!"




Just as we're heading to the door two other guys come running in.  I immediately recognise Grady but not the other guy.  "Latest toy?"  I query, looking at the guy with distaste.




Grady shudders.  "Hardly."  Then he smirks.  "I saw the reports.  Take it you're here to pay his bail."




"Nope."  I reply.  "But you feel free to."




"So Zaden..."  The dark haired guy looks smugly at her.  "What happens to your business now?"




"Nothing.  But what's going to happen to your living arrangements Michael?"




Which shuts him up nicely.  "Michael? This is the Michael?"  I ask.  "The one..."




"You guys have been talking about me?"  He looks round our group.  The remark elicits tisking and eye rolling.




"Not exactly. It's just that I didn't see your face during the spa waxing session..."




"What spa waxing session?"  Michael demands and then starts to cringe.  "How do you know about that?  I said how do you know about that?!"




But we are too busy walking away laughing to answer him.








Despite my best efforts I couldn't get Michael to talk about the spa waxing session and as we pull up outside the condo I see a distraught Lindsay reasoning with a couple of guys in suits.




"What's going on?"  I demand.




"We have to leave. They are seizing the property!"  She sobs in my arms.  "What are we going


to do?!  They gave me this."




I take the paper from her and read it quickly.  "Okay we can only take the basics everything has to stay whilst they determine what belongs to who."




"But what about my collectibles!"  Michael shrieks.




"Oh trust me nobody is going to think they're Luther's!"  I snark at him.




"And they are not your collectibles anymore. Well they won't be soon enough."




"Talon!"  Lindsay gasps.




"Excuse me a moment."  She strides over to the two suits and speaks to them for a while before showing them documentation and in 15 minutes later they have gone.




"What do you mean they aren't my collectibles anymore?"  Michael demands once we are back in the lounge.




"Well unless you can come up with my $50K by 20 December, they are mine and so are your asses!"




I look at the determined expression on her face.




What the fuck is she up to?!



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