Midnight Whispers
QAF Brian and Justin Fanfiction









"You did what?"  Brian demands of Harold.




"Got her to record it...oh I say!"  Harold gasps when Brian kisses him firmly on the cheek.




"Jen, with me and Justin you've got five minutes before I caveman you!"




Zee starts to rustle in the fridge and soon has decanted sliced apricots, peaches and nectarines in a bowl and then pours over some champagne.




"For energy."  She smirks at him.




Jen comes back in glowing and then Brian, takes a bottle of champagne and almost carries a giggling Justin out.




"Where are they going?"  I ask.




"Upstairs."  Zee replies chuckling.  "To take the edge off, oh wait excuse me."




She heads to the hallway.  "Guys sound machine!"  She waits for a few seconds.  "Thanks!"




"To take the edge off what?"  I look round the room and nobody is making eye contact.




"We're going to walk the dogs!"  Jenny announces and pulls the rest of the kids out.




"Take the edge off what?"  I repeat.




"They're having sex Millie."  Jennifer explains.




My face drops in shock.  "But...but this isn't their house."




"It's as good as, we both have keys to each other's place and it's not as if they've not done it before."




"You let them have sex in your house."  Harold marvels at Zee.




"Pretty hard to stop them."  Jennifer grins.  "They are a very passionate couple."




"Well.  Actually that's all I can say is well.  So what made him drag you out before he dragged him out? Still can't believe how blasé you are about it Zee..."




"Oh don't let that innocent act fool you, they're just as bad.  In fact, they have a..."




"Ben!"  Faal interrupts.  "Champagne?"




"Have a what?"  Carl demands.  "You might as well tell us. Debs will get it out of him and then tell everyone else."




"100 fucks first."  Faal shakes his head and gently brushes Zee's cheek.  "Still can't believe we agreed to that.  I'm blaming brandy."




"Who's winning?"  Carl asks.




"They are, but only by 2.  Rules are simple, you have to sneak in, on an assigned date and if you make it to the bedroom you have at it. If not then you have to leave."




"Good grief!"  Harold exclaims and then starts to laugh.  "Oh I wish I was young again."




"What's your age got to do with it?"  Debs asks.  "We're in the same age bracket and that doesn't stop us.  All you need is lotion for the motion and go for it."




"Um, yes of course, uh quite.  Now Jennifer what did Brian want to talk to you about?"




Faal gives me a hug.  "Sorry Millie, we are a very relaxed family here.  We will calm it down for..."




"Nonsense!"  Harold interjects.  "We were doing exactly the same thing as them, well not Brian and Justin them but you get what I mean.  We were just less open.  Now come on Millie, we're going home...."




"We are?"




"Yes my darling we are."




"Why?"  I ask gathering my things and kissing everyone goodbye.




"Why do you think?"  He asks and then turns to Debs.  "Lotion for the motion you say...interesting."




The last thing I hear before the door closes is Emmy Lou's familiar cackle.








"In all seriousness what did Brian haul you off for?"




"He wanted me to send the recording to the boys.  And Blake, heads up, Ted's coming home tonight."




"Are you kidding?"  He sighs when I shake my head.  "I will pay any of you a thousand dollars if you let me stay somewhere he can't get to.  I need to be able to sit down.  Just for tonight."




Debs looks at me and I nod.  "You can stay with us. No charge."  She pats his hand.




I don't think I've ever seen a man look so relieved.
















I can't believe she's done this.  We finally finished moving our stuff in about an hour ago and Thomas and Zeon are sorting out dinner.  By which I mean, they are heating up the food that Alice sent over.




"We have to do something."  I tell Zeph and Zander and when they don't say anything I look up from the sofa.




Zander is transfixed by the Nemo fish and Zeph is staring at the ceiling.




"Guys!  We have to do something."




"For?"  Thomas comes down with food.




"Oh no we're not eating in here!"  I state firmly and brace for objections.




"I agree and besides she'd kill us."  Zeph chuckles.












I had heard about the brothers and Zee obviously but to see the dynamic now that they are together, without that influence, is just heart-warming.  As I plate up the food, I smile at the bickering over who has the bigger portion.




"Oh for heaven sake would you like me to weigh it out!  Now focus!  Zeus you said you had to do something.  Who do you need to do this for?"




"ZayZay of course.  But what the hell do you get someone who has everything?"




"Why do you have to get her anything?"  I ask.




"Look what she's done."  He protests




"And look what she's done for Mel and Leda, Gus and Jenny, for all of them, she just wants to make people happy."




"But the aqua-cave, she didn't have to..."




"No she didn't but it makes her happy that you're happy so leave it at that.  You've made your peace leave it at that. Stop trying to overcompensate for the past.  Leave it where it belongs and move on.  Now come on let's eat."












Oh for God sake I despair of the man!  Luckily this has not come back to bite us in his flat ass!  I've just found out that he's been sending Talon emails and being a nasty queen.  She's not responded though, which I have to admit I'm surprised about.




I'm just about to head to the kitchen when I hear raised voices coming from the lower office.








Oh not this shit again!  Michael seems to have decided that since Talon is no longer in the picture that he can move his collectibles up and of course, like Talon and I, Bethany is not in agreement.




"I don't see what the problem is!"  Michael pouts.




"The problem is that I am saying no and you are not hearing that!  Now take these pieces of tat and tawdriness and put them where they were.  Or the next time you see them they will be on the kerb waiting for the garbage men!"




Michael looks at me for back up as does Bethany.  "As was said when we first moved in here, they have to stay out of this office.  So put them back where you had them."




"Thank you Lindsay."  Bethany smiles at me and then takes a seat.  "Well Michael, repack them."




"I can do that alone."  He snaps at her.




"I know you can but I want to make sure that every scrap of this shit is out of here before..."




Even though I know what's coming I can see that Michael doesn't.




"Before what?"




"I lock this office up so you can't come in again."




"Talon never locked the office.  Besides I do my ordering and bidding from here."  Michael whines. 




"Why would she?  She lived in the other condo.   And you don't do that in here anymore as this one is mine."




We both look at her in astonishment.  "Yours?"  I echo.




"Yes that's what I came over for.  Luther has said I can manage this one. Talon was supposed to but couldn't be bothered according to Luther.  Now we need to discuss rent.  Talon may have let you stay for free; I do not intend to afford you the same courtesy."



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