Midnight Whispers
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I still can't believe it.  It's mine, this place is mine!  Uncle Luc, Lydia and Zeon came to an agreement and the paperwork will be ready to sign when we get back but it's mine!  Luther is going to be super pissed because after Portland, the one place he wanted to buy from Uncle Luc was this one.  Being their little one has its advantages!




I told Emmy Lou to sleep in but of course he's here with me making breakfast for the family and trying to work out what do for lunch.




"So we're making smoothies?"  Emmy Lou croaks having overdone the champagne and brandy last night.




"No I'm making smoothies, you're sitting directing this opera."  For once he does as he's told.




"Okay the first one is for everyone - the Replenisher and Sustainer; water, honeydew melon, avocado and cashew nut shake.  Should restore balance and keep you going until lunch...honey do you have earplugs? That liquidiser is hurting!"  He whimpers.




I fish out the hand blender, which will take longer but is quieter.  I have to look after my other man!




"Right the next one is the Emmy; a ginger coconut cure with a side of A.  Hmm, cold filtered water, coconut milk and grated ginger.  Why is this for me and what's the A in it?"




"Ginger is good for nausea and the ‘A' is for Advil."




"I see and of course it is.  Do I take the Advil with it?"




I nod and hand him the glass and although there was an initial grimace, a few minutes later he's looking a bit perkier.




"Okay that's not bad.  The next is a B&J Special; the forever young smoothie, with kale, seaweed, avocado, kiwi fruit, lime and water."




"Are you suggesting that I'm reaching decrepitude?"  Brian snarks.




"No but this will save you having to chew when you're hungover."  I smirk and hand him the glass.  "Now, shut up and drink."




He scowls tiredly and knocks it back, before waving the glass at me.  "Not bad.  Not sure Justin would like it but I can always drink it if he doesn't."




"Not sure Justin would like what?"  Drew comes in and winces at the lurid green colour of the smoothie.  "What's that?"




"Taste it, it's not bad."  Brian tells him, finishing off the second glass.




Drew nods in agreement when he finishes his and scoots behind a considerably brighter looking Emmy Lou.  "So what's the plan today?"




The rest of the family start to filter down and I can't help but smile.  "Come on girlie, let's get them fed."  Emmy Lou grins back.




Breakfast passes much the way it does at the Treehouse, everyone pottering and helping themselves.  Hands being slapped way from the skillet of bacon. The kids on toast and coffee.  The only thing different is the reading of the reviews of the art show. They were very positive but the best thing was the picture of Brian and Justin going up the stairs...perfection!




"So what's for lunch?"  Carl asks peering in the fridge.  "Are we having take-out?"




"Wash your mouth out!  I'm doing lunch of ham butter on toast and then mushroom buttered chicken with Jerusalem artichokes and you guys are going shopping as I know at least three of you want to.   So get your last minute bits and be back here for two and we can have lunch for three."




"Do you think Xanthe will come?"  Daphne asks.  She and Jenny are already dressed.




"Not sure."  Jennifer replies thoughtfully.  "I hope she does."




"Momma?"  Jenny looks at Leda.  "Are you and mom staying here or coming with us?  I saw a leather jacket and I want your opinion on it. I have still got my birthday money left.  And I think the conversion works out right."




"Yeah momma come with us.  Personally I think it's hideous but J likes it."  Gus teases her.




"Y-yeah I, I mean, we'll come shopping with you. Not a problem."  Leda stammers.




I look across at my husband and he's got a dopey interfering grin on his face.  "Brian can you do me favour make sure he doesn't go bonkers!  He was time constrained yesterday; today there is no such luck!"




"I will do my best."  Brian grins and I know that we'll most probably end up paying taxes when we get back to the States.




"Everyone who's going can they go!"  I order in mock annoyance and 15 minutes later I'm alone and very happy indeed.












I finally managed to get Grady alone and although we haven't had sex, we have been making out for a while now.   We've had a laugh at the antics of Michael and his sulking before he left.  According to one of Grady's friends, he actually didn't leave but hovered by the bar just watching our table for at least an hour.




Grady gently pushes me away.  "I have got to go back to my room.  I have an early check out.  Have to go back to the city to prepare for meetings."




"Will I see you when we get back?"  I ask adjusting my clothing in the hopes of delaying him further but he gets up and picks up his jacket.




"Of course. Let me call you when we're both back.  You're back tomorrow right?"  I nod and smile.  "Okay, but I'm not back until Wednesday, so I'll call you then.  Oh by the way, did you happen to give Michael my number?"




"Good grief no.  Although I did write it down and he may have gotten it that way.  Why? He's not been calling you, has he?"




"Yeah he did call me after we shared take-out and watched Spiderman 1 and 2."




I look up in surprise.  "When was this?  He never mentioned it."




"When you had that cocktail evening at that gallery.  You missed out on some great dim sum and shrimp tails.  Now seriously I have to go."  He kisses me gently and is out the door.




I sigh in disappointment at his departure and then remember what he said. It seems that Michael needs to be shown a few home truths about Grady.








I sigh in relief that I have made it to my room without her trying to stop me again.  Don't get me wrong, she's an attractive woman but she just lacks a certain something. Some would say cock but that's not it.  And she has a hardness about her personality that is off putting.




Once I pour myself a glass of vodka, I check my messages.  Naturally, there are some catcalling ones from my buddies, the last one was 15 minutes ago.  Grinning, I think about calling to see where they are but then the next message featuring the whiny and sulky tone of Michael Novotny has me quickly packing.  I would rather wait at the airport than here.












I take a much needed breath of fresh air before getting in the cab.  So much for me being in there until Monday I smile to myself.  I'm so looking forward to getting back to the hotel and having a much needed bath and some sleep.




I check my messages on my phone and luckily there aren't any from Luther so I feel much better.




I'm relieved there's no press when I get to my hotel and walk briskly towards the lifts when I'm hear my name being called.




"What is it?"  I demand, heading to the receptionist.  "I've had a very trying couple of days and I just want to go to bed."




"I'm Mallory White, the manager of this hotel.  Please follow me."




Huffing in annoyance I do so and find myself in her office.  "No do not sit; this will not take long."  She snaps.  "This gentleman will escort you to your room where you will pack.  He will accompany you back down here and you will settle your bill and leave this hotel."




"What?!"  I splutter.




"We do not wish to be associated your kind of person.  Gerald please escort him to his room.  You have 15 minutes."




Twenty minutes later I find myself outside the hotel and making my way to the airport, furiously insulted but relieved to be making my way out of the city.
















I'm just staring at my phone in absolute disbelief.  How the fuck do I tell Justin? Not of course that he would be surprised, but you'd think in San Fran of all places they'd keep his ass in jail.




I've spoken to Solly and Menno and now our plan is back on the table.  I want that creature fucking buried!




I can hear the crunch of tires followed by excited chattering. I plaster a smile on my face and take a steadying breath and hope for once that Faal is distracted by crowing over his purchases.  From the texts I have been receiving there has been a battle royale over a D&G belt.




I open the door and inwardly groan.  They seem to have bought half of Paris but they also have picked up Xanthe on the way.




"Hey glad you could make it."  I smile at her. She still looks a little nervous.  "Doll relax, you didn't hurt my mom, just his other...I mean...I mean you didn't..." I wince in embarrassment.




And that seems to do the trick as she bursts out laughing.  "I guess I wouldn't be here if I did."




"Oh fuck no."  I smile at her.  "Bubbles?"




"Bub...oh champagne, of course!  Now is there anything I can do to help?"




I shake my head and start pouring.  "Want to look round the place?  Faal stop genuflecting at the altar of the shopping God and show Xanthe around."




He pokes his tongue out and soon he and Jennifer have disappeared with Xanthe.  I let out the breath I was holding.




I busy myself finishing up the ham butter and toasts.  The chicken smells delicious and my mind suddenly goes onto the furballs.  We're at Britin next weekend and I think it's definitely pamper time for them.




"This place is utterly gorgeous!"  Xanthe gushes.  "My apartment can fit in the lounge and reception alone."




"So why did you walk to Paris?"  Jennifer asks.




"They had offered it to me for the second time and..."




"What is it that you do?"  I ask.




"I'm a bearer bonds trader for Simon & Simon. I was the top earner in the company and they wanted me to head up this division and I wasn't going to take it but, well you know the rest."




I nod.  "Okay, I know this is going to seem a weird question but..."




"Zaden stop it."  Faal orders quietly.  "And just tell us what's happened."




Xanthe looks from me to Faal.  "Should I..."




"What do you mean what's happened?"  Debs demands




"She's been babbling since we got back."  Brian smirks.  "So spill."




"He made bail. I have no fucking idea how, but he made bail."




"You've got to be fucking kidding me!"  Ben snarls.  "How the fuck can you make bail in San Francisco for a gay hate crime?!"




"Sorry but who made bail?"  Xanthe asks.




"Craig Taylor.  He did a splash and slash on my Uncle's paintings thinking they were Justin's causing about $10 million worth of damage and he fucking made bail."




She shakes her head.  "I'm sorry Justin.  But I wouldn't be at all surprised if Luther got his old pal Copi to pull some strings."




"Copi?"  I ask.




"Mmm..."  She drains her glass and shudders.  "Elias ‘Copi' Copthorne.  He's a judge in NYC, but with the same delightful mindset as Luther.  Sees women as meat.  Luther always felt proud that he had someone so powerful who owed him.  Couldn't stand the..." She looks round the suddenly silent room.  "What?  What did I say?"








"Owed him?"  I echo.




"I don't know the ins and outs of it but apparently he did something for him to close a deal that he wouldn't have been able to do without him."  She answers.  "Oh the amount of times he...ugh...and Luther just sat there, that's why we broke up the first time as I wouldn't put up with that shit but of course I fell under his spell again."  She sighs sadly.




"Hey where are you?"  Jenny asks.




"Pardon?"  Xanthe looks surprised.




"Where are you?"  She repeats firmly.








"Then the spell is broken."  Jenny tells her.  "You're here, he's not; life is good!"




Xanthe nods.  "Out of the mouth of babes and..."




"Pitbulls, she's definitely our little pitbull!"  Steve earns a poked tongue from Jenny.




Zee hesitates before asking. "Don't suppose you remember the deal?"




"Oh yes that fucking thing...oh sorry!"  She looks mortified.




"Honey, they've heard worse, continue!"  Debs cackles.




"Bergenfield Berdenstrade, a merger. I didn't think it was a great merger, the numbers didn't quite add up to me..."




"Holy shit."  Ted breathes.  "I remember it.  Nobody could believe when it went through."




"You beauty!"  Zee yells and grabs her iPad and starts scrolling through and then grabs her phone.  "Usez it's Zee... look up the Bergenfield and Berdenstrade merger and do a background check on the investors. Go deep Usez, go deep.  Oh one more thing, Taylor made bail. Do what you can with that.  Thanks bye!"




Zee takes a steadying breath.  "Right let's eat.  So it's ham butter on toast, it's very rich so don't slather."




"We will share my lig."  She plates up for us and smiles and I taste it.  




"And yes I know the answer is no."  She smiles again and serves another helping




"Does this freeze well?"  Carl asks helping himself to another serving before it is halved by Debs; she stops his objection with a look.




"Oh this is so good!"  Mel sighs.  "And I'm Jewish!"




"Can you imagine this for Christmas breakfast with a fried duck egg?"  Emmy Lou groans.




Zee's phone ringing silences the room.  She nods and starts to smile.  "Got you, you fucker!"




"Okay who have you got?"  Ted asks then groans.  "Seriously Blake take this away!"




"Guess who was main board member for the merger?"  Zee holds up another toast for me.




"It can't be that easy?  Elias Copthorne."  Blake shakes his head in wonderment.




"Close.  His stepfather."  Zee is positively vibrating.




"So what's the big deal?"  Steve asks.




"It's a little difficult to be a board member when you've been dead for 13 years.  Like I said, got you, you fucker!"
















I'm trying oh so very hard not to laugh right now.  Lindsay is on the phone to Grady arranging an intimate dinner for the two of them, when he returns from his meetings and Michael is crossing and uncrossing his arms and huffing indignantly.




"Okay I'll see you then, looking forward to it.  Hopefully, we can pick up where we left off last night.  Oh you are so bad."  She giggles and then hangs up.




"Sorry.  That was Grady.  So what's the plan for this evening?"




I'm about to answer when her phone goes again.  "Sorry, hi again.  Oh could you hold a minute.  Guys I'll meet you downstairs at the bar, this shouldn't take long."




"Sure, come on Michael, it should be quiet enough for table service tonight."








"What can I get you folks tonight?"  The waitress asks.




"I'll have a double Beam with ice please?  Michael?  Michael?"




"Huh?  Me too, double Beam with ice."  He returns to glaring at the entrance to the bar.




The waitress looks at me, I mouth apologies. She smiles and heads to the bar.  She's back in five minutes.  "Here is your drink madam.  And yours sir.  If you order at the bar, please remember to give your table numb..."




"Yes, yes we know what to do."  Michael waves her away; again I mouth apologies.




I wait a couple of minutes.  "Michael!"  I hiss.  "You were rude and there was no need for that."




He looks at me in surprise.  "I wasn't being rude. She was being patronising and I didn't appreciate it."




"Bullshit, you've been in snit since Lindsay's phone call.  What's the matter..."




"She seems to have forgotten, yet again, that she's a lesbian."  He snarls quietly.




"Michael, they are just having dinner."  I snark back.




"Yeah right."  He takes a sip of his drink.  "Let's pick up where we left off."  He mimics bitterly.




"Michael are you jealous?  You realise that Grady is straight right?"




"Well you should've told his cock that last week!"  He snaps and drains the rest of his glass before standing up swiftly.  "I'm going back to my room."




Okay I had an inkling something might happen. Lindsay I could just about get but Michael?  And last week?  I sip my drink and smile. Yep this has been an excellent weekend!












Fuck!  Looks like the world's press is on my lawn. There's no way I can get in there without being seen.  How the hell did they know I was going to be home tonight?




"Actually can you take me to this address instead?"  I tell the cab driver.  "Not sure what's going on there."




"You mean you don't know Craig Taylor?"  I shake my head.  "I'm new to this area but everyone knows about him."




I start to preen.  "What about him?"




"He's a dick."  I manage to suppress my gasp of shock.  "The way he struts about like he's God almighty and raging about how gays are an abomination, lots of people think he's a closet case.  Especially after that dinner..."




"Dinner?"  I start to feel sick to my stomach.




"Yeah, he had naked servers at a dinner he was hosting, all of whom were men.  Not something one who is a homophobe should be doing, don't you think?"




"N-n-no.  Actually can you just drop me off here?  I need a drink."




"Sure.  That will be $60 plus tip."




I give him the fare and wait for him to pull away before walking the two blocks and letting myself into the office.  All I want to do is sleep.








I pull up round the corner from where I dropped that fucker off and wait as Thomas gets in.




"I feel so like Schultz the Master Spy."  He gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.




"I have no idea what you are talking about?"  




I squeeze his thigh.  "Let me just make the call."




"Wait, how did you arrange...never mind.  Oh!  Remember to hide your number."  He giggles squeezing my hand back. I just shake my head as I remember his enthusiasm for espionage.




"Channel 5 News good evening."  A female voice answers.




"Yes I just thought you'd like to know that Craig Taylor, the businessman arrested in San Francisco for desecration of art to the tune of $10 million is currently at his business address and not his home."




"Are you sure?"  She demands excitedly.  "We lost track of him after his arrest."




"Yes I just dropped him off."




"Thank you!  Thank you so much.  By the way who is this?"




"An upstanding member of the human race.  And you're welcome.  Bye now."  I lean across and kiss him softly.  "Want to watch the show or go home?"




"Oh watch the show, I brought popcorn!"



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