Midnight Whispers
QAF Brian and Justin Fanfiction

















"Mr Taylor..."




"I'm not finished talking.  You will go to San Francisco. I will meet you at this address on Thursday afternoon.  These are the tickets for the Justin Taylor Showing and we will all go and show our support for him."




Inwardly I sigh.  For the last few weeks I've been yelled at, snarked at and blamed for something that was his fucking fault.  The dinner was his mistake.  Not mine.




"For fuck sake, are you listening?!"  He actually snaps his fingers in front of my face.




"Mr Taylor, as I have tried to explain to you, I have already got plans for Thurs..."




"Change them!  You owe me after your fuck up and if you want to keep your job you'll remember that okay?"  He barks and hands me an envelope.  "Take this and get the fuck out of my office.  See you on Thursday."




I leave and resist the temptation to slam the door.  Sitting at my desk I fiddle with the envelope. He even snarks when it's written down; do not open in the office is written is his horrible writing.




"I'm going to get something to eat.  I'll be back..."  I tell nobody in particular and head out.












It's the third time in the last few weeks I've seen that man, who looks like he's got the world on his shoulders.




"Penny for them?"  I smile at him and pour him some coffee.




"Huh?"  He looks up surprised.  




"Your thoughts, maybe if you share them they won't be so bad."




"Oh it's just work crap."  He sighs.




"George."  I hold out a snickerdoodle ladened plate, he smiles.  








"So Guido get talking."




"I work for this guy who is just the nastiest man I've ever met!  Everything has to be done his way and nothing is ever his fault..."




By the time he's finished, I pat his hand.  "This guy you work for he's not the only person who employs people you know.  You only have one mom.  What is it that you do exactly?"




"Admin, I'm his Chief of Staff."




"What on earth is that?  Who is he the fucking president?"




"Likes to think he is.  His name is Craig Taylor, owns Taylor Electronics.  He has a few stores across Pittsburgh."




I look at the envelope he's been twirling on the table.  "And that's your latest assignment is it?"




"Yeah and even though I've told him 4 times that I have plans for my mom's birthday, he's ordering me to go to San Fran to show support for the Justin Taylor Showing, which is odd since he's made it clear that he hates gays..."




"You do know that's his son he's talking about?"  I tell him and he looks incredulously at me.




"No, no I didn't.  In the time I've been working for him, he's always said he has no son.  So why is he going to the show then?"




"That's what I'd like to know."  We both jump at the angry tone of one extremely pissed off looking Kiki.




"So what's in there then?"  She points at the envelope and without hesitation Guido hands it to her and she quickly reads it.  "Can I take a copy of this please?"




He nods, still in shock.  "You know you're right, thanks George.  Kiki have you got what you needed?"  She nods and smiles grimly.




"What was I right about?  Guido!  What was I right about?!"  I call out to his retreating back and he turns and bows.




















"What is it now?  I've got a meeting with a couple of investors in a few minutes.  Were my instructions too difficult for you?"




"I quit."  Guido hands me back the envelope and without a word heads to his already packed desk.




I follow him out of the office.  "You won't get any pay from me!"




"It is written in my contract that you have to give me a month's pay regardless of who gives notice. I expect it by Friday; if not expect to hear from my lawyer on Monday.  Now excuse me, I have my mom's birthday party to prepare for.  Enjoy San Francisco."




"You can't do this to me!"  I yell.




"Can and am.  Bye y'all."




The door slowly closes and I stand there stupefied for a moment.  "Back to work!"  I bark.












"Hey Sarah is her ladyship in?"  Sarah just grins and waves me on through.




Lydia is on the phone but waves at me to sit down.  "Okay Justin we'll talk...wait what's the matter Kiki?"




"Put him on speaker!"  I demand urgently and tell them what Guido told me.




"Thank God we've moved it to Paris."  Lydia sighs.




I nod in agreement before continuing.  "The reason for the concern is I think he's going to do more than protest the showing. I think he's going to have his friends to do something to the gallery or the paintings."




"Why would you think that?"  Justin's voice starts to tremble.  "Hey, I'll catch you up in a minute, just listen okay?"




"Okay."  Brian's voice comes over the speaker.




"Because I know this guy."  I point out a name to Lydia.  "And he's not nice. You could call him rent a thug."




"That fucking cunt!"  Justin snaps.  "Oh sorry ladies."




"Who's a one of those?"  Faal's voice makes us jump.




"Justin's father seems to be..."




"Wait let me get Zee on this."




Soon we are all pretty much caught up and we can hear the sound of Brian speaking quietly to Justin.




"I have an idea.  When he gets to San Fran and finds no show he'll just try another way.  Lydia you get hold of Melody and Zee you get hold of your uncle..."




"Uh Faal..."  Brian interrupts.




"He can rent a thug, we can rent a crowd.  Let's give him a show."




"Are you kidding me?  I'm not putting my works in there to be destroyed!"  Justin's distress is




"No, he's talking about me and mine.  You are a very smart cookie Mr Ugerstacht very smart indeed.  Lydia let Faal know when you've spoken to Melody and I'll call my uncle now."












Justin and his works are safely in Paris at Zeon's place, which I am still majorly pissed about.




We sent him, Brian and Lydia on ahead late Tuesday night once all plans were in place.  Zeon was hoping that I was kidding about Brian and Justin most likely fucking in each room. His face fell when everyone confirmed that they most likely would be.




Uncle Luc is in San Fran with Melody and we can't wait to see how that turns out.  With a smile on my face, I snuggle deeper into Faal's arms and go back to sleep.












Oh I can't wait for Saturday!  I can't believe I got a ticket for the Taylor/Courec Showing.  I'd always loved the arts but he never wanted to go and any time there was a showing he always found something else for us to do, unless it was at place he could be seen.  More fool me, well not anymore.  It's black tie but that applies to both sexes, which is unusual but I shall wear a dress.




I've not been back to Pittsburgh since I moved here and eventually he stopped calling. I did enjoy the video of him being ejected from the building though.  Whenever, I'm feeling blue I play that and remind myself of what I don't miss.












"Right so we have security at the back of the building in case anybody tries to get in or out that way."




I look round and Lucian is making sure the pictures are perfectly aligned.  I still can't believe he's prepared to do this.




He catches me staring.  "They've been in my, I mean, the collection for years.  I got bored of them and the little heathen doesn't care.  If what we thinks is going to happen doesn't happen, then they just go back in storage."




"Still can't believe that person would do this to his own son."  I sigh.




"You'd be surprised what a father can do to a child."  He laments.




"Indeed.  And what a child can do to their parents."




"Lindsay and Michael?"




"Yes.  But their downfall is in hand."




"I don't doubt that for a minute."  He smiles at me.  "As is Luther's but first we start with Craig..."
















"Oh fuck yes!"  I growl and Justin gasps and bucks against me as he comes hard.




"Aaaah!  Yes!"  He groans in my ear.




"Guys, reception really?!"  A voice drags us out of our orgasm-induced haze.




I look up and find Ben looking down at us. Luckily most of my body is covering Justin's so all he can see is my ass, which he's seen before.




"Get yourselves upstairs, I'll give you ten minutes."  He walks out chuckling and shaking his head.








"We need to give them about 10 minutes to get upstairs." Eliciting eye rolling and chuckles.




"So where were they?"  Debs asks crossing her fingers.




"Reception."  I reply and give her a sympathetic pat. She's not won a pot in a while.  "As in in the middle of the floor between the stairs and the door."




"Oh, so nobody won this time, pot carries over.  Okay Ben, can you check that they're at least upstairs and there's no trace of them on the flooring."  Carl orders.




"Sure."  I poke my head back in and they're gone.  "Coast is clear!"




The rest of us troop in and Zee's face falls more and more as she looks around the ground floor.




"Just beautiful, absolutely beautiful."  She sighs.




"Maybe you can swap with your brother?"  Jenny comes back out into reception.  "You know give him some paintings for this Aunt Zee?"




"Maybe."  She smiles.  "Maybe."




"Okay can we sort out rooms? I'm shattered."  Carl asks.  "Oh wait will we have to..."




"No we did the rooms on Wednesday. They've been cleaned since then and we've only fucked in the one we're using and the rest of the house, except the kitchen."




"Brian!"  Justin chides him.




"That would be more convincing if you weren't grinning like that Sunshine."  Debs points out.




"Seriously jet lag kicking in!"  Carl gripes.  "Let's go up.  Jennifer you've got the list right?"




"Yes, okay follow me. Let's get the rooms and then cases afterwards."












It is utterly beautiful here and she loves it already.




She's downstairs in the kitchen making something for us to eat with Emmy Lou.  Luckily Lydia had the presence of mind to make sure the boys got some food in before the fuckfest started.  She refused to stay in the house without us so is moving back here tomorrow.




"Zeon it's Faal.  About this house, would you consider sharing?"












We've all eaten and feel more human.  Floyd will be here this evening and installed in time for tomorrow.  We're doing recipe testing today and then tomorrow we're all going shopping.




Amazingly enough, Brian hasn't been shopping yet.  Turns out he's waiting for Faal. Only they could turn shopping into a competitive sport.




"Hey Uncle Luc, yeah we made it...what?  Oh well at least we were prepared for whatever happened.  Yeah.  Okay.  Love you."




"What's happened?"  Brian demands and I shake my head.




"So he didn't do anything then at least your art wasn't damaged.  He must have chickened out."  Justin sighs.  "Now we wait for him to make his next move...fucker!"




I switch on the TV and channel hop for a while and then wait.




"In other news.  Pittsburgh native and businessman Craig Taylor, President and CEO of Taylor Electronics, was arrested last night together with 18 art saboteurs after they destroyed works belonging to Lucian Stark at the Cobalt Gallery in San Francisco.  Mr Stark said he has no idea why Mr Taylor would target his collection as they were shouting homophobic insults and Mr Stark has been married to his wife for over 30 years.  The works were spray painted and slashed.  Most of the art saboteurs were caught in the gallery but Mr Taylor was caught trying escape through the bathroom window only to get stuck.  He had to be cut out of the window before he was taken into custody.  A source close to Mr and Mrs Stark say they intend to seek full restitution from Mr Taylor and his accomplices and once we get a full statement from Mr Stark, we will return to this story."




I switch the TV off and smile.  "So..."




"Holy fuck."  Jennifer just stares at the blank screen.  "Shame there weren't pictures."  She mutters.




"Ahem, check your emails people."  I smile as they all scramble for their phones.




"Oh my God look at him trying to cover his face!"  Emmy Lou screeches with laughter.




"Zee thank you.  You just continue to..."  Justin begins.




"Not me this time; this was all Faal, Lydia, Uncle Luc, Melody and Lydia remember?  But the person we need to thank most is Kiki."




"Yes, we have to do something for her."  Brian agrees.  "Debs find out what she wants and we'll get it for her."




"Will do."  Debs nods tearfully, not sure with what emotion but she's smiling through them.




"They're going to release him from custody soon?"




Lydia frowns.  "Not sure. That's a lot of damage and they came armed so it's premeditated.  You'll have to prepare a statement as the press will be all over this on Saturday."




"Let's go work on it now.  Get it out the way."  Brian tugs Justin to his feet.  "Once it's done I'll fuck you back to happiness."




"Thank you."  Justin says quietly and they walk out hand in hand.
















Once again Luther is negotiating with Zander so I'm going to have my weekend of fun too.




"Well isn't this nice?  Sorry had to get you both here so early but the weekend in Martha's Vineyard has to be started early."




They are packed and when I told them that Grady would be there they both looked like they would come on the spot.




It's a shame I didn't tell Grady that I was bringing them with me.

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