Midnight Whispers
QAF Brian and Justin Fanfiction









"Well I think it's safe to say that the next showing can be on the moon and I still wouldn't go!"




"You didn't enjoy yourself then honey?"  Talon strokes my arm and I can feel my temper abating.  




"Not really. And I don't care how much it appreciates, I want that piece gone!"




"Okay, honey, okay I will sort that out for..."




"No actually, Talon, since I know people in the artistic world..." Lindsay tries to interject.




"Who clearly don't want to know you!  Luther I will call this Melody Reichmann and see what I can do okay?"




I nod and pull her closer to me.  Lindsay looks at her with annoyance but doesn't say anything else, but Grady squeezes her hand.




Michael has been bellyaching about his belly aching since we got in the car and to be honest it would be nice to get out of his company.  Grady told me what Lindsay's father said about them in the bathroom.  And he's right especially when it comes down to him.  And I'm the only one who gets to talk to Ralph like he's the shit on my shoe.




"Here you guys are."  I tell them as we pull up and am surprised when Grady gets out too.




"Lindsay's offered me a coffee.  I'll take a cab from here back to mine."




"Enjoy."  I call out just before the door is slammed shut.




"So what did you make of that then?"




"What?  Lindsay and Grady? Well it will be an interesting match...though not sure that Zee is going to be as jealous as you think she is after all..."




"Of course she is!  No woman likes to share their man, past or present."  I reassure her.  "All is coming together nicely."




I rest my head against the seat and close my eyes.












As well as moaning about his stomach, Michael was bitching about my attempt to get him to move to another table. But once I explained that I was hoping to soothe my parents ruffled feathers, he's now calmed down and thankfully gone to bed.




"Is he going to be okay?"  Grady asks.




"Yes.  He's always been dramatic, his dad's a drag queen after all."  I titter.




"So your folks are..."




"Full of bluff and bluster as per usual when they think I have done something wrong, which I haven't.  It will be fine.  Now enough about this horrible evening, what would you like to drink?"




"Chateau de Lindsay available?"




"Uh Grady?  You...you do know that..."




"Lindsay, hush and let me make you feel better."












"What time is the car coming?"  I mumble as we get to the massage part of the Ritual.  Silence.




I open my eyes and they are all dozing.  "Oh crap..."




"The car has been booked to pick you up at 1800 sir." My masseuse tells me.




I sigh happily and let him work out the kinks I put in my shoulders after the fuck fest this morning.  My cock twitches at the memory and I'm happy to be on my stomach for a change.




"So we can eat here, you can do some shopping and then leave from here."  Justin mutters.




"Why are we leaving from here again?"




"Gift baskets now will you two be quiet."  Ben orders.




"Ben is feeling..."




"I will throw this loofah at you!"  Steve snaps.




"Zipping."  I mutter.












Grady is getting dressed.  I can't believe we had sex last night. Oh, I can't wait to share that little piece of information with Zee. She will be so pissed off.  I saw the spark in her eyes. Despite what she says about her feelings for Faal, there's something there.




I stretch and feel deliciously sore and with one last kiss on my lips he heads out.  I slump back onto the pillows and doze back off.  I'm not sure how long I was asleep but I wake to the sound of tapping on my door.




I look around and make sure there's nothing incriminating before calling out.  "Come in Michael."




When he does come in I gasp in surprise.  His stomach is distended like he's about 4 months pregnant and he's sweating profusely.




"Goodness me what on earth is wrong?"




"I don't know but I think I need a doctor."  He moans clutching his stomach.




I get out of bed quickly and grab my phone.  I call Talon who recommends a medical centre not far from here so we quickly get dressed and grab a cab.
















I look at Ralph and cock an eyebrow.  "Okay what did you do?"




"Who me Miss Talon?  I merely served the drinks as was requested."  He chuckles and I wait.




"Oh there you are."  Luther interrupts us.  "I won't have time for breakfast this morning, got another meeting with Zaden. We are still in negotiations...try not to eat too much baby. You know how it bloats you out.  I'll see you later."




He drops a kiss on my cheek and saunters out. I don't even have to look at Ralph to know he's lying but just to make sure, I text Zeph.  It doesn't take long for my suspicions to be confirmed.




"Now Miss Talon.  What have we discussed?"  Ralph chastises me.




"I know but I gave up everything to be with him and to be just one of his harem is..."




"What it is."  He tells me firmly.  "Now enough of this pity party.  In answer to your question an old family recipe to stop the trots.  And the only way to relieve this discomfort is to give him the trots."




"Oh Ralph you are so wicked."




"Indeed.  Now, you young lady are going to eat some breakfast before you do anything else. You are much too thin."








"Call me old fashioned. He should never have had a say about that in the first place.  Now you are too thin and disproportioned, with all due respect.  Now, what would you like to eat?"




I look at Ralph and his determined expression.  "Bacon, eggs, hash browns and hot chocolate with whipped cream!"  I decide.




"Excellent choice."
















I have never felt so bad in my life.  First I can't go and now I can't fucking stop!  Lindsay has been as helpful as she can but there's only so much time a person can stay in here with this smell.




"Michael how's it going in there?"




"Badly!"  I call back.  "I may have to go to the ER. Whatever they gave me has made it worse!"




"Okay, hold on I'm calling for a cab!"
















"Oh that's the best thing I've had in my mouth in months!"  I groan as I digest my breakfast.




"Don't let Master Luther hear that."  Ralph chuckles.




"Why do you stay?"  I ask him.




"He pays very well and I get my revenge when I need to."






"Oh wait, I need to call him about the Justin Taylor."  I grab my phone.  "Hi honey, you okay you sound out of breath.  Oh shouting at Zander I see.  About the Justin Taylor, how gone do you want it?  Okay not a problem, I will sort it for you honey."




I dust myself down and grin at Ralph.  "Do you have a dollar?"




He frowns at me.  "Yes why?"




"Follow me."




I lead him to the main lounge and point to the Justin Taylor.  "You like that?"




"Yes this is an exquisite example of his early works. I've always admired it.  Justin Taylor is an exceptional artist."




"It's yours for one dollar."  I tell him.  "Now pay and get it down and out of here."




"Miss Talon you can't be serious!"  He gasps.




"He told me to sell it but he never said for how much!"  I giggle and after pocketing the money, help him get it down.












"We've been waiting for 2 hours now why can't we be seen?"  I demand of the nurse.




"Because we've had a major accident and those people take precedence over your friend's stomach upset."  She replies brusquely then pushes passed me.




Finally, after another hour we're seen and immediately sent out with exactly the same instructions we were given earlier.




"Well that was a waste of time."  Michael grumbles but at least he's stopped passing wind.




"Let's go and get something to eat and remember bland foods, nothing spicy or rich."
















"Michael you can't blame me if you decided to eat a four cheese pizza!  The doctor said bland. How was that bland?!"




"Cheese is mild...oh God it hurts so badly, I think I may have actually passed my intestines!"




"Oh too much detail!  Wait, I think that's my phone hold on."




I dash to the hallway and beam as it's Grady.  "Hi, how are you.  Sorry I couldn't call you back earlier but Michael's been unwell.  No, we think it's something from last night.  Oh sure I can meet you, give me the address."




I head back and find Michael wobbling to his bedroom.  "Who was that?"




"Oh Talon, I'm meeting her for drinks. Will you be okay?"




"Yeah, I'm just going to sleep.  Say fuck you to Talentless for me."  He calls out before he closes the door.




I dash to my bedroom and dial her number.  "Talon it's me.  Look if Michael asks, we were together this afternoon okay?  Thanks! I owe you."












Justin and Brian are actually sleeping in the bedroom this time.  And I know he would hate to hear it but they look so sweet spooned against each other. The way Brian has him cocooned in his body is just adorable.




"How could his father want to hurt him so?"  Ben sighs.




"No idea."  I close the door softly.




I have to laugh as I look round the plane, this seats 30 tops and almost half one side of it is gift baskets and shopping.  Mel is going to hate the suit that Brian got for her, so much that when we showed it to Jenny she said that she would wear it on Monday without a doubt.




We were almost late because Brian was fussing so much with the toiletries so we have to sort them out on the way. He wrote instructions in the car.




"Okay let's get this done shall we?"  I sigh.  "And Matt I know you are itching to come and help so hop to it."












"I hate you!"  I declare to Brian when he shows me the suit.  "I really hate you!"




"Who had hate?"  Gus calls out.




"Me!"  Ted calls out.  "2nd pot of the month, go me!"




"Pot uh I don't..."  Zeus looks puzzled but is soon shaking his head and Ted explains our ritual.




"I still don't understand what Taylor is doing. Why not just move the money? I mean his business is for shit.  And from whom we saw at the naked dinner, these are the people that would save it.  But since the money arrived from my father, he's not reached out to them again and..."




Zee stops her pacing.  "Holy fuck he's running it down."  The room goes quiet.




"But, but what about Molly!"  Justin demands.  "That's part of her legacy he can't do that!  I don't care about me but he has to provide for Molly."




"Oh that fucking bastard!"  Jennifer growls.




"Justin, Jennifer calm yourself. He needs to pay and he will.  But first some levity in the situation.  Come into the lounge."








They all follow and I put the port that Talon gave me in and soon the room is filled with laughter.




Five minutes later, Solly, Ted and Menno are in Mel's office.  "Okay, I need you three to keep this quiet. And I mean not even tell Brian, Justin or Faal quiet, agreed?"  They nod.  "Before I get to that, Ted have Tobias and Darius started on their wedding plans?"




"No not as far as I'm aware.  But they were hoping for a December wedding.  Why?"




"Portland is supposed to be nice in December.  And I know for a fact that there is a certain venue that would love to host their first winter wedding..."




"Are you serious?"  Ted gasps.




"Yes.  After what he did with Michael and what he's trying to do now, it's the least we can do.  Emily is expecting his call."




Ted gives me a hug and starts to leave.  "Uh Ted.  Not finished yet.  Now Menno, what's mama's maiden name again?"




"Schoepen.  Why?"




"Ted, can you do whatever it was you did for Daphne for Menno?  And Solly can you be his ‘Ephraim'?"




They both nod and then starts to smile.  "You little devil."  Ted grins.




"I'm not being devilish, I'm reciprocating."  I grin back.



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