Midnight Whispers
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At the end of Brokeback Mountain, we watched Ennis try to deal with losing Jack. This is the story of what it was like from the other side.

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Published: November 13, 2016 Updated: November 13, 2016
Story Notes:

Disclaimer:  Annie Proulx is the undisputed Mistress of this universe.  I'm just a brassy broad who dares to trespass, occasionally, in her territory and hopes not to fuck it up too badly.

 Author's Note:  If you're looking for a feel-good AU, or a happily-ever-after for Ennis and his Jack stunt double riding off into the sunset together, you are definitely in the wrong place. Anyone who has trouble dealing with heartbreak or tragedy or major angst should run away screaming.

 Warning:  I don't use a beta (too damned paranoid possessive) so all mistakes are my own.



1. Chapter 1 by cynical21 [Reviews - 1] (9483 words)