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Midnight Whispers
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A Whole New Enterprise in Social Media



Imagine the fun you're about to have as a member on our new website.

All Whispers members will be designated as "Founding Members" of the new website when it goes live.

Chapter 15: Before this year is over.....


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Published: August 24, 2016 Updated: October 28, 2017
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1. Chapter 1: Imagine the Best Fan Fiction Website Possible by Bob [Reviews - 11] (164 words)

NOTE: This is a large complex project and our target date to go live is about Mid-December. However, it might be a little sooner, or later depending on beta testing and debugging that must be done. When it goes live there will probably still be some bugs to fix. This is normal for such a huge and complicated new website with so much pre-existing data (1.8 GB).

2. Chapter 2: A New Important Standard for Banners by Bob [Reviews - 9] (472 words)

UPDATE: The new website will have a popout window enlarging the smaller banners by moving a mouse cursor over the image, or tapping on it with a mobile device.

3. Chapter 3: A New Text/Code/Image/Video - Editor by Bob [Reviews - 7] (786 words)

UPDATE: We're having formatting issues with the CODEPEN editors and will first bring the new website online using a different editor.

4. Chapter 4: The Latest News on 9.3.16 by Bob [Reviews - 4] (895 words)

5. Chapter 5: New Website Details by Bob [Reviews - 3] (1104 words)

6. Chapter 6: Special Message for our QAF Readers & Writers by Bob [Reviews - 4] (1867 words)

7. Chapter 7: Well, the cat's out of the bag! by Bob [Reviews - 3] (1241 words)

8. Chapter 8: The new website is StarShip Whispers by Bob [Reviews - 2] (376 words)

On second thought, the whole starship theme seems not to be catching on, and it even confuses people. We're going to go with a new theme that is not space or starship related. The address, ssw.media will remain the same. Also on the new website it will say: "New Home for Midnight Whispers" - on the QAF landing page.

9. Chapter 9: Hold the phone, New Name and Theme by Bob [Reviews - 0] (87 words)

10. Chapter 10: Latest News about the new Website in Progress by Bob [Reviews - 0] (915 words)

11. Chapter 11: New Release Date for SSW Media by Bob [Reviews - 1] (209 words)

12. Chapter 12: The Profile and Story/Chapter Dashboard by Bob [Reviews - 0] (196 words)

Here is a link to a video describing the basic WordPress Dashboard

13. Chapter 13: Important Image Details, and first Look at New Website Demo by Bob [Reviews - 3] (1956 words)

14. Chapter 14: Major Developments with the new Website by Bob [Reviews - 3] (220 words)

15. Chapter 15: Before this year is over..... by Bob [Reviews - 0] (119 words)

A new website by Christmas, perhaps?