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A Featured Story for October-Halloween 2012

A young girl is new to town and at the instance of her parents is trying to make friends but in this town there is an initiation of sorts before you can be one of the cool kids. You have to spend the night in ‘The Haunted Manor’. When Sara walks up to the big beautiful old house with the sign that reads Britin what will she find?

Warnings: Brian and Justin, Other Canon Characters, Original Male and Female Characters, References to Suicide, Child Abuse, References to Child Abuse, Violence, NC-17, AU, Read at the risk of being upset 

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys or any other characters from the show, I'm playing with them, but I'll give them back when I'm done. I swear. 

Rated: NC-18
Categories: FEATURED STORY, Alternate Universe, Major Character Death, Violence, Halloween Characters: None
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Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes
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Published: March 12, 2008 Updated: October 03, 2012

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4. Consequences by butterflytiger_1982 [Reviews - 2] (2366 words)

5. Hi, Sara by butterflytiger_1982 [Reviews - 10] (2117 words)