Midnight Whispers
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Brian and Justin are happy to spend two weeks with their son Gus. First everything seems to be perfect, but then everything changes in just one night and Brian has to experience what it feels like when the two people who mean the most to him are missing.



Rated: NC-18
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Published: May 31, 2016 Updated: May 20, 2017
Story Notes:

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters from Queer as Folk, they belong to Showtime and Cowlip.

WARNING: This story will contain violent and angst-ridden situations.

First let me say that in this story, Lindsay and Melanie have moved back from Toronto to Pittsburgh and Justin has moved back from New York to Pittsburgh to live with Brian at Britin. Brian and Justin spend a lot of time with Gus at the weekends and because Lindsay and Melanie go on vacation, Gus is with them for the time his mothers are gone.


1. An Unpleasant Encounter by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 3] (1149 words)

The first few chapters will be more peaceful and without too much action.

2. Nightmares by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 1] (1034 words)

I finished the second chapter sooner as expected, so here it is :)

In this chapter, Brian finds out about the encounter with Hobbs. Have fun reading!

3. The Theater Play by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 1] (1217 words)

Gus's school theater play and a protective Brian in this chapter- hope you like it!

4. The Lull Before The Storm by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 0] (1568 words)

This chapter turned out longer than expected, that's why I divided it into two chapters. :)

5. The Plan by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 1] (1317 words)

No Brian/Justin in this chapter, but in return many scenes with the two in the next chapter. However, it could take me a while to write it because there will happen so many things at once.

6. Bad Decisions by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 1] (2829 words)

Yeah, it has been a while and I finally managed to write the next chapter- but in return, it's extra long. Things become more and more serious now. Have fun reading!

7. Pain by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 1] (1741 words)

Finally, a new chapter! o/ It's a shorter one, but nevertheless full of action and drama. I hope you like it. :)

8. Fear by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 1] (1752 words)

After the mean cliff hanger, I did my best to update this story as soon as possible. :D Here you go!

9. Worry by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 1] (1657 words)

I finally managed to update this story :D I don't know when I will have time to write again, but I will try my best to update soon.

I hope you still enjoy the story and you're looking forward to read more! :)

10. Unknown Driver by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 2] (1449 words)

In this chapter, Brian and Michael are searching for Gus and Justin and come to a conclusion.

Because this part is mainly about the searching, the next chapter will be a lot about Justin and Gus's situation in the cellar.

I hope you still like the story, there are definitely a lot of dramatic scenes outstanding.

11. No Escape by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 1] (2125 words)

Brian has to tell Lindsay and Melanie about Gus's and Justin's disappearance. Meanwhile, Justin and Gus struggle with their situation in the secret room.

12. Mind Games by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 0] (2215 words)

I really had bad luck with the new chapter this time. I always type the story on my phone and for some reason everything I had written was deleted, so I had to rewrite it. The second time I typed it on my computer and it crashed, so I had to rewrite the chapter again. It was really annoying and I forgot some very good sentences I had used in the former versions. I'm not really content with this one, but I finally want to update the story. I hope you like it anyway :)

13. Revelation by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 5] (3923 words)

Even if it makes my heart ache, there are only two chapters left to this story. The next one will definitely be the highlight, as things come to a dramatic showdown.

14. Waiting by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 5] (1480 words)

Just a short chapter to clear some things up and to bridge the time until the last two chapters of this story are ready. I'm not sure how long it will take me to update this story again, but I will try my best.

15. The Rescue by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 6] (2082 words)

Hey guys! I know this chapter is mean, but I hope you still enjoy it. There is one more chapter left to this story.

16. The Reunion by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 0] (2347 words)

Here we go, the last chapter guys! It was such a relief to finally write a Brian/Justin scene again. I really hope you love reading this chapter as much as I loved writing it. Thank you once again for your awesome reviews which always kept me motivated and made me so happy. I think I will have more time to write my "Fake Wedding" story now, maybe you're reading it too.

17. Epilogue by xJustSayingx [Reviews - 10] (1856 words)

There it is, the awaited epilogue!  I hope you like it. I'm a bit sad that the story is completed now, but it's also an incredible feeling to know that I've written a whole story.