Midnight Whispers
QAF Brian and Justin Fanfiction
Author's Chapter Notes:

I would be remissed if I didn't thank Deb Tanner once again for the original plot bunny which started this fic and also a new one about Ethan and his trick while Brian was there also. I hope I did it justice, Deb!! {MANY HUGS}





I saw you walking down the street and fell for you after just one glimpse


Come back to me again, don't ever go away again


Kiss my lips, caress my body. Kiss me, Kiss me, kiss me.*






Later that night...


Justin looked back at the Corvette knowing he was being watched as he climbed the steps to the front door of the apartment which never felt like home. It had been a long emotionally-charged afternoon and yet it had only been a few hours since one of the happiest events of his life occurred. He and Brian were back together and all was right in Justin's world except one thing...Ethan. Justin closed his eyes as he headed into the semi-rundown apartment building. It was funny but Justin could remember when he first helped Ethan carry that raggedy couch up these same stairs. That was the day when their acquaintanceship had turned into friendship.


Herding himself up the stairs, he reached for the single key within his pocket. Justin wondered if it meant anything that he'd never put it on the ring with his other keys, including the one for the loft. Was it a sign that he unconsciously didn't feel the need to place it with the other more permanent symbols of unlimited access he carried around daily? In the week he'd been staying with Ethan, it was something he didn't think too much about. Shaking himself out of his reverie, he was shocked to see Ethan rushing around the apartment gathering clothes and literally dumping them into a suitcase.


"Ethan? What's going on?"


The other man stopped in his tracks and turned to face Justin. Justin tried to read the expressions playing across Ethan's face. Surprise. Amazement. Confusion...elation. What the hell is this about?


"Oh, Jus. Great fucking news!"


"What is exactly?"


"My agent just called. I have to be in Harrisburg first thing tomorrow morning but he booked a flight for two hours from now which means I have thirty minutes to get to the airport. Help me pack, will you?" And he began racing around the apartment making a divine mess of things- not that it was so fucking clean in the first place.


Justin crossed over to the suitcase wide open on the bed. He began taking the clothes thrown haphazardly, dumped the clothes out and refolding them to place them back in a way that would require minimal ironing. It was the worse kept secret that Ethan hated anything domestic, preferring to spend all of his time practicing and ironing was right at the top of the list.


"So how long will you be gone, Ethan?"


"Two weeks so far. Oh Jus," Ethan gushed. "The Harrisburg Philharmonic! Can you believe it? This could be my big break. I wish you could come with me."


His agent had advised Ethan just after the Heifetz competition that although Ethan was gay, he was straight to any and all who would ask and especially in public. Honestly, in lieu of all that happened within the last three hours between he and Brian, Justin wasn't sorry that he wasn't invited to go. It would have saved him the trouble of having to make excuses not to go in the first place. Thinking of Brian in that moment caused Justin the greatest joy while watching the man racing around the apartment like a chicken with his head cut off caused him a twinge of pain. He didn't want to break Ethan's heart when he'd just received some of the best news someone in his position could- playing principal chair as a 19 years old student was a major accomplishment no matter that it wasn't Chicago, New York or Los Angeles. Ethan's star was on the rise; Justin didn't want to dim it in any way. But Brian was right, he did need to close the door on the whole ‘Ethan debacle' before moving on with his life or he would feel guilty and like he was a liar. Justin had already been down that road which led to the current mess he was in with the violinist.


"Ethan, we need to talk," Justin said as he continued to refold the dumped clothes.


"Can't it wait, Jus? I'm going to be late if this is going to take more than two minutes."


"It will but I need to tell you something."


"Is it about your leaving me standing there this afternoon?"


"Yeah, it is," Justin answered. "I went to-"


The phone rang and Ethan answered immediately. "Yes. I'm on my way right now." Justin knew that it was his agent Ethan was talking to when he put his finger to his lips for Justin to keep silent. Ethan crossed over to the window. "Yes the limo is just pulling up to the apartment now. Okay, I'll call you when I get to Harrisburg." He hung up the phone. "Jus, are you finished with my suitcase. Can you believe it? The record company sent a limo to take me to the airport. I was only expecting to hail a cab."


"Well that's something. They have to keep their star in style," Justin said as he zipped the suitcase. "Look, Ethan-"


"Not now, Jus. I have to go now or I'm going to be late. We'll talk when I get back."


I won't be here when you get back, is what he wanted to say but instead he just said, "Okay. I'll walk you down."


When they reached the bottom of the steps, Ethan stopped. "I have my clothes, my tux. Mischa. Is there anything I'm forgetting?"


"No. You're fine, Ethan and you're going to do fine."


"I wish my muse could come with me. I'm going to miss you, Jus." And he leaned in to kiss Justin's lips.


When the kiss broke apart, Justin said softly, "Good luck, Ethan and goodbye."


Ethan smiled wide as he headed for the door not knowing the double meaning in Justin's words. And from the looks of it, not caring either.


When Justin arrived back at the Corvette, Brian gave him a puzzled look. "So how did it go?"


Justin shrugged. "It didn't."


"What happened? Cold feet?"


"No," he said, smiling wide. "Ethan was in quite a hurry when I entered the apartment. Apparently while I was having my meltdown this afternoon, Ethan was getting the call of his life. He will be playing principal chair for the Harrisburg Philharmonic Orchestra for the next two weeks. The guy who was supposed to do it has to have triple bypass surgery so his agent swooped in and pitched Ethan. It's a real coup for them all."


Brian nodded. It was a wise decision and the chance of a lifetime for a student. Brian had to admit, Ian was a brilliant musician even though he hated violin music. It always made him think of someone torturing a cat but he had to admit that Ian tortured the feline beautifully. Paganini, Junior deserved to be heard. "So what now?"


"What do you mean, Brian?"


"I mean I know you, Sunshine. This thing with Gold...well technically he's still your new boyfriend."


"I tried to tell him. The fact that I didn't- well that's another matter altogether. So as far as I'm concerned, it's over but I understand what you are asking me."




"And what, Brian?"


"It's just that I don't want you beating yourself up about riding me into the mattress when technically you're still attached to Ian."


Justin smiled. "Ethan. And as far as I'm concerned I'm no longer attached unless it's in a non-conventional, non-relationship sort of way to a man who usually fucks me into the mattress. Or through the floor. Or on the table. Or in the shower without mercy or conscience. Perhaps I can persuade him to revisit those ways relatively soon... let's say within the next fifteen minutes or so?" He annunciated every word with a kiss while sliding his hand up Brian's thigh, relishing the way the muscles tensed underneath his fingers.


Brian smiled while starting the engine. Justin smiled back loving the way the engine roared first and then purred. It kind of reminded of Brian when he fucked him- the low-level growling until he roared out his orgasm and then the last exhausted and satisfied gasp. Everything about Brian Kinney screamed sex from his looks to the way he dresses and smells. Even his car was a sexy sex machine and it was all Justin's. He knew that now and he wasn't letting it fucking go again.




The Claiming (5 days later)


"Do you have to go?" Justin asked lazily from the bed.


"I wish I didn't, Sunshine but we've been holed up in this bed every waking minute that we didn't have to work for the last five days. So yes, I have to make this business trip to Harrisburg. They're requesting one of the partners and Gardner has some family thing he can't get away from. Apparently his daughter is getting married and his ex-wife and family are in town. Since he refused to go to Chicago, they moved all of the wedding festivities here. What's funny is he doesn't get along with any of them including the soon-to-be in laws. The poor guy comes to work just for some peace and quiet."


Justin laughed. "I imagine that will be how you and I have to handle everything again once everybody finds out we're fucking again. Bury ourselves in work and school just to find solace until we reach the loft."


"Who says they have to find out?" Brian asked slipping back into bed beside his favorite blond boy ass. He reached out and palmed one of the firm globes bringing Justin's warmth closer.


Justin looked at him with one eyebrow raised. "You're kidding, right? I love them but when it comes to minding their own business, our family definitely become the gossiping ambassadors for the Gay Grapevine. Besides, it's getting harder and harder to act indifferent toward you in public when all I feel like doing is kissing you and sucking you and fucking you whenever you're in the diner. Someone is bound to notice."


Brian laughed and nodded. "It's equally hard for me when I'd like nothing better than to drag you out back and fuck you against the wall in the alley. I would never fuck you in the bathroom at the Diner but I won't lie, I've been tempted to do even that. And the way those tan cargo pants you wear hug your ass but hang low on your hips...fuck, Justin. Why do you have to wear those?"


"I get my best tips wearing those and the jeans."


"I know. They can see the imprint of your dick as well as that tight fuckable ass of yours."


"What? Are you jealous?"


"I don't do jealousy. Jealousy is for lesbians. I, on the other hand, am just territorial. There's a big difference." Brian shrugged causing Justin to laugh.


"Well in that case, Mr. Kinney, am I allowed to be the same?" Justin asked allowing his voice to drop an octave while running a single finger down Brian's sternum to his cock, following the movement with his own eyes before snapping back up to meet Brian's. He ran his tongue over his full lips, teasing Brian with his silent implications.


Brian didn't answer; he couldn't around the lump that formed in this throat. Instead he captured Justin's plush lips causing the younger man to moan and return the gesture full on. Kissing Justin was one activity Brian never tired of. Fucking him was the other. No matter how many times they fucked it was never boring; it was always new and exciting. He had watched Justin fuck plenty of guys but Brian knew it was always different with him- Justin's responses were different. He was honest and responsive in ways no one would ever be able to pull out of him except for Brian.


He touched the a fingertip to Justin's nipple enjoying the subtle back bowing and gasp which escaped from him. He forced the same finger between their open lips and gathered their shared saliva then returned to the hardened nub. Justin moaned into his mouth, demanding more from him. Brian trailed his lips downward, biting gently at Justin's chin, then dragging his tongue down to the crease where Justin's neck and chest met he bit there until finally he reached the protruding nipple. Brian circle the disc before taking it into his mouth, sucking gently at first and then stronger. Justin continued to push into Brian's ministrations as he continued to run his tongue. Brian bit down hard, catching it between his teeth, holding the nipple prisoner while his tongue continued to flick over it. The little gasps, moans and whimpers leaving Justin shot straight to Brian's cock in response. With each second of the sensual torment, the man beneath Brian became wilder and louder and commanding.


"Like that, do you? What do you want next?" Brian teased knowing what Justin really wanted. At the continued silence and Justin's protest, Brian said, "Tell me. What do you want now?"


"You," Justin moaned out.


Brian chuckled. "Well that's a given, Sunshine. How do you want me?"


Brian felt Justin's thighs tighten around him a second before he found himself on his back. Justin looked down into his face, eyes lustful with a little smirk gracing the full, kiss-bruised lips.


"There, Brian. That's how I want you. Underneath me."


"Is that right?" Brian had always enjoyed this side of the unpredictable youth. It made him rediscover sex in a way he never thought possible.


"Yeah. And now..." Justin reached over to the bedside table. He grabbed the condom and pumped a fist full of lube into his hand. ‘I'm going to enjoy fucking myself with your dick. I'm going to ride you hard. And fast."


"If I let you."


Justin smiled that sunshine bright smile he reserved only for Brian. "Oh, Mr. Kinney, you'll let me." Justin bent down and kissed Brian hard and quick. "I want you to watch me first and don't touch yourself."


"Or what?"


"I stop. You're not going to want me to stop, are you Brian?" Justin bit his bottom lip while waiting for Brian's answer. He knew what the action always did to his older lover.


Brian shook his head. "No. I won't want you to stop but hurry up and prep yourself. Patience was never my strong point."


"Nor mine." Justin laid back and closed his eyes, running the un-lubed hand down his body while the other caressed first his dick and then moved further down to his hole.


Brian laid mesmerized by the sight as Justin leaned back, head lying at the foot of the bed. From this angle, Brian could see the tight little hole contracting as Justin caressed the outer rim slowly. The sight of Justin masturbating had always made Brian's mouth water. He reached for his dick but remembered just in time that Justin would stop if he touched himself. God, the boy was beautiful, especially like this- all golden twinkie and full of cream. The blue eyes held his captive while the softest lips Brian had ever kissed parted in ecstasy as his finger breached the tight orifice. He watched as Justin's finger was being sucked into his body, Justin's tongue darting out to molest his bottom lip.


"Keep doing that, Sunshine and I'm going to put an end to your little show, " Brian's gravelly voice rang out amid his partner's moans and harsh breath.


"Don't. Not. Yet, Brian. Feels so fucking good."


"I'll bet it does. It looks good too."


Justin nodded and continued to fuck himself, adding another finger in the process. "Oh God."


Brian was gritting his teeth unable to take the inactivity while the younger man writhed and wriggled on the bed. Leaning forward he joined one of his fingers in with Justin's two. A lusty sigh filled the air as Justin pumped his hips more forcefully at the fingers lodging within him. "Hold those two fingers still, Justin." When Justin had done what he was told, Brian moved his finger up a fraction more, poking the prostate. Justin's body jerked in response. Brian did it again and again as Justin's fingers continued to lie still. He could tell by the change in Justin's breathing that he was about to cum. "Don't, Justin. Not yet."


Game fucking over, Justin thought as he quickly sat up. Carefully but quickly, he dressed Brian's cock in the condom and without any delay, impaled himself onto the waiting dick. Although it was a tight fit- it always was... and a tad uncomfortable but that was a part of it- both moaned out their satisfaction as Justin fully seated himself. Rising up on his knees, he repeated the action increasing the speed on his descent. He felt as Brian palmed his ass cheeks, spreading them wide as Justin continued to ride.


"Oh fuck, Brian. Smack my ass." And Brian did causing Justin to yell, "Yes. Again. Harder."


Brian complied, happy to be of service to his favorite cowboy. "Naughty boy needs a spanking."


"Yes, please."


"Ever so fucking polite, Sunshine." Smack. "It wasn't at all polite to tease me." Whack, whack. "You deserve to be punished."


"Yes. Punish me."


"What should I do?" smack. Brian rolled them over without breaking the connection and rammed into Justin.


"Yes that! Don't stop. Don't you fucking stop, Brian!"


Brian redoubled his efforts forcing incoherent words and sentences out of the man beneath him while grunting his own. Part of Brian still smarted over Justin leaving him and although it had worked out in the end the way it was supposed to, Brian still fucked him savagely when he thought about it. Not enough to tear Justin's ass or hurt him but enough that he would remember whose it really was. Mine. All fucking MINE! Brian readjusted his position and changed his angle so that every time he would move and shift, Justin's prostate would be assaulted. Justin bit into Brian's shoulder then letting him know how good it felt. Brian kept the pace, backing off of the sexually exhausted and frustrated yet still insatiable Justin every time his orgasm loomed.


"Sadist! You motherfucking Sadist!" Justin screamed at him the fifth time his culmination was denied. He was worn out and exhausted but he wanted Brian's cock more.


Brian began to move forcefully again. "This is what it felt like to be without you, Justin. Denied access to what I wanted. Pain and pleasure all rolled into one."


"I get the point. Please make me cum...let me cum. Please, Brian," Justin begged. He reached up bringing Brian's lips to his. Their passion as always dispelling any anger or regret the other might feel. "Please."


Brian nodded while giving a single kiss of reassurance. He had made his point again, leaving no doubt of the now fully exorcised hurt feelings and the joyous satiated relief at having Justin back under him. He brought Justin's legs up to his shoulders like he had the first time they ever fucked. In a sense it was their first time again- a chance to start over and to relearn each other; a chance to know more, do more and be more. Brian and Justin slowly climbed passion's peak again, Brian taking his time showing Justin the landscape of where they now were. When Brian allowed Justin his final release, he felt at peace with the decision to leave their past in the past and begin with this man anew.




Business Practices (One week later)


What the fuck am I doing here? I could be home balls deep in Justin right now or at Babylon where I would have to sneak and be balls deep in Justin right now. I have to admit, all this incognito fucking is a turn-on. It's nice to not have Michael and his opinions or Ted and Emmett with their sly innuendos all over Justin and I; not having too many people all over our private matters. I know when Justin ended things there was a double-mindedness amongst the family. On one hand they felt sorry seeing Justin and I end but more importantly, they relished the fact that I was dumped. Which I wasn't. Because we never had a relationship- a word I still abhor with all its syllables. But that wasn't exactly true either since we defined our own terms, made our own decisions every day to be together. So yeah perhaps that dreaded ‘r' word did define what Justin and I had...what we have. Whatever the fuck it is, it's ours and no one is coming in between that again. It will once again be on our terms and the rest of them be damned. I've spent my life not giving a fuck what the others thought. Hopefully I can teach Justin to do the same but right now I'm trapped in this ball gown and glitter world full of tortured cats which is making my fucking ears bleed. Gardner is going to owe me big for this one...


Brian's thoughts were interrupted by his client. Amazingly it turned out that the youngest brother, Chance, of Farley's Steakhouse was a classical music enthusiast thanks to his wife Maylene. Who would have thought that with all the man's crude humor and backwater hick ways, he was as cultured as Gardner? Brian rolled his eyes at the thought himself wishing he was anywhere but there. The problem with being there wasn't necessarily the orchestra per se. It was their lead violinist for the evening. Ethan fucking Gold- Cat Torturer Extraordinaire. Brian would have liked nothing better than to find the nearest blond waiter, pretend it was Justin and fuck his brains out in the nearest restroom but this was business.


"Having a good time, Brian?" Maylene Farley asked him. She really was a sweet and endearing woman in her mid-fifties with iron gray hair.


"Yes, Mrs. Farley. It was a good concert," he lied smoothly. It wasn't her fault he wanted to pull his ears off and leave them in one of the potted plants nearby.


"I'm glad they found that Mr. Gold. He really is a talented young man, don't you think? The program says he's a student but I imagine he'll have plenty of offers once he graduates or even before."


"Without a doubt," he responded while resisting the urge to roll his eyes.


It wasn't that he didn't think Ethan was talented. He knew he was but Brian abhorred the idea of the young man in general. He could appreciate that he would do what he needed to do to make his fortune- Brian couldn't fault him for that- but selling out and virtually being ashamed of himself was another matter. Brian held to his policy regarding his homosexuality: "If I'm not fucking you, it isn't your business." He wasn't about to apologize for being who and what he was and he wasn't able to respect people who did. But it wasn't his business to tell people how to be happy with their lives- it was only his job to live his to the fullest and it helped that he would be doing that with a hot young blond by his side. That thought alone caused Brian to smile inwardly.


"So Kinney, what kind of publicity do you think you could drum up amongst this crowd?" Chance asked. "You know we would like to move away from the family restaurant vibe a bit."


Thank God, business. Better than talking about that chin rat having sellout. "I know, Chance. In a crowd like this though you would find that many have families. If it were me, I would probably split Farley's Steakhouses off. Have one for the families so you don't lose that demographic but also have a separate establishment for fine dining. That would increase your business ten-fold for those who don't always want to eat while there's a screaming five-year old at another table. Even the decor and menu could be a bit different."


Chance thought it over for a moment. "And where would you open up these fine dining establishments? We're pretty much country boys except for my one vice here." He waved his arm indicating their surroundings.


Brian didn't miss a step. "Honestly, I would gear the openings where you already have your businesses set up that way you don't leave out the patrons you have. This way you give them options especially if Ma and Pa want a kid free night or your hot young demographic want an elegant place to eat without a whole lot of fuss. As far as the Farly Fine Dining, I'd say open those up in the north. Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. However, I would start with Pittsburgh and Long Island or Upstate, New York first.


"What you say has real merit, Brian. I think my brothers and I were right to go with Vanguard for this campaign," Chance agreed. "I'll tell you what. I'll call my brothers in the morning and discuss all of what you said. If they agree with it, we'll sign an extended contract with Vanguard."


"That's fair," he said as he noticed that Ethan entering the room. He excused himself before the greasy haired musician noticed him. The one thing he did not want to do was cause a scene in front of his newest clients. They had already signed the deal with Farley's earlier in the month so that contract wasn't in question but with the latest ideas and the extended contract worth millions on the line, Brian wasn't taking any chances of losing his temper. It just wasn't profitable enough.


Making his way over to the bar and ordering himself a double shot of Beam, Brian pulled out his phone. The first call he placed was to Cynthia advising her to get legal on the contract extension for Farley's Steakhouse right away. He called Gardner to update him as well. Of course, Vance was delighted about the possibilities while lamenting the fact that he was stuck entertaining people he really couldn't stand. Brian hurriedly ended the phone call wishing him well on getting through the mayhem as Gardner termed it. He had been texting Justin back and forth throughout the evening and was looking forward to a fantastic session of phone sex later. Looking through all of the correspondence thus far, Brian felt an overwhelming wave of lust for the blond hit him even stronger because he couldn't get to him right then. He decided to call knowing the phone would go straight to voice mail since Justin was at work. He began to leave detailed instructions for his lover of which dildo he was to have ready for tonight's festivities. The nine-and-a-half inch blue corkscrewed Pyrex one which also matched Justin's eyes would do nicely for the torturous sexscapade Brian was envisioning. While he was leaving the message the voice behind him, speaking low but still audible was setting its own assignation. It wouldn't have bothered Brian in the least except he knew that voice well... and so did Justin. Brian turned his body surreptitiously to confirm his thoughts and was not surprised to find Ethan Gold. Brian looked away while smiling to himself thinking that Justin really had no need to feel guilty after all. Both of them were getting their needs met, even if it wasn't with each other. He could only hope the voice didn't carry while he was leaving the message on Justin's voice mail but if it did... well they would deal with the fallout when it happened.




Justin arrived at the apartment he once shared with Ethan. He had moved his things- what little he'd brought over in the first place- back over to the loft during Ethan's absence. All that was left now to do was to officially break things off and hand Ethan back his key with well wishes and caviar dreams. As he climbed the stairs for the last time, he thought back to the night he'd found out about Ethan's infidelity if one could call it that. He wasn't mad after all he'd been getting served cock for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between snacks by Brian on a regular basis since the day of Melanie and Lindsey's anniversary party. Justin in all honesty couldn't even say he was disappointed by the outcome of Ethan and whomever he was with. As far as Justin was concerned he was back where he belonged; where he never should have left and all that remained was severing the remaining tie that binded. So with a clear head, heart and conscience, Justin entered the apartment.


Everything looked the same only a bit worse. Ethan's suitcase was wide open on the bed, clothes thrown everywhere. Justin resisted his natural urge to start straightening up- a conditioned response from living with borderline OCD Brian. He almost laughed at that thought alone thinking of the first of the numerous times Brian had yelled at him for leaving his shit around. He kinda missed that "Odd Couple" vibe he and Brian had in the beginning of their relationship. Consequently, looking at Ethan's apartment now made him feel like Felix while Oscar was as messy as ever. Justin found one of his empty sketchbooks which he must have forgotten in his mass exodus from his own personal nightmare on Elm street. Digging around in his pocket for his ever present pen, he opened it to the first page when the apartment door opened wide.


"Justin! I was wondering when you would get back," Ethan said cheerfully while readjusting his towel around his midsection.


"Hello, Ethan. I was just going to leave a note for you. I heard Harrisburg was a big success. Congratulations."


"Oh my God, Justin, you couldn't imagine," he said while almost running toward the blond. Engulfing Justin in a hug, he began to hum one of the tunes he was required to play. "The audience was riveted. Standing ovations every night and requests for encores. There were so many people, Jus."


"I guess that kind of attention could get kind of addictive, huh?" Justin asked smiling.


"It can but you know I missed you, don't you?" Ethan asked. "Why don't you get out of those clothes so I can show you how much."


Justin pulled away from Ethan. "I think Sean would be a better candidate for you to show, don't you?" Justin asked already knowing the answer but enjoying the sudden stop of Ethan's swaying body.


"Who? What are you talking about Justin? Who's Sean?"


Oh so this is the way we want to play it is it? "Well you tell me, Ethan? Look, it really doesn't matter."


"I don't know what you are talking about."


"Really?" Justin asked slowly, sardonic smirk still in place.


"No. The only Sean I know is a music student. We discussed his options for attending PIFA."


"Look I just came by to drop the key off. I hope this thing with Harrisburg turns out really well for you." Justin turned away toward the door to leave.


Ethan stopped him. "Wha- what do you mean you came to drop off your key? You're leaving me, Justin?"


Justin sighed. He was really hoping this would be easy for both of them. "Yes, Ethan. Brian and I are back together. I really never should have left."


"What the hell do you mean you and Brian are back together?"


"Just what I said Ethan. I came to tell you the night you left for Harrisburg but I didn't want to ruin your first major break for your career."


"Oh how fucking thoughtful of you," Ethan said while sneering at Justin. "So you and he have been fucking since then."


"Yes," Justin answered while putting his phone to his ear. Justin was not about to let Ethan play injured party while trying to make him feel bad for being happy. The knock on the door quelled Ethan's steady going tirade. As Ethan crossed the room to answer the door, Justin called out to him. "I think I have something you may want to hear."


"I don't want to hear any-" his words came to an abrupt halt at the sight of a dozen red roses. "What are you doing here?"


The young man answered, "I wanted to see you again so I drove all the way in from Harrisburg."


Justin smiled from behind Ethan. "Well come in. Harrisburg is a long drive, isn't it Ethan?"


Ethan maintained his stunned silence as the young man crossed the threshold of the dingy apartment.


"Are you his roommate or something?"


"Not exactly. I'm Justin by the way."


"Sean. Sean Ingles."


"It's a pleasure to meet you, Sean. We were just talking about you."


"Really?" Sean's eyes lit up at Justin's announcement.


"Yes, indeed. In fact, I think Ethan should hear what I heard which is how I knew about you. What do you think, Ethan?"


Justin was thoroughly enjoying Ethan discomfiture. He couldn't understand why the brunet continued to lie even after he'd basically told him that there wasn't a reason to. There was no way Justin was going to change his mind about Brian. There was no way Justin was staying with Ethan so why?


"How am I supposed to go on without you Justin? You're my muse," Ethan pleaded.


"Bullshit. Sean is here now so you'll survive. Besides all you ever cared about was your music anyway. Good luck to you both." And with that, Justin left the apartment with the man still looking forlornly at him while the guy with the red roses looked passionately at the musician.




Office Politics


Justin knew there was bound to be trouble. In truth it was his own fault but what the hell. He and Brian had been over this scenario billions of times in the last two weeks. In Justin's mind, mixing business and pleasure was nothing new to them so why should it start to be a problem now? Hell even Brian paying for his tuition is a business deal so why should Justin accepting the internship at Vanguard be any different? Brian said that Justin should want to be someplace where his own merit was looked at and not the fact that he was sleeping with the boss. Justin agreed with that and had suggested that for the duration of the internship, they shouldn't fuck. As imagined that caused a world war sized argument with neither side bending (literally and figuratively) and Justin citing that he needed some time away from the life-deciding ogre Brian had become. So in defiance and fuck it!- because he wanted to- Justin went on and applied to the Art Department at Vanguard Enterprises. He was chosen out of fifteen other candidates without any input from the ad exec-turned-partner who was also his partner and he was damn proud of himself. He asked Daphne if he could stay at her place last week and had been there ever since.


Stepping off of the elevator, Justin looked left first, then right making sure that there was no sign of Mr. Kinney and scurried along to the last door down the long hall, arriving just in time. Had he stopped to think about the noises surrounding the busy office he might have heard his name and the voice of the one person he was trying his damnedest to avoid like the plague.


"What do I have to do to speed up the work on the Iconix campaign. Issue pay cuts, hand out pink slips?" Brian hinted at his Art Director, Murph, enjoying the sudden flush of color in the normally pale man's cheeks.


"No need for that, Brian. Besides the busy work should move smoother soon. The new intern starts today." Taking a deep breath in relief, Murph continued. "Oh here he is. Justin Taylor, I'd like you to meet Brian Kinney, one of the partners."


Justin was just setting his coat down on the nearest chair when he heard the name he didn't think he'd hear for at least a couple of hours. Schooling his expressive features to nonchalance and praying there was no telling flustered features on his face or his possibly shaking hand, he extended his hand to his secret lover- well at least within the office. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Kinney." Justin was proud of the steadiness of his voice and gratified by the look of momentary shock on Brian's face. Score one for Sunshine!


Brian took the proffered hand reading the triumph in the younger man's eyes. "You know usually all intern applicants go through me. Murph how did Mr. Taylor's resume skip by me this time?" His tone was casual while his grip on Justin's hand was anything but.


Murph hurriedly answered. "Gardner knew you would be busy with Farley, Iconix and the big named client who shall remain nameless," Murph said venomously so Brian knew he referred to Jim Stockwell, "so he advised that until further notice all internship applicants were to go to him so that you could concentrate on those campaigns."


"Ah, I see. That explains the lack of candidates gracing my desk lately. Well I think I should at least get to know the latest edition to my art department since technically I'm his boss. Follow me, Taylor." Brian breezed by Murph expecting Justin to obediently follow. "By the way, Murph, if those new boards aren't redone by two o'clock there really will be some pink slips handed out, beginning with you."


Murph's nervous laughter reached his ears followed by the normally soft-spoken man barking out orders. Exactly what he needed to hear in that moment. Brian was seething at Justin for being deliberately disregarded. He'd thought they discussed all the implications of Justin working here at this agency but as usual, Justin went off full-cocked without taking Brian's position into consideration. To Justin, this was all about asserting himself and his independence- Brian could respect that. But on the flip side of this situation, it would just be looked at by those they were trying to keep out of their business as another form of Justin leaning on him, of taking advantage of him. Brian didn't want that kind of innuendo to become ammunition for more assassinations of Justin's character.


He ushered Justin into the office advising Cynthia to hold his calls before slamming the door. At her look of pleasure and surprise, Cynthia was already figuring that there would be trouble in paradise before Justin's first day was even underway. She was the only one aware of the connection between Brian Kinney, partner and Justin Taylor, intern. She looked at the time, secretly smiling to herself. It would give her the greatest pleasure to tell Michael that Brian was in a meeting and not to be disturbed for any reason. She wasn't especially fond of his friends Michael and Lindsey but she kept her own counsel. She only hoped he remembered to turn his cell phone off.


It would have doubled her pleasure to know that Brian had indeed put his phone on silent and shoved it in the top drawer of his desk, taking his time and while eying the young man seated on the other side of his desk so casually. He took his seat in the high-backed chair waiting... just waiting for Justin to break the silence. It was hard as hell not to eye-fuck him with him looking a combination of a professional man and desirable twink. The longish hair which Brian missed grabbing in bed, had grown even longer and made his fingers itch. Justin slid his tongue over his lips just as Brian was thinking of all the ways he would like to bend him over the chrome and glass desk. Brian followed the movement with one of his own knowing that they had to get to talking before his imagination and fantasy overruled his desire to clear the air between them.


"What are you doing here?"


"I was going to tell you but I wanted to make sure I had the job first."


"You don't have it. And don't play games, Justin. Not right now."


Justin folded his lips under before responding. "As you know, I am required to get three internship credits before I graduate."


"Yes but there are other agencies where I don't work. So gather your things and I'll tell Murph you're done."


Justin bristled at that. "Hey no fair. Vanguard is the best and would look great on my resume unless..."


"Unless what?"


"I had no idea that our former relationship was still a problem for you."


"Who said it was a problem and who ever said it was a relationship?"


Justin shrugged. "Then I can see no reason for you to terminate my employment and stop me from getting my education...which you're paying for."


Brian smirked at Justin's deviousness. Fucking 1500 on his SATs pain in the ass. Truthfully he had to admire the kid. No not a ‘kid' anymore but a man who had outmaneuvered him. It was a gutsy move that even he couldn't say he wouldn't have taken. All Brian could do was hope they were prepared for the fallout which there was likely to be since they once again publicly operated the same place and space beyond what they had at the diner. Brian cleared his throat. "Just don't expect any special treatment."


"I never did." The smug smile on Justin's face proved that they had reached an understanding and a truce of sorts.


"Good. Then I suggest you get to work."


"Yes, Mr. Kinney." Justin rose gracefully from his seat, brushing off the imaginary lint and smoothing his hands down the front of his slacks.


Brian rose as well, moving quickly to halt Justin's retreat from the office. "One more thing...I missed you." he lowered his head quickly planting a kiss on the lips he'd missed for the past week. He was lost when Justin returned the kiss with the same degree of passion letting him know he was also missed. When he released the lips he dreamed about, he had no choice but to stare at Justin. He knew the look of longing matched his own. "See you at home later?"


The sunshine smile which greeted his question nearly stole his breath as Justin murmured, "Later."


One thing he could honestly say if only to himself, his days at Vanguard just got a whole lot more interesting.




Brian and Justin developed a routine which hadn't exactly gone unnoticed by the staff but wasn't commented on in the presence of either man. Although they would arrive at the office separately, whomever made it to the coffeemaker first would grab two cups and fix the other's coffee as well as their own. Brian had ordered Justin to work on his team after reviewing the art submitted with his application. There wasn't a doubt that Justin was a talented artist but Brian pushed him hard, picking apart his work mercilessly in which Justin would go back redesign and present the new and improved work to his boss. Many times Gardner had pulled Brian into the office to ask why he treated the boy the way he did and Brian's only response was, "There's greatness in him. He can do much better than what he's shown." After hearing his answer, Gardner let Brian have full control over the young intern with stellar results. Of course working Justin to the bone and hard did have its drawbacks which sometimes resulted in Brian being denied access to the twink's magnificent ass or bruising from a midday bout of angry sex in which Justin would appear at the office and stand for the rest of the afternoon whereas Brian would have a noticeable limp after lunch.


Things boiled to a head on the afternoon of the Iconix meeting. Ms. McQuaid had asked the boards to be revised based on an idea from the top executive of her company. Because of the short notice and his heavy class schedule, Justin was unable to make the revisions on the campaign. Because he had done the original, Brian felt he had a right to be there but had advised Justin to keep quiet even if he noticed something he would have done differently. It was Justin's first time actually being included in the meeting so naturally he was a bit nervous. It was one thing to be responsible for the art work but another entirely to be included among executives. As his nerves continued to get the best of him, Justin had dropped on of the boards as Brian and Gardner were making their pitch. He mouthed the word sorry to Brian as Gardner was saying his piece. Justin studied the boards as the other occupants of the room did, making mental changes along the way. It was what he did as an artist and was second nature to him.


"Would you buy a pair of these sunglasses?" Ms. McQuaid asked.


"Uh, sure," he answered. He chanced a look over to Brian who in turn narrowed his eyes. He silently went back to studying the board, presenting himself as a statue while disregarding the eyes he felt as they traveled the length of his body.


"I like the layout but something's wrong," the sales rep for Iconix said.


"The focus groups said that they liked this one," Gardner said.


"I don't like the lettering."


"We can certainly change the font, can't we Brian?"




"It's not the font but the color," she insisted. "It's..."


"Consider this Ms. McQuaid, you'll be ahead of the wave instead of riding it."


Before she could respond, a small voice beside her breathed out, "Orange."


"What? What did you say?" she asked looking at the slight young blond standing next to her still studying the board.


Justin shook himself from his revere just realizing he'd spoken aloud. "Nothing."


"No. You said orange."


He glanced over to the other men at the table, one in rapt attention and silently encouraging him to explain himself while the other wore a forbidding scowl that Justin knew he'd have to answer for later.


"In art school, orange is the new blue. It's something hot instead of cool and draws the eye."


"Orange," she whispered, mulling it over. "I want orange."


"Then orange it shall be, right Brian? Great job, young man," Gardner said happy to have landed the account.


"You have a real catch in this young man," Ms. McQuaid praised. "Keep your eye on him or he'll have your job."


She threw a wink at Justin who in turn smiled back at her. The bright smile disappeared just as quick when he looked over at Brian's face as Gardner and Ms. McQuaid continued to talk about the logistics of the deal. He couldn't help but swallow hard around the small lump which had lodged itself in his throat. He knew Brian was going to be upset and possibly take it out on his ass later. Justin wasn't sure whether to feel anticipation or real fear. He guessed he'd find out soon enough. Justin went back to the art department to work on other projects while leaving the three remaining occupants to hash out the finer points of the contract. He stopped inside the break room, grabbing himself a much needed cup of coffee.


"What? Only one cup this time?" Murph asked him from behind. Justin could have sworn he was all alone when he entered.


"Yeah unless you would like me to make you a cup as well, Murph," Justin answered while pouring. "Do you take cream or sugar?"


"I know who you are, Sunshine."


Justin remained outwardly calm although his pulse was beginning to race. "I know who you are too, Murph."


"You know what I mean, Justin. Don't play dumb; it doesn't become you."


"Will you just say whatever it is you want already? You know as well as I do that I have to get back to work, Murph. Hell you're one of my bosses."


Murph narrowed his eyes at that comment. "You would do well to remember that, Taylor."


"Okay so what is this about really?"


"You really don't remember, do you?"


"Remember what?"


Lowering his voice, he leaned toward Justin while looking around to make sure they wouldn't be overheard. "You fucked me a couple of months ago at the Baths."


Justin laughed. "Oh is that all? That must have been the last time I was there which was about three months ago during ‘No Towels Night.'"


"Yeah and you were in the company of Brian Kinney. I didn't put two and two together until I was at the diner the other night and Kiki waited on me. You were just coming in for your shift."


Justin had an uneasy feeling wash over him but he adopted a stoic expression to cover it. "It's no secret that I work at the Liberty Diner and have been for a little over three years."


"It's also no secret that you are fucking your boss."


"He wasn't my boss when I applied here and since he didn't know that I was applying here he also didn't have a word with Gardner to make sure I got the job. You and Gardner selected me out of fifteen other candidates so that more than qualifies me to keep it." This was the bullshit Brian was afraid of.


"I wondered how you were moving up the ‘corporate ladder' so fucking fast. Working on accounts that seasoned professionals have been vying for since they arrived here. All you had to do was ride the top dick and voila, instant promotion."


Justin was tempted to punch the man in his face but smiled instead. "It sounds like you're jealous, Murph. Let me guess. You've been trying to get into Brian's pants ever since both you and he worked for Ryder but Brian doesn't fuck his coworkers.


"He fucks you!"


"True but I was his partner long before I was his coworker. I didn't need him to get this job and I certainly don't need him to keep it."


Before Murph could respond another voice entered the conversation.


"That's enough, Murph," Cynthia said, venom lacing her voice. "Whatever or whomever Brian does away from this office doesn't concern you or anyone else. Now, I suggest you get back to the Art Department before you either have an uproar of a different kind since Bob and Brad are at it again or before I tell Brian about this highly inappropriate conversation with a Vanguard intern." She finished with a smile that did not reach her blue eyes and in that moment Justin understood why she and Brian worked so well together.


Murph threw one last threatening look at Justin before practically running from the break room. Justin returned the look without flinching under the watchful eyes of Cynthia. She had known Brian and Justin's history to date but hearing it from a scorned point of view shed new light on the attraction she had always questioned. It appeared that Justin was a Brian Kinney, Junior in regards to sex and yet she could see what they felt for each other regardless of their promiscuous lifestyle. She had heard the one-sided arguments between the two headstrong men; had seen the care Brian had given and ordered regarding Justin after the bashing; had even witnessed one of Justin's panic attacks and Brian's heartbreak which he tried his best to hide his feelings behind work after Justin left him but nothing had affected her as much as seeing the inner fire returned to Brian after Justin came back. Together they were making Vanguard history... providing they can keep their acts together.


"I'm sorry, Cynthia," Justin said when they were alone again.


"I know, Justin. Perhaps now you understand why Brian was leery of you working here."


Justin nodded. "I get it now but the problem may be solved sooner than later I suspect."


"Why don't we just see what happens in that regard, okay? In the meantime, the boss would like to see you in his office at quitting time."


"Well at least he'll let me keep my dignity in front of Murph instead of firing my ass publicly," Justin said, despair evident in his tone.


"For what it's worth, you're doing a kick-ass job here and I've told Brian so. If he ever wants to start his own company at least he already has a top notch artist."


"Thanks, Cynthia. That means a lot coming from you." Justin put his cup of coffee in the microwave to reheat it.


"Well that's Brian. He only surrounds himself with the best. Look how long he's had me." Cynthia laughed gratified that her attempt at levity brought the sunshine back in Justin's smile. "Now we'd better get back to work before he has cause to put us both out to pasture."


"Yes, ma'am. And thanks again for the defense and the talk, Cyn." Justin moved away, taking a deep breath as he went to face Murph and the rest of the department. He would do his best to stay clear of any confrontation no matter what was said or insinuated for the rest of the afternoon. Lord, knew he already had enough to deal with in the form of an angry Brian Kinney.




Justin pushed himself and his hand for the remainder of the afternoon. He was determined that no matter how the situation in Brian's office played out, he wouldn't leave anything for Murph to fuck up as a vendetta. He suspected that the problem with the older man was that he didn't give repeat performances. It was the one area he'd fucked up with Ethan; what classified it as an affair. It still pissed him off that he was the one to break that rule but at least he understood why he did it. At the time it began he couldn't really see what was happening with him and neither could Brian. It took leaving the one thing- the one person- he really cared about to see how he was punishing himself. Now that the situation was fixed, he had to work on forgiving himself and that wasn't an easy thing to do.


He said good night to those who were leaving the office as he went on with his work. Murph was lingering but Justin decided he would just ignore him. There was an old Bible verse he remembered from Sunday school back when he was a churchgoing Protestant: Resist the devil and he will flee. He hoped that was the one scripture that was true. He kept his head down, willing himself to concentrate on the intricacy of the design for Farley's Fine Dining which Brian would be presenting later on in the week. He had to otherwise the his hand would begin to shake and the damask print would be ruined causing him to begin again. Justin refused to let the presence of Murph or the remnant specter of Chris Hobbs keep him from working to achieve the look he wanted for the campaign.


"You know, you should really go home. No one's paying you overtime," Murph sneered.


"I'm not asking them to but I don't want to leave this until I'm done," Justin said distractedly.


He could tell when Murph shrugged before he said, "Suit yourself, kid."


"I will, thanks for your permission to do so. Good night, Murph."


He heard the door to the department slam shut and breathed a small sigh of relief. He was still working when he heard it open again ten minutes later. He felt Brian's presence before he looked up to see the man with the ever present scowl on his face.


"Weren't you due in my office about forty-five minutes ago?"


"Blame it on your bulldog Art Director. Anyway I'll be finished this in just a moment."


Brian crossed over to him. "What are you working on?"




Brian took a closer look at what Justin had done, noticing the slight tremor in his hand. "Not bad but I think it's time to rest that hand."


"Not yet, Brian. Besides, I didn't want to leave it for Murph to deliberately fuck up in case I'm unable to."


"Why wouldn't you be able to?" Brian asked, genuinely puzzled. He'd received an earful from Cynthia upon his arrival back to his office from the conference room. It took every ounce of willpower he had not to go down to the art department, fire Murph then kick his ass and then berate Justin for being the cause of it.


"After my faux pas in front of Ms. McQuaid, why wouldn't I think you were going to fire me?"


Brian sighed. "It wasn't a mistake and you know it. Your ideas are fresh and exciting to the clients we're bringing in but I didn't like being undermined in front of her. See that it doesn't happen again."


"I'm sorry, Brian. I wasn't trying to undermine you, it just slipped out and then she asked me to repeat it."


"I know; I was there and sorry is bullshit. If I could have had you do the boards in the first place that wouldn't have happened. In any event, we need to go to my office."


"What for? Can't you just tell me what you need to tell me now?"


"No. We need to get a few things straight and as I can see if we're here where you can work, you'll get distracted. I want you undivided attention."


Justin looked up from the board he was finishing, reading the seriousness in Brian's eyes. Whatever it was that they needed to discuss was serious. Suppressing a sigh, Justin put the board away "and shut down his workstation. Gathering his coat and scarf, he was surprised to find that Brian had packed up his art supplies and grabbed his messenger bag which freed his troubled right hand. "I can carry it you know?"


"I know that but the sooner you collect the rest of your things, the faster we can make it to my office. You're already technically an hour late."


"Yes, Master," Justin teased earning him a smile from Brian.


They walked in semi-comfortable silence to the large office. Upon entry, Brian told Justin to close the door. At first he thought it odd since there wasn't anyone but the two of them still on Vanguard's floor but Brian always had his reasons so Justin complied. He settled himself in the chair as he had when he'd first met Brian in his office.


"So how was your first month here?"


"It was fine, Brian. I'm learning a lot and mostly everyone is incredibly nice."


"That's good but that's not the full reason why I brought you in here."


"Oh?" Justin somehow suspected that but held off on drawing his own conclusions since Brian said he wasn't going to fire him.


"No. I think we need to renegotiate the terms of our situation."


"Which situation exactly? And which terms?"


Brian leaned back in his office chair studying the man across from him. In the month since Justin had been working at Vanguard, they still kept to their routine. Brian and Justin would arrive at work separately, work all day, leave the office separately, fuck for half the night until they were exhausted then Justin would nap, get up and head over to Daphne's to begin the cycle all over again. With Murph's revelations earlier in the day, Brian couldn't see a reason for the cycle to continue. It was just a matter of getting Justin on board with Brian "Fuck'em" way of thinking. Brian cleared his throat and folded his hands on top of his desk once he decided how to broach to the subject.


"It's occurred to me that we have an ongoing problem, Justin."


"And that is?"


"Our agreement to how we approach this employer-intern relationship is no longer acceptable."


"What? I thought you said you weren't firing me," Justin said already calling up a list of refuting arguments to keep his job.


Brian watched Justin's mind go into overdrive. He couldn't help the silent chuckle vibrating his chest as he saw the thoughts cross the mutinous face he loved so well. "Calm down, Sunshine. Stop jumping to conclusions."


"Well what else am I supposed to jump to Brian? You have pushed me off so many of your damn cliffs already that I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react to such a statement," Justin responded, his agitation clear in his tone.


"Fair enough so I will get to the point."


"I would appreciate it." Justin rolled his eyes.


Brian folded his lips inward to keep from laughing out loud. Justin really was adorable when he was irritated. Not that Brian would ever tell him that but it made what he had to say even more palatable since he'd missed that look. "I want you to move back in."




"I want you to move back in," Brian repeated. "But there are some things we have to agree on."


"Like what?"


"The old rules- some of them are impossible to keep although I do agree about the no kissing and the one-fuck policy."


"I'm really sorry I broke those, Brian."


Brian looked Justin straight in the eye to let him know that he'd forgiven him. "I know and I know based on our conversation upon the roof that there was an issue with you. That being said I think we should have ‘just us'- planned away from Liberty Avenue, where we can do what we want without eyes prying." He refused to call them ‘date nights.'


Justin smiled. "Who the fuck are you and what have you done with Brian Kinney?"


"It's me, Smartass. These last two months helped me to see what it was that you were saying and I have to agree. It's been- God I hate this word- nice to not have people sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. I also agree that we can't remain a secret forever. I miss fucking you in the Backroom and at the Baths and molesting you on the dancefloor. I've never been one to hide and I don't want to continue doing so now."


"It's fine by me since I miss all those things too. What else?"


"If you have a problem, talk to me about it first and I'll try to do the same."


"That's a given. I thought we already agreed to that."


"I thought so to until I had to hear from Cynthia about what happened in the break room with Murph." Brian didn't bother to hide the displeasure from his voice.


Justin dropped his eyes. "I had it handled and I wasn't in the mood for ‘I told you so.'"


"Regardless of the fact that I did tell you so, you've more than held and pulled your own weight around here."


"How would it have looked if I went running to my boss who just happens to be my part-time lover over the nonsense Murph was spouting, Brian? Think about how you would have reacted coming out of that meeting where you were already pissed off at me. You're not exactly known for your quiet demeanor."


"I still would have like it if you would have told me if someone was giving you shit."


"Fine. Murph is giving me shit."


Brian snickered. He couldn't help it. It was classic bratty Justin behavior. "Okay so you have a point. Would you have told me though?"


Justin thought a moment. "I honestly don't know, Brian. The fact is I'm just an intern here but long after I'm gone, you still have to work with these people. I'm perfectly capable of handling shit like this on my own. It's not the first time someone discounted my ability or my brain just because I'm blond with a great ass."


Brian knew he was referring to Mikey but let it go. Michael had said as much since the first morning after Brian took Justin to bed. It seemed that the people who was supposed to know him- to know them- constantly disregarded just how smart and capable Justin really was. They rejected the idea that Brian could and would actually be involved with Justin for reasons other than sex. True, sex with Justin is what hooked him but it didn't keep him. There were thousands of tricks out there, some of which Brian already fucked but there was only one Justin.


"Is there anything else you want to add, Sunshine?"


"No I think you about covered everything."


Brian nodded. "Well I think it's time you start the requirement of working long, hard hours right now."


Justin smiled, the innuendo of Brian's words not lost on him. He got up to lock the already closed office door. When he turned back around, Brian was leaning casually against the desk with this arms folded looking both dangerous and sexy as sin. Justin took a slow stroll toward him, heightening the anticipation for them both. He couldn't recall the exact number of fantasies over the last four weeks he'd had of fucking Brian in his office. As he closed that last bit of distance, Brian pulled him to him roughly. The first press of their mouths was deep, gentle and meaningful. Justin pulled back to stare into the hazel eyes he knew so well. He was so tempted to began singing that little love ditty he had long ago when Brian first found out that Justin applied to schools out of state. But now was not the time. Instead it was a time to resume their public sex addiction even if it was within the confines of Brian's office. The idea of the danger of getting caught in the otherwise empty office, rocketed their arousal. Justin felt Brian's hand slide down the front of his body just seconds before his pullover sweater was whipped over his head. His hair caressing the nape of his neck had never felt so erotic as it did in this moment. They attacked each other's lips ferociously, sliding their tongues against each other while fighting to get free of the barriers between them. Justin pulled back to help Brian out of his shirt, not being able to hold the laugh in when he realized Brian forgot to remove his cuff links from his shirtsleeves. He took his time releasing each wrist while stealing laughing and biting kisses from Brian in the process. It was playful, hot and fun all at the same time and Justin loved every second of it.


Once freed Brian pressed Justin as close as he could get. The scent of the younger man had always driven Brian wild but for some reason it worked its magic stronger than ever. Perhaps it was the relief both was finding now that even more terms had been defined or perhaps it was the secret fantasy Brian had going which was getting fulfilled. Whatever it was, Brian wanted to freeze time so that it wouldn't end. With one sweep of his arm, he cleared the top of the glass desk behind him. He knew he would regret it tomorrow when he had to sort through the mess but he couldn't bring it to himself to care. Justin was here with him in this office with the world locked outside. He laid the supple alabaster body down on the cool surface, enjoying the involuntary shiver which roiled the younger man creating the most sensual movement Brian had ever seen. Justin cried out at the first contact arching his back to get away but unable to stop himself from moaning when Brian pressed him against the glass again. Justin was just as much of a hedonist as Brian and the older man couldn't be happier for that then at the moment.


"Fuck it's cold, Brian," Justin groaned out.


"You know you like it," Brian teased back.


"I like your dick better," he responded while shifting a bit upward and back so his body was more fully on the strong table but his head hung off. He directed Brian into the position he wanted him and engulfed his cock in one gulp.


Brian felt the heat of the most talented and exuberant mouth he'd ever fucked. He couldn't keep his hips from bucking even as he couldn't keep his hand from Justin's throat to feel himself sliding in and out. It was one of the times he appreciated that Justin didn't have a gag reflex. Justin's hair tickled Brian's flexing thighs with every forward lunge as Justin continued to swallow around the bulbous head. The sight alone had Brian wanting to spend himself in that hot, wet cavity but he had other plans. Brian took this time to prepare Justin eliciting moans and sighs around his dick. Brian was practically vibrating from the heated exchange.


"That's enough, Justin," he said hoarsely, trying his best to block out the sensation while Justin kept sucking hard and strong.


Justin hummed steadily around it almost making Brian lose his vaunted control. Brian knew what Justin was doing- pulling him to the brink and keeping him there indefinitely. But not tonight. At least not right now. Brian used his last bit of will to pinch Justin's nostrils closed causing him to release his dick. Without missing a moment of opportunity, Brian hurried around the desk, grabbing the condom and lube from his discarded trousers. He felt the cerulean eyes watching and cataloging his every movement; the tremors of anticipation almost making Justin come undone. His nostrils flared as he sucked down air rapidly; the rise and fall of his chest demonstrating the just how aroused Justin was. Brian knew he was close to orgasm; Justin being the only person he knew who could get off performing fellatio. The man truly was a gem. Brian dressed his cock and lubed the condom sparingly knowing already how Justin wanted to be fucked. Justin moaned when Brian took both of his legs, sliding him closer to the edge of the desk and hooking them onto his shoulders.


"Yes," Justin hissed.


Brian smiled as the word subconsciously fell from the blond's parted lips. This was shaping up even better than Brian's daily fantasies of Justin on top of his desk. "Ready?"


Justin locked his ankles behind Brian's head knowing that it made his already tight channel ever more so. Brian inserted his fingers inside to gauge how hard he could slide home. Justin groaned in response, the digits feeling good as they probed him. "I'm ready, Brian."


"Hard and fast tonight?"


"Yes please." Justin barely released the words when Brian dove in. Justin folded himself in half, grabbing Brian's neck aiding with the entry.


"Oh God," Brian moaned. "Stay. Just. Like. That," he panted out as he continued his descent into Justin's abyss.


Once he reached bottom, he pulled halfway out and thrust in again more forcefully. The incoherent moans and sighs from his partner spurred Brian on. He built up a rhythm and picked up speed as Justin pushed his hips up into him. Both were tireless lovers and each realized they could never have this with anyone else. If Brian pushed, Justin shoved and vice versa. They fucked on the desk long and hard, their collective sweat acting as a lubing agent, lessening the friction between Justin's back and the glass surface while providing Brian the leverage he needed to pound Justin's ass as hard as the younger man demanded it. When the culmination hit, both Brian and Justin were surprised by its intensity. The electricity ignited in both of their spines at the same time causing them to race together toward their looming climax. The urgency rode each man both individually and collectively. Eyes locked on one another's, they dared not look away; couldn't even if they wanted to- both naked in so many ways beyond the physical. Finally their internal waves crashed, battering them, shattering them and remaking them. Justin released hard on his chest while feeling Brian's cock paying its tribute within the latex inside him. Eyes still watching and communicating, they rode the crests until they died down to small aftershocks. No words were needed and none were spoken as Brian and Justin officially became a couple... again.




Rude Awakenings


Michael was relieved when everyone started speaking to him again but he still couldn't bring himself to personally apologize to Justin. He could admit to them that what he said was way out of line and that he was wrong but to admit that to Justin Taylor just...well it just wasn't palatable to him. In his mind, he hadn't said anything that wasn't true- well with exception of the whole Brian should have left him bleeding thing. He was just upset and his comment should have been disregarded. Instead he'd gotten soundly punched for it by the little shit. Ben had been trying to urge him to apologize touting his eastern philosophy of what you put out into the universe comes back one-hundred fold. But while Michael opted to apologize to Brian and the others, he hoped in that in some roundabout way, it would get back to Justin. Based on the controlled professional demeanor and abject coldness toward the short brunet either his apology wasn't accepted or it wasn't received. Michael chose to believe the former because he refused to believe that no one would run interference for him with getting back into the good graces of Justin Taylor. As far as the group were concerned, it was Michael's mess and if he was bold enough to say it, he should stop being a coward and own up to it and each had told Michael so. They also agreed that Justin didn't owe Michael anything-- not even forgiveness-- but that Michael should at least make the effort. As usual, Michael heard what he wanted to hear, taking selective parts of the truth which he felt applied and burying the rest of it somewhere deep in his subconscious and never to be  remembered again.

The fact was he'd had plenty of opportunities to fix things himself, both privately and publicly. Justin had resumed his job at the diner the day after Melanie and Lindsey's party. Although Michael had been un-welcomed there until Debbie forgave him, he hadn't been banned either. For Justin's part, he treated Michael like any other patron in the eatery. Michael placed his order, Justin took it, served it and left with his tip...or not. Regardless of Michael's feelings about it, Justin did his job so conversation of any kind wasn't necessary beyond that. But there were the orders and requests for new issues of Rage to consider so Michael had two options: either find a new artist or make up with Justin. He'd chosen to find a new artist. Only that didn't work so well either. There were several disgruntled customers returning their copies and requesting full refunds of the comic citing that the graphics wasn't up to par and suggesting that he get the original artist back. The whole fucking situation with Justin stunk and it was all the kid's fault for being so stubborn.


Tonight he was just looking forward to drinking and dancing. Brian had finally returned his call saying that he was in the mood for a night out at Babylon. Michael was happy that Brian had finally gotten over Boy Wonder and was ready to start living again. Each of the guys headed to the bar for drinks and then up the stairs to the catwalk to wait for the man of the hour. Brian was always fashionably late but who could blame him. The man was a demi-god among the sea of gay men- God's gift to Gay PA. When he'd first heard his mom refer to Brian that way, he thought she was exaggerating but as Brian's best friend and sidekick, he witnessed firsthand how right she was. Michael scanned the outskirts of the crowd looking for Brian while Ben and Emmett bopped to the Cha-Cha inspired music pumping through Babylon's sound system he really wished Brian would hurry so they could dance before he and Ben had to leave. It was Ben's day for early morning classes and he always wanted to study his notes the night before.


"Shit. Don't tell me the asshole did this again," Michael mumbled.


"Did what, Baby?" Ben put his muscular arm around Michael still swaying to the catchy tune blasting.


"I'm talking about Brian standing us up again. I wonder what it is this time," Michael whined in his annoyance.


Emmett was just about to respond when he felt a light tap from Teddy on his right shoulder. The slight head nod in the direction of the dancefloor caught Em's immediate attention. Even from his vantage point, Em could tell the couple was lost in their own world while swaying and feeling each other up. He wanted to make sure he wasn't the only one seeing the blond and brunet which so closely resembled two of the most beautiful men of his acquaintance. "Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?" he asked no one in particular.


Ben looked closely as well. "Yes you're witnessing the most historic reunification since Germany." He smiled watching Brian and Justin enjoying themselves on the dancefloor. Justin kissed his way up Brian's neck as Brian ran his fingers through the silken blond tresses. Ben had to admit, if only to himself, that he was glad Brian and Justin were back together. He chanced a glance over at his boyfriend who had the most amazing scowl on his face. Fuck! When will he learn to let go of Brian? Ben stared at Michael's fixated look for a few more seconds before turning his attention back to the dancefloor.


"What happened to the fiddler?" Emmett asked innocently.


"He fell off the roof," Michael responded. The bitterness in his voice couldn't be mistaken even if one didn't know him.


Emmett and Ben exchanged looks again but didn't say anything further. Instead they opted to have a good time and enjoy the floor show which Brian and Justin was giving in abundance. Eyes closed and pressed so tightly together a dime couldn't fit between them, the lovers were unaware- and most likely uncaring- of being watched. The music break found Brian and Justin's lips locked passionately together as confetti rained down on them from above. To the people who didn't know them, it was sweet and romantic- a dream probably many of the men themselves wished for. But to the few within Babylon who knew the story of reigning King of Liberty Avenue and his Prince personally, this was a righteous ending to a battle long fought and won hard. A certain few would always be jealous while the others wouldn't begrudge the duo their happiness....but that's another tale for another time!




I saw you walking down the street and fell for you after just one glimpse


Come back to me again, don't ever go away again


Kiss my lips, caress my body. Kiss me, Kiss me, kiss me.*








*Namtrak vs. Chris Zippel- Viva Columbia (Cha Cha) QAF Season 3 Soundtrack




(Beginning of episode 309- translated)

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