Midnight Whispers
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Continuation in the Tricky Series.  As the boys' wedding day approaches, a new family member threatens to turn the Taylor-Kinney household upside down. Will they survive? Will their wedding even take place? *STORY IS NOW COMPLETE!*

Rated: NC-18
Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, FEATURED STORY, Alternate Universe, Brian/Justin, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance Characters: Ben, Brian, Debbie, Emmett, Gus, Jennifer Taylor, Jenny Rebecca, Justin, Lindsay, Melanie, Michael, Original Character(s), Tucker
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Series: Tricky Universe
Chapters: 13 Completed: Yes
Word count: 67031 Read: 41313
Published: August 11, 2015 Updated: October 12, 2015
Story Notes:

This story, while following the events in the other Tricky stories, can be read as a stand-alone fic.



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1. Dogged Determination by Predec2 [Reviews - 47] (4068 words)

A certain blond is determined to obtain what he fervently wants for his wedding present. Will he succeed? 

2. Her Name is What?! by Predec2 [Reviews - 28] (4289 words)

Justin prepares for his bundle of joy's arrival. Brian prepares to go out of his mind. 

Hope there aren't too many errors in this chapter; I'm flying solo on this one without my beta, and it's past my bedtime.;)

3. Cake...and Beefcake by Predec2 [Reviews - 22] (5850 words)

As Xena continues her assimiliation into the Taylor-Kinney household, Justin is forced to admit that she won't be the ONLY possible troublemaker at Britin during the wedding. What will Brian's reaction be?  A little bit of angst in this chapter, along with a little smut.;) 


4. A Godzilla Hurricane Arrives by Predec2 [Reviews - 16] (5004 words)

Brian awaits the arrival of his son, Mel & Lindsay with anticipation.  Gus's best buddy?  Not so much. Will Tricky have mellowed since the last visit?

5. Calm Before the Storm by Predec2 [Reviews - 7] (4122 words)

The household enjoys a little tranquility before the ceremony.  But does it signify only a temporary peace? 

6. What Goes Up...Must Come Down by Predec2 [Reviews - 7] (4591 words)

Tricky's daughter learns a new trick. Justin is dismayed, and Brian is horrified.

7. Giving In...or Giving Up by Predec2 [Reviews - 7] (3038 words)

Two stubborn men square off regarding the wedding ring.  What will be the result?

8. Without this Ring...I Thee Wed... by Predec2 [Reviews - 6] (4278 words)

The boys have a heart-to-heart talk, bolstered by a certain little boy's conviction to bring them together. Will it work? 

9. Gus on a Mission by Predec2 [Reviews - 10] (6329 words)

Gus is deliriously happy when he finds his father's ring; Brian simply becomes delirious.

10. Thrice the Risk? by Predec2 [Reviews - 11] (5058 words)

The boys get ready for their ceremony after finding the perfect dog sitter for their rambunctious pooches. Or is she? 

11. The Real Superhero Ring by Predec2 [Reviews - 18] (7356 words)

Amidst the canine and human crowd, the two men are finally wed with some surprises along the way. 

12. Three Chocolate Labs by Predec2 [Reviews - 12] (7861 words)

Just when rhe newlyweds felt safe...well, you know...

13. Epilogue: Regrets...I've had a few... by Predec2 [Reviews - 26] (5187 words)

The boys' wedding day slowly winds down.  Will Brian have any regrets?