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At thirty-one, Justin Taylor comes back to his hometown after having been gone for eight years. But then he runs into his first love, Brian Kinney, and everything is going to change...



Rated: NC-18
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Series: Entwined Universe
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Published: June 30, 2015 Updated: December 18, 2016
Story Notes:

This story was inspired by one of my favorite fanfics, ‘The Difference Between Now and Then,’ by Sonofobiscuit77. Similar to that fic, it will be divided between the past time and the present time. This story was also  inspired by one of my favorite book a few years back, ‘Ensemble c’est tout’ by Anna Gavalda.

***Special Thanks to Kim (Predec2) and Karynn (Eureka1), who agreed to edit this story. Thank you so much***

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1. Chapter 1 - Unexpected Reunion by Alois [Reviews - 33] (3240 words)

It's been a year since I've posted the first chapter of Consequences. I thought it would be a good day to post a new story. I promise this story is all about Brian and Justin's love this time.

The Present: September 2014


2. Chapter 2 - A New beginning by Alois [Reviews - 8] (4305 words)

**I want to thank my dear friend Kim for her amazing work on this story**

♦ The Past: August 2002


3. Chapter 3 - Aftermath by Alois [Reviews - 8] (3729 words)

** I want to thank Kim for her support and her precious help **

The Present: September 2014


4. Chapter 4 - A new friend by Alois [Reviews - 5] (4617 words)

** Thank you Kim, for your amazing work on this chapter **

The Past: October/November 2002

5. Chapter 5 - Hesitation by Alois [Reviews - 22] (3992 words)

** Thank you to my dear friend Kim for her invaluable help. She is a kind, amazing, and wonderful person, and I'm very grateful to have her as my beta  **

** Thank you sincerely to all the people who gave me feedback on the last chapter. I love you! **

The Present: September 2014


6. Chapter 6 - Breathe by Alois [Reviews - 10] (5543 words)

** I want to thank my wonderful beta Kim, you're the best!  **

** And of course, thank you all for your kind reviews. You make me a very happy girl :) **

The Past: December 2002

7. Chapter 7 - Caring by Alois [Reviews - 8] (4059 words)

** As always, my eternal gratitude to Kim for her help and all the improvements she brings to the story **

The Present: September 2014

8. Chapter 8 - Connection by Alois [Reviews - 14] (4602 words)


** Just a few words...My beta is the most amazing beta ever;  I know I say it all the time, but I can't emphasize enough how amazing having a beta like Kim is. If not for her, I wouldn't be there. I want to thank her again, as she perseveres along with me on the story, even with all that she has to do - her full time work, her work as an admin here, her work on her own stories, her work as a beta...I am guilty of adding more work into her life, but I'm honored to have her by my side for this. So honored. Now, go and read her new story! It's amazing as always :) But please come back after lol **

The Past: December 2002

9. Chapter 9 - Revelations by Alois [Reviews - 13] (4573 words)

*** Special thanks to my wonderful beta ***

*** Special thanks to all the persons who have helped me lately with this story ***

♥ The Present: September 2014

10. Chapter 10 - Truce by Alois [Reviews - 7] (5681 words)


The Past: December 2002

11. Chapter 11 - Who's left behind by Alois [Reviews - 4] (9324 words)

The Present: September 2014

Brian and Justin deal with the aftermath of their encounter at Woody's...

** Special Thanks to Kim, who has done an outstanding job on this chapter, as always **

12. Chapter 12 - Alive by Alois [Reviews - 7] (7177 words)

** Special thanks to my wonderful beta **

The Past: December 2002

13. Chapter 13 - Decision by Alois [Reviews - 9] (5707 words)

** Special Thanks to my wonderful beta **

The Present: October 2014

14. Chapter 14 - After the night by Alois [Reviews - 6] (7558 words)

** Special Thanks to my beta for her outstanding job again **

The Past: December 2002

15. Chapter 15 - Reunions and surprises by Alois [Reviews - 9] (5280 words)

** Thank you Kim, for supporting me all along **

The Present: November 2014

16. Chapter 16 - Healed by Alois [Reviews - 8] (7855 words)

** Thank you Kim, for your amazing work and support **

The Past: December 2002 / May 2003

17. Chapter 17 - New promises by Alois [Reviews - 7] (5243 words)

*** Thank you Kim for your help on this chapter!***

The Present: November 2014

18. Chapter 18 - Tomorrow awaits by Alois [Reviews - 6] (5984 words)

* Applause to my beta again, she's just aaaaaaaaaamazing *

The Past: August / December 2003

19. Chapter 19 - Moving On by Alois [Reviews - 8] (5868 words)

*** A big thank you to the most amazing beta ever! *

The Present:  November 2014

20. Chapter 20 - Hints of Jealousy by Alois [Reviews - 3] (5235 words)

** Special thanks to my wonderful beta and friend, Kim **

The Past: January 2004 / July 2005 

(Repost following the loss of data. Reviews are welcome)

21. Chapter 21 - Searching for Jack by Alois [Reviews - 4] (5566 words)

*** Special thanks to my wonderful beta ***

The Present: November 2014

22. Chapter 22 - Seeds of Doubt by Alois [Reviews - 7] (5242 words)

*** My beta is the best, thank you so much Kim! ***

The Past: July 2005

Notes: I obviously couldn't help myself. Enjoy!

23. Chapter 23 - That night by Alois [Reviews - 11] (6433 words)

* Huge thanks to my wonderful beta Kim *

The Present: November 2014

24. Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part One by Alois [Reviews - 11] (6912 words)

*** Handsome work from my beta again! She's amazing ***

The Past: August / September 2005


25. Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part Two by Alois [Reviews - 10] (8292 words)

*** Firstly, I want to thank my beta for all the work she provides, not only for me, but also for so many authors on MW. I'm not sure the readers are aware of all the work she does behind the scene, and I wanted to tell her once again how grateful I am for her help. ***

The Past: September / October 2005

** Warning: this chapter contains lots of sex (Bottom Brian) and violence **



26. Chapter 24: Turning Point - Part Three by Alois [Reviews - 14] (6877 words)

*** Thank you Kim sincerely, for having corrected this chapter while not feeling so well ***

The Past: November 2005

Note: This is the last part of "turning point". 

Warning: Angst


27. Chapter 25 - New beginnings by Alois [Reviews - 10] (4775 words)

*** as always, a big thank you to my wonderful beta, Kim ***

The Present: November 2014

28. Authorís note by Alois [Reviews - 20] (462 words)

29. Chapter 26 - This is just goodbye by Alois [Reviews - 12] (7330 words)

I'm not sure how to address the many thanks I have to do for this chapter, but I will try :)

Firstly, I want to thank Kim, who, as always, is bearing with me and my moods and doing a wonderful job on this story. Thank you so much my dear friend!

Then, but not least, Eureka1. After my author's note, she has helped me to write this chapter, staying with me until late at nights (for me anyway!) and sharing my brain to find the words I was missing. It can't thank you enough my friend, you've been amazing with me :) 

And of course, to you faithful readers. Your support has given me the motivation and inspiration to write like nothing else does. I don't lie when I say that you're the key to boost the authors you love out there and to prevent them from giving up.




Now, here is the next chapter of Entwined. I hope you will like this one :)


The Past: November 2005 / March 2006


30. Chapter 27 - Loving life by Alois [Reviews - 15] (7472 words)

** As always, a huge thanks to my wonderful beta Kim! Also, I want to thank sincerely Eureka1 for supporting me and this story like she does. I'm so glad to have such wonderful persons by my side. And thank you all for reading!**

The Present: November 2014

Warning: angst free!!!

31. Chapter 28 - Drifting to the breaking point by Alois [Reviews - 9] (6382 words)

* A huge thanks to my wonderful betas who are doing an outstanding job (I have two of them now, how fabulous is that?) Kim and Karynn. I love you guys! *

The Past: April / July 2006

Warning: Angst

32. Chapter 29 - Jesseís story by Alois [Reviews - 12] (10110 words)

* A huge thanks to Karynn, aka Eureka1, who has shared her own words in this chapter, and especially for Alice's character. You're amazing! *

* And of course, Kim has done a wonderful work again. Thank you so much my friend! *

Yes, I'm one lucky author.

The Present: November 2014

Note: This chapter is mainly centered on Jesse's character and his story since he left Pittsburgh in March 2006.


33. Chapter 30 - Broken by Alois [Reviews - 13] (6386 words)

** As always, my endless gratitude to Karynn, for helping me write this chapter, and to Kim, for being there for me and helping to edit it so quickly with all she has to face right now. Thank you so much, my dear friends **

The Past: June / July 2006

Warning: Major Angst

Note: I kind of hate this chapter. I wonder why...

34. Chapter 31 - Give it time by Alois [Reviews - 11] (5511 words)

* A huge thanks to Karynn, for betaing this chapter and bearing with me all along. And my eternal gratitude to Kim for all the work she provides for all of us *

♥ The Present: November 2014

35. Chapter 32 - A new life by Alois [Reviews - 10] (6932 words)

** My most sincere thanks to Karynn, for doing an awesome job in editing this chapter with me **

The Past: July / December 2006

36. Chapter 33 - Hug me, hold me by Alois [Reviews - 13] (7326 words)

*** A huge thanks to the wonderful Eureka1 for editing this chapter so beautifully! I'm so happy to have you with me ***

The Present: November / December 2014

Warning: Toppy Justin

37. Chapter 34 - In his smile by Alois [Reviews - 10] (5555 words)

*** My endless gratitude to Karynn, who has editing this chapter so quickly with everything she has to face right now. You're amazing, my dear friend ***

The Past: December 2006 / September 2014

Note: After that chapter, there will be one more chapter in the present and an epilogue before we reach the end of this tale.


38. Chapter 35 - All over again by Alois [Reviews - 10] (7818 words)

** My endless gratitude to Karynn, who have spent a ridiculous amount of time working on this last chapter with me. She literally have breathed her own spirit in here. Thank you so much my dear friend! **

The Present: December 2014

39. Epilogue by Alois [Reviews - 24] (3687 words)

** A HUGE thanks to my wonderful betas Kim (Predec2) and Karynn (Eureka1) who have been by my side for this ride and without whom I wouldn't have done it. I love you guys **

♣ Epilogue: June 2015

Warning: Ridiculously Romantic