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Justin Taylor a name and person that has haunted me for years now. Every time I least expect it there he is screwing with my life. Now it's my turn to screw with him. And I'm gonna have fun doing it. (Set in Season 5)

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1. Chapter 1 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 7] (709 words)

A/N: This story is going to be violent. Especially this chapter (there is a premeditated murder). P.S. I will tell you who the bad guy is as soon as Justin & Brian find out. P.P.S Sorry this chapter is so short I promise they'll get longer.

2. Chapter 2 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 1] (1628 words)

A/N: We're still in the Villain/Bad Guy's POV. As Promised this chapter is longer. But it's kind of a filler chapter. I promise the story will get more exciting in the next chapter. Enjoy :)    

3. Chapter 3 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 3] (1046 words)

A/N: Another short chapter but things are starting to heat up ;)    

4. Chapter 4 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 1] (2371 words)

So in this chapter we're not in the Villain's Pov

But we maybe finding out who he is...

5. Chapter 5 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 7] (2681 words)

6. Chapter 6 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 3] (1631 words)

A/N: So this chapter may feel like a filler chapter or maybe I just feel like it's a filler chapter...

Either way enjoy :)

7. Chapter 7 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 5] (894 words)

Just a heads up we're in Chris's POV again, so more violence 

Sorry if this chapter is short to, they will get longer again promise ;)

8. Chapter 8 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 4] (1510 words)

Sorry I took so long to update been busy this week but here you go :)

9. Chapter 9 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 5] (3248 words)

Cutting it pretty close but here's the next chapter :)

10. Chapter 10 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 2] (989 words)

Sorry this chapter is short but hear it is :)

11. Chapter 11 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 4] (1048 words)

A/N: So another heads up we're back in Hobbs POV just so on ones confused

12. Chapter 12 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 5] (3581 words)

Okay let me start off by saying that I'm super sorry for not posting almost (if not) all summer. But I got a job over the summer and it kind of blocked up my writing time. I'll try to post another chapter tomorrow (or later today since it's like 1am right now). And for those of you who read my other story the next chapter should be up tomorrow as well. Okay I'll shut up so you guys can read now. Enjoy :)  

13. Chapter 13 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 4] (1098 words)

Sorry I've taken so long to update after promising to update more but I've been unfortunately busy, but hear's another chapter :)

This chapter jumps from different POV's just a heads up     

14. Chapter 14 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 5] (1191 words)

Finally another chapter :) Hope you guys like it

15. Chapter 15 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 2] (1393 words)

So this chapter might feel a little slow but I hope you guys like it

16. Chapter 16 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 4] (831 words)

Yay! Another chapter I couldent help myself, I have more freetime right now so this chapter was ready sooner than I thought it'd be. It's short (really short) I just wanted to show what Hobbs and Justin were up too after the cabin incident. I promise the next few chapters will be more...exciteing.

17. Chapter 17 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 2] (1678 words)

Another chapter it's finally done yay :)

18. Chapter 18 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 4] (2005 words)

Another back to back update Yay :)


19. Chapter 19 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 2] (2426 words)

I know, I know I'm a broken record. I'm so so sorry for not posting sooner but life's been crazy, bright side things are slowing down so I can write more. So here it is a new chapter!

20. Chapter 20 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 2] (1251 words)

Sorry I haven't posted sooner my internet was down for a while. But here it is a new chapter.

21. Chapter 21 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 3] (1390 words)

Another chapter :)

22. Chapter 22 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 2] (1201 words)

Cutting it close but here it is as promised :)

23. Chapter 23 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 0] (1537 words)

So I knew about the whole data loss thing. And I called myself checking this story to make sure I haden't lost this chapter. But when I went to write the next chapter I finally noticed that I did in fact loose this chapter. So I'm reposting it now, PLEASE re-review. 

24. Chapter 24 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 4] (1388 words)

New chapter YAY :)

25. Chapter 25 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 1] (1321 words)

Another chapter finally!!

26. Chapter 26 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 2] (1789 words)

YAY!! A New Chapter :)

27. Chapter 27 by BritianLover88 [Reviews - 1] (1434 words)

Sorry it took so long to update I've been miserably busey lately. But here's a new chapter :) Yay!