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After Justin's departure to Hollywood, Brian has a surprise - a life-altering surprise. All story is from Brian's perspective, watching him cope with the new challenge.  This story in mpreg, so if it's not your cup of tea, please approach with caution. :)

Rated: NC-18
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Published: April 30, 2015 Updated: December 13, 2015
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A little picture in a QaF group on Facebook inspired me to write this.
Many thanks to ebbj9891 and Keshena for the help.
I hope you'll enjoy this. I think we all needed a good mpreg story. I couldn't find one showing the character going through the process of being pregnant, so I thought...why the hell not.
I'm also posting this today because what better bday present can I give myself than share something with you guys?

1. Chapter 1 by addict_writer [Reviews - 39] (2153 words)

Enjoy! :)

2. Chapter 2 by addict_writer [Reviews - 16] (2002 words)

3. Chapter 3 by addict_writer [Reviews - 14] (2342 words)

4. Chapter 4 by addict_writer [Reviews - 13] (2844 words)

5. Chapter 5 by addict_writer [Reviews - 11] (1951 words)

I burrowed a few lines from the show because I couldn't imagine a better way to word the proposal. It was perfect the way Cowlip wrote it. :)

6. Chapter 6 by addict_writer [Reviews - 12] (2268 words)

7. Chapter 7 by addict_writer [Reviews - 11] (2455 words)

8. Chapter 8 by addict_writer [Reviews - 8] (2857 words)

Short A/N: Unanimously, you guys don't like Munchkin, but I hope you'll warm up to the new nickname since it will stick. :) Peanut is...well...reserved. I don't want to spoil anything.

Approach the end of the chapter with caution and an open mind. I promise I will never hurt anyone, so everything is going to okay. Trust me.

9. Chapter 9 by addict_writer [Reviews - 7] (2406 words)

I haven't had much time answering your reviews. I will try harder :) I've been writing on this story. I think I found a good ending, which is nowhere near close. We're looking at 45 chapters plus some outtakes.

10. Chapter 10 by addict_writer [Reviews - 10] (1686 words)

Thank you all for the continuous support, even though I can barely get back to you with a 'thank you'.

11. Chapter 11 by addict_writer [Reviews - 11] (2995 words)

I'm so glad their e-mail exchange is so well-received. It's fun to write too. :) As for Justin's surprise (I'll let you guess what that could have been)...there won't be one. There's a sound reason. Read and find out. =p

12. Chapter 12 by addict_writer [Reviews - 10] (2071 words)

Important note: Gus is safe or loved at home. His mommies love him very much, but being Brian's son (and by default being naughty) they have to 'punish' him with time-out or withdrawing sweets. I had to clarify that since I didn't have to get back to all of you in person and most of you were worried this.

With this out of the way, enjoy!

13. Chapter 13 by addict_writer [Reviews - 7] (2009 words)

14. Chapter 14 by addict_writer [Reviews - 4] (2510 words)

15. Chapter 15 by addict_writer [Reviews - 9] (2737 words)

16. Chapter 16 by addict_writer [Reviews - 6] (1946 words)

17. Chapter 17 by addict_writer [Reviews - 6] (2131 words)

We're going to meet Keith and Leo better, of course Kira too.

I don't have anyone specific in mind for their characters, so you can take liberties and imagine them however you like.

18. Chapter 18 by addict_writer [Reviews - 5] (2095 words)

With the new job, I barely have time for anything. Enjoy the chapter and I promise everything will be okay in the end ;)

19. Chapter 19 by addict_writer [Reviews - 11] (1213 words)

You might need tissues in handy for the end of the chapter. It was horrible to write that part, and I hope I won't break your little hearts too much, but it's something I'm sure Brian would do. He's always prepared for any situation.

20. Chapter 20 by addict_writer [Reviews - 8] (2033 words)

All your reviews melted my heart, with your worry for Brian. I promise he's going to live.

21. Chapter 21 by addict_writer [Reviews - 8] (2548 words)

Two miracles happened last week: 1. I answered reviews. 2. We have Munchkin born and Brian still alive. :)

22. Chapter 22 by addict_writer [Reviews - 6] (1508 words)

Time for Munchkin to go home. :)

23. Chapter 23 by addict_writer [Reviews - 8] (3343 words)

I hope you'll enjoy this chapter as much as I did while writing it. I had a great time.

24. Chapter 24 by addict_writer [Reviews - 6] (2681 words)

Posting it a little early because I'm off to a job interview and if they keep me, I might not make it on time.

We are going to skip a few years, but don't worry there are going to be outtakes at the very end of the story...much later.

25. Chapter 25 by addict_writer [Reviews - 20] (3029 words)

It's nice to see everyone likes this domesticated Brian, but still the same Brian we love.

26. Chapter 26 by addict_writer [Reviews - 11] (1699 words)

What an influx of reviews the last chapter brought...I even answered them...which is shocking itself, but blame my in-between jobs time and this damn heat. :)

27. Chapter 27 by addict_writer [Reviews - 10] (1587 words)

We find the truth in this chapter. :)

28. Chapter 28 by addict_writer [Reviews - 7] (2365 words)

Everything is fine in our dear Kinney-Taylor family, I promise. Justin is warming up to the idea, still blaming himself, but he's supportive.

29. Chapter 29 by addict_writer [Reviews - 9] (2161 words)

I'll starts with thanks to MissesHermioneMalfoy for offering to help me with an extra pair of eyes to look over the chapters. :)

We needed a light chapter after the dark ones, but don't worry. Brian's troubles only started.

30. Chapter 30 by addict_writer [Reviews - 8] (2044 words)

Here's another light chapter. The calm before the storm. I'm not pro killing my characters so have some faith. :)

31. Chapter 31 by addict_writer [Reviews - 18] (2086 words)

Another cute, fluffy chapter. Next one is the pivotal one.

32. Chapter 32 by addict_writer [Reviews - 17] (2090 words)

Here we are...that much anticipated chapter. Tissue warning toward the end.

33. Chapter 33 by addict_writer [Reviews - 12] (2769 words)

A little late, but I didn't have my laptop. Enjoy. ;)

34. Chapter 34 by addict_writer [Reviews - 8] (2243 words)

Many thanks to everyone who reviewed. When I find a moment of respiro in my currently hectic life, I will answer to you. I hope this chapter will have all the answers you wanted. I appreciate you being understanding of what happened to Brian and Ruby. :)

Now, remember those letter Brian wrote not that long ago...well, they're making a comeback.

35. Chapter 35 by addict_writer [Reviews - 11] (2286 words)

I wish I had the time to answer you, but I barely have time for myself these days. Oh, well.

Enjoy! You're going to like this chapter. :)

36. Chapter 36 by addict_writer [Reviews - 15] (2999 words)

Here is another hectic day from our beloved Kinney-Taylor family :)

37. Chapter 37 by addict_writer [Reviews - 16] (2042 words)

Enjoy another hectic day in Brian's day...with Justin off to meet one of his clients. Daddy Brian is my favorite thing to write.

38. Chapter 38 by addict_writer [Reviews - 15] (3145 words)

Brian has found his match in his son, definitely. I'm glad you all enjoy this.

39. Chapter 39 by addict_writer [Reviews - 15] (1980 words)

Another day in their life. Something everyone goes through...something Brian didn't expect to happen to him.

40. Chapter 40 by addict_writer [Reviews - 13] (2315 words)

I wish I had the time to get back to you and answer your lovely reviews. Thank you for the continuous positive response to this little story.

41. Chapter 41 by addict_writer [Reviews - 13] (3818 words)

I'll let you on a secret. This is actually an outtake, but it makes more sense to post it here, so you don't get confused in the further chapters.

I'm not sure if any of this is true...so work with me. (it's fiction)

42. Chapter 42 by addict_writer [Reviews - 11] (2077 words)

We're going to skim over a few years this chapter. Enjoy.

43. Chapter 43 by addict_writer [Reviews - 14] (3711 words)

I'm so happy everyone is still interested and doesn't want this to end, just like me.

Maybe one day soon, I'll have time to answer you all. I love your reviews so much.

44. Chapter 44: Outtake 1 by addict_writer [Reviews - 7] (5626 words)

The first outtake! This is set during Justin's 5 months in New York, when Patrick was a baby.

45. Chapter 45: Outtake 2 by addict_writer [Reviews - 9] (3946 words)

In this outtake, Patrick is 6 and Ruby is 1 year old.

46. Chapter 46: Outtake 3 by addict_writer [Reviews - 9] (4811 words)

So I'm not so sure about this outtake... it's not exactly what I planned. The story just flowed in this direction. I hope you'll like it.

Patrick's first day of school.

47. Chapter 47: Outtake 4 by addict_writer [Reviews - 10] (8697 words)

Before you read this, I want you to know that I have no idea about how this happens to boys for the first time...or when. So I took liberties. Sue me. :) Take it as it is..fun.

This outtake is about Patrick and Ruby when they both reach the age of 13 and what happens to each of them...becoming real teenagers and all that.

48. Chapter 48: outtake 5 by addict_writer [Reviews - 7] (9032 words)

This one follows up on the previous on timeline wise.

Warning: a little angsty...okay, a lot angsty, but it has it peaks.

49. Chapter 49: Outtake 6 by addict_writer [Reviews - 11] (3633 words)

Thank you all for the continuous support.

This outtake takes us a few years back where Patrick is 7 and Ruby 3.

50. Chapter 50: Outtake 7 by addict_writer [Reviews - 5] (5210 words)

The outtake with the fun after the wedding is still not done. So I'm posting this since I have it already finished. As you can see from the email conversation...we're quite a few years ahead of time. Enjoy!

51. Chapter 51: Outtake 8 by addict_writer [Reviews - 9] (2362 words)

Here it is! The much awaited after the wedding time. Enjoy!

52. Chapter 52: Outtake 9 by addict_writer [Reviews - 13] (2245 words)

This outtake sort of happened. I didn't plan it, but it wanted to be written. I'm really not sure about this approach to that delicate subject: prom.

53. Chapter 53: Outtake 10 by addict_writer [Reviews - 8] (4106 words)

Here's the next chapter...I had terrible family problems...still have, but I have this engagement to you to post. I'm better and writing, reading, anything...distracts me.

54. Chapter 54: Outtake 11 by addict_writer [Reviews - 5] (7098 words)

Thank you all for the continuous support!

All your questions will be answered in this chapter and the next one. Speaking of the next one (the last one)...I'm not sure when it will be done. I want it perfect, so it might be in a week or more? We never know.

Until then, enjoy this one!

55. Chapter 55: Outtake 12 by addict_writer [Reviews - 14] (6248 words)

With a little delay, I present you the final chapter of Intruder! It took a while because I wanted it to be perfect, but now I'm not so sure. I hope you enjoy it.