Midnight Whispers
QAF Brian and Justin Fanfiction

Brian then, looked at the door of the living room. Indeed, he could make out Justin’s silhouette approaching. At first, he didn’t understand, but then realized that he only saw Justin silhouetted against the light coming from outside because the room was dark. No light came through the curtains. And the only light in the room was a lamp beside the couch. But he would swear it was only mid-afternoon. He felt hot and realized he was under a cream colored blanket. When had he been covered if only a few minutes had passed since he was talking to Angel, whoever he was? Again, nothing seemed to make sense. He felt movement at his feet. He looked and saw Rocky lying beside him, his head on them. Justin reached him carrying a tray, and placed it on the coffee table.


"Ah, I see you're awake. Better this way, so I won’t have to wake you up to eat something."


"I wasn’t asleep." Brian protested. "I only closed my eyes for a moment."


"Sure, a 5 hours moment. What happened this afternoon should make you think, Brian. You are literally exhausted. The world won’t end if you take a few days off. You're not Rage, dear, as much as you guys look alike.” The latter, he said mockingly. "I brought you some salad and a turkey sandwich. And don’t dare to complain. You didn’t eat anything all day.” Brian wanted to protest. He was no invalid or any elder to be covered with blankets or have dinner brought to him. But he couldn’t. First, because he realized that he was hungry, and second, because right then, the phone rang, and Justin went to answer.


Resigned, he was ready to eat. The truth is that the food was delicious, and he felt much better. Had he really been sleeping for so many hours? He didn’t understand what kind of little game that ghost, angel or elf was playing, but he liked it less by the moment. Justin moved across the room talking on the phone. Brian immediately knew with whom.


"Really, Debbie, I assure you it was nothing. Brian is fine. He just works himself to death. If I can convince him to rest, he will be good as new.”




"No, you don’t need to come, nor bring chicken soup either..."


"... .."


"Of course I appreciate your concern, and the rest of the family, but I can take care of my husband by myself..."




"Thank you so much, but the kids should be here. Right now I’m going to pik them up."




"I know, thank you very much, Debbie. Later.” Justin hung up. Brian looked at him, raising an eyebrow. Apparently Debbie remained being Debbie in this or any other reality. But the blond seemed to handle her well.


"Come here." He said, extending his arm. Justin came smiling. He saw that Brian had left the empty plate on the table.


"See how you needed something to eat?" Said petulantly. Brian took his hand and pulling, sat him on his lap. Justin chuckled.


"Yes, I feel much better. In fact, I feel so good I can think of another need to satisfy. Since we have the house for us...” He said suggestively, and caught the lips of the younger man with his. Justin responded to the kiss with enthusiasm. Yes, many memories came to him suddenly, having Justin in his arms again. Of course, there had to be some compelling reason for keeping the blond close during all those months, and he was beginning to remember. With Justin, sex was always so good... Deftly, he unbuttoned the blond’s jeans, and slid his hand inside in search of his treasure, like that first night. Justin let out sweet moans that got lost in Brian’s mouth.


Brian began stroking the younger man’s hard, hot and throbbing cock, that reacted to his touch as he remembered. Then, he noticed that Justin's hand began to return the favor. Suddenly, Brian completely lost track of where he was. He didn’t care whether or not this was real, while both were given mutual masturbation, like two teenagers on their first date. He soon feel the warm essence of the blond in his hand, and almost immediately, came too. Justin hugged him. For a moment he snuggled into his shoulder, then looked at him dreamily and with red cheeks.


"It was great, Brian. I see that you are really better.” Saying this, he started to rise.


"Wait. What's your hurry? We haven’t even got started."


"I know. And I would love nothing more than to go on, but I have to go pick up the kids. It's not okay to abuse Debbie’s generosity. I promise, later, as the children fall asleep, we will continue where we left off.” Justin said cuddly, kissing the tip of Brian’s nose. A groan of very different nature were then heard, and both saw Rocky, sitting by the door, who barked and started wagging his tail when he saw that they looked. “Furthermore, you should take Rocky out. The poor thing hasn’t been out since this morning.”


"Again?" Brian muttered.


"Well, if you prefer, I'll take care of Rocky, and you'll get the kids. So the family will see that you're really OK.” That made Brian go back to his terrible anguish of the afternoon.


"No! I’ll take care of Rocky.” Brian said hastily. No matter what Angel said about unfinished matters or anything like bullshit. Well, he had to play husband (God, he felt chills just thinking the word) and father, but by no means was he going to face the family he excluded completely from his life so many years ago. He stood up, and walked into the hall, where he knew he would find his coat and shoes. "Well Rocky, buddy, I think we both can use a walk."


That walk lasted for a while. Brian wasn’t sure how long, but he needed to think, ponder everything that was happening to him. So it was not a dream or a joke, but the damn Angel hadn’t given him many clues. Would he be able to get back his life? The neighborhood was very quiet. It was already dark and the cold had increased considerably. He looked at the cloudless sky. The moonless night allowed to see millions of stars, and he stood there in awe for a moment. He had never been one to look at the sky, even when he was a child. His life had always been filled with more urgent things and less pleasant events that require his attention.


Finally he decided it was time to go back. Rocky had seemed much calmer than in the morning, but when Brian took direction back home, he began to pull again. When he entered the house, thanked the heat. He had to admit that although that would never have been the life he choose, the house was comfortable and pleasantly warm. A smiling Justin greeted him with a kiss.


"Ugh, your face is ice cold.  You took a hell of a long walk!"


"I needed to think." Brian said tongue in cheek. Attracted Justin by the waist and started raining kisses on his neck.


"Later, Brian." Justin said, giggling, pushing him gently. "Now Heather is waiting to say good night to you. And apparently, she also has something important to discuss with you. What are you two up to, eh?” The last was said with feigned irritation at being left out. Brian turned to kiss the juicy lips, and headed for the stairs.


In the children's room, there was only one lamp lit on the nightstand. Heather was in bed, sitting against the headboard, and Jimmy slept in his crib. Brian leaned over him. He couldn’t deny who the biological father of the baby was. Justin said he was one, the same age Gus was the last time he saw him. As always, he forced himself not to think about it, not remember how his dearest friend, for whom he had agreed to break one of his most sacred rules, broke his heart. He would have expected that it would be Melanie the one who maneuvered against him. However, the brunette didn’t object to Lindsay visiting him in New York with Gus, so father and son could keep in touch. It was Lindsay who soon showed her true and not very pleasant character.


Apparently, she still harbored some kind of hope for a relationship with Brian. And his move to New York, going away from the family, and especially, from Justin, had made her believe that it would be easier to achieve her goals using Gus as a weapon. Brian noticed. He was disappointed by her behavior, and as a result: bitter arguments, coldness from Lindsay, and finally her argument that after all, it was Mel not Brian who had parental rights to Gus. Brian could have fight, but he didn’t have the strength or the conviction. At the end of the day, he had never wanted the responsibility of being a father, right? Who cares if his feelings for Gus had been so strong since he held him in his arms for the first time, and having to give him up tore his soul? That just showed him that he should never allow anyone to reach his heart.


However, he didn’t want to think about that, or that this pathetic loser Brian, whose place he seemed to be occupying, was not at the top of the world, but still had Gus... and Justin. He carefully stroked the baby's soft cheek with a finger. Overcoming those emotions, he looked at Heather, who was watching him, but her eyes this time weren’t as inquisitive and penetrating.


"Why were you so scared before at Grandma’s?" She asked as their eyes met.


"Wow. You don’t miss anything, eh?” Brian replied sarcastically.


"I have to watch you well to know if you're dangerous." She said seriously.


"Ah. And what do you think?" She seemed to study him a few minutes, frowning in concentration, which Brian found adorable, though he tried to conceal.


"Nah. I don’t think you’re going to hurt us, but I'll keep watching you because I don’t know what plans you have.”


"Okay. Let's say for now, I have to do what your father would.” Brian said.


"Well. Then you've messed up already, because my dad would have been in Grandma's dinner, joking Uncle Michael and Uncle Ted, and fighting with Aunt Mel." Heather said with crushing child’s logic.


"Well... Whatever. I couldn’t go in, OK?" Brian surprised himself justifying his attitude in the afternoon.


"For being a space invader you're not very brave... not very smart either." Brian struggled to contain his laughter. Was he so irreverent with others? He concluded that yes, he was. Heather certainly didn’t mince words. Hell, he liked this little girl.


"Right. And you're an authority on the subject, I guess.” He said sarcastic tongue in cheek. "But we agreed that you were going to help me. I wouldn’t mess up, if I know what I have to do."


"Tomorrow, you have to go to work. You have to get up very early. My dad always is gone before I get up to go to school, and he also comes home late. Daddy-Justin says he is a wo... woholic"


"Workaholic, you mean." She nodded. "I won’t have problems with that part, but what do I do?"


"You make ads. Some go on TV. How cool is that?” Brian smiled faintly. At least in regard to work, he expected not fuck up.


"Thank you. Good night.” He said, and left the room, listening to the girl saying goodnight too. He went down again into the living room. Justin was speaking in the phone again, but now he seemed agitated.


"But I was supposed to deliver them on Friday."




"I don’t care that the publisher has suddenly changed his mind, Don. We had arranged for delivery on Friday. I was planning to dedicate tomorrow and Thursday, and have no stress. Now I'll have to stay up tonight. It’s not right, Don."




"Of course they’ll be ready tomorrow! Have I ever missed a delivery date? But you better pray that my hand behave in such a hurry. See you tomorrow.” He hung up the phone. "Shit!" exclaimed barely in a whisper, and hit a sofa cushion, which flew out. Brian could see in his face the same expression of frustration and anger that the blond had that night in front of Babylon, when the brave Justin faced his father. However, his expression changed instantly when he saw Brian. He approached him with a smile.


"What's up? Any problem?” Brian asked. Justin was just in front of him and circled his waist with his arms.


"Sorry, Brian. We'll have to postpone our plans. That was Don. I have to hand the drawings by noon tomorrow. So I'm going to have to work. But I'll tell you what. If you wait a couple of hours... I will get up early tomorrow to finish. Deal?” The last was said with a seductive voice while nibbling Brian's ear.


"Sure." The brunet replied somewhat puzzled. He would have liked to ask so many questions, but he felt it wasn’t appropriate. If the fucking Angel had given any explanation rather than disappear. “Where are you going?" He asked in the same tone seeing that Justin began to leave him.


"Well, to work. The sooner I start, the sooner I’ll finish. I hope that my hand doesn’t give me much trouble.” Justin said, absently rubbing his right wrist, as he began to leave the living room. Brian stood there, unsure. What was he supposed to do now? Angel said he had something to learn, but what, how… He didn’t have a clue. He sat on the couch and turned on the TV without really paying attention. He found a movie channel, and saw one of his favorite classic movies, news and also some reports. Suddenly he looked at the time. It was almost 2 am, and Justin had said a couple of hours by 9. Without stopping to think, he turned it off, and stood up.


He went to where he had seen Justin heading. Right across from the stairs. Passing the kitchen, he saw a door. Light appreciated below. He knocked softly. Then, he felt stupid. Would the other Brian knock on that door? So he went in. He noticed right away that it was some kind of artist studio. Justin was literally collapsed on a drawing board, he even still had a marker in his hand. He looked at him, asleep, and noted that his profile was very similar to Jimmy’s. Even knowing that Justin was 29, the same age as Brian himself when they met, he thought the blond looked too young and too fragile to be a father.


He took a moment to look at Justin’s work. There were some sheets stacked on a table, all covered with colorful drawings of animals, landscapes and interesting characters. They had all the appearance of being illustrations for children. He wasn’t surprised by their high quality. He knew Justin was good, but then he also realized that they were very similar to those drawings that decorated the walls of the children's room. He approached the sleeping blond, and shook him careful not to startle him.


"Mmmm, Brian What...? Oh, sorry. I've fallen asleep. What time is it?” Justin said sleepily. He could barely open his eyes. It seems that Brian wasn’t the only one working too much.


"Time for you to go to bed. You’ll have a sore as hell neck tomorrow, if you sleep there.” Brian said, trying to sound casual. Justin stood rubbing his eyes. Brian circled his waist, he didn’t seem very stable. He turned off the light and closed the studio door behind them. Practically had to carry the tottering Justin upstairs. Once in the bedroom, Justin flopped on the bed, but pulled Brian knocking him too.


"Don’t think I forgot what I promised you."  Justin purred.


"Are you sure you’re awake enough?"


"Sure. Help me undress.” Justin said between giggles trying to take off his jersey without getting out of bed. Brian began to undress him, but soon he heard the soft breathing indicating that Justin was back asleep. Brian sighed resignedly.


"Good night, Justin." He whispered sarcastic. He looked at the clock that was in his nightstand and saw that his alarm was set at 7. Activated it, and went to sleep. Although Angel had told him otherwise, he still had a small hope that he would wake up in his own bed.


However, no such luck. When the alarm sounded Brian found himself still there, trapped. And although, he was starting to get used to it, that didn’t make him be less pissed. Despite the early hour, Justin was no longer in bed. What time would he have risen? He went to the bathroom. And after finishing his daily grooming, walked to his closet as if walking to the gallows. He breathed deeply. Needed courage to put on any of those suits. Deep down, he knew he was exaggerating. The suits were not trendy, but they were of good quality, and fitted him fine. But since he had no choice but to stay here, at least he could complain about the costumes.


It occurred to him that he knew he worked as a publicist, but not where. A terrible feeling put a lump in his throat. Would he still be trapped in Ryder’s, expecting for his petty boss to finally make him partner, and that’s why they were so poor? He forced himself to calm down. He grabbed his wallet, and with a trembling hand, drew a card: "Brian Kinney; President and CEO of Kinnetik" said the card, and under were the company address and phone numbers. So, he'd made it here too. He had his own company. However, it wasn’t working very well judging by what he had seen. Thinking again, maybe he was going to do this Brian a favor, giving a new and improved boost to his business.


He went down quietly not to wake the children, and went, this time without knocking, into Justin’s studio. The blond was engaged in his work, and Brian was allowed a moment watching him. Justin was quick to realize his presence, and turning to look at him, he said.


"And I had the hope that you wouldn’t go to work today. Look how naïve I am."


"I don’t see that you're exactly loafing. What time did you get up?"


"At half past five."


"You just had three hours of sleep. And I’m the one who work nonstop?"


"Don’t start, Brian. You know that your workaholism borders on the obsessive. But I don’t want to fight." Justin said kissing him gently on the lips. "Have a good day."


"You too." Brian said feeling totally lost one more time. He went out to the garage and got in his pathetic car. However, he noted with some surprise that it had a GPS system. That made him feel lucky because he hadn’t recognized the street on the card. And it's not like he could ask Justin.


Looking at the map, however, he was surprised again. Immediately, he recognized the area. His company was very close to Liberty Avenue. Great. He wasn’t even in the business area of the city. He saw that in the map didn’t appear the numerous narrow streets and alleys that he remembered well abounded there. It seemed that they had knocked down whole blocks to allow wider streets. That explained why he hadn’t recognized the street name. Maybe they had changed it. While driving, it came to his mind that he was the head of Kinnetik. What a good name, he thought. Much better than Kinney Advertising. It had edge. Gave the idea of something dynamic, moving. How is it that he hadn’t thought of that great name in real life?


"It didn’t occur to you, but Justin." Angel said suddenly appearing in the passenger seat.


"Damn! Why do you appear like that? I could have killed myself.” Brian shouted angrily.


"You are stopped at a traffic light, Brian." The other guy said just like that.


"Well. You could have given me a heart attack." The brunet groaned.


"Whatever you say. But I came because apparently you have some questions. My mission is to help you."


"Oh, really? Well. Then, you could stop wasting your time and making me waste mine, bringing me back my life. This sucks, shit.  Justin and I don’t even fuck!"


"That's not true, Brian. Your sex life is as good as ever, even better, because since you are married, no longer do you use condoms."


"Really?" Brian couldn’t help it slip, looking at Angel in disbelief. A car horn sounded.


"The traffic light is green, Brian." The brunet took a moment to react. The third horn seemed to have regained. He regained his composure and put the car in gear. "Well, now that you're calmer, ask me whatever you want."

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