Midnight Whispers
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Justin finds out that their clients are not renewing their contracts at Kinnetik 2 in New York.  When this happens, he calls his cousin, Eliot Spencer.


This is a crossover with the show Leverage.  For those who don't know the show, an explanation is given in the notes inside.


Rated: NC-18
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Published: October 28, 2014 Updated: October 28, 2014
Story Notes:

Leverage is a show that entails a group of people who help others get even or get what they want.  It is headed by Nathan Ford who used to be an insurance investigator until the company he worked for denied his claim for a drug that would have saved his son's life.  He becomes the mastermind in the show. 

Next is Sophie Devereau who is a grifter.  She takes on the roles of people so that she gains their trust in jobs they do for people.

Next is Eliot Spencer.  He's what they call a 'hitter'.  He's the one that has your back when you need security.  Also he hates guns.  He's good with his fists.

Hardison is next and he's a computer nerd and hacker.  He knows how to use a computer to get things you want.

Parker is a thief.  She can get into any safe and building without being seen.


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