Midnight Whispers
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***Featured Story for October 2016***

He held his heart in the palm of his hand...it was messy.

A mysterious virus has infected, well just about everyone (maybe even you). The worlds full of slow talkin', slower walkin', flesh munchin' zombies. One little bite soon leaves Brian & Justin with one big problem! Can one dead heart love another? More importantly, can it overcome the desire to eat it?

Warning: Major Character UN-Death. Violent/Dark imagery.
Note: The beliefs & eating habits of the undead are neither supported nor' practiced by the author.
 A Halloween treat...or is it a trick?! No excuses, no apologies, no regrets...just braiiiiins!

Rated: R
Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, FEATURED STORY, Angst, Brian/Justin, Humor, Romance, Violence, Halloween Characters: None
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Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes
Word count: 11902 Read: 22750
Published: October 25, 2014 Updated: October 01, 2016
Story Notes:

1. It Begins by LibertySun [Reviews - 10] (1535 words)

A/N: In the spirit of Halloween I was inspired to write this, I have quite a bit already written, it looks like it will be about 7-8 chapters. My goal is to fully complete it and post it all by Halloween. I'm not sure how many zombie fans are out there but to you I say, feel free to join me it's all you can eat! :)

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7. It Falls by LibertySun [Reviews - 3] (1177 words)

8. It Ends by LibertySun [Reviews - 11] (1241 words)

A/N: *Gives you the biggest thank you I can find.* To everyone who gave this a chance, I appreciate it. I have a few dark nooks and crannies in my mind where weirdness lingers. I hope you liked it a little.