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Brian and Justin have to say good bye when an opportunity takes Justin to Europe. Even if their love is the love of a lifetime, they have to move on. This story is Brian's journey, with his friends, his family and more...Post Season 5. Sequel of "Choices," which should be read first. Warning: Brian emotionally involved with another man


A special thanks to Marny for the new, amazing/beautiful/incredible banner she created for me.

Rated: NC-18
Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, FEATURED STORY, Angst, Brian/Justin, Brian/Other, Could be Canon, Justin/Other-Relationship, Real Life Issues Characters: Ben, Brian, Cynthia, Debbie, Emmett, Gus, Justin, Lindsay, Melanie, Michael, Original Character(s), Ted
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Series: Choices and Consequences Series
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Published: June 30, 2014 Updated: January 29, 2015
Story Notes:

Notes: You have to read "Choices" before beginning Consequences, as it is the prologue of this fic.

**Special thanks to Flossee for her help with this story up through Chapter 9.

**Special thanks to Kim (Predec2) for her help when I first registered on this site and for agreeing to be my beta going forward.        

If you can't stand the idea of Brian emotionally involved with another man, you should stay away from this story. However, just keep in mind that I will not let you go without a B/J reunification in the end, even if this story is really Brian's journey. 

This story could be divided in three parts. (chapter 1/chapter 18 ;chapter 19/chapter 33; chapter 34/Epilogue). Each 'book' follows one important part of Brian's life.

Thank you for reading.

1. Chapter 1 by Alois [Reviews - 56] (3874 words)

Warning: Before you start reading this story, be aware that Brian will have two great loves in his life... If you can't stand the idea of Brian loving another man, don't read. If you're open to it, I hope you will enjoy the ride. This story is definitely not for everyone


2. Chapter 2 by Alois [Reviews - 5] (3781 words)

A year later, Justin  leaves for Europe...

3. Chapter 3 by Alois [Reviews - 8] (3326 words)

We know more about Aidan and he and Brian when they meet again...


4. Chapter 4 by Alois [Reviews - 6] (3586 words)


And a new encounter...


5. Chapter 5 by Alois [Reviews - 7] (2999 words)

A special thank you to the wonderfull Flossee for her help 

Now back to the story and the morning after...

6. Chapter 6 by Alois [Reviews - 6] (3334 words)

Special Thanks to Flossee

The morning after continues. Brian and Aidan discover more about each other...

7. Chapter 7 by Alois [Reviews - 9] (3707 words)

Again, thanks to Flossee for her help on this chapter

Two months after that night, things are going to evolve again...


8. Chapter 8 by Alois [Reviews - 7] (3674 words)

Thanks again to  Flossee

Brian and Aidan's relationship takes a new path...

This chapter is rated NC-18, for obvious reasons...


9. Chapter 9 by Alois [Reviews - 6] (3444 words)

As usual, thank you Flossee for helping me 

The aftermath of Brian's behavior at Babylon...

10. Chapter 10 by Alois [Reviews - 13] (3979 words)

I want to thank Flossee who helped me with this story until now. 

I also want to thank Kim for accepting to help me on such a short notice from now on, even if I know she's already really busy.

And Marian, your banner is just so incredible, but you already know that you can read my mind... Thank you so much.

Now back to the story. Brian and Aidan go in search of Olivia. Be warned, this chapter was an emotional ride for me to write, and I really hope it won't disappoint anyone who follows this story.

11. Chapter 11 by Alois [Reviews - 7] (3421 words)

A special thanks to Kim

After the first kiss shared by Brian and Aidan, things don't go as planned...


12. Chapter 12 by Alois [Reviews - 0] (4422 words)

Thanks  to my dear friend Kim for once again helping me with this story

Brian meets with important persons in his life, as Aidan comes to a decision...

13. Chapter 13 by Alois [Reviews - 8] (3345 words)

I want to thank my dear friend Kim who helps me going with this story more than I can say. You really are the best, on so many levels. :-)

Back to the story, Brian goes to see Aidan...Will Aidan listen to him?

(And please, see my note at the end of the chapter. Thank you.)

14. Chapter 14 by Alois [Reviews - 3] (3848 words)

Thank you again Kim for your help with this chapter :)

Brian and Aidan have a chat at Aidan's place...


15. Chapter 15 by Alois [Reviews - 2] (3807 words)

Kim, Thank you, you're amazing.

Back to the story, Brian and Michael have a chat. And Aidan wakes up from his nap...

16. Chapter 16 by Alois [Reviews - 10] (4630 words)

As always, thanks to my wonderful beta.

Brian and Aidan meet with the guys and more...NC-18...

I must warn every Brian/Justin shipper that you might not want to read the last half part of this chapter, starting with Brian's POV at Babylon. You can skip this part if you're not confortable with them together. Obviously, this chapter is NC-18. 

17. Chapter 17 by Alois [Reviews - 5] (4449 words)

Thanks to my wonderful beta for her help on this chapter

Brian and Aidan have a talk..

18. Chapter 18 by Alois [Reviews - 14] (4346 words)

Thanks again to my wonderful beta :)

Brian struggles with his decision to go in Paris, and finally...

19. Chapter 19 by Alois [Reviews - 12] (4825 words)

Thank you Kim, you're the best... :)

As promised, here is Justin's POV... five years later.


20. Chapter 20 by Alois [Reviews - 12] (4477 words)

Special thanks to Kim, who, as always, does a wonderful job for me.

Here is Brian and Aidan's POV, in January 2014. If you're not confortable with Brian and Aidan together, skip the first part as it is NC-18.

21. Chapter 21 by Alois [Reviews - 19] (3616 words)

A big thank you to my wonderful beta

Aidan comes back, or does he? And Michael receives a phone call...

22. Chapter 22 by Alois [Reviews - 17] (3648 words)

Aidan returns from his assignment and faces Brian...


23. Chapter 23 by Alois [Reviews - 10] (4277 words)

As always, this story wouldn't be so good without my wonderful beta who helps me more than I can say :)

Emmett and Michael have a chat. Michael realizes he has to see Brian...

24. Chapter 24 by Alois [Reviews - 20] (3923 words)

A special thanks to my beta Kim who did work on this chapter while not being so well. I hope you get well really quick!

Back to the story. Justin comes back and meets with some persons from his past...Is Brian one of them?

25. Chapter 25 by Alois [Reviews - 17] (4283 words)

Thanks Kim, again, for your help on this chapter

Three months later, how is Brian dealing with what is happening in his life?

26. Chapter 26 by Alois [Reviews - 13] (4020 words)

Do I have to tell again how much I love my beta? ;)

Back to the story, Debbie's diner continues. will Brian and Justin talk this time?

27. Chapter 27 by Alois [Reviews - 11] (3607 words)

Thank you Kim :)

Three weeks after their encounter at Debbie's; while Brian tries to go on with his life, Justin needs some help with a specific problem...

28. Chapter 28 by Alois [Reviews - 18] (5154 words)

Thanks to my wonderful beta, as always...

Four months later, the Taylor-Cohen gallery is about to be officialy inaugurated. But what Justin doesn't know yet, is that by the end of the day, he is also going to make a shocking discovery...


29. Chapter 29 by Alois [Reviews - 19] (3892 words)

Thanks again Kim :)

Brian and Justin's reaction after their shocking discovery has unexpected consequences...

30. Chapter 30 by Alois [Reviews - 11] (3744 words)

Again, I want to thank the universe for having the best beta in the world. This work would be full of imperfections and mistakes if not for her help. Thank you my friend.

Back to the story, Justin's reaction to his confrontation with Brian includes some booze, a headache, and a friend...

31. Chapter 31 by Alois [Reviews - 15] (4196 words)

Thank you Kim :)

We discover Brian's thoughts after his confrontation with Justin... Will he realize what he really wants?

32. Chapter 32 by Alois [Reviews - 8] (3572 words)

I say it again, my beta is wonderful, in case you didn't understand it already ;)

We discover Justin's POV about his discussion with Brian at the gallery, and more...

33. Chapter 33 by Alois [Reviews - 8] (3958 words)

Kim, THANK YOU. Your advice on this chapter helped me a lot :)

Back to the story, two weeks later. Enjoy :)

34. Chapter 34 by Alois [Reviews - 3] (3776 words)

I want to thank my wonderful beta, AGAIN and AGAIN. She will be tired of my gratitude by the end of this story ;)

Nine years later, Brian is about to make a devastating revelation...

35. Chapter 35 by Alois [Reviews - 5] (3960 words)

Thank you Kim, as always :)

After his partner's phone call, Justin takes action and goes to find Brian...

36. Chapter 36 by Alois [Reviews - 3] (3908 words)

Thank you Kim to share your talent with me

Back to the story, Brian reads Aidan's letter...


37. Not a chapter, sorry! by Alois [Reviews - 3] (3 words)

Hi everyone,


I’m sorry for this post but I wanted to warn everyone still reading that I’m going to take a break now, before finishing the story.


I am finishing this, of course. It’s been nearly six months since I wrote the first word of ‘Choices’ and I’ve posted at least one chapter a week ever since. This story has taken a lot of place in my life and I won’t ever let it down.


I’ve had some wonderful support on this. I think the people who had helped me more than I can say to keep going will recognize themselves while reading this. I say it again, I wouldn’t have gone so far without the beautiful comments I’ve received. It’s really what had helped me writing week after week. You have no idea how many emotions I’ve felt, while reading your reviews. You’re amazing. Thank you so much again.


That being said, I also had to fight to keep writing. I understand some readers have difficulties with this fic, I truly do. Between my take on Brian, my refusal to make Justin only number one in this fic - even if he isn’t number two either - and the angst I created, I know it’s a painful ride and I understand those for who this is too much. Moreover, I’ve said it before; this story isn’t about Brian and Justin’s romance, and I know it’s a difficult concept for many readers. But at that point, I admit I have a hard time dealing with it and writing the last storyline.


I just need a little time to finish this, on my own. Feedbacks can be a real motivation sometimes, but it also can have the opposite effect. And I’m going to spare you the details about my RL, but writing is time consuming. Until now, I’d disciplined myself to write at least a chapter a week. This is a lot of work for me, as I’m not bilingual and have a full life, a husband, children, a job; and of course, it’s also a lot of time for my beta, who is also overwhelmed with her own works, and without whom I couldn’t do it. I can’t thank her enough for the amazing work she's done on this story.


I feel like I’m saying too much, again LOL. Sorry about that.


I promise you I will finish this. I apologize for this. I don’t know what else to say. Hopefully, I will post within the next month. I hope some of you will still be interested to read the end of Brian’s journey…


Take care everyone and thank you again for your support.






38. Chapter 37 by Alois [Reviews - 4] (4437 words)

Hi everyone,

First of all, as always, I want to thank my beta for her invaluable help, again. You're the best, Kim.

This is the next chapter. I've not finished to write the story yet, so there won't be another post for quite some time after that one, but I wanted to post this one anyway, as a way to thank all my followers without whom there wouldn't even be a story to begin with. You've been my strength since the very first day. Thank you so much.

I also take advantage of this update to wish you all a merry Christmas and I hope 2015 will bring you happiness, health, and everything you could wish for!

Take care everyone :)

NB: Back to the story, Gus visits his dad and Brian decides to ask for some answers...

39. Chapter 38 by Alois [Reviews - 6] (3987 words)

Thank you Kim as always to help me improving this story :)

I know I've said it would be quite some time before I'd post the next chapter, but I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and to send you my best wishes for you and your family, and what better way to do it than with a new chapter? ;)

This chapter is from Simon's POV. More revelations are coming, making Brian reach a decision.

40. Chapter 39 by Alois [Reviews - 6] (4427 words)

Hi everyone! I finally am finishing this story. There will be one more chapter and an epilogue after this one. I'm confident I can post regularly these three last parts, so here is chapter 39.

Of course, I want to thank all of you who are still reading. Some of you might hate me by the end of the story (I hope not!) but the end had been in my head for such a long time now, that I wanted to respect it.

I want to express my eternal gratitude to my dear friend Kim. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have gone so far without her, and of course, the story wouldn't be so well-written!

So, now, you can follow Brian and Justin as they prepare to visit Aidan...

41. Chapter 40 by Alois [Reviews - 7] (3726 words)

This is it. The last chapter. I can't believe it...

The epilogue will be focused on Brian and Justin's love (as well as Aidan's fate). But this last chapter is focused on Brian seeing Aidan again for the first time in ten years...

As always, I want to thank Kim for her advises and help.


42. Epilogue by Alois [Reviews - 34] (3064 words)

Three years later...