Midnight Whispers
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An unexpected and transformative trip arises when Brian discovers a forgotten tie to the old country. His surprising lineage, and the small town that falls into his hands because of it, will be the catalyst for an adventure that he never expected, and will certainly never forget. It will be: the Kilkenny Inheritance.

Rated: NC-18
Categories: QAF-U.S. FICTION, FEATURED STORY, Off the Beaten Track Challenge 2014 Characters: Brian, Justin, Original Character(s)
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Published: May 20, 2014 Updated: August 23, 2014
Story Notes:

This fic is my entry for the "Off the Beaten Track" challenge. It is set in an undefined point in season two, with a mostly-cannon pretext. If anyone is familiar with the old Disney tv movie "Rip Girls," then I'll tell you that the basic premise for this fic was inspired by that.

DISCLAIMER:  QAF and its characters are the sole property of Showtime and Cowlip Productions.  No copyright infringement is intended.

THANK YOU MARNY for the exquisite banner!! Somehow you perfectly captured the mood for this story-a story that would not be complete without the art.

1. Chapter 1 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 22] (855 words)

Brian and Justin travel to their destination. Justin wishes for more.

2. Chapter 2 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 8] (4288 words)

The boys find their way to the village of Kilkenny. They meet some townspeople and don't exactly get a warm welcome. The purpose of this trip is revealed.

3. Chapter 3 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 8] (3677 words)

Brian and Justin get intimately acquainted with their new residence. The lord of the manor's unusual inheritance is furthur explained. A profitable deal for all is struck. But at what cost?

4. Chapter 4 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 6] (5340 words)

Justin gets to know an Irishman. He gets to know another one in the biblical sense. Brian and Justin disagree over the definition of "Normal."

5. Chapter 5 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 6] (7105 words)

Justin teaches Brian to horseback ride. ...Sort of. Their first real foray into the Irish wilderness leads to a sticky situation. An unlikely acquaintance comes to the rescue.

6. Chapter 6 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 7] (5998 words)

The boys find ways to entertain themselves through a dark night. Attitudes in town change dramatically, and shocking news is received on the last day of Justin and Brian's stay in Kilkenny.

7. Chapter 7 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 8] (8305 words)

Brian and Justin's stay abroad is regrettably extended, only Justin doesn't think it's so regrettable. Brian finds something gay in Ireland.

8. Chapter 8 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 6] (4759 words)

While Brian gets an education in rugby, Justin gets an education as to just how much Brian is selling. Things hit a sour note.

9. Chapter 9 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 8] (5702 words)

Brian and Justin try to continue their stay together, even though they find themselves disagreeing over the inheritance.

10. Chapter 10 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 7] (3994 words)

Another day and night in Kilkenny sees the castle's first threesome in a long time. Brian deals with feelings that are outside of his comfort zone.

11. Chapter 11 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 7] (6738 words)

Brian and Justin endure a tepid fight. A reluctant attachment to Kilkenny grows.

12. Chapter 12 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 6] (4754 words)

Brian's feelings continue to change, and Justin calls him out on it.

13. Chapter 13 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 6] (4561 words)

The legal outcome of his inheritance leaves Brian with mixed feelings. He struggles with the decision that now has to be made.

14. Chapter 14 by sarahyellow [Reviews - 22] (4333 words)

The fate of the Kilkenny is decided. Brian and Justin reach the end of their journey.